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This article is about Sean Ackard, a book character. You may be looking for Sean Ackard, a TV character.

Sean Ackard is Hanna Marin's ex-boyfriend. He also briefly dated Aria Montgomery. He starts dating Kate Randall in "Ruthless."

Physical Description

Sean has closely cut blondish-brown hair and brown eyes. He is a tall, fit soccer player and has a preppy sense of style.


At the beginning of the series, Sean and Hanna are one of Rosewood Day's golden couples. However, there's just one problem: Sean had recently declared himself a member of the Virginity Club and has pledged to wait for the right person. Hanna does not appear to fit his vision of the right girl to sleep with. This causes serious tension in their relationship and results in his avoidance of his girlfriend. Hanna is distraught by Sean giving her the cold shoulder and begs him to at least come to Noel Kahn's party. He agrees to go, but he plays sports with the guys and avoids his girlfriend for much of the party. Eventually Hanna pulls him into the nearby woods and tries to take their relationship to the next level. Sean pushes her away and tells her to have more respect for herself. He essentially breaks up with her after telling her she's not the right girl for him. After Hanna takes the keys to his dad's BMW from his discarded pants and crashes it, she is forced to do volunteer work at Mr. Ackard's clinic for burn victims. Sean continues to avoid her and ignores her calls. The two meet again when she stops by his V-Club meeting at the local YMCA. He's embarrassed to see her there but manages to carry on a civil conversation after the meeting. Sean even suggests they have dinner next week to sort things out. This gives Hanna some optimism about getting back together.

Sean meets with Aria on the road. Her Subaru has broken down in the rain and she's slightly panicky. Sean lets her use his cell phone to call her family, but she can't get in contact with her parents. She and Sean talk for a while and exchange secrets: she tells him about her dad's affair and he tells her he's not sure about wanting to be a virgin anymore. Later, he asks Aria to the dance at Foxy and is soon caught by an irate Hanna. Sean tells his ex that he never implied that they would start dating again. In retaliation Hanna tells everyone around them about his V-Club membership and humiliates him. Sean is further humiliated in "Perfect", when "A" tells him about Aria's affair with her AP English teacher. He tells the police and kicks her out of his home. He had offered her a room to stay in when her mother kicked her out of their house. Sean is disgusted with Aria and never wants to speak to her again. Later on he moves on with Kate.