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This article revolves around the death of Darren Wilden. His death occurred offscreen during episode "A DAngerous GAme", while his body was found in "'A' is for A-l-i-v-e". His killer was then confirmed in "Game Over, Charles".


He was involved in a hit and run with Ashley Marin, however, Jenna and Shana pulled him away, saving his life.

Day of Death

  • Wilden presumably hit Toby on the head and threw a lighter at him to frame him for the fire.
  • Wilden also helped a girl, either Jenna or Shana, who Toby was following.
  • Melissa ordered Shana and Jenna to watch the girls.
  • Wilden met a woman wearing high heels, later revealed to be Ashley Marin, at a lake. The two engaged in a heated argument as Ashley was tired of Wilden harassing her and her daughter.
  • Travis Hobbs revealed that after their argument, Ashley left Wilden and got in her car. He heard a gunshot, and saw an unknown girl run through the woods. The murder took place near Travis's parents' lake house.
  • Wilden's Killer moved Wilden's body to the church parking lot.




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