This article is about Nolan Hotchkiss, a book character. You may be looking for Nolan Hotchkiss, a TV series character.

Nolan Hotchkiss was a character in The Perfectionists book series. Rich, handsome, and devious, Beacon Heights' most beloved golden boy is also Beacon's most hated. He was eventually murdered the same way Parker, Ava, Caitlin, Julie, and Mackenzie had planned, forcing them to investigate his death before they take the fall.


Nolan is noted to be handsome with an athletic build. Mackenzie notes that he had a strong jawline and an 'intoxicating' grin.


"There was something about him that basically . . . hypnotized you. One look, one suggestion, one command, one snarky remark, one blow-off, one public embarrassment, and you were under his thumb for life. Nolan controlled Beacon, whether you liked it or not. But what’s that saying? “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Nolan was the most popular guy at school—handsome, athletic, charming, the head of every committee and club he joined. Nolan's most infamous trait was his power of persuasion and manipulation. According to Caitlin, it is said that if you so much as pass on a party of his, you were off the Beacon Heights A-list. Somehow, he also knew of the many awful secrets everyone hid.


Nolan lived in a huge, faux-Italian villa on a peninsula that overlooked Lake Washington. The house is described as having "wrought iron gates, a circular driveway with a marble fountain, multiple balconies, and a three-tiered, crystal chandelier visible through the front two-story window". This is where Nolan was throwing the biggest party of the year at the beginning of the book, where anyone who is anyone in Beacon Heights High School (Book Location) is attending. He has as many enemies as he has friends.



Memorable Quotes

I always knew you were a crazy bitch. — Nolan to Parker after her accident.

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