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It's gonna be a killer summer.
— Seasonal Quote

Season 2 (titled Pretty Little Liars: Summer School[2]) is the second season of the Max series, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. It was announced on September 7, 2022.[3] Pretty Little Liars: Summer School it had a two-episode premiere event on May 9th, 2024. Episodes aired weekly through June 20th.[4]


Following the harrowing events of "Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin,” our Pretty Little Liars face a fate worse than death - summer school. However, Millwood High isn’t the only thing getting in the way of their fun summer jobs and new, dreamy love interests. A new villain, who may or may not have a connection to A, has come to town and is going to put them all to the test.[4]


Imogen Adams[]

The escape of Archie from police custody and his murder of both Sheriff Beasley and Chip Langsberry shatters Imogen's sense of security. Even after Archie's capture, Imogen doesn't rest easy over the next six months. In addition to starring in Tabby's horror film "Avenge", Imogen takes self defense classes, attends therapy sessions with Dr. Sullivan, and obsesses over the safety of her daughter, Estelle. Her anxiety reaches extreme peak as she process traumatic grief, being forced into summer school, a budding new relationship, and the arrival of a new threat - Bloody Rose Waters.

Faran Bryant[]

For the past six months, Faran dedicates herself to strength training and building her body into the best shape possible to ease her chronic pain. She holds competitions against the boys in her class and shatters every glass ceiling. The break from dancing made her realize she didn't love it as much as she thought, and she's come to understand the trauma she has from it, though her relationship with Henry grows strained as they no longer share the same passion for dance. She turns down a chance to attend a ballet camp and instead becomes a lifeguard at the Millwood Community Pool alongside Greg and Ash. Faran, like her friends, is tested by the murderous Bloody Rose all-while attending summer school.

Noa Olivar[]

After the Millwood Massacre and a six-month long trial for Archie Waters, Noa looks forward to having a hot girl summer with her best friends. Her hopes are ruined when she's forced to attend summer school. With her mom still in rehab, Noa stays with her boyfriend Shawn before returning to her home - alone. She reconnects with an old friend from juvie, Jen, who turns her world upside down. She tries to sort through her complicated feelings while making ends meet at Pinball Pizza and being stalked by the murderous, vengeful Bloody Rose, who is hellbent on ending Noa's final girl status.

Tabby Haworthe[]

Following the Millwood Massacre, Tabby processes her trauma by creating horror film titled "Avenge" that she hopes will gain her acceptance into PIFT. Her happiness is short-lived when she must contend with the grieving and angered Mrs. Langsberry and an increasingly hostile Wes. Her job at The Orpheum is made easier by New York transplant and horror buff Christian Peele, who helps Tabby overcome her past trauma and trust again. The arrival of a new and looming threat in Bloody Rose forces Tabby to put her final girl skills to the test.

Mouse Honrada[]

Mouse's obsession with leads her to uncover a new threat in Rose Waters, whom the internet dubs "Bloody Rose". Her obsession proves deadly when Bloody Rose comes to life and begins stalking Mouse and her friends, killing locals, and conducting twisted tests designed to push their final girl status to the brink. Mouse's grandmother Lola moves in with her for the summer while her moms are on a cruise. As Lola's declining mental status becomes more apparent, and Bloody Rose's actions more violent, Mouse leans on her boyfriend Ash for support. She must also brave her way through summer school if she hopes to advance to junior year.

Kelly Beasley[]

Kelly, still mourning the loss of her sister and coping with the murder of her father, decides to enter remote learning for the final semester of her sophomore year. Martha convinces a hesitant Kelly to attend Our Mother of Holy Grace, where Kelly becomes a devout member. She stops communicating with her friends and spends all of her time either at the church, home, or with Greg. Her relationship with Greg begins to suffer as a result of her renewed faith, which includes little physical intimacy and frequent prayer for forgiveness over her desires. She asks him to accompany her to a mass, where Pastor Malachi shares his upcoming Redemption House project which serves as a catalyst for Kelly falling deeper in the clutches of the mysterious church.



