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What does N.A.T stand for any way? Need A Therapist?
— Alison to Ian about the N.A.T Club

The N.A.T. Club was the secret club started by Jason DiLaurentis, Ian Thomas and Garrett Reynolds. The initials in the name stand for the Latin phrase "Nos Animadverto Totus", which translates to "We See All" in English. Before Alison's disappearance, they would film Rosewood residents, mostly teenage girls, through bedroom windows. Ian was thought to be the leader of the group. As of now, the group appears to have dissolved. It also seems that "A" has been targeting the N.A.T. Club which lead to Ian's suicide and Garrett's murder as well as the attempted murder of Jason. 


Not much is known about the N.A.T. Club, except that they were present in Alison DiLaurentis' bedroom on September 1, 2009, the night she went missing. As they were arguing in her room they heard footsteps thinking it was Alison. Instead it was an angry Melissa Hastings.

It was featured in the Rosewood High School 2003 yearbook. It was not an official school club, as Spencer discovered. The N.A.T. Club was somehow involved with The Jason Thing. Jenna and Garrett slipped a note in to Jason's pocket, causing him to wonder if he killed Alison.

Other people with connections to the club, such as Melissa and Jenna, have also been targeted, and have seemingly formed their own alliance with Shana Fring and possibly Detective Wilden ("A DAngerous GAme").


Monsters in the End

The Liars find out that Alison had a thumb drive containing the N.A.T. Club's videos. She hid the videos in a lunchbox at a storage facility, and had given Emily the key in a snowglobe. The thumb drive contained secret videos, mostly of the girls through bedroom windows. There is footage of July 4, moments before The Jenna Thing, when Alison had been sure someone was spying on them in Emily's room. There is even some footage of Jenna seducing Toby Cavanaugh.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Spencer uses the thumb drive as an attempt to blackmail Ian. Instead she throws them away in the church altar.

Touched by an 'A'-ngel

Spencer and Toby are going through Ian's old yearbook and discover the existence of the N.A.T. Club and that Garrett and Jason were members.

The Blond Leading the Blind

A video from "A's" phone shows Ian, Garrett and Jenna looking for the videos Alison had stolen in her bedroom. Ian says he had tried to get them from her at "The Kissing Rock."

Later, Ian shows that he taped the whole thing so that he wouldn't go down alone; stating that "once you're a member of the club, you're always a member." Jenna claims Alison is coming up the stairs.

Breaking the Code

Another portion of the video is revealed. It is Melissa who came up stairs and is seen coming into the room demanding to know where Alison was.

The Remains of the "A"

Spencer questions Jason about the club, when trying to find out who April Rose Antiques is. Jason tells Spencer that he was the one who came up with idea of the club, but he didn't do any of the filming himself. He believes Ian was paying girls to set up their friends for him to film. Jason also suggested that Ian was taping for someone else too, and that he probably had helpers.

Single Fright Female

Ted Wilson finds the thumb drive of the N.A.T Club videos Spencer threw behind the church altar in For Whom the Bell Tolls, and gives them to Ashley Marin. After seeing all the videos, including one of her and Darren Wilden, she destroys the videos and henceforth destroying evidence of their crimes.

Hot Water

"CeCe Drake" tells Emily that Alison had called her "freaking-out" over the N.A.T. Club's videos, and that "everyone" was trying to get their hands on them. She says that Melissa wanted them more than anyone and begged "CeCe" to talk Alison into getting the videos. Alison went to get them, but she disappeared the same night.

This may have been a lie.

Face Time

The N.A.T. Club is mentioned when Spencer confronts Melissa destroying evidence outside the mask-maker's shop. Melissa yells, "It's not about some stupid club!" Spencer, however, retorts that because of their connection to what happened to Alison the day she 'died' someone was blackmailing them because of it.

A is for Answers

Alison reveals and flashes back what happened the morning she disappeared. Alison went to Hilton Head with Ian Thomas in order to get away from A. While in her hotel room, she eavesdrops on a conversation between Ian and...Melissa. Melissa is angry because she knows Alison's with him. Ian reassures her that Alison means nothing to her, and they kiss. A bit angered, Alison sees his computer and finds the N.A.T Club videos. She makes a copy of them and puts them on a thumb drive, not before seeing the Jenna and Toby video.

Alison also reveals what happened that night when she went to the Kissing Rock to meet Ian. After their little video, Alison thanks Ian for meeting him. Alison says she is just killing time, while shes waiting for someone better to come along. Alison says he and Melissa deserve each other because she's a bitch. Ian starts to get mad, and Alison reveals that she knows about the N.A.T Club videos. Ian says Alison isn't going to blackmail him into staying with her. Alison laughs and says that someone is threatening her, and if its him or Melissa, it stops tonight. Ian says that the videos will bring everyone down, including her own family. Alison warns him to leave her alone, and Ian takes off.




Ian: Hey. ..... Where's Jason?
Garrett: He's passed out. A six-pack and some weed will do that to you.
Jenna: So why the emergency call?
Ian: I just left Alison. I tried to get her to hand over the videos, but she wasn't going for it.
Jenna: Is that the only thing she wasn't going for?
Ian: No, shut up, Jenna.
Garrett: Hey. This is your fault, Ian. I knew you'd go too far and those videos would come back to bite us, that's why I bailed on this messed up club.
Ian: Oh yeah, well welcome back. Now help me find them before that bitch shows up.
[They look around]
Garrett: Check this out.
Jenna: What is it?
Ian: It's just some old box.
Garrett: That's weird.
Jenna: Someone's coming.
Garrett: You're going down.
Ian: No no, we are all going down.
Garrett: You taped us doing this, What the-What is wrong with you?
Ian: Hey, once you're member of the club you're always a member. I'm just making sure you're in as deep as I am.
[Camera falls]
Jenna: She's coming upstairs.
Melissa (storming into the room): Where is she?!

Jason: I didn't film any of those videos.
Spencer: Yeah, but you watched them. Didn't you? How did you get that honor without doing any of the grunt work?
Jason: It was my idea.

Jason [to Spencer]: I think Ian and Garrett were paying girls to set up their friends.

Jason [to Spencer]: Ian had help. There's no way he could have filmed it all on his own. At times, I even thought he was filming it for someone else.


Alison [to Ian]: I saw your home movies Ian. What does N.A.T stand for any way? Need A Therapist?



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