Rosewood Mall is the local mall in Rosewood. It is first seen in Pilot when Hanna and Mona go shopping together. They have both shoplifted from the mall on a few occasions, and Hanna has been caught.


Hanna's home away from home

In the "Pilot," Hanna steals a pair of designer sunglasses, while her friend Mona steals a scarf. Hanna also sees Spencer buying new clothes there just before school starts. At the exit, the security guard stops her, which startles Hanna, but it's only to give Hanna her bag, which she forgot inside.

Hanna and Mona go shopping here in "The Jenna Thing." On their way out in the parking lot, Detective Wilden approaches them to grill Hanna. Mona makes a comment, gesturing towards their many shopping bags, about how Hanna actually purchased the merchandise this time.

Hanna goes shopping in "It's Alive," presumably at the mall, in order to avoid attending therapy.

In "A is for A-L-I-V-E," Hanna and Mona arrive with shopping bags in Hanna's House. It is highly likely that the two girls were shopping at the mall.

In "Thrown From The Ride" we see a pan of a mall after we see Hanna trying on clothes when she looks at the price tag she takes it off and steals the item.

Notes and Trivia

  • The scenes in the Rosewood Mall are filmed at a real mall in Vancouver, BC. We only see the mall in the "Pilot" because only the "Pilot" was filmed in Vancouver.

Book Comparisons

  • The Rosewood Mall is called King James Mall.
  • In the books, Rive Gauche is located inside the mall.
  • At Christmas, Emily dresses up as Santa at the mall in PLL Christmas special standalone book.
  • There is a carousel in the mall, as shown when Ali and Nick go on a date.



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