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Season 3 takes place five months following the discovery that Mona Vanderwaal was the elusive "A" that had been creatively and relentlessly tormenting the four main characters, Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, and Emily Fields for the past year. The first half of the season addresses the issue of whether or not Garrett Reynolds actually killed or was involved in the murder of the girls' former friend and queen bee, Alison DiLaurentis and who killed Maya St. Germain in the season two finale, while the second half deals with the reveal of another "A" and the fallout while the mysterious Red Coat stalks the girls.


Spencer Hastings

Spencer continues to come across answers about Alison's death while her relationship with Toby deepens. She attempts to figure out answers about Alison's death while her relationship with Toby takes a number of hits and misses. Continued evidence and drama leads her to fight with her sister Melissa even more and a shocking secret about Melissa is revealed and Spencer's mother starts to defend Garrett for his trial against murder.

Emily Fields

After losing Maya and finding Alison's grave empty, Emily continues to struggle with her loss during her senior year. She is more motivated then ever to find answers about Alison's killer and still just barely hoping that Maya might still be alive. Emily is not miss perfect anymore, having spent her summer heavily partying and drinking. Emily has a job at Rear window brew and Emily finds some solace after meeting Maya's cousin Nate in "Birds of a Feather,".

Hanna Marin

Hanna is determined to find answers about Alison's death by visiting Mona at Radley Sanitarium. She continues to hold a relationship with Caleb while also overcoming Mona's betrayal. She is also growing closer to Wren who works at the Radley Sanitarium. Caleb doesn't approve of Hanna's visits to Mona, so he threatens Mona to leave Hanna alone. Later in the season, Hanna and Caleb break-up. Hanna is also accused of stealing Alison's body by Officer Wilden. Hanna and Caleb later get back together and continue their relationship secretly so "A" wouldn't mess with it.

Aria Montgomery

Aria's romance with Ezra continues to plague her relationship with her family especially her father. Like the rest of the four, Aria is just as determined to find more answers. Since the end of season two, Aria's parents have separated and her mother has moved out. Her mother, Ella, says that it wasn't Aria and Ezra's fault, but more the fact that they married young and grown apart. Aria's father starts to date Meredith and as a result, Aria puts up a dating profile for her mother on an online dating website.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

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Image Title Original Airdate No. in series No. in season
48.png It Happened 'That Night' June 5, 2012 48 3.01
As the second anniversary of Alison's disappearance nears, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer are thrown back into turmoil after a shocking night.
49.png Blood Is The New Black June 12, 2012 49 3.02
One of Aria's past indiscretions is fodder for a new "A." A still-shaky Emily tries to focus on school, but could be derailed when she remembers a crucial piece from "that night."
50.png Kingdom of the Blind June 19, 2012 50 3.03
When Spencer questions her mother taking on Garrett's case, she stumbles upon a larger secret. Aria agrees to be Jenna's accompanist.
51.png Birds of a Feather June 26, 2012 51 3.04
Hanna and Mona's visits cause tension with Caleb. Emily finds solace after meeting Maya's cousin. Spencer must know the truth about Melissa.
52.png That Girl is Poison July 10, 2012 52 3.05
Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer think Jenna's birthday party could be the perfect setting for "A" to strike - and for them to catch their tormentor.
53.png The Remains of the "A" July 17, 2012 53 3.06
A new clue could lead the girls down the wrong path. Emily gets another flashback from "that night," leading to a surprising suspect, and Aria questions Ezra's new influx of cash.
54.png Crazy July 24, 2012 54 3.07
When things look dire for Hanna, the girls turn to Mona to help their friend out. Plus, someone from Alison and Jason's past arrives in Rosewood.
55.png Stolen Kisses July 31, 2012 55 3.08
Trying to explain the drugged flask to Paige leads Emily to more insights about "that night." Spencer asks Caleb for help and Aria learns about Ezra's past.
56.png The Kahn Game August 7, 2012 56 3.09
Aria and Spencer may engage in a heated game of "Truth" to get some answers from Jenna - but are they willing to give up some of their "truths"?
57.png What Lies Beneath August 14, 2012 57 3.10
Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer follow a lead about where Maya might have been before her murder. Meanwhile, Aria must deal with the aftermath of meeting Ezra's mom.
58.png Single Fright Female August 21, 2012 58 3.11
Spencer learns about Paige's shocking past with Ali, but will Emily listen to what her friends have to say? Aria feels she has to help Ezra move on from his past.
59.png The Lady Killer August 28, 2012 59 3.12
Emily is caught in the crossfire as Maya's murderer is revealed and the girls are betrayed by someone close to them.
Pretty-little-liars-pretty-dirty-secrets.jpg Pretty Dirty Secrets August 28 - October 23 - 8 webisodes
The webisodes are quite short, each just a few minutes in length. The series reveals some hidden clues to as what we might be expecting in Season 3B.
60.png This Is A Dark Ride October 23, 2012 60 3.13
Trick or treat? The Rosewood Halloween Ghost Train becomes one killer party in this special Halloween-themed episode. Plus, Adam Lambert performs.


Image Title Original Airdate No. in series No. in season
61.png She's Better Now January 8, 2013 61 3.14
Radley Sanitarium has given Mona a clean bill of health and she is headed back to Rosewood High, much to the girls' dismay. Could their former tormentor really be cured?
62.png Mona-Mania January 15, 2013 62 3.15
Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer are sure that Mona is up to her old tricks again, but can they prove it? Meanwhile, Aria's fears about her father grow stronger.
63.png Misery Loves Company January 22, 2013 63 3.16
Meredith helps take care of Aria when she is sick - but could Meredith have ulterior motives? Spencer surprises Toby for their anniversary.
64.png Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno January 29,2013 64 3.17
Will their secrets drive the girls to take desperate actions that could make things worse? Plus, Emily learns more about what Ali may have been hiding the summer before her murder.
65.png Dead to Me February 5, 2013 65 3.18
Alison's family is set to bury her again, now that they have her remains, but the girls are divided about going to yet another memorial. Emily visits Dr. Sullivan.
66.png What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted February 12, 2013 66 3.19
Spencer takes her anger and hurt over her breakup out on Mona. Aria finds she is spending more time with Wes. Emily and Jason work together.
67.png Hot Water February 19, 2013 67 3.20
Holding new information about Detective Wilden, Aria, Emily and Hanna are on the hunt for answers about the detective's past. Spencer finds someone to lean on.
68.png Out of Sight, Out of Mind February 26, 2013 68 3.21
Spencer is now ready to talk, but Emily is not ready to accept what she has to say. Hanna helps her mother and keeps a new secret, and wonders if "A" had something to do with it.
69.png Will The Circle Be Unbroken? March 5, 2013 69 3.22
Aria, Emily and Hanna try to locate a missing Spencer - but Spencer may not want to be found. Emily meets Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin.
70.png I'm Your Puppet March 12, 2013 70 3.23
"A" plays games with higher stakes. Aria considers things with Ezra and Hanna is thrown in the midst of Caleb's family drama. Spencer looks for answers about Mona's time in Radley.
71.png A DAngerous GAme March 19, 2013 71 3.24
The girls attempt to put an end to the game. With so much happening and new information uncovered, will the girls be ready for what is waiting for them?