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What's happy? Cows are happy, and they end up as sloppy joes.
Regina to Hanna

Regina Marin is Hanna's spunky grandmother, making it clear where Hanna gets her stubbornness from. She has a southern accent and favors Ashley over Isabel for her son, Tom. She is the first to realize Kate's sly, mean behaviour towards Hanna unlike Tom and deals with her in a straightforward manner. 


I Must Confess

Regina comes to Rosewood a day before Tom's rehearsal dinner. She stays at Hanna's house, where she rearranges the kitchen, to Ashley's annoyance. She boldly tells Ashley that she should try to win Tom back, as Isabel is not the one for him. She is also not very fond of the Randall family at all. She loves Ashley a lot even though she is no longer married to her son. Ashely brushes off her request and tries to convince her to revert the kitchen to its earlier state, which she does not.

Spencer flashes back to the summer Alison disappeared, when the girls had all been hanging out in Hanna's kitchen with Regina. When Regina had been talking about her two sons, Tom and Patrick, Alison had suddenly asked what it would take to have one of them removed from her will. Regina had been taken aback by the question, but Alison had pressed on with: if one of her sons sold an expensive family heirloom to buy drugs, would that constitute dismissal from the family tree? Regina had gone along with it, saying that anyone that messed up would constitute a truncated family tree.

At the rehearsal dinner, Tom gets angry at Hanna for getting drunk. Regina hugs Hanna and defends her, shielding her away from Tom. When he leaves, she hugs her broken granddaughter. When Kate enters, Regina grabs her purse and reveals that Kate had a "water" bottle full of vodka for Hanna and an unspiked water bottle for herself, exposing Kate for tripping Hanna and trying to win over her in the eyes of Tom.

She does not attend the wedding.

She's Better Now

Regina is staying with Hanna for an unknown reason. Her voice is heard when she hears Hanna talking Mona. In the morning, she made breakfast for Hanna and herself, and gives her a muffin basket from Mona. She reveals to Hanna that she had a mentally unstable cousin who got better and tells Hanna that people can get better.

At the school marathon, she sings the star spangle banner because "she can". 

Appearances (2/160)

Season 2 (1/25)

​Season 3 (1/24)


  • She is portrayed by Norman Buckley's sister.


Regina [about Hanna]: She be right back, I just need to wipe the dew from my lily-
Hanna: Okay, Grandma, no- walking now!

Regina [to Hanna]: Look at your pretty mama, all dolled up like Condoleezza Rice.

Regina: What’s ‘happy’? Cows are happy, and they end up as sloppy joes.

Regina [about giving birth]: Tom was trouble from the start — he was like passing a frozen turkey.

Regina [To Alison]: I don't own anyone, there was a war that took care of that. Read a book.