You can't just wander around in the middle of the night. The terms of your release were very clear.

The Red Sweater Blonde was an anonymous character who went to The Church on the night Charlotte DiLaurentis was murdered, and is proven to be Alison when she tells Aria why she was there that night.

Seen by Aria and Ezra getting out of her car before 4 am, she is first thought to be Charlotte, fact proven wrong lately because of the difference in clothing.

In "Tick-Tock, Bitches", The Liars assume she is Charlotte's Killer. Emily finds the exact same sweater in Alison's room, and start to think Alison killed Charlotte.

In "Hit and Run, Run, Run", it was revealed that it really was Ali, although she didn't kill Charlotte but instead tried to explain her relationship with Elliott Rollins, but Charlotte didn't want to hear it and told her to leave her alone, which she did. However as she was leaving, Ali heard something in the church, but just refused to investigate further in order to accept her sister's wishes.

Appearances (3/160)

Season 6 (1/20)

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