Season 1 of Ravenswood began to air in the United States on October 22, 2013. It was announced on March 26, 2013. It is Ravenswood's only season.


When Caleb Rivers heads to Ravenswood, a town near his hometown, to help some friends who went there to crash a party, he meets kindred soul Miranda. Caleb and Miranda quickly become friends and he decides to stay Ravenswood to help her find her family. But Caleb has second thoughts about his decision after meeting Raymond -- Miranda's cold, unwelcoming uncle -- and having unpleasant interactions with local Luke, who struggles to deal with a recent family tragedy and its subsequent scandal. But Caleb ultimately works with Miranda, Raymond, Luke, Luke's twin sister, Olivia, and mysterious Remy to dig into Ravenswood's dark past to investigate a curse that has plagued the town for generations.

The First Season of Ravenswood began to air in the United States on October 22, 2013. It was announced on March 26, 2013.


A deadly curse has plagued the citizens of a town named Ravenswood for generations; the curse is about to strike again. Five strangers suddenly find themselves at the mercy of this fatal curse, so they dig into the town’s mysterious and terrible history before it’s too late for all of them.


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  • The Season premiered on October 22, 2013 at 9/8c right after Pretty Little Liars Halloween special.
  • Filming started in August 20, 2013 in New Orleans.
  • Photoshoot for Season 1 was on August 13, 2013.
  • The official day of writing started on June 18, 2013.
  • One minute official trailer for Season 1 was released on August 28, 2013.



Image Title Original Airdate No. in series No. in season
Grave New World1595 Grave New World October 22, 2013 00 1.00
Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer crash the Ravenswood Founder's Day Celebration after finding a clue in "A's" new lair: Ali is alive. Dressed in their finest Edwardian wear, the ladies hit the creepy cemetery party to find Ali before "A" can. But if Ali is truly alive, could the liars be leading "A" straight to their friend without knowing it? With Ezra lurking in the shadows, he may be closer than the girls realize.

Meanwhile, Caleb heads to Ravenswood to help the girls and meets kindred soul Miranda along the way.

D8104b027ce2e21e6867c1d8e53ed534 Pilot October 22, 2013 01 1.01
After opting to stay in Ravenswood to help out new pal Miranda, Caleb begins to rethink his decision, especially after he meets Miranda's cold and unwelcoming uncle Raymond. Caleb also has some unpleasant interactions with local resident Luke, who is struggling to deal with a recent family tragedy and its ensuing scandal, which has also swept up his twin sister Olivia.

Unnerved by what they witnessed the night of the party, and besieged by strange and supernatural occurrences, Caleb and Miranda begin to investigate this bizarre town. Their first ally is Ravenswood teen Remy, who has a keen insight to the town's peculiar history and has started connecting some troublesome dots. These five teens have no idea how connected their lives are and the plans that Ravenswood has in store for them.

1333810031pre-1381502574 Death and the Maiden October 29, 2013 02 1.02
Caleb struggles in the aftermath of what happened at the Ravenswood Homecoming Parade. Remy begins to draw troubling parallels between recent events and painful chapters in Ravenswood history. Luke bristles at Caleb’s presence, especially around Remy. And Miranda can’t quite grasp her new reality. Meanwhile, Luke tries to make Olivia face some hard truths about their parents. And Caleb comes face to face with the last person he ever expected to see.
1335451567pre-1382553152 Believe November 5,2013 03 1.03
Luke is resistant when Caleb and Remy try to convince him that Ravenswood is being plagued by the supernatural. To convince him, they decide to try and contact the "other side." Olivia begins her own investigation into her father's death, which turns much more sinister than she was expecting. Remy grows more concerned about her mother, who recently returned from Afghanistan. And while Miranda continues to yearn for a connection to her family, she begins to feel like someone, or something is watching her. Meanwhile, everyone gathers for a somber event, and Collins and Miranda both offer Caleb a reason to stay in Ravenswood.
Ravenswood - Episode 1.04 - The Devil Has a Face - Promotional Photos (3) FULL The Devil Has a Face November 12, 2013 04 1.04
Still unnerved by what he witnessed during the séance, Luke searches for a distraction, but realizes there may be no escape from what's haunting the group. Olivia bonds with Miranda and is surprised to discover their families may have a shared history. And Caleb is caught between new and old loyalties when he struggles to share what's happening in Ravenswood with Hanna. Meanwhile, Remy and Caleb investigate an intriguing new clue into the town's past. Luke is surprised to find common ground with Tess. And Miranda thinks she may have finally found what she has been searching for.
Ravenswood-scared-to-death-stills-05 Scared to Death November 19, 2013 05 1.05
The episode will see Caleb frustrated by the lack of answers while romantic drama abounds for Caleb, Remy, Luke, Olivia, and Dillon. Hanna will travel from Rosewood to Ravenswood in this episode to deal with her relationship with Caleb.

