Sam is a friend of Jenna Marshall from their days together in the school for the blind. He has not heard from her since she left but remembers her fondly for helping him. His one appearance was in "Let the Water Hold Me Down".

Appearences: 1/140

Let the Water Hold Me Down

Spencer meets him when she visits his school for the blind. Sam overhears Spencer inquiring about Jenna at the front desk while he sits in the lobby. He speaks up, saying he knows Jenna. Intrigued, Spencer sits down to a cup of tea with him. She offers to find the Sugar in the Raw for him, but he adeptly finds it himself, feeling the crystal sizes as he fingers the packets grouped together; Spencer is impressed. He reveals that Jenna had helped him cope after he lost his vision and inspired him, which is why he is now teaching in the school. He speaks very fondly of Jenna. He also reveals that Jenna, while she was still there, had planned of returning to Rosewood to take care of something.

Spencer thanks him after he says that he has not heard from Jenna since then. He rises to shake her hand and realizes that her pulse is racing. Spencer lies that she is late for her train from Philadelphia to Rosewood, and they part. Sam goes to teach his pottery class.


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