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I was afraid. And I thought maybe it could take away some of the fear. But it didn't. It made it worse. It makes you the same as what you're afraid of.
Emily to Pam about going back to the gun range.

Songs of Innocence
Season 6, Episode 2
Air Date June 9, 2015
Written by Joseph Dougherty
Directed by Norman Buckley
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Game On, Charles
Songs of Experience

Songs of Innocence is the second episode of Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars. It aired on June 9th, 2015.


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After having escaped from the dollhouse, the girls are still recovering in the hospital. Aria is convinced that Andrew is Charles, while the others aren’t so sure. Spencer tells them that they can’t tell the police, because if it's true, the police will know if they're telling the truth or not. She adds that the police will find out.The scene then cuts to Toby tackling Andrew in the woods, where the latter begs "Please don't, listen to me." Toby isn't interested in listening to anything Andrew has to say and punches him in the stomach. Another cop, Toby's partner Lorenzo, shows up at the scene. Toby asks him to walk away and give him and Andrew a few minutes alone, but the cop tells Toby to do his job and Andrew is arrested. Meanwhile, Alison asks Kenneth if there is a Charles DiLaurentis in the family. Kenneth immediately says "there is no Charles DiLaurentis in this family", causing Alison to say that whoever told her that must have been wrong.

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Emily goes into Sara Harvey’s room and, thinking Sara is asleep, starts to walk out before hearing her say "I'm not asleep." Emily and Sara talk and Emily asks Sara how she ended up in the dollhouse. Sara tells her that she ran away from home; she was a in a parking lot near Rosewood and either someone hit her on the head or she hit her head, she doesn't remember what happened, and then she woke up in the dollhouse. Emily then asks Sara if she saw who hit her or heard his voice, but Sara ignores her and says she is tired.

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Toby tells Spencer that they arrested Andrew Campbell. He tells her that they tracked him all over Tyler State Park and that they have been chasing him ever since they found the prison van at Campbell Apple Farm, his uncle's farm. Spencer wants to know if Andrew confessed. Toby replies that "if he is smart he will because the town doesn't need any more trials", to which Spencer agrees.

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While still at the hospital, Emily speaks to her dad on the phone, assuring him that she is fine. Pam Fields says she wants to leave the hospital, but Emily wants to stop by Sara’s room. However, Pam informs Emily that Sara's mom came to pick her up.

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Hanna comes into her room and has a flashback from her room in the dollhouse. Hanna sees that some of her room’s wallpaper is coming off.

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Meanwhile, in the Montgomery household, Ella and Aria talk and hug each other. Ella tells Aria that all the parents agreed that the girls don't need to talk to the police until they are ready. Aria immediately says that she is ready and that she will talk to the police, as she is afraid that Andrew will get out. She doesn't want Andrew to hurt anyone again. Aria opens her window and has a flashback from the dollhouse of when she tries to escape but finds a concrete wall instead of the outdoors.

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Veronica tells Spencer that there is little chance that Mona may be charged for faking her death. Spencer tells Veronica that the hospital left out one of her prescriptions; however, Veronica informs her that she asked them to not give the anti-anxiety drug to Spencer so as not to trigger her drug addiction. Spencer argues with her and tells her that the hospital gave them to her and she needs them to sleep. Veronica thinks that she just wants the drugs, she doesn't need them, causing Spencer to get angry and say sarcastically "Wow, I really am back home".

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At Emily’s house, Emily goes into the attic and opens a portable closet and takes out her dad’s army coat. She looks in the mirror and puts it on. She goes to a safe with a combination key. She successfully cracks the safe and finds her father's rifles and guns in it.

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Spencer can’t sleep, so she tosses around in her bed and has a flashback from the dollhouse, where she is in a room with her wrists held down by restraints. In front of her are a photo of each of the girls with buttons near each photo. She has to pick one of her friends, or else A plays a loud siren. There is a countdown and Spencer presses one of the buttons (Aria) and hears her friend's screams. She gets out of bed and puts a boot in the way of the door so it doesn't close.

