Peter Hotchkiss is an unseen character in the television series, Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists on Freeform.

The patriarch of the Hotchkiss family, Peter founded Beacon Heights University alongside his wife, Claire. He was also the father of Taylor and Nolan Hotchkiss.


Peter lived the picturesque life as the perfect husband of Claire Hotchkiss. He was also the father of two children, his eldest, Taylor and his son, Nolan. Peter and Claire built their family empire, Beacon Heights University together and became a fast-growing and wealthy family that quickly brought media attraction.

One night, Peter was walking home with his daughter, Taylor. They turned into an alley, where a mugging was taking place. The mugger shot Peter who died soon after, which left Claire a widow and single mother. Taylor, who was with him, was traumatized by the event and inspired to create Beacon Guard. Afterward, Claire built Hotchkiss Technologies as a way to ensure that no one else suffered her husband's fate.


Lost and Found

Mona stumbled across Peter's file in the Beacon Guard system.

Lie Together, Die Together

Taylor explains that she was with her father when he was shot, and held his hand as he died. She vividly remembers the blood and stench of gun powder. The events of the night traumatized her, and she created Beacon Guard as a way of coping with his death. At the same time, Claire created Hotchkiss Technologies as a mask for Beacon Guard. After Peter's death, Taylor became manic in her attempts to build Beacon Guard which resulted in her admittance to River-Well Retreat.

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Book Comparisons

  • In the books, Nolan's father's name is unknown, while in the TV series, Peter shares his first name with Peter Hastings.



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