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This article is about Spencer Hastings, a TV show character. You may be looking for Spencer Hastings (Book Character).
How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard?
Spencer to The Liars in "Game Over, Charles"

Spencer Jill Hastings is one of the Liars and main protagonists of Pretty Little Liars on Freeform. She is portrayed by Troian Bellisario.

She is noted to be the most intelligent and sophisticated of the Liars and comes from a family of lawyers and other highly intelligent career paths.


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Spencer Hastings was born on April 11, 1994, at Radley Sanitarium. Her birth mother, Mary Drake, was a patient at Radley while she was pregnant. Jessica, Mary's sister, told Veronica Hastings that Mary was pregnant with Veronica's husband, Peter Hastings's child. Veronica couldn't stand the thought of the child being forgotten, so she agreed to adopt her. Immediately after Spencer's birth, a nurse gave Spencer to a man who then gave her to Veronica, who was waiting outside the sanitarium in a car. Spencer was never told that she was adopted.

Unbeknownst to anyone else at the time, Spencer had a twin who was born a few minutes after her. However, the twin, who was named Alex, was given away to an English family, then abandoned, and lived a hard life.

Years later, Spencer's family can prove to be difficult. Her parents are very demanding, while her aggravating sister, Melissa, is constantly outshining her and winning their parents' scarce approval. Despite remaining confident, Spencer does begin to show a bit of strain when she and her friends start receiving strange texts from the mysterious "A".

After losing her boyfriend Toby to the A-Team, Spencer suffered from a mental and emotional breakdown and was admitted to Radley Sanitarium after being found lost in the woods with no ID. To avoid any more suffering and pain, Spencer soon agreed to become a member of the A-Team, only seeking information about Red Coat and Toby. As of "A DAngerous GAme," Spencer was kicked out of the A-Team because she was a double agent. She, along with The Liars, was kidnapped by 'A' in "Welcome to the Dollhouse". The group managed to escape in "Game On, Charles."


Spencer is a highly intelligent, overachieving and wealthy young woman. Her intellect is considered intimidating by her peers yet adored by her elders. In high school, she constantly balanced many jobs; such as internships, charity work, being part of the field hockey team, and after-school clubs. Spencer enjoyed academic competitions and ran for class president. She was confident, calculating and would stand up to Alison when no one else could, showing her determination and courage. She held a strong moral compass and a sense of right and wrong.

Because her family didn't accept anything but perfection, Spencer became hyper-vigilant and hyper-aware of her academic and personal achievements. Her fear of disappointing her parents or falling into her sister's shadow drives her to do questionable things. Such as, stealing Melissa's paper so her grade will remain high, and abusing prescription drugs to manage both her academic and personal life.

She was admitted to Radley Sanitarium at the age of seventeen after suffering a mental breakdown upon discovering the staged death of her boyfriend. Spencer does have a fragile mindset and is susceptible to many behavioral issues such as drug abuse and personality disorders. After years of torture and blackmail at the hands of A, Uber A, and A.D., Spencer has PTSD and trouble trusting others. She briefly had an identity crisis after discovering her adoption and finding her biological family.

With her love for learning combined with her logical thinking, Spencer is considered the intellect among her friends. As an adult, Spencer has an interest in politics. She is defensive and protective of her loved ones and friends, willing to do whatever it takes to protect those she cares for. Spencer has learned to manage all aspects of her personality and has become sure of who she is and what she wants out of life.

Physical Appearance

Spencer has a very slim face complimented with high cheekbones, thin lips, and almond shaped eyes. She has a peach and cream complexion and long medium brown hair usually worn down in waves. Spencer has a very slim and athletic figure from playing field hockey, tennis and other sports that keep her image and figure perfectly intact.


Season 1



A year after her friend Alison disappeared, Spencer reunites with her old friends after a mysterious text reveals that someone knows her secrets. She is with her friends when the police discover what they believe to be Alison's body. At her funeral, the girls discover that they all received messages from "A". Meanwhile, Spencer finds herself attracted to her sisters' fiancé, Wren Kingston and they kiss.

The Jenna Thing


After, discovering Jenna Marshall returned to Rosewood, the Liars fear that "The Jenna Thing" will be revealed. Later, she hangs out with Wren and Melissa and continues her flirtatious journey with Wren. Afterwards, Wren hangs out in Spencer's room where they make out not knowing Melissa is watching them. The next day, Spencer notices Jenna texting while on a run and suspects her of being A.

To Kill a Mocking Girl


While wondering if erecting a memorial to Alison is right or wrong, she is at odds with her family over her Wren's affair. They don't believe her when she tries explain that Wren kissed her first. She later meets him in Philadelphia and leaves after he comments that he met the wrong sister. Later, she steals Melissa's old A-grade paper from Russian History and makes it her own. The next day, the girls reconvene in the woods to memorialize Alison in the shed they used to play in but decide to do it in a more public place.

Can You Hear Me Now?


Going along with their new plan, the girls map out the details of Alison's new memorial park bench. Spencer then comes up with the idea of "A-proofing." In the hallway at school, Mr. Sheldrake, Spencer's Russian history teacher, lets Spencer know that her essay was excellent and that he submitted it to an essay contest called 'The Golden Orchid. Later she encounters a drunk Wren and helps back to his motel room. Hanna discovers this and Spencer agrees with her friend that they are both in over their heads.