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Alison talks to Spencer and tells her that her father said there is no Charles. Spencer simply states that her dad is lying. Alison asks Spencer if she wants to go to the police with her Charles theory but Spencer tells her that she doesn't want to walk into the police station with any more theories and that the cops should figure it out. Ali says "Figure what out? That I am somehow related to someone named Charles DiLaurentis who really is Andrew Campbell? What do you think happened? Goblins snuck into the Campbell house and switched babies on them?" Spencer cruelly retorts "We both know that there are more conventional ways somebody can end up with more than two parents: that's how you and I got to share a brother", causing Ali to turn away from her and stay silent. Spencer then thanks Alison for getting them out of the dollhouse and hands her some juice, causing Alison to say that Spencer would have done the same for her.

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Aria and Ezra bump into each other at The Brew, while Aria is setting up her camera. Ezra is about to leave, when Aria tells him that she would like some company, so he stays. She asks him if she remembered to thank him for saving her life and he says that she did but he is still waiting on a "Thank You" card, causing her to say that she's looking for the right one: maybe one with little kittens on it. They have a chat and Ezra asks if she is okay. Aria replies that she will be. He then tells her that she has an advantage over the others because she can put it on paper. She says that doesn't want to and that she wants a wall between "before" and "after". Emily is at a firing range and is shooting at a target.

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Meanwhile, Hanna has torn off all the wallpaper in her room and is packing up her things. She wants to give her room a different look. Caleb asks her what happened in her room down at th dollhouse and Hanna sterly replies "that wasn't my room, this is my room", then asks if he's going to help her or not and he says he'll do anything she wants him to.

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Lorenzo and Toby are chatting when Alison walks over. Toby introduces Lorenzo to Alison and Toby and Ali have a heated conversation about what happened. Toby says that the girls went through a lot, causing Ali to say that they all did and that she's glad it's over. After a moment of awkward silence, Alison says bye to Lorenzo and that she'll see Toby later and leaves.

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Caleb helps Hanna take her mattress down the stairs as Ashley comes into the house. Hanna tells Ashley she wanted a change and she is tired of her old stuff. Hanna says that she can’t look at the furniture anymore and that it is ruined. Ashley nervously keeps glancing at Caleb while talking to Hanna, angering her. Ashley asks her how the furniture is ruined and Hanna says she just wants a change, then asks if it makes her crazy for getting what she wants.

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Emily sneaks back into her house but Pam is waiting for her. Emily took her father’s gun and practiced with it at the gun range. Emily’s mum gets angry with her and tells her that it’s really dangerous for her to use a gun without an adult. Emily’s mom asks her if she wants to talk about what happened in the dollhouse and Emily says she doesn't. Emily spoke to Paige and told her not to come back to Rosewood and that she was fine, because she doesn't want to get Paige involved with the ‘A’ situation again since she's safe in California.

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Hanna is in her room when Ashley comes in. Hanna tells her she wants to get rid of everything in her room. Ashley asks her if she wants to meet up with Aria, Emily and Spencer to go shopping for some new things and Hanna says that she doesn't want to go out with them. Ashley says "but they’re you’re friends", causing Hanna to say "that doesn't mean I have to be with them every second." Ashley says to her "Caleb told me you were in your room" and she says "that isn't my room, this is my room". Ashley asked her what happened in that room? She says "he just played games with us" and, when Ashley asks "what kind of games?", Hanna says "Truth or dare, who do you love more: me or her?, who deserves water today: you or somebody else? You decide or you lose your turn and somebody else gets to pick: lots and lots of games". Ashley tells her that she can have whatever she wants for her room and hugs her.

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Ella and Aria visit the police station. A woman questions Aria, asking her if she actually saw Andrew’s face anytime she was in the dollhouse. Aria says that she did see him, but he wore a mask all the time. The lady informs Ella and Aria that although a police has a lot of evidence against Andrew, it's all circumstancial since no one actually saw his face and hence there is no eye witness. Aria then says "I did see his face", but it is clear that she is lying and nobody believes her.

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Spencer and Toby have a picnic. Toby now seems doubtful that Andrew is A/Charles, since no one would hold on to such overwhelming evidence for the police to find instead of destroying it. This causes Spencer to get upset. Toby wants to know what happened to her in the dollhouse, but Spencer doesn't want to share the details with him.

