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Season 1 is the premiere season of the HBO Max series, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. It was announced on September 24, 2020, with a straight-to-series order.


In the small American town of Millwood, a group of teenage girls are made to pay for their parents’ sins when they become the unwilling recipients of an anonymous blackmailer, following a series of tragic events that occurred twenty years earlier.


Twenty years ago, a series of tragic events almost ripped the blue-collar town of Millwood apart. Now, in the present day, a group of disparate teen girls — a brand-new set of Little Liars — finds themselves tormented by an unknown Assailant and made to pay for the secret sin their parents committed two decades ago, as well as their own. In the dark, coming-of-rage, horror-tinged drama Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, we find ourselves miles away from Rosewood, but within the existing Pretty Little Liars universe — in a brand-new town, with a new generation of Little Liars.



  • Chandler Kinney as Tabby Hayworth: An aspiring director and horror movie buff. Like the other Little Liars, Tabby’s hiding a secret.
  • Maia Reficco as Noa Oliver: A striving, sardonic track star who’s working hard to get her life back to normal after a summer spent in juvenile detention.[2]
  • Bailee Madison as Imogen Abel: A true survivor. Imogen is a final girl. She will drive the mystery of uncovering “A” as she fights for her life and the lives of her friends.
  • Zaria as Faran: A poised, disciplined ballerina with aspirations to make it out of Millwood. But ‘A’ isn’t the only villain in Faran’s life. In the world of ballet, it is death by a thousand micro-aggressions.[3]
  • Malia Pyles as Minnie: The youngest of the Little Liars. Having survived a childhood trauma, Minnie spends most of her time in a virtual world, but she is more than capable of taking on the dark forces of Millwood — including ‘A'.[3]
  • Alex Aino as Shawn: Noa’s supportive boyfriend and one of the most popular jocks at Millwood High.
  • Mallory Bechtel as Karen: Millwood High’s reigning queen of mean and an antagonist to the Little Liars.
  • Eric Johnson as Sheriff Beasley: The domineering patriarch of the Beasley family.
  • Lea Salonga as Elodie: Minnie’s mom. A bit overbearing, Elodie works overtime to keep her daughter safe following a trauma that occurred when Minnie was just a little girl.[4]
  • Sharon Leal as Sidney Hayworth: Tabby’s mother and our main Pretty Little Liar matriarch. Sidney is a real estate agent and single mother, doing her best to provide for her daughter, as well as Imogen.[4]
  • Elena Goode as Marjorie: Noa’s mother, a nurse at Millwood General. Though she loves her daughter, Marjorie’s hiding a secret that threatens their relationship.[4]

Guest Starring

  • Carly Pope as Davie: Imogen’s mother. Davie and Imogen have always been two against the world. But a chilling reminder from Davie’s dark past upends both of their lives.[4]
  • Zakiya Young as Corey: Faran’s mother. Once her marriage to Zeke dissolved, Corey sought greener pastures in Pittsburgh, PA, working as a paralegal, though she tells everyone she’s a lawyer.[4]
  • Derek Klena as Wes: Tabby’s boss at The Orpheum, Millwood’s second-run local movie theater. A devilishly handsome film school graduate, Wes and Tabby have bonded over their mutual love of film, but Wes’s intentions are anything but pure.[5]
  • Kate Jennings Grant as Madame Giry,:the Dance Teacher at Millwood High. A ballerina herself, Madame Giry is exceedingly strict with her students, specifically Faran.[5]
  • Robert Stanton as Marshall Clanton: Millwood High’s complete stress case of a principal. And nothing makes Principal Clanton more uncomfortable than our Little Liars.[5]
  • Jennifer Ferrin as Martha Beasley: the matriarch of the Beasley family. Privately browbeaten by her husband, Mrs. Beasley does whatever she can to keep up appearances.[5]
  • Lilla Crawford as Sandy: Karen’s most ardent admirer. A cringey tagalong, Sandy often boosts Karen’s ego in an effort to stay out of her best friend’s crosshairs.[5]
  • Brian Altemus as Tyler: a Millwood High jock. No stranger to “locker room talk,” Tyler is the poster child for young, toxic masculinity.[5]
  • Cristala Carter as Nurse Simmons: the School Nurse at Millwood High. Nurse Simmons is a confidante and safe place to land for our Little Liars.[5]
  • Anthony Ordonez as Mr. Gardner: the Computer Science Teacher at Millwood High. Known as Mr. Gee, Mr. Gardner is a mentor and friend to Minnie.[5]
  • Jeffery Bean as Mr. Smithee: Tabby’s film teacher at Millwood High. Rigid and stern, Mr. Smithee doesn’t take kindly to challenges from his students.[5]


  • Carson Rowland as Chip
  • Jordan Gonzalez as Ash
  • Ben Cook as Henry
  • Elias Kacavas as Greg
  • Benton Greene as Zeke

Notes & Trivia

  • It was announced on September 24, 2020, at HBO Max.[6]




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Chapter One: Spirit Week TBA 01 1.01