Reality Bites Me


Still reeling from the haunting message scrawled across Spencer's vanity, the next morning the girls discover an additional, even spookier message from "A" – this one in the form of a video of the girls the previous night that was clearly recording them from inside Spencer’s closet. At school, Mr. Sheldrake walks over congratulating Spencer on her win' in the Golden Orchid competition. This encourages her father to invite Spencer to play double tennis where she meets Alex Santiago and the two start dating.

There's No Place Like Homecoming


Spencer urges Hanna to try and steal Jenna’s file from the psychiatrist’s office believing it to hold the key to identity of "A." Meanwhile she decides to take Alex to the homecoming dance. However, Melissa finds out about the stolen essay and attempts to ruin her night. She all but ignores Alex in order to see through with her plan to find A and Alex leaves in frustration.

The Homecoming Hangover


The next day, Spencer tries to repair her burgeoning relationship with Alex, who’s now been reduced to kitchen duty at the Hastings’ country club. He's willing as long as Spencer gives him full control over the evening. When Spencer hears that Alex has canceled their date to work at the club, she finds him working overtime. She helps him with his kitchen chores in order to spend time with him. After a fight, they decide to move past it and slow dance where the two of them kissing deeply.

Please, Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone


In her room, Spencer looks at Alison's name bracelet for inspiration in writing her speech for Alison's memorial and thinks about Jenna. Spencer receives a text from "A" threatening her to do the memorial right. In the library, Spencer corners Jenna to try to feel out what Jenna is thinking in volunteering a speech for Alison's upcoming memorial. She warns Jenna not to make a debacle out of the solemn ceremony for her friend. Later, she speaks to Jason DiLaurentis and learns that Alison attempted to frame her for the Jenna Thing in case she tried to tell the truth. At the memorial, she sees Ian, Melissa’s ex, but even more surprised when Jenna takes the stage and says kind things about Alison.

The Perfect Storm


Spencer, Aria, and Hanna study for the SAT while a storm brews in Rosewood. She confides in Hanna that she's afraid to show Alex to her family. after being cornered with her friends by Det. Wilden, her mother chastises Wilden. Spencer learns that Veronica is quite a fan of Alex and approves her daughter dating him.

Keep Your Friends Close


Spencer remembers back when Ian flirted with her and getting called out by Alison. At the police station, Agent Cooper an FBI representative shows them footage of Alison talking to someone the day she died. At Mona's party, Spencer and Emily find a clue, a tree with Ali's name on it. They also see Ian's name which means they were dating. After receiving a text from Hanna, they head towad her direction only to see her get run over by "A".

Moments Later


At the hospital they call their parents. Hanna's mom comes over to tell them that Hanna has a broken leg, but is going to be okay. When Hanna say "A" is Noel Kahn and finds out Aria's affair with Ezra Fitz. While looking for the tree with "Alison + Ian" carved on it, she and Aria discover it chopped down. Later, Spencer is taken aback when Melissa reveals that her and Ian eloped.

Salt Meets Wound


The girls wheel their helpless friend Hanna back into her home. Spencer bought some stickers to cover up the "A" message on Hanna's cast. At Hanna's welcome home party, Spencer finds Alex outside, and he's all upset. Apparently, someone submitted his application for the tennis summit. He accuses Spencer of lying when she denies that she wasn't okay with Alex's decision to work instead. Since he only told Spencer about it, Alex breaks up with because he thinks Spencer went behind his back. She gets a text where "A" confesses their part in the break up.

Know Your Frenemies


Spencer sneaks downstairs while Melissa and Ian whisper ominously about something wonders why the two got married in the first place. She eventually discovers that Ian and Melissa wee at Hilton Head the same weekend as Alison before she died. Eventually, Melissa tells her the reason they were at Hilton Head was because they were trying to get pregnant. Later, "A" sends them an expanded video where Alison is supposedly murdered by Ian.

Careful What U Wish 4


At school, the girls help decorate for the school's upcoming dance-a-thon, but take a break to discuss whether they should turn the video into the police. When Spencer's laptop goes missing, the girls think he stole it. She swipes his keys to his office only to be caught by Caleb Rivers and had to pay him off to keep him quiet. At Spencer's house, Spencer's laptop has mysteriously reappeared on the coffee table under some newspapers with the incriminating video erased and a photo of Alison the night she disappeared in its stead.

If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again


Spencer goes to seek out Jason DiLaurentis. He reveals that he is in Rosewood "taking care of family business". Later, Jason drops by Spencer's house to tell her that the picture was determined to be legit. Also, as it was taken from the point of view from the DiLaurentis home. It is very possible that Jason was the one snapping the photograph, but he doesn't remember. Later in her room, Spencer sits on her bed, reflecting on the picture of Alison the night she disappeared. She then flashes back to that night. Spencer had been arguing with Alison about not wanting to reveal that she had kissed Ian. She says that it was HER shadow in the picture with Alison. She had gone after Ali after the two had a fight. Spencer admits that the reason she had never told the girls thus far was because she had felt responsible for wishing Alison dead.

Je Suis une Amie


At the Cavanaugh home, Spencer stoops to pick up the mail. They start discussing the evidence from the day Alison disappeared. Suddenly, Toby hears someone (Jenna) shut a window and whispers to Spencer that he isn't supposed to be talking about this. He gives her the slip, thanking her for the book. Spencer returns to Toby's home and is nonplussed when he tells her to leave with barely any explanation. He hands her the French textbook and close. Spencer suddenly understands why Toby had been so secretive before, with the possibility of Jenna being so close.

