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Don't get ugly. Get even.
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In Season 2, the four girls want to know what happened to Ian's body, who killed Alison, and who "A" is. After the shocking plot twist at the tail end of the Season 1 Finale, the Liars are suddenly some of the most suspicious people in town. Things become increasingly difficult when even their parents doubt them, and sign them up for therapy. Between the mystery of Ian's missing body and the hunt for "A," the second season of Pretty Little Liars is even more dramatic than than the first. 


Spencer Hastings

Spencer Hastings has lots on her shoulders. Not only does her family not believe her account on Ian, but they are now forbidding her to see Toby; with his family as well. Will she find a way to keep seeing Toby without her family knowing or will she give in to her parents’ demands? And with a person like “A” watching her every move, caution will definitely need to be had. "A" forces Spencer to break up with Toby only to end up being comforted by Wren after he brings her home leading to them kissing. In the Season 2 finale, Toby confronts Spencer and tells her that "Pretending not to love you was the hardest thing I've ever done". They make up which leads to them getting a well deserved kiss.

Emily Fields

Emily's love life won't be the only thing with complications this season. After being informed by her mother that the Fields family will be moving to Texas, Emily is now faced with the dilemma of moving. But moving might not be her only option as she soon discovers there's something she can do to keep herself in Rosewood. But will she go to the extremes to stay? She has a chance to get a scholarships, and that will prevent her from moving, but her family needs proof. Emily had a hard time being "A"s new target and went under a lot of stress which leads her to make a deal with "A" in the winter premiere.

Hanna Marin

After suffering a broken heart from Caleb’s betrayal, Hanna will find herself confronted again with the man who caused it all. Will she be able to forgive him and reconnect, or is their relationship a thing of the past? Caleb finds his mother, leaving Hanna to go to Arizona, and they make up after Hanna demands that his foster mom kept sending him cheques. They are still happily in love. With the possibility of finding out about Mona’s deception, Hanna’s got a lot of complications to deal with before she can find peace of mind. Hanna and Caleb reunite, only to find him going to California to visit his mother. Hanna's daddy issues continue as she breaks up the wedding between him and Isabel, with Hanna revealing her father and mother had hooked up before the wedding. With the other three girls using Caleb to help discover A's identity, Hanna is worried. But can she tell Caleb to stop without revealing the real issue? Fortunately, Hanna saves Caleb just when the officers were about to find the school files "A" planted on his laptop. Their relationship is safe for now.

Aria Montgomery

After learning Ezra's ex-fiancée Jackie Molina is working with him and Ezra hiding it from her, Aria now finds herself hurt and betrayed. Things are now bittersweet for her because if she stays with him, she can finally have a normal relationship that other couples have without hiding out in his apartment. However, she must also face the fact that his ex is now in the picture. Besides having to decide if the relationship is worth it, she also has to deal with her family having more secrets in the house and her brother Mike continuing to grow in his rebellious ways. Aria's relationship with Ezra will also be tempted by the arrival of a new love interest, Jason DiLaurentis. In the winter premiere, Ezra and Aria reveal their relationship to Byron and Ella, but their reaction isn't what they hoped for. Maybe Holden, a mysterious boy from Aria's past, can help?


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Image Title Original Airdate No. in series No. in season
23.png It's Alive June 14, 2011 23 2.01
The drama continues moments after the explosive season one finale, and the spotlight is turned on four guilty-looking liars.
24.png The Goodbye Look June 21, 2011 24 2.02
On the eve of many "goodbyes," Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer must come to terms with being kept apart. Plus, Ezra begs Aria to meet him so they can work things out. Will she?
25.png My Name Is Trouble June 28, 2011 25 2.03
As Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer try to keep their distance from each other, each girl looks to distractions to help fulfill the "separate time" request from their parents.
26.png Blind Dates July 5, 2011 26 2.04
The girls find that a helping hand is needed to get out of some tricky situations. Plus, Aria has a chance encounter with someone who brings back surprising memories.
27.png The Devil You Know July 12, 2011 27 2.05
As the shocking news about Ian makes the rounds, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer and their families all try to cope with the outcome and some much needed closure.
28.png Never Letting Go July 19, 2011 28 2.06
On the eve of the Rosewood Charity Fashion Show, the girls are surprised when Alison's mother returns to town and requests that they participate in the show.
29.png Surface Tension July 26, 2011 29 2.07
The girls are uneasy as each confronts complicated matters. Ezra and Jason are invited to a dinner party at the Montgomery's and vie for Aria's attention.
30.png Save the Date August 2, 2011 30 2.08
When Emily's dad surprises her before a big swim meet, the pressure sends her to the hospital. Spencer and Aria use the opportunity to dig for clues about Alison's death.
31.png Picture This August 9, 2011 31 2.09
Spencer is determined to find out what Jason is hiding at his house. Hanna helps Caleb with a difficult decision about his family.
32.png Touched by an 'A'-ngel August 16, 2011 32 2.10
Aria tries to process Spencer and Emily's news about Jason while dealing with her feelings for him. Hanna tries to be nice to her future stepsister.
33.png I Must Confess August 23, 2011 33 2.11
The girls finally reveal the torment "A" has put them through to the one person they trust outside their group: Dr. Anne Sullivan.
34.png Over My Dead Body August 30, 2011 34 2.12
All is not what it seems as "A" sends the girls on a hunt to destroy lives.
35.png The First Secret October 19, 2011 35 2.13
It's the Halloween before Alison went missing and the friends hope to score an invite to Noel's Halloween party.


Image Title Original Airdate No. in series No. in season
36.png Through Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares January 2, 2012 36 2.14
A month has passed since Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer were arrested and a lot has changed. What could have divided these four former friends so severely?
37.png A Hot Piece of A January 9, 2012 37 2.15
The girls, realizing that "A" is not acting alone and his/her "helper" may be closer than they think, decide to enlist Caleb's hacking skills.
38.png Let the Water Hold Me Down January 16, 2012 38 2.16
Hanna starts to crumble under the weight of her secrets, while Spencer follows a blind lead about "A."
39.png The Blond Leading the Blind January 23, 2012 39 2.17
Love is a powerful motivator for Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer, especially if it means keeping their loved ones safe from "A."
40.png A Kiss Before Lying January 30, 2012 40 2.18
After speaking to her friends about Caleb, Hanna feels they are giving her the cold shoulder. Emily hopes to re-introduce Maya to her mother.
41.png The Naked Truth February 6, 2012 41 2.19
As Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer participate in Rosewood High's "Truth-Up Day," the girls discover some shocking truths of their own.
42.png CTRL: A February 13, 2012 42 2.20
Hanna's worst nightmare comes to fruition when Caleb becomes a target of "A" and his computer is in possession of the cops.
43.png Breaking the Code February 20, 2012 43 2.21
When a surprising new victim of "A" is revealed, the girls' tight-knit group may get one person larger. Spencer runs from family troubles right into Wren's arms.
44.png Father Knows Best February 27, 2012 44 2.22
With strained relationships left and right, it is not an ideal time for the annual Father-Daughter Dance. Ashley continues to hunt for answers about what's going on with Hanna.
45.png Eye Of The Beholder March 5, 2012 45 2.23
Jason drops off a bag of Alison's personal items that could be more than just a bag of junk. Toby's return to Rosewood brings a surprise reunion.
46.png If These Dolls Could Talk March 12, 2012 46 2.24
The hunt for answers about what Ali knew leads Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer to a rundown doll hospital that holds more than just secrets.
47.png UnmAsked March 19, 2012 47 2.25
The girls go to a Masqerade Ball and try to finally put an end to A's games.