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If you find out who I am before I find out who killed Charlotte, YOU DIE.

Original G'A'ngsters is the seventh episode of Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars. It aired on August 9, 2016.


Jason returns to town to stop Ali from getting too close to Mary. The girls learn something new about Mary and Mrs. DiLaurentis that leads them to a storm cellar full of clues. Ezra gets a call about someone in his past that could change his course. Noel Kahn grows more and more suspicious and rises to the top of the list of suspects for Uber A.


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Spencer presents the girls with necklaces symbolizing their friendship. Upon receiving the bill, Alison reads a message that A.D. wrote inside the bill, revealing that A.D. knows that they killed Elliott. Some police officers appear in the Radley, and the girls shock to think that they are there to capture them.

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However, Emily discovers then that the cops are there because of Sara Harvey's murder, who was killed in Jenna's hotel room. The girls complain about the false cries of Jenna, stating that she was pretending to like Sara. While Sara's dead body is carried on a stretcher, her hand accidentally escapes the sheet and the girls are scared by the state of her hand.

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Later, Emily and her mother, Pam, are running and exercising through the city forest and Emily decides to take her to celebrate her birthday in the Radley. Spencer talks to Toby, questioning why Jenna returned to Rosewood. In a flashback, Jenna and Toby are in a summerhouse on New Year's Eve, and Jenna says she can not see some things in her mind, such as the face of Toby. He then lets Jenna touch his face in order to make her remember how it is, but Jenna ends up wanting to kiss him, but Toby pulls away and leaves. Back in the present, Toby says to Spencer that Jenna left the summer house the next day. Then, through Toby's communication radio, they discover that someone broke into Toby's house. He then leaves running and Spencer is disconcerted.

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In the DiLaurentis house, Mary and Alison discovers that Jason returned to Rosewood, but Jason soon expels Mary out of the residence, stating that Alison's health is under his care. Following, Alison argues with Jason, and asks him to take a chance to meet Mary. Anyway, Jason is still certain that Mary has bad intentions.

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Ezra is abuzz with the preparations of his wedding with Aria, and he then decides to elope to Tuscany, but Aria isn't okay. Hanna invades Jenna's room in Radley in order to find clues about A.D. when Caleb enters the room and warns that he is working as technology security at the hotel. He says he will help Hanna to find something against Jenna, and she accepts. Aria accepts Ezra's offer to elope, and they plan to travel the next day. Aria then receives a message from Jason, asking her to meet up with him.

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At the Brew, Aria reveals to Jason that she's engaged to Ezra and asks him if he had told anyone about what happened to them, and Jason denies. Aria also says she did not tell anyone, and Jason says he will keep secret. Changing the subject, Jason enlists Aria's help to make Alison see who Mary really is. Jason then reveals that Elliott completely diverted the Carissimi Group's money.

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Back at the Radley, Caleb is disguised as a massager in order to find, inside Jenna's bag, the key to open the mysterious box in which is under Jenna's bed in her room. After Caleb have achieved, he delivers the key to Spencer and Hanna, and the two go to Jenna's room to find out what's inside the box. They find several papers; then, someone slowly opens the door and starts to come in, and the girls quickly hide under the bed. The person hides Mary Drake's old Radley Sanitarium file inside the box and is revealed to be Noel Kahn. Yet under the bed, Spencer and Hanna see him calling Dr. Cochrane, saying he is impatient and out of time.

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At night, Emily and Pam get together for dinner and to celebrate Pam's birthday. They talk about Wayne, the late father of Emily and Pam's husband. The dining plan them goes down when a group of women arrive at Radley shouting, singing and having fun.

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Caleb and Hanna begin working on papers found inside the mysterious box of Jenna, and Caleb ends up seeing that Hanna is not wearing the engagement ring on her left hand and eventually causes tension between the two. During the DiLaurentis' dinner, Mary offers wine to Jason, but he denies, since he doesn't ingest alcoholic beverages. A tense atmosphere is formed in the living room, but Jason reveals that he invited a friend (Aria).

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At the hospital, Spencer tells Toby that he should leave Rosewood with Yvonne and build a house for her away from the disturbing city. Pam and Emily receive two drinks ordered by the brides-to-be as a peace offer, and Pam decides to join them. Meanwhile, Jason argues with Alison, saying Mary's not a good person, not even a way to replace their mother, Jessica. Then, Mary tells them about the day she saw Jason in years.

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In a flashback, Jason appears in Carol Ward's house, and Jessica quickly dispatches him. Through the window, Mary sees him and is crying. Jessica complains about Mary being there, and Mary says she is worried about what really happened to her then deceased child—Charles—, but Jessica expels her. Back in the present, Mary says that, when Jessica decided that a conversation was over, it was over. Mary then talks about a storm cellar of Carol Ward's house, and Alison and Aria grow suspicious.

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Aria tells Emily about the cellar and that she and the others decided to visit the cellar in order to find answers. Emily asks to visit the shelter the next day, but Aria says she can not because she will elope with Ezra. Emily is happy that Aria will marry Ezra. Hanna tells Caleb about the end of her engagement, and she asks him if they are still friends, and Caleb says that they are.