The New Normal


In Spencer's room, the girls discuss the strangeness of Melissa's rapid change in life plans. They use a website to decipher the three letters of the Braille message: B-A-D. Spencer, upset about the message Toby gave her, goes to his house to confront him. He tells her she is reading it wrong and to come back Saturday morning when Jenna will be away at her flute lesson. As Toby walks away, Spencer gets a text from "A" warning her that Jenna will be pissed. She goes through Jenna's room to look for clues only to have Toby warn her not to; Jenna remembers exactly where she places things and will know if things are touched. After his anklet is taken off, Spencer offers Toby a ride to the station, and he accepts, leaving Jenna rebuffed when he turns down her ride in a taxi with him.

The Badass Seed


The next morning, Spencer has a dream that she is walking through her house at night. She hears a baby cry and descends the stairs into the living room, where a baby is lying in a bassinet. As she approaches the crib, someone sneaks up on her from behind and covers her mouth with his hand. She wakes up and begins to suspect Ian of hiding a dangerous side of himself. After having him steal Jenna's phone, Toby tells her that he never spied on anyone; the only thing he can make of Alison's assumptions is that she had something on him. Spencer stumbles across a trophy with Ian Thomas' name on it. Spencer sees dried blood at the base of the trophy and the girls inform the police. The next day at school, some police officers and a detective appear. They approach the Liars and ask for Spencer. In turns out that while failures to turn evidence into the police before were mistakes, in this instance, reporting to the police was the mistake.

A Person of Interest


The girls are questioned by the police as to why they think Ian is Alison's killer. Each of the girls lets Detective Breyer know about the video footage of Ian with Alison but not Spencer dating him. Spencer and Toby form an unlikely alliance, as the two grow increasingly suspicious of Jenna and her ties to a mysterious room at a local motel. Toby is staying at the motel to escape Jenna's wrath. Toby and Spencer stake the room out from the room next door for Jenna and end up falling asleep. They wake up and realize "A" set them up on wild goose chase.

Someone to Watch Over Me


Spencer is shaken when the investigation that’s focused on her leads to the police searching her home. They go through everything in her room, her jewelry, her closet, and even want to take her laptop, but her mother refuses on the grounds that it was not in the search warrant. Unfortunately, the police and her mother found out about Spencer's and Ian's past, making Spencer look especially guilty for having lied. Later, Ian volunteers to help Spencer run away before she's arrested. That night, her mother tells her that someone might be trying to frame Spencer.

Monsters in the End


As the town prepares for the annual Founder’s Day festival, Spencer’s family urges her to make a public appearance and help out at the church booth at the festival to improve her reputation. Her family also doesn't want Spencer to see Toby anymore. At the festival, she is trapped in a haunted house by "A". She is released by Ian and her family and is taken home. On the way, Spencer stops following when she catches sight of Toby. She runs straight into Toby’s arms and kisses him, disturbing her family.

For Whom the Bell Tolls


After finding Ian's videos, Spencer decides to use it as a means to get him to confess to Alison's death. After Melissa is in a car crash, Spencer goes to the church to pick up her phone only to be confronted by Ian. She shows him the thumb drive and throws it to distract him. She is nearly killed by him in order to stage her suicide but someone pushes him of the bell tower. After the girls find her, the police arrive but Ian's body is no where to be found leaving the town to wonder what the girls are up to.

Season 2

It's Alive


Garrett Reynolds takes the girls in his cop car to the police station, but shadily stops at an undisclosed location on the way to straighten the girls’ stories out. The next day, the girls chill out in Spencer’s room to review the events of the night. The parents send the girls to Anne Sullivan for therapy and are not to see each other for awhile. Later she glances at her sisters phone and sees a message leading her to believe Ian is still alive.

The Goodbye Look


Spencer attempts to comfort Melissa but is constantly rebuffed and attempts to investigate Jason and why he has returned to Rosewood. At school, Spencer spots Toby. She is hopeful that he is returning to Rosewood High, but he is there to pick up paperwork regarding getting his GED. She tries to convince him to return, but Toby is not interested, especially because he just landed a construction job working for an established company. Spencer is happy for him, and Toby reveals that he plans to work hard in order to leave his parents' home. On their forest walk, Spencer and Toby discuss the text message supposedly sent by Ian. They stare at Rosewood from above, comparing it to a monster, or simply a town full of monsters, then comfort each other about their reputations.

My Name Is Trouble


At school, the girls find ways to secretly meet by hiding in the bathroom stalls until the bathroom is empty. They discuss the latest news, including the possibility that Melissa is hiding Ian. When someone enters, they split as if being there all together is a coincidence. When she learns that Toby got a job as a carpenter at Jason’s house, she makes him promise not to enter the house and he agrees. She suspects Jason is up to something. Spencer confronts Melissa about her loyalties. She asks Melissa to protect her in the event that someone tried to hurt her only to get brushed off. She late pawns Melissa wedding ring to buy Toby a truck.

