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Spalex was the romantic pairing between Spencer Hastings and Alex Santiago. They briefly dated during Season 1 but broke up due to A before Season 2.


Season 1

Reality Bites Me


Alex notices Spencer's serving style and comments on the way she serves. He watches Spencer's and her dad's match with potential clients, prompting him remark how people tend to play games in more ways than one. He notices that Spencer wasn't playing her usual tough game, as per her father's request to go easy on the potential clients. He is later invited by Spencer to go out on a date, where they both get closer.

There's No Place Like Homecoming


Spencer invites Alex to the Homecoming dance, where he meets the rest of the girls and Spencer's sister Melissa. Throughout the dance, Spencer is distracted by potential threats to Emily's life and therefore ignores Alex for most of the night. He leaves early after Melissa tells him that Spencer only invited him to anger their father.

The Homecoming Hangover


After the homecoming dance, Spencer tries to repair her burgeoning relationship with Alex, who’s now been reduced to kitchen duty at the country club due to a legal scandal at the club. Alex forgives Spencer, and they bond together in the kitchen until she discovers a nasty prank called The Bitch Board that he and some of the other club workers have created that pokes fun at the elitist members who have been rude to them, which includes her as well as her sister, Melissa. He tries to explain, but Spencer walks out on him. She comes back a few hours later after she has gotten over it and they both dance in the kitchen.

Salt Meets Wound


A friend of Alex from the country club gives him a brochure for a tennis clinic in Sweden where almost everyone who enters it gets to play in the Swedish Open. He tells this to Spencer, and she encourages him to go, but he declines because he's not interested in playing pro. Instead he would rather work and earn up for college. As always, "A" uses the situation to drive a wedge between him and Spencer. After someone anonymously sends in his application, he assumes it is Spencer, prompting him to walk out on her at Hanna's homecoming party.

Dating Timeline



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