Just when Caleb thought he was getting answers to what may be haunting Ravenswood, he hits a dead end and is left with more questions. Miranda tries to prove that she’s where she wants to be, but Caleb senses she’s in great danger. Remy unwittingly uncovers a major clue into the how to break the curse, but further investigation leads to a truly haunting scene. Meanwhile, Caleb tries to reassure Hanna while also fearing for Miranda's safety, Luke tries to get on the same page with Remy, and Olivia strives to reconnect with Dillon.


Image Title Original Airdate No. in series No. in season
Tumblr mwoipatb5m1sh3xdwo1 500 Revival January 7, 2014 06 1.06
Fresh off his trip to Rosewood, Caleb struggles to deal with the aftermath of his brief time with Miranda on the other side. Remy realizes her dreams may be the best clue they have into understanding the pact, but she unwittingly attracts something that is determined to make sure Remy doesn’t wake up. And Miranda decides to haunt Mrs. Grunwald for answers but discovers Grunwald may have a ghostly friend of her own.

Meanwhile, Luke and Olivia are unnerved by Collins’ increasing attention towards their mother, and Olivia makes a major decision about Dillon, without realizing his true motivations.

6ae40c722d2dab60a36a8bc271d926bfb1596de5 Home Is Where the Heart Is (Seriously Check the Floorboards) January 14, 2014 07 1.07
The Ravenswood Police descend on Luke and Olivia’s house after something with ties to events in both the past and present is unearthed. Caleb’s father decides to find out what his son is up to in Ravenswood, and Caleb is unsure if he wants his help, or if he wants him to get out of town. Remy continues to deal with lingering effects of what she witnessed in her dreams.

Meanwhile, Olivia tries to keep it together in the wake of recent happenings, and Miranda gains surprising insight into Grunwald and her connection to the supernatural.

Ravenswood - Episode 1.08 - I'll Sleep When I'm Dead - Promotional Photos (6) FULL I'll Sleep When I'm Dead January 21, 2014 08 1.08
When Remy goes to a sleep clinic in the hopes of finally getting some rest, she learns her dreams about the mysterious pact may have started before she even realized. However, it soon becomes apparent that the clinic may be the least safe place for Remy to be. Olivia discovers some new information about Springer and starts to wonder if he knows about the pact. And Caleb turns to Mr. Price for a lesson in Ravenswood town history.

Meanwhile, Miranda struggles with her place within the group and discovers new consequences for leaving the Collins house.

Ravenswood - Episode 1.09 - Along Came a Spider - Promotional Photos (13) FULL Along Came a Spider January 28, 2014 09 1.09
Mr. Price inadvertently sends Caleb and Miranda on a quest to investigate a secret Collins has been keeping, but it leads them to some startling insight about the pact. With questions about Dillon swirling, Olivia is confused when he finally shows up to help her through her latest crisis. And Remy and Luke are determined to prove that Dillon has been hiding something, which puts Luke in danger.

Meanwhile, Caleb starts school in Ravenswood and Miranda tries to keep him company, leading to an awkward incident.

Ravenswood - Episode 1.10 - My Haunted Heart - Promotional Photos (27) FULL My Haunted Heart Febraury 4, 2014 10 1.10
Caleb finally has to clue Hanna in to some of what has been happening in Ravenswood when she shows up demanding to speak to Miranda about “stealing” him away. Luke and Olivia finally learn what really happened to their father and who was responsible. With the walls closing in around him, Dillon makes a drastic move.

And when Remy goes missing, the rest of “The Five” are desperate to rescue her, leading to an intense showdown with everyone’s lives in peril.


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