Rosewood has its very own movie theatre that screens mostly black & white and silent films.


The Jenna Thing Ezra and Aria semi-date here, along with Ella, for a showing of "It Happened One Night." Apparently the film is a shared favorite of Ezra and Aria. Please, Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone Emily and Maya date here for a showing of "I Walked With a Zombie."

The Goodbye Look Emily and Samara have a date here. (It is unclear which film is being shown.) My Name Is Trouble Spencer has a dream that she, Hanna, Aria, and Emily are all sitting in the empty theater together, watching a film. Hanna is eating popcorn very quickly. They are discussing the possibility that Ian Thomas is still alive when Spencer catches sight of a black hooded figure with black leather gloves. The figure then beams a flashlight into their faces before pouncing on the panicking, freaked out girls. At this point, Spencer awakes from her nightmare. In the dream, they appear to be at a screening of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde."

Stolen Kisses Aria stops by the movie theatre to speak to Bart Comstock, a witness in Maya's murder trial. She also picks up a program for the upcoming Film Noir Festival.


  • It appears at least 3 different locations have been used for the exterior of this movie theatre.
  • Out of the four liars, Aria has been to that theater the most.



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