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'Twas my pleasure!
Paige to Spencer after she saves her life

Spaige is the friendship pairing name for Paige McCullers and Spencer Hastings. Both girls first met each other as teammates in field hockey, where Spencer saw first-hand just how competitive Paige really was. When Paige moved on to the swim team and started a competitive attitude towards Spencer's friend Emily Fields, Spencer's protective attitude caused her to run at odds with Paige. Now after Spencer realized that she had made false assumptions about Paige they are friendly to each other. Paige saved Spencer's life in "This is A Dark Ride".

If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again

Spencer and Paige came at odds with each other after Paige made a "snarky comment" about Emily being gay. The latter told her friends about it and Spencer relayed it to Coach Fulton.

Single Fright Female

Spencer begins suspecting Paige to be part of the A-Team after Cece shared with Spencer a few details concerning the past between Paige and Alison. This led to Spencer assuming that Paige killed both Alison and Maya just so she could get close to Emily.

Spencer later advances on Paige while the two were at the locker room, but Paige kept the distance solid and warns Spencer not to get in between her and Emily, or there will be consequences.

This Is A Dark Ride

Paige saves Spencer's life on the Halloween Train.


Spencer (About Emily): If you think I'm gonna let you hurt her, you're underestimating me.

Paige (After Spencer thanks her for saving her life): It was my pleasure!



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