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This article is about Spencer Hastings, a TV show character. You may be looking for Spencer Hastings (Book Character).

How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard?
Spencer to The Liars in "Game Over, Charles"

Spencer Jill Hastings is one of the Liars and main protagonists of Pretty Little Liars on Freeform. She is portrayed by Troian Bellisario.

She is noted to be the most intelligent and sophisticated of the Liars and comes from a family of lawyers and other highly intelligent career paths.


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Spencer Hastings was born on April 11, 1994, at Radley Sanitarium. Her birth mother, Mary Drake, was a patient at Radley while she was pregnant. Jessica, Mary's sister, told Veronica Hastings that Mary was pregnant with Veronica's husband, Peter Hastings's child. Veronica couldn't stand the thought of the child being forgotten, so she agreed to adopt her. Immediately after Spencer's birth, a nurse gave Spencer to a man who then gave her to Veronica, who was waiting outside the sanitarium in a car. Spencer was never told that she was adopted.

Unbeknownst to anyone else at the time, Spencer had a twin who was born a few minutes after her. However, the twin, who was named Alex, was given away to an English family, then abandoned, and lived a hard life.

Years later, Spencer's family can prove to be difficult. Her parents are very demanding, while her aggravating sister, Melissa, is constantly outshining her and winning their parents' scarce approval. Despite remaining confident, Spencer does begin to show a bit of strain when she and her friends start receiving strange texts from the mysterious "A".

After losing her boyfriend Toby to the A-Team, Spencer suffered from a mental and emotional breakdown and was admitted to Radley Sanitarium after being found lost in the woods with no ID. To avoid any more suffering and pain, Spencer soon agreed to become a member of the A-Team, only seeking information about Red Coat and Toby. As of "A DAngerous GAme," Spencer was kicked out of the A-Team because she was a double agent. She, along with The Liars, was kidnapped by 'A' in "Welcome to the Dollhouse". The group managed to escape in "Game On, Charles."


Spencer is a highly intelligent, overachieving and wealthy young woman. Her intellect is considered intimidating by her peers yet adored by her elders. In high school, she constantly balanced many jobs; such as internships, charity work, being part of the field hockey team, and after-school clubs. Spencer enjoyed academic competitions and ran for class president. She was confident, calculating and would stand up to Alison when no one else could, showing her determination and courage. She held a strong moral compass and a sense of right and wrong.

Because her family didn't accept anything but perfection, Spencer became hyper-vigilant and hyper-aware of her academic and personal achievements. Her fear of disappointing her parents or falling into her sister's shadow drives her to do questionable things. Such as, stealing Melissa's paper so her grade will remain high, and abusing prescription drugs to manage both her academic and personal life.

She was admitted to Radley Sanitarium at the age of seventeen after suffering a mental breakdown upon discovering the staged death of her boyfriend. Spencer does have a fragile mindset and is susceptible to many behavioral issues such as drug abuse and personality disorders. After years of torture and blackmail at the hands of A, Uber A, and A.D., Spencer has PTSD and trouble trusting others. She briefly had an identity crisis after discovering her adoption and finding her biological family.

With her love for learning combined with her logical thinking, Spencer is considered the intellect among her friends. As an adult, Spencer has an interest in politics. She is defensive and protective of her loved ones and friends, willing to do whatever it takes to protect those she cares for. Spencer has learned to manage all aspects of her personality and has become sure of who she is and what she wants out of life.

Physical Appearance

Spencer has a very slim face complimented with high cheekbones, thin lips, and almond shaped eyes. She has a peach and cream complexion and long medium brown hair usually worn down in waves. Spencer has a very slim and athletic figure from playing field hockey, tennis and other sports that keep her image and figure perfectly intact.


The Perfectionists

In Sex, Lies and Alibis, Mona reveals that Spencer and Toby eloped.

Appearances (160/160)

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Ian Thomas: Kissed and briefly dated.

