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Rebecca Marcus is a supporting character first introduced in Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars. She is portrayed by Lauren Tom.


To Plea or Not to Plea

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At Chester County Women’s Correctional, Rebecca sits across from Alison, her client. Rebecca explains that Veronica Hastings reviewed Alison’s case and she agrees with what she herself originally said, “not a good idea for you to take the stand”. Alison questions how not telling the truth is a good idea, and when Rebecca tells her that she doesn’t have anyone to back up her story, Alison says that Cyrus Petrillo asked her to meet him at the time of the murder and he set her up. Rebecca points out that Alison also told the police that Cyrus kidnapped her, and if she admits that lie, no jury will believe anything else she says. Rebecca then listens as Alison mentions that there’s someone else who could testify to her being set up. Asking who, Rebecca questions if this person knows for a fact where Alison was at the time of the murder, and when Alison says no, Rebecca tells her that no matter how compelling this other person’s testimony is, they won’t be able to corroborate her story. Alison then questions if she’s supposed to sit and just pray that Rebecca can poke holes in the prosecution’s theory, to which Rebecca tells her that there is another option, “the D.A is offering a plea bargain”. When Alison asks what that means, Rebecca says that it means if Alison pleads guilty, “and you take responsibility for your actions…”, but cutting Rebecca off, Alison questions that the D.A want her to admit to killing Mona. Telling Alison, “yes”, Rebecca goes on to say that the D.A also wants her to name the person who helped her do it. Alison says that that’s insane, to which Rebecca explains that if Alison does both, “they’ll give you 15 years. You could be out in 10 with good behavior”. As Alison says that it’s not going to happen, Rebecca notes that this is a big decision. “You need to talk it over with your father”, to which Alison says that there’s nothing to talk about because she did not kill Mona. Saying that she’s not advocating for Alison to take the deal, Rebecca says that she just needs Alison to understand that the evidence against her is substantial, “if we go to trial, the chances of you getting acquitted are not good. And if you’re found guilty, prosecution will be seeking life without parole”. Adding that the police are already building a case against the person they believe helped Alison, Rebecca listens as Alison asks who it is, before telling her, “Hanna Marin”.

Rebecca answers a call from Alison, and on asking if she’s okay, Rebecca listens as Alison wonders that if she agrees to what Rebecca mentioned earlier, could she be moved to somewhere safer.

At Chester County Women’s Correctional, Rebecca comments, “good news”, before telling Alison that the D.A is willing to let her serve her sentence in a minimum security prison in Pennsylvania. Opening a file, Rebecca mentions that she spoke with Kenneth this morning, and he says that it’s Alison’s decision to make. Sliding the plea deal in front of Alison, Rebecca tells Alison to take her time, “read it over”, and if she has any questions, “I’ll be right here”. Rebecca tells Alison that after she’s signed the deal, they schedule an appointment for this afternoon, “so you can meet with the D.A and tell him the name of your accomplice”. Listening as Alison says that she’s changed her mind, she’s not taking the plea, Rebecca watches as Alison slides the deal, unsigned, back to her.

The Melody Lingers On

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At Chester County Women’s Correctional Facility, Rebecca points out to Alison where they and the prosecution will be sitting when Alison’s trial begins. Telling Alison to not be afraid to look at the jury, “we don’t want them to think you have anything to hide”, Rebecca listens as Kenneth says he doesn’t like the idea of twelve strangers off the street deciding what happens to his daughter, to which Rebecca replies, “it’s the American way”. When Alison mentions that the jury know nothing about her, but if she could just tell them the whole story, Rebecca cuts in, telling Alison that they’ve discussed this before, and the key to winning this case isn’t telling the jury desperate stories about being plotted against. Saying that it’s her job to prevent the prosecutor from proving his case, Rebecca adds that right now, the prosecutor has the tougher job. Kenneth questions why, and Rebecca says that the prosecutor has to convince twelve jurors beyond a reasonable doubt that Alison killed Mona, and all they have to do is make one of them unsure. When Alison questions "one of them?", Rebecca tells her that that’s all it takes.

