Senator Park-Lewis is a minor character in the television series, Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists on Freeform. She is portrayed by Cycerli Ash.

The Senator is the mother of Caitlin Park-Lewis and the wife of Mrs. Park-Lewis.


At some point in this woman's life she started her political career and married another woman who she has one daughter with.


Physical Appearance



In a flashback, Nolan showed Caitlin a picture of her senator mother having an affair on her wife with an unknown man. Due to her striving to be President one day, Caitlin was forced to keep her mothers' secret.

Lost and Found

She comes to Beacon to check on her daughter after finding out about her accident. She confirms that she had an affair to her daughter and asks her to keep it from her mother, also because she's running for governor and can't afford the scandal.

Lie Together, Die Together

She appears again for Claire's gala and discovers Ava's embezzled money in her daughter flat. When Caitlin refuses to explain, she decides to move her to Georgetown as she feels she's become distracted at BHU.

Enter the Professor

Still wanting her daughter to move to Georgetown, she threatens to cut her off if she decides to remain at BHU believing she'll agree to her terms. Eventually, the senator relents on Caitlin promising to get right this time while also saying she'll be keeping an eye on her.

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Book Comparisons

  • In the book series, Caitlin's mothers are named Sibyl and Mary-Anne. However, in the television series, neither of her mothers' name is spoken.
  • In the books, Sibyl and Mary-Anne adopted two children, Caitlin and Taylor. In the television adaptation, they only have one child, Caitlin.
  • Senator is interested in politics while neither Sibyl or Mary-Anne ever expressed interested in.
  • Her last name in the series was "Martell-Lewis" while in the show it is "Park-Lewis".



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