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Toby visits Spencer's loft and he says that he was building the house for her, not for Yvonne. However, he revealed that he could not imagine his life without Yvonne, and then he says that they will move to Maine, where Yvonne has family. They say goodbye, and Spencer cries against the door.

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Alison, Emily, Spencer and Hanna arrives at Carol Ward's house and they found the hidden cellar. Inside, the four discover that Jessica was investigating their lives and Alison's disappearance. Jessica also kept files of each one of the girls, except Aria. Within a Mary Drake file, Spencer discovers that Jessica was in charge of Mary's mental health and that she had authorized electroshock therapy. In another file, Emily discovers that Mary had a second child while he was hospitalized in the Radley, and that this child would have the same age of them. They then begin to think that this child — cousin of Alison — may be behind A.D. mask, and be wanting revenge for something.

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Aria and Ezra are preparing for the trip to Tuscany, when an FBI agent appears in the apartment, saying that Nicole, Ezra's deceased ex-girlfriend, may be alive.

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The girls walks away from the cellar when Spencer's car began to emit a deafening sound. They get into the car in order to stop the noise, but they end up getting trapped inside the vehicle. A countdown starts in the car's computer screen, and they think the car will explode. However, a message appears on the computer screen, startling them. The storm cellar then explodes, and someone writes "I see you" on the rear window of the car. Meanwhile, somewhere, someone is with Aria's and Noel's file that was in the cellar. This person then burns up Noel's file.


  • This episode marks Jason's first appearance since "Game Over, Charles". He believes that Mary still works with Archer.
  • It is revealed that Aria and Jason hooked up during the five year time jump.
  • Noel Kahn breaks into Toby's airstream to steal Mary's file.
  • Mary confesses to Jason, Alison, and Aria that Jessica had told her Charles had died under her care. She also claims Jessica spent a lot of time down in a storm cellar at their Aunt Carol's house.
  • Toby goes to Spencer and reveals her that the house he started building in Rosewood was originally for her--not Yvonne, he also tells her he and Yvonne are going to move to Maine to start their family.
  • The Liars go to investigate the storm cellar, and discover Jessica had turned it into her lair.
  • Through photos, Alison realizes her mother must have known that she was still alive and searched for her. Jessica had also kept files on all the Liars and had all of Mary's medical history.
  • In there, the girls discover that Mary had a second child. Their gender is undisclosed, but he/she is the same age as the Liars.
  • Ezra gets informed by the FBI that they have reasons to believe Nicole is alive.
  • a Black Hoodie steals the files that Jessica had of Aria and Noel, drenching the latter with alcohol and lighting a match to burn it.

Title and Background

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  • The table read for this episode occurred on May 23rd, 2016.[1]
  • Filming for this episode began on May 26th, 2016 and wrapped on June 6th, 2016.[2]
  • The intro in this episode features Emily doing the 'Shhh'.
  • The episode was watched live by 1.16 million viewers.
  • When A.D. wrote the words “I see you” on the back of Spencer’s car, it was a reference to when A did the same to Aria and Ezra back in Season 1.

Featured Music

  • "Who Are You" by Ivan & Alyosha - (The girls celebrate Aria engagement over brunch at The Radley; Spencer gives the girls monogrammed bracelets then the girls toast to Aria's engagement; A.D. has a message delivered to the girls).
  • "Blood Love (Big Wild Remix)" by Young Summer - (Spencer has coffee at The Brew then decides to go over to talk with Toby, she questions him about Jenna's intention on her return which he tells her she came back for forgiveness).
  • "Bright Side" by Johnny Stimson - (Overwhelmed by wedding details, Ezra suggests to Aria that they elope and get married in Italy).
  • "She Devil" by The Knot - (Aria gets a text from Jason; Emily bartends at The Radley where she brings over a drink to Noel Kahn).
  • "This Never Happened" by Nevada Wild - (Aria and Jason meet up at The Brew, they promise to keep their past tryst a secret then Jason asks for Aria to help find evidence that Mary was involved with Elliott and selling Carissimi Group funds).
  • "Red Eyes" by Alexx Mack - (Emily greets her mother as she arrives at the bar at The Radley; Emily receives a text from Spencer which she lies to her mother about just when a bachelorette party comes in).
  • "Follow The Lines" by Spencer Thomson - (Emily notices her mother not enjoying herself as the bachelorette party grows louder, she questions her mood then reminds her that her father would have wanted her to enjoy life like he did).
  • "Paradise" by clementine & the galaxy - (Emily and Aria watches Pam as she dances; Aria tells Emily about the storm cellar and suggests that they go there but Emily convinces her go with Ezra to Italy to get married instead of hanging back).
  • "My Type" by SAINT MOTEL - (Pam returns to the table to tell Emily about all the plans she's made with her new friends which Emily praises her for then Emily pulls her to the dance floor to enjoy the rest of the party).

Memorable Quotes

Hanna: Damn, my hair looked good.

Hanna: That's great, now you have another cousin who wants to kill us.


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