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Emily is at the gun range again and she has a flashback from inside the dollhouse. She is in a room similar to the one Spencer was in. 'A' plays a loud siren and forces her to pick one of her friends; she clicks on all the switches and hears a scream. After she puts the gun down, someone places a hand on her arm and Pam is there.

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At church, Alison spots Lorenzo. After the sevice is over, Alison rushes out and Lorenzo chases after her. The two have a chat about how they used to go to church when they were young, but then stopped. Alison then tells him that she has to go and runs off. Before she leaves, Lorenzo assures her that he won't tell anyone that he saw her at church. Alison asks why he thinks she doesn't want people to know she goes to church. He replies that he doesn't know why, but he does know that she doesn't want anyone knowing.

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Emily and Pam arrive back home and Pam is livid, asking how Emily could go back there when she specifically told Emily not to. Emily says "You said that I couldn't use Dad's gun, so I rented one". Pam tells Emily that you never bring anger to a shooting range, and Emily unconvincingly tells her mom that she's not. Pam yells "I saw you, Emily!", causing Emily to become sad and ask how long they were really down there. Pam said it was longer than three weeks, and Emily asked if her mom saw Sara's eyes because she did. Emily says that Sara was down there for years, and it showed, then asks what would have happened if it had been her down there for that long. Pam tries to console Emily, saying that the one who did this to them is behind bars, but Emily replies that this doesn't mean there are no more bad people in the world. Pam simply tells her that a gun is not going to change anything. Emily tearfully tells her that she knows this, she just wanted to take some of her fear away and the two share a hug.

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Aria meets up with Spencer in Aria's house. Aria regretfully tells Spencer about her lie to the police about seeing Andrew in the dollhouse to the police. The two discuss how the case against Andrew isn't as concrete as they'd hoped. Aria thanks Spencer for coming over and Spencer is glad that she called her. Aria then apologizes to Spencer, but a puzzled Spencer asks Aria why she is apologetic. Aria ignores her question and trlls her about Hanna's suggestion that they should go to scholl the next day. Before Spencer can reply, Aria gets called away by her mother. After Aria leaves, Spencer spots Aria's medicines across the room. She picks up Aria's anti-anxiety medication and looks at it thoughtfully.

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In Hanna's room, Caleb readies an air mattress for Hanna to sleep in. Caleb tells Hanna that she's the bravest person he's ever met, but Hanna doesn't think so. He consoles her, saying that she will get through this with help from her friends, and Hanna admits that she cannot even look them in the eye. Caleb assures her that she will recover.

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At The Brew, Alison runs into Lorenzo and apologizes to him for being ruse to him at church. She admits that she is embarrassed about people finding out that she goes to church. She is sure that people will either think she's at church for show or that she went crazy in jail. Lorenzo simply offer Alison some food and Alison accepts and sits down beside him.

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Hanna had fallen asleep while Caleb holds her. Ashley comes to check in on them. She asks Caleb to stay while Hanna sleeps. She them sits down beside them.

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At Aria's house, Aria is taking photos when her mother walks in. Ella wants to know about Aria's impulsive act at the police station. Ella informs her that after rescuing the girls, the police told the parents what the dollhouse was like, though not in detail. Ella tells Aria that everyone wants the person who did this to them punished, and Aria is stubborn that it has to be Andrew. Ella simply tells her that she is smart and wise, indirectly saying that she should think twice before throwing around accusations.

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Later that night, Emily looks out the window in her room. She puts on her father's jacket and walks outside. She hears something in the distance and sees a figure, revealed to be Sara. Sara thinks that her mother liked the attention and sympathy she got when Sara was missing and that her coming home changed everything, so she ran away. She even says that she should have stayed in the hole, but Emily disagrees. Pam tells Sara that she can stay, but they have to call her mother, causing Sara to cryptically say "You can try". Emily tells Sara that the person responsible was arrested. However, Sara isn't sure that Andrew is Charles. She asks Emily "Are you sure it's him?" and Emily looks at her in shock.