Guest Starring[]


Image Title Original Airdate No. in season No. in series
SS 201 Noa-Imogen Still Chapter Eleven:[16] May 9, 2024 2.01 11
Six months after "The Millwood Massacre," the girls eagerly await a verdict in A's trial – as well as a much-needed break – until a failed exam condemns them to a fate worse than death: summer school. While working through their traumas in group therapy sessions with Dr. Sullivan, Mouse investigates a spooky online legend, Imogen copes with fears over her baby's safety, and Kelly becomes an active member of a cult-like youth group.
SS 202 Liars School Still Chapter Twelve: Summer Lovin[16] May 9, 2024 2.02 12
Haunted by increasingly disturbing hallucinations, Imogen attempts to forge a new identity outside of Millwood. As summer kicks off, Noa reconnects with an old friend, Tabby meets her movie-buff match, Faran gets a job as Millwood Community Pool's only female lifeguard, and Mouse is threatened by an unknown entity.
SS-203 Mouse Chapter Thirteen: Sweet Sixteen[16] May 16, 2024 2.03 13
As the PLLs plan Mouse's surprise sixteenth birthday party, Tabby and Imogen face boy problems, Noa clashes with Jen and Faran spills her secret.
SS-204 Little Liars Chapter Fourteen: When A Stranger Calls Back[16] May 23, 2024 2.04 14
Faran's strength is put to the test as Mouse leads her friends on a dangerous search for Rose Waters.
PLL-SS 205 Noa Still Chapter Fifteen: Friday the 13th[16] May 30, 2024 2.05 15
A disturbing discovery makes the PLLs doubt Dr. Sullivan. Meanwhile, during Tabby's movie marathon, Noa is forced to make a brutal decision.
SS-206 Noa-Mouse-Faran-Imogen Chapter Sixteen: Hell House[16] June 6, 2024 2.06 16
When Kelly's church uses Imogen's old house to spread hate, Mouse and Ash plan a Pride pool party in protest.
SS-207 Tabby Still Chapter Seventeen: The Bogeyman[16] June 13, 2024 2.07 17
Still shaken from Hell House, Imogen learns about Dr. Sullivan's secret ties to A, while the PLLs set out to uncover Bloody Rose's identity.
SS-208 Tabby5 Chapter Eighteen: Final Exam[16] June 20, 2024 2.08 18
The PLLs take a final stab at their list of suspects, and through a harrowing night will discover the identity of Bloody Rose Waters once and for all.

Filming and Production[]

Filming began in April of 2023,[17] but paused due to the 2023 SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes. After SAG and the AMPTP reached a tentative agreement, Pretty Little Liars resumed its final three weeks of production.[18]

According to Production List, pre-production for the season began on February 6th, 2023, and full production was scheduled to end on July 10th, 2023. The series was projected to premiere in late 2023 or early 2024.[19]

Bailee Madison and Zaria attended a writers room meeting on October 12, 2022.[20]

Bailee Madison confirmed in an Instagram live that filming for season two would begin in 2023.

Writing for the season concluded on March 26, 2023, with the core five girls hearing pitches for their season arcs,[21] a month before production on the series began.[22]

According to Hudson Valley Film, filming for the second season would take place in the mid Hudson Valley, New York from April through July 2023.[17] Film crews were spotted at local Hudson Valley businesses on May 17, 2023. They were filming at Roller Magic and Eveready Diner.[23] An abandoned restaurant was used as a set for "Rose E. Ricotta", a set that was described by confused locals as a "knock-off" Chuck E. Cheese. The set was used for the third episode of the season, in which a birthday is celebrated.[24]

On March 20th, Bailee Madison teased the casts return to filming in a series of Instagram stories.[25][26]

The Writers Guild of America strike officially began on May 2, 2023, after failed negotiations between the WGA and AMPTP. Writers rooms across the United States ceased writing sessions for their series. On May 11, 2023, production for Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin "shuttered" as schedules shifted when writers and supporters picketed outside filming locations in New York. It's unclear when filming will resume.[27] The cast of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin were later seen filming in behind the scenes photos, seemingly confirming that the series continued to film without a writer on-set.