Blind Dates


Spencer walks back through the door of the pawn shop, just like she said she would, 48 hours after pawning the diamond ring. The owner pretends he doesn't recognize her to cover up his mistake, but Spencer has the receipt as proof. He gives her a rusty horseshoe as the item that corresponds with the number on the receipt. She gets a text from "A" cluing them into who has the ring. Spencer finds Wren at the hospital where he works to let him know that she saw Wren giving stuff to Melissa and to warn him that Ian had tried to kill her. He tells her that the bag contained strong pain killers, meaning Ian really is alive. Eventually, the girls follow Melissa and Wren to Ian's hiding place only to find Ian dead with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The Devil You Know


At the Hastings' home, reporters are calling the house nonstop. Spencer's mother does not want to get involved at all, but out of sympathy for Melissa, Spencer suggests a funeral to give her closure from her loss. Spencer tries to find an affordable wedding ring for Melissa to replace the one she lost to no success. The Liars join Emily in the cemetery, and they end up at Alison's grave. A projector shows the footage of Alison with Ian the night she died, the footage they thought was lost. This time, after falling to the floor, Alison gets up, giggling. Ian puts on his jacket, gives her a kiss, then turns to walk away. The girls are now led to believe that Ian did not kill Alison

Never Letting Go


And so, The Liars meet with Jessica DiLaurentis for lunch, despite their awkward reservations. She wants the girls to model dresses in the charity fashion show to realize Ali’s dream and pay tribute to her. They consent out of sympathy for Jessica. On the day of the fashion show, Spencer notices Peter and Jessica having an argument but doesn't catch the details. During the show, negative images and words of Alison play out of no where. She unplugs all the wires around his equipment until the images and sound effects stop. At home, she confronts him about his conversation with Jessica and asks him what's going on. Peter snappily and mysteriously tells Spencer to stay away from Jason. Surface Tension


At the Hastings' residence, Spencer discusses her father's upcoming construction projects. Peter has commissioned Toby to work on everything, but is worried that it might be too much for one person. Spencer assures him that he can handle it and contrarily encourages him to hire Toby for Taylor's upcoming nursery as well. Spencer reminds her father that they owe it to Toby after falsely accusing him. When she learns about the field hockey stick that Toby found, she attempts to ask her dad about it only to find him burning it in the fireplace. Later that night, Spencer sits in Garrett's cop car and gets a text message from Aria, warning her not to trust Garrett.

Save the Date


Spencer viewing a classic picture of Alison on her computer. She gets up to answer the door and finds Wren with another plant entering her kitchen. But, this time, it looks like he bought the plant, and he's definitely not drunk. He says he has come to see Melissa, but she's still in Philadelphia. He drops the bomb that he is moving into Rosewood now that he has been accepted for a rotation at Rosewood Community Hospital. Later, her and Aria sneak into the hospital as candy strippers and discover that Alison's murder weapon was a curved blunt edge but she died of suffocation from breathing in dirt. To their surprise, there is a page missing from the report.

Picture This

PLL209 (9).jpg

Spencer, Emily, and Hanna return to the morgue look for the page with no success. Later, Spencer walks on front lawn before getting the urge to spy on Jason and his latest construction endeavor. She sees a gardener about to open a door, when Jason barks at him not to enter that door. He closes the door and, after doing a poor job of looking to see if someone is watching, places the key atop the shed door. In the Hastings’ kitchen, Spencer confides in her mother about the hockey stick. Spencer and Emily discover that it is doubling as a dark room. There are developing photographs hanging all around. When she returns, the dark room is dismantled.

Touched by an 'A'-ngel


Spencer and Toby sort through Ian's leftover belongings. In his yearbook they discover he was part of an N.A.T. Club and discovered that Jason and Garrett were members too. Spencer descends the stairs to find Jenna sitting on her living room couch. After doing a double-take, Jenna accuses Spencer of somehow breaking their agreement. Jenna sharply announces that she knows that Toby is assisting her and that he rifled through her room. She warns Spencer and Toby to back down. At the mention of Toby, Spencer mocks Jenna in return for the way that she "cares" about him. Before she leaves, Spencer pointedly tells her to say hi' to Garrett for her. Later, her and Hanna try to comfort Emily, who had a terrible experience at the spa.

I Must Confess


Toby gives Spencer a ride to school in his truck. From their conversation, it seems that Jenna and Garrett have gotten into a fight. Spencer is afraid of what external pressures such as Jenna can do to weaken their relationship, but Toby insists that they are immune and plants a kiss on Spencer. Her father finds out about their relationship and Spencer stands in the middle of the two when they argue. She ignores her father and goes with Toby. Meanwhile, the girls decide to tell Dr. Sullivan about "A" and their struggle. However, Sullivan becomes a victim herself after finding out who "A" is.

Over My Dead Body


Spencer and the others are drawn into a game by A in order to find Dr. Sullivan. They are each given dolls of each other with instructions. Spencer's job is to "Keep Toby safe" which she does by breaking up with him. She tries to convince him that she doesn't trust him and sincerely argues that when she reveals her secrets, people get hurt. She breaks down by an oak tree because of what "A" made her do. After receiving more instructions, the girls go to the spot where they think "A" has Dr. Sullivan. They dig up a shovel and are arrested by the police for possessing a murder weapon. Alison's murder weapon.

The First Secret


The Halloween before Alison's disappearance, Spencer is trying to win class president in the school election to impress her family. Alison volunteers to help her with her predicament. She along with her friends are at a part at Noel Kahn's house. There, Alison hands her incriminating evidence of tampering with the ballots of the election to insure Spencer's victory. Alison encourages her to burn it so people won't find out about it. Later, she and the others look for Alison and are annoyed when she pranked them into thinking she was in trouble.

Through Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares


A month has passed since the night they got arrested. On the Rosewood Camp Grounds, the four girls are picking up trash for community service. The girls decide to trap "a" by handing them "evidence" and using Emily as bait. That night, all 4 girls meet at the greenhouse. "A" falls for the plan until the stalker realizes they have nothing. "A" attacks and is chased outside the greenhouse and disappears. Spencer shouts that now they have nothing. Frustrated, they return to greenhouse and discover "A"s phone on the ground under Hanna's front headlight. They all stare at it thinking the same thing - they may have actually found hard evidence to expose the identity of "A."