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The episode ends with Spencer holding a pill in her hand, the one she stole from Aria. Veronica comes into her bedroom and asks if she's gotten any sleep, to which Spencer says she hasn't. Veronica suggests the two watch a movie on the couch until they fall asleep, causing Spencer to say "okay" and Veronica kisses her cheek. A four way phone call soon occurs with the Liars, although we don't hear what they say, and we see Andrew is being interrogated by the woman who earlier questioned Aria. The last thing we see is Alison sitting in her room, looking at an old family photo album with some pictures missing.


  • Andrew is arrested for the abduction of the Liars and Sara Harvey.
  • Sara reveals that the day she was abducted, two years ago, she ran away from home. By the end of the episode, Sara again runs away from home and shows up at Emily's doorstep as Sara feels that her mother doesn't want her back.
  • Alison asks her father who Charles DiLaurentis, but he quickly dismisses her, saying that there is no Charles in the family.
  • A new character, Lorenzo is introduced. He is Toby's partner.
  • Aria, sure that Andrew is 'A', lies to the police that she saw Andrew's face while in the dollhouse, but fails to convince them.
  • Spencer steals an anti-anxiety pill from Aria since her mother refuses to provide her with the medication, afraid that it will cause a relapse of Spencer's pill addiction.
  • Hanna tears her room apart and thows out the furniture in her room as it reminds her too much of the dollhouse.
  • Emily steals her father's gun and sneaks into the the gun range to practice her shooting as an outlet for her anger. But her mother catches her and Emily finally breaks down in front of her.

Title and Background

  • "Songs of Innocence" is the first part of the title, "Songs of Innocence and Experience", an illustrated collection of poems by William Blake.
    • "Songs of Innocence" was originally a complete work first printed in 1789. It is a conceptual collection of 19 poems, engraved with artwork.

Main Cast

Supporting Cast


  • The table read was on March 31, 2015.
  • This episode and the next episode was filmed simultaneously. Source
  • Filming began April 2, 2015 and wrapped April 21, 2015.
  • The episode was watched by 2.13 million viewers.
  • On July 8th 2015 Marlene addressed the rumor of leaked spoilers for the rest of the season as false.Source


Emily [to the girls]: Andrew Campbell and Charles DiLaurentis are the same person. That's what we are saying, right?
Aria [to Emily]: We aren't just saying it, it's reality.

Hanna: What if this is some sort of hallucination? Like we never really got out.

Alison: Who's Charles DiLaurentis?
Kenneth: What?
Alison: Not what. Who.

Spencer: Actual real sleep. I haven't had that in a long time.

Toby [to Spencer]: When I first saw Andrew , I wanted to take him apart for what he did.

Ashley [to Hanna]: I am not leaving you alone.

Aria [to Ella about Andrew]: He's not gonna hurt me or anybody else ever again. I'll make sure of that!

Alison: Spence, he says there's no such person as Charles DiLaurentis in our family.
Spencer: Ali, I'm gonna say this as delicately as I can. Your father is a liar.
Alison: That was the delicate way?

Aria [to Ezra]: I want a nice big wall between before and after.

Ashley [to Hanna]: What happened to you in that room?

Caleb [to Hanna]: Sometimes you end up stronger at the broken places.

Emily [to Pam]: I was afraid. I thought it maybe could take away some of the fear. But it didn't. It made it worse. It makes you the same as what you're afraid of.

Featured Music

  • "I Go On" by The Woodbine Sessions - (Emily tries on her dad's army fatigue jacket and then opens his gun safe).
  • "Used to It" by The Young Wild - (Aria thanks Ezra for rescuing her, then he asks if she's going okay and suggests she uses her talents as a writer to cope with her recent ordeal).
  • "Take Shelter" by Delta Spirit - (At The Brew, Lorenzo eats as he reads when Alison comes over and explains that she's worried what people might think about her attending church).
  • "Returning Fire With Fire" by Mindy Smith - (Emily looks out her window and notices something outside. Putting on her fathers army fatigue jacket she goes outside and finds Sara hiding in the bushes).
  • "Give Us a Little Love" by Fallulah - (End montage: Emily calls the other girls and fills them in on what Sara told her; Andrew is questioned by a detective in interrogation room; Alison looks at an old family photo album).


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