  • Started: Before "Pilot"
  • Reason: Ian made an advance on Spencer and they began having an affair behind Melissa's back.
  • Ended: Before "Pilot"
  • Reason: Alison threatened to tell Melissa about their affair and they ended things with each other.

Wren Kingston: Kissed and flirtation. (See "Wrencer")




Alex Santiago: Dated. (See "Spalex")


Toby Cavanaugh: Married. (see "Spoby")



Pretty Little Liars S05E13 Spoby.jpg
  • Started: "A DAngerous GAme"
  • Ended: Time Jump
  • Reason: Spencer had a pregnancy scare and she and Toby realized they wanted different things for their futures.

  • Started: "'Til Death Do Us Part"
  • Reason: Although it's not shown on-camera, the last scene of this episode suggests that Spencer and Toby got back together.

  • Revealed: "Sex, Lies and Alibis"
  • Reason: On a call between Mona and Hanna, she reveals to Mona that Spencer and Toby eloped.

  • Caleb Rivers: Broken up. (See "Spaleb")

    • Started: "The Gloves Are On"
    • Reason: They both admitted that they had feelings for one another.
    • Ended: "Wanted: Dead or Alive"
    • Reason: Caleb cheated on Spencer with Hanna, leading Spencer to conclude that they both had feelings for each other. She broke up with Caleb so he could be back with Hanna.

    Marco Furey: Broken up.

    • Happened in: "Hit and Run, Run, Run"
    • Reason: In an attempt to get over Caleb, Spencer seduces Marco and they almost have sex in an elevator.

    Pretty.little.liars.s07e13.720p.web.x264-tbs 0844.jpg
    • Started: "The Gloves Are On"
    • Reason: After spending a lot of time together as friends, they decided to take the next step and become a couple.
    • Ended: "In the Eye Abides the Heart"
    • Reason: Marco suspects that Spencer was involved in Archer's murder so he ends his relationship with her.


    • Spencer is the main target of "A", being the one they has targeted the most. It is probably because she is the strongest person of the remaining liars, and could stand up to Alison, something the other liars could not do except Hanna who once tried to defend Lucas from Alison's bullying.
    • The name "Spencer" is derived from a Middle English surname meaning "dispenser of provisions."
    • She is the most organized and hardworking one of the four.
    • According to the Season 7 premiere, she is fluent in French, Italian, and German. She is conversational in Chinese.
    • Spencer was good friends with Alison, even though they fought constantly because Spencer was the only one able to stand up to her. Alison told only Spencer she had a secret boyfriend (later revealed as Ian Thomas) the summer she died.
    • Janel Parrish, the actress who plays Mona Vanderwaal, Shay Mitchell, who plays Emily Fields, and Tammin Sursok, who plays Jenna Marshall, also auditioned for the role of Spencer Hastings.
    • Spencer finds out Jason is her half-brother in "The Naked Truth".
    • After staying with Toby at the motel, he invites Spencer to stay the next night. After sleeping over at Wren's place, he tells her she is welcome to stay anytime. She replies, "I might actually take you up on that", on both occasions.
    • Spencer has received 35 individual messages from "A", plus 25 messages sent to all the girls.
    • She was the first one to find out who "A" was. She found out Mona Vanderwaal was the Original A in "UnmAsked", and that Toby Cavanaugh was "the betrAyer" in "Misery Loves Company", and also she was the first one who saw Alison as the Red Coat.
    • Her favorite childhood game with Melissa was hide and seek because she always won.
    • Out of the four girls, Spencer is the last one to lose her virginity. She lost her virginity to Toby in "The Lady Killer".
    • Spencer was the third of the four liars to be visited by Alison. She appears to her in the Hastings' living room in "If These Dolls Could Talk".
    • Spencer is very close to Aria. They have always been very close. They usually lean on each other for romantic advice. Bellisario even said that they have "a very close bond". They are also close because they are more cultivated than the other girls; they both love literature. In "Cat's Cradle", on the police board, there was a note on Aria's head pointed to Spencer that said, "would do anything for her".
    • Spencer is also very close to Emily, as she was angry at Paige for making remarks about Emily being gay and when Spencer, Hanna and Aria suspected Paige of being "A". They are also close as they both are close to Toby. Bellisario said that, "Shay and I always laugh about our relationship on the show since we're always fighting."
    • Spencer is also quite close to Hanna. Bellisario describes Spencer's relationship with Hanna as "very fun". Spencer is constantly correcting Hanna's grammar mistakes, as well as stopping her from doing ideas that could get in her trouble.
    • Spencer cheated on Toby twice, by kissing Johnny and Colin while they were still together.
    • She often texts 'SOS' to the other girls.
    • Both Spencer and Toby have been suspected by the Police of hurting or murdering "Alison". In "Taking This One to the Grave", Spencer was arrested for the murder of Bethany Young.
    • Spencer kidnapped Malcom in order to prove to Mona that she wants to be on The A-Team.
    • In "I Must Confess", her birthday (April 11) is shown on Dr. Sullivan's files.
    • Spencer is the first The A-Team, she acted as double agent.
    • Spencer is the third main character to get shot. First being Caleb in "The Lady Killer" and the second one being Ezra in "A is for Answers".
    • Spencer's anniversary date with Toby is November 6th, because they kiss the day after Hanna and Caleb first sleep together in "A Person of Interest".
    • Her birth mother's line "I was born first, and she was born jealous." regarding her own realtionship with her own twin draws a foreshadowing parallel to Spencer being taken in by her biological father while her twin Alex was passed around the system resulting in jealousy of Spencer's life.
    • In every season finale (except fifth and sixth seasons) a character has attempted to kill Spencer.
    • It is possible that Spencer has ADHD. In a season 4 episode ("Hot for Teacher "), while Ezra is looking at Spencer's school medical record, it is listed as a note that she has "Medication for ADHD. Doctor's note on file with School Nurse", but it is possible that Spencer faked her ADHD symptoms in order to receive a prescription.

