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Noa Olivar is a main character in the television series, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin on HBO Max. She is portrayed by Maia Reficco.

Noa is a striving, sardonic track star who’s working hard to get her life back to normal after a summer spent in juvenile detention.


Born on September 23, 2006[1], 16-year-old Noa is the only daughter of Marjorie Olivar, a nurse at Millwood General. Noa spent a summer in juvenile detention after breaking the law. Despite her troubled past, she is a striving track star with a strong athletic background.


Physical Appearance

Noa is a slim young girl with long brown hair touched with blonde highlights, cut with layers. She has hooded brown eyes, an oval-shaped face, small features, and plump lips. As a track star, Noa wears casual athletic wear in her day-to-day life, though tinted with a fashion-forward edge.



Season 1


  • Noa is comparable to Emily Fields from Pretty Little Liars, as both are aspiring athletes. However, she has a troubled past not dissimilar to Toby Cavanaugh and Caleb Rivers.
  • Her Social Security number is 211-2F-32432.
    • The digits aren't that of a normal SSN as they usually consist of 9 numbers, but Noa's consists of 9 numbers and a letter.




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