The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) officially voted to go on strike on July 13, 2023,[28] and the strike officially began at midnight (July 14, 2023). The strike guidelines dictate that "union’s 160,000 affected members are prohibited from all principal on-camera work — including acting, singing, dancing and stunts — on top of off-camera work, such as voice-acting and narration. Also barred is background and stand-in work, negotiations for future services and any ancillary work for a struck production, among other things."[29]

As a result of the SAG strike, filming was placed on hold until the strike was resolved, with three weeks left until the season wrapped.[30] Bailee Madison, Chandler Kinney, and Maia Reficco joined the SAG-AFTRA picketing line on July 17, 2023, confirming their obligation to SAG in striking. Malia Pyles and Jordan Gonzalez joined the picketing line on July 26, 2023. They each made select recurring appearances as picketers.

The WGA reached a fair deal on September 26, 2023, and the strike officially ended at 12:01 AM on September 27, 2023.[31] SAG reached a fair deal on November 8, 2023, and the strike officially ended at 12:01 AM on November 9, 2023. Pretty Little Liars is set to resume filming in late November, after November 27th - the American holiday of Thanksgiving.[18] Most of the main cast returned to New York by November 14, 2023, two weeks before the start of filming.[32]

Bailee Madison shared a preliminary call sheet for November 20th, 2023, on her Twitter. The call sheet was for episodes 207-208.[33] On November 18th, Bailee and Mallory Bechtel dyed their hairs back to blonde for the seasons filming.[34] On November 20th, filming for the season restarted.

The season officially wrapped filming on December 8, 2023.[35][36]

Notes and Trivia[]