Sitting in the courtroom, Rebecca waits for the jury and the judge to enter so proceedings can begin. When Alison looks over her shoulder to the doors of the courtroom, Rebecca follows her look, and watches as Aria and Emily walk in. As proceedings get underway, Rebecca listens as the prosecutor, Douglas Sirk, goes through his opening statement, asking the jury to remember high school, and remember when every hallway slight was like an assault, and when allegiances and enemies were magnified out of all proportion. Rebecca takes notes as Douglas tells the jury that high school is a world where a perceived opponent must be dealt with quickly, without remorse, and that is what Alison DiLaurentis did to Mona Vanderwaal. The prosecutor goes on to say that Rebecca will soon be telling them of an amazing story about Alison DiLaurentis and how she was kidnapped and traumatized by two years of captivity, how she escaped her captors and returned home with the help of her closest friends, but none of it happened. Douglas adds that Alison’s story is a fairy tale, and the Commonwealth will prove, with direct testimony of witnesses, that Alison DiLaurentis’ epic tale of abduction and escape is a lie, a lie that was created by Alison and perpetuated by the friends who helped save her. Douglas tells the jury that Mona Vanderwaal knew the truth, and she had the power to destroy the power created by Alison and maintained with her little group of followers, before adding that Alison planned and carried out the murder of Mona Vanderwaal, consigning her to a cruel, anonymous end.

Rebecca follows Kenneth and Jason down the hallway outside of the courtroom, and listens as Kenneth questions whether Emily and Aria knew that Alison’s story was a lie. As Kenneth says that the four girls knew and they told the police, Rebecca tells Kenneth that this isn’t going to solve the problem. Kenneth goes on to say that the four girls talked Alison into lying and that it was their idea, Rebecca listens as Jason tells Kenneth that Alison lied to the girls the same way she lied to them. Kenneth begins to say that Jason doesn’t know that, but Rebecca steps in, telling them not to get into it here. When Kenneth walks off, Rebecca shares a look with Jason, before Rebecca turns and follows Kenneth back down the hall.

Along with the rest of the courtroom, Rebecca watches the video of Mona being attacked on the day she died. She then listens as Prosecutor Sirk asks Jason, who is on the witness stand, if this is the video the police showed him, to which Jason says that it is. Douglas questions that after Jason saw it, if he told the police of his sister’s whereabouts on the day that Mona Vanderwaal was attacked. Jason says he told the police that Alison wasn’t with him and their family, and when Douglas asks why Jason has decided to tell the truth about Alison’s alibi, Jason comments that he doesn’t know. Douglas wonders if it’s because of something Jason saw on the video, and Rebecca listens as Jason says that he doesn’t think so. Douglas questions that Jason told Detective Tanner that he thought the attacker in the video was Alison, to which Jason says that he may have said that, but he doesn’t believe that now. Douglas says that Jason told police, but cutting him off, Jason mentions that he’s been thinking and he’s sure it couldn’t be Alison. Rebecca listens as Douglas asks whether he knows a girl named Hanna Marin, a line of questioning Rebecca objects to, citing irrelevance. The Judge asks Prosecutor Sirk where he’s going, and Douglas tells the judge that the witness has confirmed that the defendant doesn’t have an alibi, and he’s wanting the jury to understand what may have influenced Jason’s identification of the attacker. The Judge asks Rebecca what she thinks, and Rebecca comments that if Mr Sirk wants to cross examine his own witness, she has no objection. The Judge tells Douglas to proceed, and Douglas again questions whether Jason knows Hanna Marin. When Jason says that he does, Douglas wonders if Hanna is a friend of Alison’s, to which Jason confirms she is. Douglas then questions who Ashley Marin is, and Jason tells him that she’s Hanna’s mother. Rebecca objects, “irrelevant”, to which Douglas mentions that it’s going to foundation, and the Judge overrules Rebecca, but tells Prosecutor Sirk to not take the scenic route. Douglas then asks Jason whether Mrs Marin is in the courtroom today, and when Jason says that she is, Douglas asks Jason to point her out for the jury. As Jason says Ashley is in the third row wearing a blue dress. Douglas then asks whether Mrs Marin works for Jason, and Jason says that she did, but doesn’t anymore. Douglas questions whether on occasion Jason met with Ashley out of the office, and Jason tells him yes. Douglas asks whether their meetings were social, and when Jason confirms that they were, Douglas asks how many times Jason has been with Ashley, socially. Jason begins to say that that’s private, before stopping himself, and after a pause, Jason notes that he didn’t count. Douglas then questions whether these social meetings were always in public places, and when Jason says that most of them were, Douglas questions that not all of them were and some were in private. When Jason says yes, Douglas wonders how Jason would characterize the private meetings, before Jason says that he doesn’t understand the question. Douglas questions whether Jason would describe the meetings as intimate, to which Jason sustains that they were private. Rebecca listens as Douglas asks whether anything happened during these private meetings with the attractive woman seated in the gallery that led Jason to alter his testimony, to which Jason tells him no. Douglas asks if Ashley Marin, the mother of someone accused as an accomplice to this crime, offer any personal inducement to him to change his testimony to favor the defense, but Rebecca objects, “asked and answered”, and the Judge sustains, telling Mr Sirk to move on. As Douglas says that it’s Jason's last chance to clear the matter up or leave it to the jury’s imagination, Rebecca stands, “objection. Improper, inflammatory, irrelevant”. The Judge again sustains Rebecca’s objection, before asking whether Douglas has any other questions for the witness, to which Douglas says that he has nothing further.

