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Shian is the pairing between Pretty Little Liars costars, Shay Mitchell and Ian Harding. They were close friends during their time on Pretty Little Liars and reamined close after the series ended.

They often make Youtube videos together on Shay's channel.


Shay and Ian first met during the audition process for the ABC Family/FreeForm series, Pretty Little Liars. They became friends and kept their friendship throughout the seasons. Shay and Ian had a long-standing scaring competition that took place on and offset, with Ian even scaring her during press interviews. After PLL wrapped, they stayed in contact and live within driving distance of one another.

Notes and Trivia

  • Out of the main cast, Shay and Ian had the fewest one-on-one scenes together.
  • Ian has done seven videos on Shay's channel.
    • They did MadLibs, where they did a few different stories. This was the first MadLibs video on Shay's channel.
    • A special addition of Shay's Kitchen, where they cooked together for the first time and he showed her how to make Gratin.
    • They talked about their Auditioning Experiences for Pretty Little Liars. They soon released a part two to this calling it After Pretty Little Liars Ends Pt. 2
    • They did a duel July Q&A.
    • An egg-head challenge, which Ian was tricked into doing by Shay. Ian thought they were going to lunch or going to hang out.
  • When Ian first met Shay his first impression of her was, "sweet, witty, and devil".
  • Shay was the both the worst and best part of him working on PLL. The worst part was only because she always broke his concentration.
  • They could do scenes together because they couldn't stop laughing or focus long enough to finish a take. Shay even has small scars on her palms from where she dug her nails into her hand to stay focused.
  • Both ship Emison and Ezria.
  • Both agree that the theme song that describes their relationship is the Circus Song. Other options they thought of was the Addams Family theme song (even though they aren't a family), and Color Blind by Counting Crows.
  • Ian has stated several times that he is scared of Shay when she has a knife and doesn't like when she uses them in the kitchen.
  • He is one of the few people who calls her Shannen.
  • Shay told him she was pregnant via a text message. He later did a pregnancy Mukbang with her for her channel.