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Oh, Andrew. I didn't recognize you in clothes.

Spandrew is the friendship/romantic pairing between Spencer Hastings and Andrew Campbell. They are on the Academic Decathlon team together and both strive to get good grades. Andrew was willing to go to the faculty when Spencer lost against Mona so Spencer could be captain.

Andrew was thought to be a romantic interest for Spencer, but so far there haven't been any real romantic interactions, besides their strip decathlon game.

Season 3

In Mona-Mania, Spencer and Andrew are at a Decathlon meeting together as he tells them about Brad and how he is in the hospital. Andrew informs the members that Mona is going to be a new member, and makes a note that her and Spencer have had a history together. When Andrew says that Mona is running against Spencer for captain, 

Andrew asking the questions in Spencer and Mona's quiz off in 3x15 (Mona-Mania)

the team votes for who they want, and Andrew votes for Spencer. After the meeting, Andrew tries to boost Spencer's confidence by telling her he knows she can beat Mona, and they both smile at each other.

After the quizoff, the team goes to the Brew where they celebrate Mona winning. Andrew sees that Spencer looks sad because of the loss. He tells her that he could go to the faculty because he knows they'll have to hear Spencer out for what Mona did to them. Spencer doesn't want to win that way though, so Andrew pats her arm to let her know that it'll be okay.

Andrew confronts Spencer after the quiz-off to comfort her a little.

In the episode What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted, Spencer and Andrew are arguing over how she had missed a lot of the Decathlon's practices. Spencer claims she studied on her own, but Andrew says that they needed to practice as a team. He then informs her that she is no longer on the team as a result of missing practice.

Later, Andrew stops by Spencer's house to inform her that he knows that she is important to the team, but he believes her feud with Mona would internally corrupt the team. Spencer makes a note that without her, they'll be finished with the World History questions, but Andrew will be taking her place. In desperation Spencer engages in a quiz ff where with every question wrong they must remove a piece of clothing. As this continues, they both have removed one piece of clothing when Emily interrupts them. Their game ends and Andrew leaves, shirtless and in his boxers.

Andrew confronts Spencer at school

At night, Andrew sees Spencer walk into the Decathlon competition. He approaches her, telling her that she can't be here. Spencer smiles at him and jokingly says that she didn't recognize him with his clothes on. Spencer confronts Mona, but it turns into a cat fight and Andrew and Wren have to step in to pull Spencer off Mona.


  • Spencer and Andrew had a long-term relationship in the books.
  • They played strip-studying together.


Andrew (In Mona-Mania): Put on your Hastings face and spank her tomorrow night like I know you can.
Spencer (Smiles): Good pep talk.

Andrew (Trying to help Spencer in Mona-Mania): We could still shut this down. Go the the faculty advisor, plead special circumstances. After everything, they'll have to hear you out.
Spencer: Would you want to win that way? (Andrew gives her a half smile while he pats her arm.)

Andrew (In What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted): Hello.
Spencer (Smiles): Hi.
Andrew: What are you doing here?
Spencer (Scans him): Oh, Andrew. I didn't recognize you in clothes.

Andrew (About his vote to get her back on the team in What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted): Spencer, even if I could, how do I know that you're not going to flake on us again?
Spencer: Well, I guess that you don't know that for sure. But, everything in life is a risk and you like to gamble.

Spencer: (About studying in What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted): New rules. For every question that I get wrong, I'll take off a piece of clothing. Same thing goes for you. (Andrew chuckles) And the match isn't over until one of us is butt-naked.

Andrew: (To Spencer in What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted): War is a game that has to be played with a smile on your face.
Stop quoting Mona!
Andrew:It's Winston Churchill.
Spencer:Well, he sounds a lot like Mona.

Andrew: You're out of control.
Spencer: Not yet.

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