This article is about Ravenswood, the location. You may be looking for Ravenswood, the TV series.

So named for the vast wooded area to the east and frequent raven sightings. Ravenswood first rose to prominence during the revolution war for its use as a rest station and later as a burial ground.
Ravenswood's history

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Ravenswood is a fictional town in the TV series of the same name. Ravenswood is located in Pennsylvania, approximately 20 miles away between Brookhaven and Rosewood. It is the hometown of the five new characters in the Ravenswood series. This town has "an ancient curse." 

Population: 7493




  • Ezra's lair
  • Bindful Things (Ravenswood Clothing Store)
  • Graveyard
  • Hair Salon
  • Joe's Vault
  • The Ravenswood Gazette
  • Ravenswood's School
  • River Valley Bed and Breakfast
  • Sawmill Factory

Season 4

  • In "Under The Gun," Spencer and Toby go to Ravenswood to look for an Alison clue.
  • In "Now You See Me, Now You Don't," "A" lead the Liars to Ravenswood where they find a big clue on Ali and find A's lair in Ravenswood.
  • Some characters from Ravenswood appeared in the Halloween episode for Season 4.
  • Characters from the series find pictures of them on tombstones.


  • The series with the same name and location premiered on October 22, 2013, after the Halloween episode "Grave New World".
  • In the main series, the color seems to degrade quite a bit. They probably did this on purpose to make the town seem more unusual or creepy.
  • "A" has a secret lair in Ravenswood.



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