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Shawn Noble[1] is a main character in the television series, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin on HBO Max. He is portrayed by Alex Aiono.

He is Noa Oliver's supportive boyfriend and one of the most popular jocks at Millwood High.



Shawn is the epitome of a perfect boyfriend - supportive, kind, loyal, and doting. He would do anything for Noa and stands by her through her ups and downs, including juvie and her ankle monitor. He's patient with her situation but becomes annoyed when he thinks she lied to him, showing that a sense of honesty and integrity is important to him. He is equally disgusted by Marjorie letting Noa take the fall for her antics, believing it to be fundamentally wrong.

Physical Appearance

Shawn is a young teenager with a tall, athletic, and lean build from playing football. He is an athlete, and as such, is in excellent physical shape. He has curly black hair, dark brown eyes, and a casual sense of clothing.


OS101 Shawn-Noa Still.jpg

On Monday, September 28th, Noa Olivar storms into the hallway, her boyfriend Shawn at her heels. She complains that her life is a shitshow and she has to account every minute of her day. Shawn assures her she has three more weeks left, but Noa clarifies she has three more weeks left for the ankle monitor but the peeing in a cup is for the rest of the year and community service is every day. She says the dance is this weekend as an afterthought, to which Shawn replies he thought dances aren’t her thing. She says it isn’t, but apologizes for having to miss many cool shit and always staying at her house. Shawn doesn’t mind, and asks if her mom is working night shifts again. Noa smiles, and he confirms her place tonight before leaving. They sit together at lunch, and witness Imogen's epic stand-off with Karen, where she announces her run for Spirit Queen. The next day, during a conversation with Imogen and the other girls, Imogen confirms that Karen Beasley tried to get with Shawn last year. Karen now hates Noa for dating Shawn.[2]

The girls discuss a party in which Karen embarrassed herself at, hoping to use a video as revenge for her framing them. About six months ago, Shawn attended the Beasley twins party at their house. He told Chip where the cups were, before joining Noa on the couch. She thinks he should be with his football buddies, but he's happier with her. In the present day, Noa blissfully explains that night was right before he became her boyfriend.

OS102 Noa-Shawn Still.jpg

On October 1st, Noa joins Shawn at a table in the library. His phone is blowing up with texts from the football team. They're discussing plans for the dance. Noa encourages him to go, insisting it isn't a test. He's on the football team so he should be there. Later that afternoon, Shawn picks her up from community service. She happily reveals that Beasley is letting her go to the dance so they can go together. The ankle monitor is coming off for the night, as he was feeling benevolent.

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Saturday, the night of the Spirit Week Dance, Shawn arrives at the party with Noa and her newfound friends, Imogen Adams, Tabby Haworthe, Faran Bryant, and Mouse Honrada. After a few minutes of searching for Karen, Noa and Shawn sneak out of the party to an empty classroom. She praises him for being a wonderful boyfriend lately. She thought he would break up with her when she went to juvie, as most guys would have. He knows shit happens, but also knows who she really is. She kisses him and they begin to make out. They return in time for a group dance and Imogen's Spirit Queen crowning. The girls see Karen about to push paint off the balcony onto Imogen, and their incessant pointing catches Shawn's attention. He joins-in on the pointing and warning. The next thing he sees, is Karen falling off the balcony and landing on the stage, dead.[3]

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The following Tuesday, Noa confronts Shawn in the locker room as he's been ignoring her. He’s angry she lied about relapsing though she denies it. Noa sarcastically thanks him for giving her the benefit of the doubt and storms off. On Wednesday, Shawn knocks at Noa's apartment, who thought he was mad at her. He explains he wasn’t mad but confused and scared for her. Noa reiterates she didn’t fail her drug test and never even took drugs. She begs him to keep quiet as she reveals her secret - Noa was actually covering for her mother, who was the true drug user of the two. Shawn is shocked, asking what kind of mother allows her daughter to take the fall for that. “A desperate one,” Noa answers, as her mother would have lost everything for it.[4]


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