Walking down the hall outside the courtroom, Rebecca exchanges words with Kenneth. As Kenneth berates Jason, Rebecca tries to calm him down, and as Kenneth storms off, Rebecca follows him.

I'm a Good Girl, I Am

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In the courtroom, on day two of Alison’s trial, Rebecca listens as the Judge asks the prosecution to call their next witness. Standing, Douglas announces that the Commonwealth calls Lesli Stone to take the stand. Turning to Alison, Rebecca watches as Alison just shrugs.

Rebecca listens as Douglas Sirk surmises that Lesli hadn’t seen her friend since the school year began, but she was in constant communication. Lesli explains that she and Mona talked on the phone a lot, and that they grew very close last summer, leading them to text all the time. Mr Sirk questions that on one occasion Mona sent Lesli a card, and when Lesli says that that’s correct, Douglas asks Lesli what Mona had said to her. Rebecca listens as Lesli then explains that Mona said she was having a hard time, and she had been threatened by ‘her’. (Lesli points towards Alison.) Prosecutor Sirk asks what the nature of the threat was, and Lesli tells the court that Alison said that if Mona opened her trap about the fake kidnapping, she would be eaten by worms. Calling objection, “hearsay”, Douglas tells the Judge that Lesli is quoting the victim and it’s all in the card, leading the Judge to overrule Rebecca’s objection. Rebecca then listens as Douglas wonders why Lesli has decided to share the card now, to which Lesli mentions that she couldn’t find it as it came during mid-terms and she had stuck it in a text book. Lesli admits that she didn’t take it seriously enough, and when Douglas asks why, Lesli says that everyone has feuds in high school. Lesli then tells the court that when she came to visit Mona’s mom, she realized something weird was going on, and even though Alison was already locked up, her friends were all on edge about anyone asking any questions or touching Mona’s things. Douglas asks if Lesli thinks Alison’s friends were hiding something to protect her, to which Lesli tells the court yes, and that one of the girls, Hanna Marin, wouldn’t even let her go into Mona’s bedroom. When Lesli adds that Hanna stalked her the entire time she was in Rosewood, Rebecca listens as Douglas questions whether Lesli shared her observations with Mona’s mother.

In the Chester County Women’s Correctional Facility infirmary, Rebecca questions how Alison burnt her arm. Alison tells her it was an accident, to which Rebecca comments that it wasn’t an accident last time, “if someone here is still harassing you”, but Alison insists that this was an accident. As Hanna walks in, Rebecca notices the bandages on her fingers and questions what happened to her. Alison speaks for Hanna, saying that she slammed her hand in a dryer. Disbelieving, Rebecca asks if this is the first time the girls have done laundry, before she turns her back and looks over a file. Turning back, and having noticed the girls pass something between them, Rebecca questions where Alison and Hanna think they are, “homeroom detention?” Saying that this is a murder trial, Rebecca tells Alison that trying to defend someone who thinks she can manipulate the system is a challenge she never agreed to take on. Looking to Hanna, Rebecca tells her to hand over the note, and when Hanna doesn’t move, Rebecca steps in closer, “give it to me”. Hanna relents, and passing the note, Rebecca unfolds it. Reading over the note, Rebecca wonders what it is, and when she doesn’t get an answer, she scrunches up the note and tells the girls that she has an urgent message on her phone from their buddies, “better not be another manipulation”.

