Pepe is Alison DiLaurentis's Shetland Sheep Dog. He is commonly referred to as a "Sheltie". He was taken in from an animal shelter by, Jessica DiLaurentis before her death. Pepe arrived at the DiLaurentis House the day Alison returned to Rosewood. He may have been the puppy seen in Season 2 but he first officially appeared in "Whirly Girlie."


Season 5

Whirly Girlie

Pepe is introduced when he is unexpectantly dropped off at the DiLaurentis' house. He was meant to be taken in by Jessica, but since she was gone, Alison adopted him instead even though her brother Jason thinks it's a bad idea. Her father, Kenneth DiLaurentis, disapproves of the dog. Emily walks Pepe for Alison since she is unable to leave her house. Pepe eventually digs up Jessica's body in the Hasting's backyard.


  • This is Alison's second pet to be shown on the show, the first being Tippi, an African Grey parrot.
    • Like Tippi, Pepe was also introduced in the second episode of a season.
  • Pepe was only introduced to help the Liars find Jessica DiLaurentis' body.


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