A Hot Piece of A


After their recent encounter with "A," Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer think they may be closer than ever to figuring out who "A" really is. Spencer suggests calling Caleb to help them recover information from the phone. The next day, Spencer approaches Toby wanting to talk. She asks if they can do it someplace more private than a sidewalk so they go into his truck. They sit in his truck for privacy as Spencer tells him she knows that he wants answers but that it is still not safe yet. At Spencer's lake house, Hanna runs downstairs to answer the door while Spencer keeps searching. She moves around a few boxes and discovers that the wallpaper in the background of the doll photo is the same as that on the wall.

Let the Water Hold Me Down


The next day, Spencer has found cell phones and an old receipt up in her attic at the lake house. The receipt lists an address in Philadelphia. Aria and Spencer agree to check out the place in Philly later this afternoon. Spencer and Aria walk down a street in Philly, looking for the place on the receipt, Smitty's, and find it just to be a newsstand. They figure that must be the place since the receipt is just for gum and magazines, but don't see anything out of the ordinary. Spencer discovers the reason for all the blind people in the area: a rehabilitation center for the blind is not far from that newsstand. As Spencer turns to leave, another patient tells her that he knows Jenna. She also console a distraught Mona after her break up with Noel.

The Blond Leading the Blind


Caleb uncodes more videos from A's phone. They see the video of Ali and Ian at the Kissing Rock and wonder if this is all there is. Spencer and the girls see a video of Then a new video starts. Ian, Garrett, and Jenna in Ali's bedroom looking for their videos. Toby calls Spencer. Emily reluctantly picks up the phone and tells Toby Spencer cannot come to the phone, not wanting to lie to him. Toby says he came by to pick up his tools since Spencer's father fired him and that Spencer has been sending him mixed signals lately. Spencer then learns that Toby had an accident. At the hospital, Toby tells Spencer the anchors "gave way." Wren enters, introducing himself as Dr. Kingston. During their introductions, Wren makes it somewhat obvious there is a history between him and Spencer. She asks Emily to tell Toby she cheated on him in order to to protect him from more attacks from "A".

A Kiss Before Lying


Aria and Spencer sit alone in Spencer's kitchen. Aria notes that Toby's truck has gone, and Spencer says she took it back to Toby's house, and begins crying reminiscing about him. Aria comforts her and Spencer says she doesn't know how Aria is holding it together. Spencer asks if it is her fault they are lying to Hanna about Caleb, but Aria assures her that there are certain situations in which someone must lie to their friends, no matter how much they hate it. She also helps Hanna cope with the fact that Kate, her stepsister is now a student a Rosewood High.

The Naked Truth


At the high school's Truth Up Day, Spencer help Hanna clear her name after she's framed for posting a nude photo of Kate on the internet. She also discovers that Jason is her brother due to Peter's affair with Jessica DiLaurentis. Spencer says she knows that her dad altered the will to protect Jason, but she doesn't know why. Jason tells her to ask her dad when he gets back in town, but Spencer says he hasn't left town and that she's already asked him and he won't give her an answer. Veronica says she understands that Spencer is feeling upset and betrayed, and she did when she found out and still does sometimes, but they need to get past it. Spencer asks how, and Veronica says that every family has secrets, and if she'd known and made a different one, then Spencer wouldn't be here.



Spencer spots Jason outside and they talk. Jason admits he found another one of Alison's boxes under the floorboards in her room at their grandmother's. There were letters in the box, which were from their dad to Jason's mom, a few of which were love letters. Along with the letters, there was $15,000 in cash in envelopes, $5000 in each one. A shocked Spencer realizes that Ali must have found the letters, figured out what they meant, and blackmailed Spencer's dad under the threat that she would ruin both families. Later, she asks him for 2,000 dollars with she would us to pay a man with information about Alison.

Breaking the Code


At the Hastings' house, Spencer has just told Melissa about Jason being their half-brother. Melissa is visibly angry, and when Spencer tries to defend their mother, Melissa scolds her for it. Spencer also mentions that Alison knew. When Melissa questions if anyone else knows, Spencer tells her no. Melissa wants to keep it that way. Aria and Spencer meet Jonah at the park. They give him the money, and he gives them an address. She's unsatisfied with just an address, but then they spot Garrett in his car, watching them. So, they decide to go later. Later when Caleb decode the rest of the video, she is shocked to Melissa walk into Ali's room too.

Father Knows Best


Spencer sits with Melissa in her car at night and tries to get some answers. Melissa says Garrett was Ian's friend and has been really kind to her since Ian's death. Now she worries she shared too much with him. She admits to having sent Ali anonymous texts telling her to back off Ian and stop flirting with him and telling Peter all about it. Spencer fills Melissa in on Ali's blackmail money and the possibility it came from their father. While the girls accuse Melissa of being "A," Spencer defends her sister. At a father-daughter dance, she reluctantly goes with Peter despite her mixed feeling toward him. She admits to going through his office earlier and finding an incriminating check stub. He says he hired a private investigator for reference and that is who the $15,000 went to, not Alison for blackmail.

Eye of the Beholder


The next day, Spencer sees Toby in the hallway helping Jenna through into the office. Spencer seems happy to see him, but he is cold toward her. Spencer admits she is surprised to see him with Jenna like that. Toby reminds her she is his sister and has been through a lot. When Spencer tells Toby she has been thinking about him a lot, he tells her it's a little late for that. Jenna returns and acknowledges Spencer as she takes Toby's arm and walks past. Emily finds Spencer who is worried she caused him to run back to Jenna. Meanwhile, Spencer packs up Ali's things, her mom walks in and warns her not to go in to Jason's house. Spencer asks if she knows Ali may have been blackmailing Peter. Veronica explains that it was her idea they hire a detective. She later helps rescue Jenna from a house fire.