Sitting at the Hastings’ kitchen counter, Rebecca asks Kendra, a girl who could give Alison an alibi, how long she was at the park, “1:00pm, 2:00pm?” Kendra tells her it was something like that, before settling on 2:00pm. Rebecca asks whether Kendra was in the pipe the whole time, and when Kendra nods, Rebecca wonders if she saw anyone walk by. Kendra tells her no, and it’s then that Emily jumps in and says that Kendra heard a voice. As Emily asks Kendra to confirm that she heard a voice, Rebecca tells Emily that she’s got this. Rebecca questions that Kendra heard a voice, and when Kendra says that she did, Spencer asks if it was a girl’s voice, before stopping herself and apologizing to Rebecca. Rebecca asks who she was talking to, and Kendra explains that it sounded like she was on the phone. When Rebecca asks if Kendra can recall what was said, Kendra tells her not really, and that her heart was pounding. Rebecca then thanks Kendra for stepping forward, and if she needs anything else, she’ll call. Spencer questions why Kendra is leaving, and Rebecca explains that it’s 9:15pm on a school night and she’s betting Kendra has algebra homework. Saying goodnight as Kendra leaves, Rebecca listens as Spencer says that Kendra heard Alison get in her car. Saying that it’s been a long day, Rebecca listens as Emily comments that if Kendra doesn’t know what Rebecca will be asking her on the stand.., to which Rebecca tells the girls that she’s not putting Kendra on the stand. Emily and Spencer question her, and Rebecca explains that no jury will be swayed by a witness who earlier in the day saw eight fingers on one hand and was picking up NPR through her cavity fillings, “we are not that desperate”. Listening as Spencer says that they are, and Emily adding that they don’t have anybody else, Rebecca tells them they do, “I’m putting Alison on the stand”.

Showing the jury some photographs, Rebecca tells the jury that these stills were taken from the vicious attack on Mona, “as the forensics expert testified, the assailant hurled the victim with considerable force. Strength that came from the assailant’s right arm”. Picking up a piece of fruit, Rebecca asks Alison to toss it to her, “I’m going to back up a little bit”. Prosecutor Sirk objects, questioning where counsel is going with her line of inquiry, and if they’re going to watch the defendant skip rope too. When the Judge tells Rebecca that he doesn’t like edible objects thrown in his courtroom, Rebecca explains that she’s building a foundation. The Judge tells Rebecca to get on with it, and with a nod, Rebecca tells Alison to toss the grapefruit to her. Alison tosses the grapefruit, and catching it, Rebecca tosses it back and moves to a different position, “again please”. Alison again tosses the piece of fruit, and when Rebecca moves into a third position, before asking Alison to throw the grapefruit to her one more time. On Alison’s third attempt, she tosses the fruit with less conviction, and it’s then that Rebecca questions if that last pass Alison attempted was painful because of the burn on her arm. Alison tells her no, before explaining that her elbow and ulna were once broken and they never completely healed. Questioning how old Alison was when she broke it, Rebecca listens as Alison tells her that she was maybe three. Saying that Alison was just over two and a half, Rebecca shows the court Alison’s x-rays, “and I have doctor’s reports that show that the fracture never healed properly”. Rebecca then tells the court that Mona was slammed against the wall, “hurled like a rag doll”, something that Alison isn’t even capable of doing with a one pound grapefruit.

Rebecca listens as Douglas tells Alison that he’s sorry to hear about her injury at this late juncture, before questioning whether the injury prevented her from participating in her school’s P.E program. When Alison tells him no, Douglas asks if Alison has had to steer away from certain sports, to which Alison says that she has. Mr Sirk then asks if Alison’s weak arm kept her from taking electives like archery at sleepaway camp during her childhood summers, and when Alison doesn’t answer, Douglas asks if he should repeat the question. Rebecca listens as Douglas again asks if Alison took archery, and Alison says that she doesn’t remember. Rebecca then watches as Douglas walks over to his table and retrieves a plaque, telling Alison that she not only took archery, she was darn good at it. Prosecutor Sirk then asks Alison to explain to the jury how she managed to beat out every camper when the constant requires shooting at five separate targets from the same spot, and when Alison doesn’t answer, Douglas asks the judge to instruct the witness to answer the question.

In the hallway outside the courtroom, Rebecca approaches Alison who is sitting by herself. Saying that the jury may be deliberating for a while, Rebecca tells Alison that there’s a private room for her to wait in down the hall. Alison tells her she’s fine, and when Rebecca asks where Kenneth is, Alison explains that he and Jason went to get food, but she’s still too nervous to eat. Sitting down next to Alison, Rebecca says that she’s honestly mystified, “they had one hour for lunch and they managed to dig up an award you won when you were eleven years old”. Listening as Alison comments that she didn’t even win it, Rebecca questions what Alison means, and Alison explains that she talked her bunkmate into sinking the arrows before she even picked up her bow. As Alison adds that they rigged it, she questions that it’s too late to tell the truth now.

Standing as the Judge asks the jury if they’ve reached a verdict, Rebecca listens as a juror announces that in the case of the Commonwealth versus Alison DiLaurentis, they, the jury, find the defendant guilty of murder in the first degree.

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Season 5 (3/25)


  • She is an attorney "who gets involved with the Liars."
  • She is Alison's defense attorney.