Ray Hogadorn is a minor supporting character in the television series, Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists on Freeform. He is portrayed by Duffy Epstein.

The mysterious and rather creepy janitor at Beacon Heights University, he has a unique connection to Alison DiLaurentis, Mona Vanderwaal and Caitlin Park-Lewis.


At an unknown point in time, Ray was in love with a woman named Angela. She suffered from depression and one night, threw herself off the Haskell Road bridge. Ray was devastated and spiraled, to which he began working as a janitor at Beacon Heights University. He remained virtually invisible to most of the staff and students, except Taylor Hotchkiss, who learned he was living on campus. They formed a unique relationship, with Ray opening up to her about Angela.

Ray tried to warn Taylor about Beacon Guard's expansive reach by writing, "they're watching" on her wall in red paint. Soon after, she was believed to have jumped off the Haskell Road bridge. Once again grieving a friend, Ray resumed his quiet and near-invisible life at BHU. He always suspected that Taylor faked her death since a body wasn't discovered. He knew the consequences of her returning home and chose not to find her.


Mysterious with a knack for making himself seemingly invisible, Ray knows the tumultuous secrets and affair that go on at BHU. He is often overlooked solely because of his occupation or appearance and uses this to his advantage. He is crafty, intellectual, and soft-spoken.

Physical Appearance

Ray is middle-aged with thinning hair, a thick beard, and brown eyes. The remnants of his once black hair are evident at the roots of both his hair and beard. He is usually seen in his black custodial staff uniform that has the Beacon Heights University logo attached. Under his uniform, he wears a white t-shirt.


The Ghost Sonata

The Patchwork Girl


Season 1 (2/10)


  • Ray was friends with Taylor Hotchkiss before her faked death. He believed she was alive, although, he never looked for her as he knew the consequences of her coming home.




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