    Book Comparison

    Spencer Hastings (Book and TV versions)

    Main Article: Spencer Hastings (Book Character)

    • Spencer lost her virginity to Wren Kim in the books, while in the TV show, she loses her virginity to Toby Cavanaugh.
    • In the books, Spencer has feelings for Wren, and is not sorry for dating him behind her sister's back. In the show, Spencer, although finding him good-looking, doesn't seem as interested in him, and apologizes multiple times to her family for their brief affair.
    • In the books, Spencer has dark blonde hair and green eyes and resembles Alison DiLaurentis, while in the series, she has brown hair and brown eyes.
    • In the books, Alison and Courtney are Spencer and Melissa's half siblings. In the TV series only Jason is related to Melissa and Spencer. However it's later revealed that Alison is Spencer's cousin through Mary Drake.
    • In the books, Spencer never even talks to Toby Cavanaugh, or it is never mentioned she has ever communicated with him before his death. In the TV Series, Spencer has a passionate romance with Toby.
    • In the books, Spencer's parents get a divorce because of her father's infidelity. In the TV series, Spencer's parents are still married, though there is a break of trust and a strain is put on the marriage.
    • In the show, Spencer attended Rosewood High. While in the books, Spencer attended Rosewood Day, a private school.
    • In the show, Spencer is admitted to Radley following a breakdown in the forest after finding Toby's supposed dead body. In the books, this doesn't happen to her instead it happens to Hanna because of A.
    • In the books, Spencer dated Andrew. In the TV series her and Andrew were just friends.
    • In the books, Spencer is going to attend Princeton while in the show she wanted to attend UPenn. However she doesn't get accepted into UPenn, while she got early admission to Princeton in the books.
    • In the books, Spencer is revealed to have a surrogate mother where as in the show she does not. However she was deceived into thinking that Veronica was her birth mother until finding out the truth about her birth in season 7.
      • In the books it was clear she wasn't born a twin but in the TV series she was.