If These Dolls Could Talk


Spencer dreams about having a conversation with Alison in her living room. She's glad the girls "haven't given up." Alison also warns her not to miss what is right in front of her. Spencer wakes up to Melissa pointing out the side door has been open all night. She looks over at two prescription bottles, wondering whether it had only been a dream or perhaps she actually had talked to Alison. Later, they go to the doll store in Brookhaven where they learn Alison stopped there looking for the same doll as them. Hanna, Spencer and Emily return to the shop at night and get scared out of the store by "A"'s trap.



They all receive a text from "A" instructing them to return the cell phone as a messenger delivers invitations to a masquerade ball along with a message from "A" that demands their attendance. Spencer is sure they can discover who "A" is before the midnight deadline because hide and seek is her favorite game. During the ball, she and Mona go to the Lost Woods Resort where they find "A"'s lair and Spencer realizes Mona is their stalker. They drive in the night and Mona offers to let Spencer join her team, but she stops the car and Mona is defeated. Dr. Sullivan reveals that "A" blackmailed her by threatening her son, which is why she disappeared. Toby, who brought Dr. Sullivan back, reconciles with her and they kiss.

Season 3

It Happened 'That Night'


Five months have past and the girls are together at Spencer's house. They talked about what they did over the summer. Spencer took some college classes at Hollis. Later that night, the girls fall asleep only to wake up to find Emily missing. They find Emily who dug up Ali's body, which is gone. The cover their tracks and decide 'that night' never happened. She goes to see Garrett in jail and she wants to know what he wants. He tells her that he didn't kill Ali. He tells her that there is a lot that she doesn't know and that he will give her answers if she can have her mom defend him. She says no and gets up to leave, but Garret says that he knows who took the body and Spencer wants to know who but Garret is gone. Like her friends, she realizes "A" is back.

Blood Is The New Black


Spencer, Hanna and Aria follow her into the bathroom to make sure she is okay. In the bathroom, Emily shows them the teeth necklace. The girls think that those teeth are from Ali's body. When they hear noises outside, they go into one stall. Spencer thinks they can't go to the police because they lied about the lake house. Hanna and Aria accidentally drop the necklace in the toilet. As Spencer is about to stick her hand in a toilet, the bell rings and the toilet flushes along with the necklace. Spencer goes to see Garret in jail. Spencer wants to know who dug up Ali's grave and if the person did it for Garret. He says that he didn't touch Maya and he didn't kill Ali. He also tells her what was stolen from her grave would have proved it. When Spencer asks how, Garret brings up her mom helping him. Spencer then asks why her mom or anyone in this town would believe that he is innocent. Garret then says people lie but medical records don't. She later witnesses proof that Jenna can see with the other girls.

Kingdom of the Blind


At home, Spencer sees Melissa and asks if their mom has said anything about the case but Melissa says that she is probably going to talk to them together. Spencer then asks how Melissa is doing but Melissa doesn't really say anything. Spencer walks upstairs but their mom comes home and wants to talk to them. Mrs. Hastings says that she is taking on Garrett's case because she believes that he is innocent. Spencer is furious at this because her mom is taking on someone who is believed to have killed her best friend and her other best friend's girlfriend. Spencer calls a hospital to know about Melissa's health status. The hospital says that they have no records of any Hastings being at the hospital. Spencer knows something is up. The hotel says that Melissa stayed at the hotel for around 3 days past the time she was set to check out. Veronica Hastings had checked in as well. After Spencer hangs up the phone, she knows that her family is lying to her again, because Melissa didn't go to the hospital and her mom covered it up. She confronts her mother who silently admits that Melissa had faked the later half of her pregnancy.

Birds of a Feather


The next day at school, Spencer waits for Jason. He thinks her mom took Garrett's case to protect Melissa. In Philly, Spencer waits for her sister in front of someone place as Hanna, Emily and Aria wait to go into her apartment. They discover evidence that Melissa was the Black Swan at the masquerade party. Spencer confronts Melissa and tells her that she knows she was dressed as The Black Swan and that she didn't lose the baby in June. Melissa tells her that she lost the baby back when they found Ian's body. Spencer asks why she faked being pregnant and Melissa says she lost Ian, she lost the baby and that it was too much for her. Spencer says that she had to know that this couldn't have lasted. Spencer then asks Melissa why she was at the masquerade ball. Spencer sits with Melissa and her mom in the living room as Melissa explains that she was blackmailed into wearing to keep Jenna distracted or risk exposure of the fake baby bump. Spencer is furious with her family always lying to her, but her mom tells her that this is her family whether she likes it or not.

That Girl is Poison


When Garrett's mother is sent to the hospital, Spencer believes "A" had something to do with it. Spencer is staking out at the hospital watching Garrett buy flowers for his mom. She is on the phone with Emily telling her what he is doing. Spencer sees him writing a note on the flowers, which she finds weird because his mom is in a coma so she couldn't be doing much reading. Later, she returns to the hospital. she talks to Emily about Garrett and how they need to find what is on that note he wrote but their conversation gets stopped when Garret gets off the elevator. They look at him but Nate goes over and wants to punch him for what he did. Spencer sneaks into the elevator to go see Garret's mom. When Spencer goes in the room, she finds the flowers Garrett gave her and she reads the note but the note was saying that Garrett will always be there for her and that he loves her. Spencer puts the note back into the flowers but notices a piece of paper near Garrett's moms hand. She looks at the paper and it says 'APRIL ROSE HAS THE PROOF.'

