Mrs. Ackard is a character in Pretty Little Liars. She is portrayed by Paula Cale.


Sean Ackard's mother is a local church lady and a total gossip.

Season 1

Can You Hear Me Now?

Dr./Mrs Ackard is first brought up by Tom Marin after Hanna crashes Sean's car. To make up for the damages and sort things out amongst themselves sans the insurance company, Hanna works in Dr. Ackard's dental practice as an office assistant; Hanna is mainly in charge of handling the young children who visit the office.

Monsters in the End

Mrs. Ackard is first seen at the Rosewood Founder's Festival, where she chats with the Hastings family, including Ian. As Mrs. Ackard is very involved in the Rosewood community, Veronica thinks it best for Spencer to make a good impression on her and repair her image, which she has damaged by becoming a person of interest. Mrs. Ackard is clearly very judgmental and makes an accusing comment related to Spencer's role in the police investigation.


While talking to Melissa about an upcoming trip to Hilton Resorts in South Carolina, Spencer revels in the opportunity to cast the attention off herself and mention that Ian stayed there. Melissa then flubs hers and Ian's story while trying to cover for the fact that she and Ian stayed in separate rooms; flustered, she chalks it up to forgetfulness.

At the end of the episode, Spencer perhaps reverses her efforts to get into Mrs. Ackard's good graces; she kisses Toby Cavanaugh in front of her and her family. Predictably, the expression on Mrs. Ackard's face is not one of approval.

Book Comparisons

  • In the show, Sean's mother is a dentist, whereas in the books, it is Sean's father who is a dentist.
  • Sean has a stepmom since his real mom died in the 4th grade, but there's no mention of that in the show.
  • In the books Sean's parents are described as 'not particularly religious', whereas in the show, Mr. Ackard is a minister.

Appearances (2/140)

Season 1 (1/22)


  • Strangely, Mrs. Ackard is referred to as such by Veronica Hastings and her family, rather than as Doctor Ackard, despite Mrs. Ackard being a dentist.
  • Hanna is seen wearing scrubs, her uniform for when she works in Mrs. Ackard's office, and she is also seen multiple times inside Mrs. Ackard's office building. However, quite interestingly, she is never seen interacting with Mrs. Ackard, her employer and then boyfriend's mother.


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