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Peter Hastings is the father of Spencer and Melissa Hastings, as well as Alison and Courtney DiLaurentis. The truth about the DiLaurentis sisters' paternity was discovered by Spencer in Heartless, leading to his divorce from Veronica Hastings after Spencer reveals it to her.

Physical Appearance

Peter is a middle-aged man with blue eyes, dark hair and a straight, sloped nose, a feature which Ali and Courtney inherited. He stays fit by cycling in the neighborhood.


Peter is a high-ranking lawyer at his law firm and often travels to other areas such as New York and Philadelphia. Not only is he very wealthy from his job, but his name is very profitable as well. The Hastings appear to be an 'old money' family, as the vast majority of his relatives also boast great wealth and his ancestors had regularly mingled with famous figures such as Hemingway. His family also seems to have a lengthy, renowned history in Rosewood. He met his wife Veronica at Yale Law School, as well as his mistress Jessica DiLaurentis.

Peter Hastings doesn't seem to pay too much attention to his family, being focused on work and keeping fit through cycling. While he and Veronica are obsessed with putting out an image of being the perfect family, he does seem to be slightly more-laid back than his wife. They dine out at exclusive restaurants and country clubs often, and it is normal for them to hold social gatherings at their home. He and his wife often push their daughters to do well and often make it appear as though there best efforts are not good enough. He even encourages the family to play a game called Star Power on a frequent basis. The activity is meant to simply highlight each person's biggest accomplishment of the day, but it is a source of zealous competition among the Hastings. Only when their daughters do something extraordinary do they lavish attention on them. Whenever the girls get in trouble, Peter and his wife tend to condemn them harshly and ignore their very existence; this has happened much more frequently to Spencer.

After the family makes a serious attempt at being kinder and more communicative, Spencer discovers one of the biggest secrets in the Hastings family: Her father is also the biological parent of her friend Ali. She thinks her mother knows and killed Ali for that very reason. When she blurts this out during a family outing, everyone is shocked, especially Mrs. Hastings. She violently turns on Peter who cowardly claims, "I didn't know about the kids until later, I swear." Spencer assumes it was either an extra S on the end by accident, or that Jason was also her sibling, but it was later revealed that Ali had a twin sister, Courtney.

Peter is currently divorced from Veronica, after the cheating incident blew over. He has moved onto a new girlfriend.

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