The Remains of the "A"


At home, Spencer is looking up April Rose on her computer as Toby talks to her about how he showed this women the work he did. Toby notices that she is not listening to him which she quicky apologizes for saying she has a lot on her plate with school and all. Toby takes her mind off that by kissing her, but gets interrupted when Mr.Hastings comes back. Toby leaves as Peter tells Spencer about Garrett's case and how it may be thrown out due to lack of evidence. Spencer enlists Jason's help with the search of this April Rose so she meets him on a bench in the town. He find April Rose is a boutique. They look around and find Alison's Anklet. It is turned into the cops where they discover traces of blood belonging to Alison and another's, but not Garrett. The charges against Garrett are getting thrown and he is released. She screams into her pillow and starts crying on her floor. "A" sends her a text saying "Hey Spence, I have one more surprise for you. Garrett isn't their killer."



She and the girls meet CeCe Drake, Ali's mentor who taught her everything and also dated Jason while their families vacationed near each other. They think that was weird because Ali and CeCe look alike. Spencer is leaving school when she sees Jason running. She stops him so she could talk to him because she feels bad about the anklet setting Garrett free. Jason tells her it isn't her fault because she didn't make him go in the police station. Jason also tells her that he is done looking for answers. Trying to cheer him up, Spencer brings up that she met CeCe and how her and Ali spent an intense summer together and Jason says that everything about CeCe is intense. At night, Spencer is driving when someone drives passed her really fast and bumps into another car. Spencer realizes that it is Jason and runs to make sure he is okay but finds him drunk. She helps cover it up with Toby's help. Later, Spencer cracks a code which leads to Maya's website but they don't know the password to it.

Stolen Kisses


At Emily's house, Spencer, Hanna and Aria try unlocking Maya's website. Spencer thinks that Mona is trying to trick them but Hanna thinks Mona is helping them because she is afraid of something. At Spencer's house, Spencer tries cracking into Maya's site with Hanna but they have no luck. Spencer knows that she needs help on this so she asks Hanna if Caleb could help them. Hanna says it's okay because at least one of them could be in the same room as him. Just then Toby comes in and is clearly angry that Jason is gone and left both of the lying to the cops. Spencer lied because she wanted to protect Jason and Toby wanted to protect Spencer as well. Toby knows that she won't tell him anything, so he'll make it easy on her, he'll go find answers for himself. The next day at school, Spencer talks to Caleb who got out of his new car. He talks to her about how his mom lent it to him and he drove it all the way back from California. Spencer asks him what is the best way to get around a tough password. Caleb catches on that it is a real website which make her confess that she can't crack it. Later, they crack the password and bring up the website.

The Kahn Game


Spencer is with Aria at the Brew as Aria shows her the picture of the stamp that was on Maya's wrist. Spencer can't look at that anymore because she let the website take up to much of her time and she forget to apply to UPenn. CeCe walks over to them because Aria forget her phone and sees Spencer's application. CeCe admits that she went to UPenn and knows someone who works in admissions that will be at a party on Friday. Spencer stares at CeCe with puppy dog eyes begging her to take her to the party. Spencer, CeCe and Aria arrive at the party. Spencer and Aria realize that they have been there before because they are at Noel's house. She plays a game of Truth with Jenna who is curious as to why Spencer's mom is defending Garrett. During the game, Jenna asks for the videos Ian made but the round ends. CeCe informs her that she gave her application to Steven and he will give it to UPenn. Spencer then asks CeCe if they can leave which they do.

What Lies Beneath


Spencer is with Hanna, Emily and Aria looking at the note Hanna found. Hanna reads the note but can't make out the last set of words because the rain washed it out. Maya wrote that she wanted to meet Emily somewhere to show her something as the girls wonder where\what she wanted to show her. They think it has something to do with finding evidence that kept Garrett in jail and that's why she was killed. When Spencer and Emily look at the letter, Emily realizes that Maya wrote this the day she died. Spencer sees Noel at his locker and goes to talk to him about his relationship with Maya. Noel and Maya had a texting relationship and he hooked Maya up with weed from time to time. Spencer thinks that was around the time he and Jenna started sneaking around in the middle of the night. When she goes into the guys locker room, she gets Noel's cell phone to see what he texted Maya. She hears two guys come in so she hides behind some equipment as she looks through Noel's phone but doesn't find any texts from Maya. When Spencer goes home, she's in her room as she gets an e-mail with a video link. When she opens it, it is video footage of Noel's lakehouse. She watches the footage as it shows Maya coming up on her bike at 10:04 p.m.

Single Fright Female


Spencer sees CeCe hanging up flayers because she needs people for her trunk show tonight at her boutique. CeCe sees Paige McCullers and Emily walking in and questions their relationship. Spencer confirms that they are dating which makes CeCe tell Spencer about "Pigskin" a.k.a Paige and her war with Ali. Spencer goes into the dressing room after CeCe gives her a dress. When Spencer gets ready to try the dress on, a snake comes out of one of the boxes and attacks her. CeCe lets her out of the dressing room and beats the snake. At Hanna's house, Spencer tells her about the snake in the dressing room. When Hanna mentions Jenna being A, Spencer thinks Paige is "A" because she used the word snake in her conversation with Emily. Spencer and Hanna discuss why and what motive Paige would have. Spencer finds it strange that Paige never mentioned she was with Emily "that night" and how Paige hated Ali and was jealous of Maya.

