Nick McCullers is Paige McCullers' father. He has a reputation among the Rosewood High School parents for being a nuisance in general. He is a church deacon.


The New Normal

Nick McCullers

He storms into the Rosewood school cafeteria, arguing that his daughter belongs as anchor on the school swim team, instead of Emily. He makes a scene and claims that Emily has been given preferential treatment for being homosexual. Both Emily and Paige are in the lunch room at the time, and Paige disappears immediately, mortified by her father. Mr. Fitz diffuses the situation by reminding Mr. McCullers that the students are watching, thus ending Mr. McCullers' tantrum.

Later, Pam Fields hears about Nick's scene from Ella and about the assertions he made about her daughter. She furiously confronts him for being out of line and quotes "My daughter didn't get anything she didn't earn."

Breaking the Code

Nick is only mentioned in this episode and is not seen in person.

Paige reveals to Emily that she finally came out to her parents. She says there was some screaming and crying, but now things are good between them.

Single Fright Female

Nick is only mentioned in this episode and is not seen in person.

CeCe has a flash back to her and Alison talking about Paige. Alison says she has been sending fake love letters from Emily to Paige to play with Paige's feelings. Alison then sees Paige leaving a letter to Emily. She tells Paige she has been writing the letters and threatens to tell her dad, Nick.

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