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If you think I'm gonna let you hurt her, you're underestimating me.
Spencer to Paige, about Emily

Spemily is the friendship pairing name for Spencer Hastings and Emily Fields. Spencer and Emily have a strong 'mother-daughter relationship, while being best friends. Spencer is always caring, concerned, and fiercely protective of Emily. She always thinks of Emily first and makes decisions based on her best interest. They both would do anything for each other. 


Spencer has always been protective of Emily because she thought that Toby and Paige were dangerous and didn't want her getting hurt. She had gone to Coach Fulton after Paige made fun of Emily being gay. She was also supportive of Emily coming out and dating Maya , because at the dance-a-thon, she tried cheering her up when Maya left for True North. Spencer had also allowed Maya to come over to see Emily before she had to leave. Emily and Spencer have always been there for each other when they really needed someone. Emily knew that A was going after Toby, so she had helped Spencer end things to keep him safe. When Ian had almost killed Spencer, she had called Emily first and Emily came to help her. And when Maya's body was found, Emily cried into Spencer's arms while she comforted her. Spencer also told Emily that she broke up with Toby and Emily helps her get through it.


  • Marlene King has said on Twitter that Spemily are just friends, but soul mates in a particular way.
  • Spencer has always been protective of her friends, but she seems more protective of Emily. She blew off a date with Alex when she thought Emily was in trouble, she went to her swim coach after Paige made fun of her, was mad at Paige's dad for being homophobic, she was worried about her after she found about Paige's past with Ali and Spencer helped Emily when she was drunk in the Homecoming Party. Also, Emily expresses her remorse over killing Nate, Spencer defends Emily because he would have killed her and Paige.
  • When Shay Mitchell and Lucy Hale did an interview together, the guy asked Shay which one of the girls Emily would most likely date, and Shay said, Spencer.
  • In "Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno," Spencer tells Emily that she and Toby broke up.
  • In "Will The Circle Be Unbroken?" as the girls realized Spencer was in Radley, Emily was the only one to talk to Dr. Sullivan to see if they can see Spencer. Andy Reaser had tweeted the question of whether or not Emily realizes that she is in love with Spencer.
  • On Twitter, someone asked Shay and Troian if they ever wanted a Spemily romance. They both said yes.
  • Spencer and Emily fight the most out of all the friendships between the liars. But that's only because they're both really strong women.
  • Troian describes Spemily's relationship as wonderful.


Emily: I'm officially creeped out.
Spencer: Well, can you be creeped out and eat at the same time? Faster.
Emily: Why do we have to eat dinner at 4:30?
Spencer: Because this appointment is at 5:00 and it's far away, and I don't know how long we're going to be there. And we both know what happens to me when my blood sugar drops.
Emily [smiles]: Okay, but why do I have to eat?
Spencer: Oh..guess you don't.

Spencer [about Emily]: If you think I'm gonna let you hurt her, you're underestimating me.

Emily [about her clothes]: Everything?
Spencer: Everything.

Spencer [about Garrett]: He killed the girl Emily was in love with!

Spencer: What are you looking at?
Emily: It's nothing. Just some girl on my swim team who wants me to disappear.
Aria: What's her name?
Emily: Paige McCullers.
Spencer: Oh, I know her. We played field hockey together. We named a penalty after her. What'd she say?
Emily: Just some snarky comment about me being gay.
Spencer [serious Face]: I will destroy her.

Spencer [in If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again]: I know that, but you're my friend and I didn't want her to get away with it.

Spencer [in The Blond Leading the Blind]: I need you to do me a favor.
Emily: Anything.

Spencer [in CTRL: A]: Way to go champ!

Spencer [about Coach Fulton making Emily and Paige face off for anchor]: Well, you'll change that.
Emily: Maybe not. She wants it more.
Spencer: Emily, you want it more. And it is okay to admit that.

Spencer [Spencer helping Emily with her homework in Je Suis une Amie]: Am I finished with your homework?
Emily: You are. Thank you.
[they both smile]

Emily: Wow…a question Spencer Hastings can’t answer? Interesting.
Spencer: It's not that interesting.

Emily: Sometimes when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
Spencer: Why are you talking to me like Ben Franklin? There's a murderer next door and all I have to defend myself with is a hockey stick!

Spencer [in Can You Hear Me Now?]: Hm, hot scarf Em.

Emily [shows them a paper clip that she tried to pick a lock with in She's Better Now]: This isn't working.
Spencer [takes a pin out of her hair]: That’s because it’s a paper clip — you have to use a bobby pin. C’mon, have I taught you nothing?

Spencer [in Dead to Me]: So? What exactly brings you to my office?
Emily: Look, I know that you're in a funk. I was the first one to hear about your break-up and I didn't tell anyone until you were ready. I'm on your side here.

Emily [in Dead to Me]: I don't know what happened between you and Toby. And I know that you're not ready to talk about it, but I am here for you.

Emily [in Dead to Me]: I took French, Spencer.
Spencer: For a semester.

Emily [to Spencer, while drunk in Careful What U Wish 4]: I can open my own damn door.

Emily [in Gamma Zeta Die!]: Maybe I should've worn something more lady-like. Does this dress look slutty to you?
Spencer [scans the dress]: Not really, but the sluttier the better.

Spencer [about their fight in Under The Gun]: I just wish I could erase everything from that night. Emily: I'm sorry too. I shoud've told you the real reason why I was there.
Spencer: How could you? I bulldozed over every opportunity that you had! I bulldozed over you, I bulldozed over Hanna when she tried to tell me about the gun.. I'm basically a human bulldozer! And now I'm bulldozing over your apology!
[they both laugh and Emily moves to sit next to Spencer] I'm sorry.