  • This is the first time that a Pretty Little Liars spin-off has reached a second season order.
    • In the same Instagram post, Roberto hinted that the usage of "Original Sin" in the title may be dropped and replaced with something new in Season 2 that will focus on new mysteries.[20]
    • On October 31st, in a post on Roberto's Instagram, it was confirmed that the name of the second season would be "Summer School".
    • However, the series is still technically titled "Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin", with "Summer School" serving as a slogan for the second season, though still part of the same series.
  • Executive producer and showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa confirmed the second season would have more, "lying, secrets, and slashing".[37]
  • The concept art for the season is identical to the poster for Student Bodies, a 1981 parody comedy-slasher movie.
  • Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa teased in his Instagram post that the main villain for season two is a female who wants revenge on The Little Liars.[22]
  • Episodes seven and eight are directed by Rob Seidenglanz.[38]
  • Annabeth Gish wrapped filming the week of December 4th, 2023.[39]
  • The first looks at the season were released on March 19, 2024, via Cosmopolitan. The stills were released alongside an interview with showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and co-creator Lindsay Calhoon Bring.[40]
  • Several casting changes were made this season.
    • Jordan Gonzalez (Ash Romero) and Elias Kacavas (Greg Mantzoukas) were promoted to series regulars.
    • Eric Johnson (Tom Beasley), Elena Goode (Marjorie Olivar) and Lea Salonga (Elodie Honrada) are removed from the main cast, while Goode and Salonga appear in a recurring capacity as guest stars.
  • Three audition reels were posted on the video-hosting site Vimeo, and revealed possible plot details for the second season. Because the auditioners were given sides, things such as plot details, character names, dialogue, and more could be changed by production. The following information was revealed in these auditions.
    • A new character named Johnny is a potential love interest of Imogen's.[41][42]
    • A new character named Jennifer was in juvie with Noa. She is recently released and harbors a secret of Noa's about what they did in juvie, threatening to tell Shawn about it after she's fired from her job because of Noa.[43]
      • This plot would have been similar to Aria Montgomery's secret in the book Crushed. Where she along with a boy named "Olaf" stole a painting and Aria made Olaf take the blame, making Aria immune while he got into trouble.[44] However, this plot never came to fruition as Jen became a love interest for Noa instead of an enemy.
    • Imogen's phone number is leaked online to a new website called "Spooky Spaghetti" that hosts rumors about several students.[42]
    • The events of Season 1 are now referred to as "The Millwood Massacre".[42][43]
  • Roberto and Lindsay did a pre-season interview with Cosmo when the first look images first dropped. They revealed much about the upcoming season.[40]
    • 2x01 picks up one day after the Season 1 finale, with Tabogen unwrapping Christmas presents when Tabby's mom gets a panicked phone call. This all occurs within the first minute of the episode.
    • The scares are a bit "bigger and badder and bolder". There's a new villain possibly connected to Archie Waters which will be learned early-on in episode one. The villain, called Bloody Rose, will test every one of the girls forcing them to go on their own personal journey. She is a "female figure of horror" who feels "quite apocalyptic and terrifying." They had to make a villain scarer than A. The mythology of her physical appearance is "very tied into the mythology of the show".
    • The newest franchise this season is as play on the mid-2000s popular theme of Creepypasta.
    • A teen youth group is introduced and is a subplot for the season with Kelly and Greg. It is a "fringe, non-denominational church" that has "some horror." It was inspired by youth cult movies like Children of the Corn.
    • Mouse and Ash are the power couple of the season. Mouse is the most involved in SpookySpaghetti. She also obsessed with reading lore about Archie and the site. Ash is protective of Mouse and her teammate leading them to going on some "crazy adventures with her."
    • There will be summer flings and romances, primarily connected to Jen, Johnny, and Christian.
    • Johnny will appear in episode three as a co-worker at the Millwood ice cream shop.
    • Christian enters at The Orpheum where he chips away at Tabby's guarded exterior and they come together "in a very sweet and romantic way."
    • Jen and Noa spark a friendship and it is quickly understood they have deeper feelings for each other.
    • The first episode also includes the group therapy session with Dr. Anne Sullivan. Sullivan gives the girls permission to have fun and a normal summer to forget their trauma. This sets Tabby and Imogen up on their path for season two.
    • Faran becomes a Millwood lifeguard and is the only female admits a sea of males. She collides with Greg. It's Faran in a boys' world of lifeguarding.
  • The identity of the big bad of the season, Bloody Rose, was revealed as Rose Waters by series creator and writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa on his Instagram account before the season premiered. This makes Rose the first 'A'-type villain of the Pretty Little Liars franchise to not be anonymous, but still have a moniker.[46]
    • In the same Instagram post, Roberto included a twisted prayer to/about Rose that said: "Hail, Rose, full of spite, the blood is with you. Cursed are you amongst women and cursed is the fruit of your womb, Archie and Angela. Unholy Rose, Mother of Lies, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our deaths. Amen."
  • Roberto and Lindsay did a pre-premiere interview with Entertainment Weekly where they discussed the upcoming season.[47]
    • Bloody Rose isn't just hunting the Little Liars, but testing them through "Saw-like tests all season".
    • The decision to change the new big bad was the feeling they already "did" A. They liked the idea of a Slender Man, "the real true-crime case and we kind of loved and were terrified by the ambiguity of the idea that this sort of supernatural creature that exists on the internet could inspire real violence or crossover into the real world." They also liked the idea of doing primal maternal figure that contrasts from the hulking presence of A in Season 1.
    • The appearance of Bloody Rose is based on the appearance of A and his leather patch-like mask. They came up with the most horrific version of how the mask was made - "Well, he skinned his mother. He skinned his mother's face and he sewed it up and he wears it around." They loved the gauze look of Julia Cotton (Hellraiser), the oozing blood of Bloody Mary, and a thrift shopper.


Camera Icon-Gallery

Season 2 (Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin) has a photo gallery.


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