    [Talking about Alison]
    Spencer: She's gone, but she's everywhere.

    Spencer: You know what they say about hope. It breeds eternal misery.

    Hanna: Hello? Is anybody out there?
    Spencer: It's probably a rabbit.
    Hanna [calls out]: Helloooo?
    Spencer: It's a rabbit, Hanna. It's not gonna answer you.

    Spencer [to Toby]: The whole message reads BAD, what does that mean? Am I supposed to go buy an old Michael Jackson album?

    Spencer [about Aria being with Mr. Fitz]: Part of me thinks this is really self-destructive behavior. Most of me just thinks it's really hot.

    Emily: Sometimes when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
    Spencer: Why are you talking like Ben Franklin?

    Spencer: You don't paper over windows unless you're a vampire.

    Spencer: Mona is five feet of insidious snark with a side ponytail,and I just... I wanna grab it, and I wanna yank it really, really hard.

    Spencer [skeptically, with regards to her sister's evening plans]: Church?
    Melissa: Planning a christening.
    Spencer: Isn’t that a little premature? What if it’s not born a human?

    Spencer [to Aria]: Come on, we're team Sparia.

    Spencer: He's your boyfriend, Aria. He's not a baby squirrel.
    Aria: I was just trying to do the right thing.
    Spencer: Totally wrong. Look, I've been there, I've done that. Every time you baby squirrel Ezra, you're taking away his nuts.
    Aria: You did not just say that.
    Spencer: I did, but I don't think I meant to.

    Spencer: These are my most collegiate-looking blazers.

    Spencer: B is for bad.

    Spencer So did I. Ali is Red Coat!

    Spencer: You gotta love the Hastings. I just get released from a mental hospital, and they welcome my friends with tea and crumpets.

    Spencer: Mom, I am not a sofa!

    Emily: How am I supposed to live in that house?
    Aria: Just hang out on the second floor.
    Spencer: And wear underwear at all times.

    Spencer: God, why are you so mean, Dean?
    Dean: Because you make me tense, Spence.

    Emily: You know that A is always one step ahead of us.
    Spencer: Yeah, maybe is.

    Spencer: We made a pact Emily. A is finally dead and we were all ready to get back to our lives and now we're back on Planet Alison.

    Emily: Coincidences happen.
    Spencer: Yeah, all the time. They grow on trees like coconuts just waiting for you to walk under them.

    Spencer: Aria, you need to take a psychological selfie right now. You’re letting your paranoia get the better of you.

    Alison: You're a little loud.
    Spencer: You're a little crazy!

    Spencer [to Alison]: I'm sorry, do we seriously have to remind you that you were never actually kidnapped?

    Spencer [about Alison]: Different name, same bitch.

    Spencer: Hope is a dirty four letter word.

    Spencer [about Alison]: Showing up to your victim’s funeral? Classy.

    Spencer: You don't wanna live in our backyard.
    Jonny: Why?
    Spencer: Because someone was buried in it!

    Spencer: Panic's a bitch.

    Spencer [to Jonny]: I don't wanna figure it out, I just wanna know.

    Aria: What do we do know? We just wait until 'A' paints the town red in our DNA?
    Spencer: I don't know.
    Hanna: One drop here, one spot there, and kaboom; we're all sharing a jail cell with Ali.
    Spencer: You are like the queen of not helping!

    Spencer (about A): It has a name!

    Spencer: [to Emily in the Dollhouse] I didn't start anything! The quitter did! That's what you do, isn't it Emily?! You quit things. When things gets tough for you, you just throw in the towel. You quit the swim team, you quit Paige, you even quit Maya!

    Spencer: Mona is that you? MONA?!

    Spencer: No, no, no!

    Spencer: [Whilst watching Charles' childhood videos with the Liars] Game on, Charles!

    Spencer: Well, turns out the Hastings don’t need ‘A’ to make a mess of things. We can do that all on our own.


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