The Lady Killer


At school, Spencer is at her locker when Paige looks over at her. Paige confronts Spencer about why they made Emily cry this morning. Paige also wants Spencer to leave Emily alone and their relationship. But Spencer isn't going to let Paige hurt Emily. Paige tells Spencer that if she doesn't leave her alone, Spencer will end up getting hurt. In Hanna's room Spencer, Hanna and Aria all think about Emily. "A" sends Spencer a text wanting to end this at Ali's grave, but "A" wants them to bring Maya's bag. "A" also sent Spencer pictures of her, Hanna and Aria from the night Ali's body was stolen. When they wonder what Paige would want with Maya's bag, "A" sends Spencer another text of Ali's bag warning them not to tell Emily. Spencer, Hanna, Caleb and Aria all go to Ali's grave. Caleb has a way of talking to them through a phone as he watches for "A" to come from the trees. Hanna wonders why Paige is late and the girls realize something is wrong. They think Paige sent them here to keep them away from Emily. When Spencer, Hanna and Aria arrive at the other Lighthouse, they see police cars and someone going into an ambulance. Hanna sees that Caleb got shot so she breaks down crying into Spencer and Aria's arms. Emily runs over to them and hugs Hanna making sure she is alright. Spencer spots Paige as they look at each other with an apologizing look in their eyes.

This Is A Dark Ride


Spencer goes onto the Ghost Train and dances with Toby to "Cuckoo." After the song, she runs into Jason who just got back into town. He was going to stop by her house, but he saw that Garrett was there. Garrett is a free man now but Jason still doesn't believe he is innocent. Garrett takes her outside and confesses that he lied about killing Alison to Jenna and saw Alison with Mr. Montgomery talking to her. Spencer leaves to go find Aria so Garrett can tell her. As Spencer looks for her, someone is a joker costume starts chocking her over the ledge of the train. Spencer pushes the person off and runs but the train door is locked. The joker chocks, pushes and punches her but Paige saves her. Paige makes sure she is alright but finds a red long fingernail in Spencer's dress. Later, she helps free Aria from a crate about to fall of the train with Garrett's dead body inside. The police show up, Toby says the police won't let them go until they give statements. Spencer rests her head on Toby's hand trying to get rid of her stress.

She's Better Now


At school, Spencer and Aria meet with Emily who explains that she is on house arrest because her dad is worried about her because of the Halloween Train. Spencer, Hanna and Emily then see people call Mona a freak and tell her she should go back to Radley. Spencer and Toby have lunch as she tells him about Mona being back with no warning. They then discuss Jenna transferring school and if has something to do with Garrett's death. Toby thinks she needs to stop obsessing over this, but Spencer can't because the police still haven't found the gun that killed him. Later, they break into Harold Crane's office and find he has Alison's diary and they find an entry on Mr. Montgomery having an affair with one of his students.



Spencer, Hanna and Emily sneak into the school to go find Harold's journal. When they find the journal, they see that it is empty. The next day at The Brew, Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Aria discuss anxiety dreams that they have. Spencer is running unopposed for captain on the Academic Decathlon because Brad had fallen off his bike. At the Decathlon meeting as Andrew Campbell informs them that since Brad fell off his bike, Mona is now joining them and running for captain. The votes tie and they do a quiz-off to determine the captain. Spencer does well but Mona wins. She is comforted by Andrew Campbell who thinks it should've been her.

Misery Loves Company


Spencer prepares for hers and Toby's anniversary by preparing her grandma's famous lasagna for a romantic dinner for them with whine. Remembering how they first got together, she gets him a scrabble board that says "I love you" with the words "goofball" and "glyceraldehyde." Spencer also gives him a card so she borrows a pen from his drawer without seeing his Radley card. When Hanna shows her a key, Spencer uses it to lure out A's accomplice. When it is confirmed to be Toby, she him his Radley card and slaps him before he disappears. That same night, Spencer goes to Toby's loft to hear an explanation as to what she saw tonight, but the door won't open because the locks got changed. Spencer begins to cry in front of his door realizing her relationship was all a lie, and the guy that she is in love with is A.

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno

Spencer1 317.jpg

Stilling reeling form the revelation of Toby being A, Spencer begins to act out. She lashes out at Emily for still being loyal to Alison, but she apologizes and admits that she and Toby broke up, but she is not ready to talk about it. Later she acts up in Ella's class, yells at Ezra for taking out his problems on Aria and letting it slip that he has a kid. When Aria confronts her, Spencer says that they all should stop blaming A for their mistakes and instead themselves. She meets Miles Corwin, a private investigator, to find and follow Toby. After Spencer gives him the picture, she takes it back to rip her out of it so she doesn't have to get reminded of all the lies. She also tears her picture up, signaling that the happy girl in the picture no longer exists.

Dead to Me


Jason talks to the girls about how the police have released Ali's remains to his family and that there will be a service at the mausoleum. Jason arranged for the girls to have some time, after his family. Spencer snaps saying she has said all the good-byes she needs and leaves. She meets up with Miles who traced the key over to a series of buildings, but he will need more encouragement from her. Miles also gives her some advice, his line of work he tends to follow low lives. Not guys who buy flowers before skipping town. After paying him, Miles tells her the key is to a unit. She unlocks the door and finds it completely empty except for some chairs. Spencer breaks down crying. A heartbroken Spencer shows up to Alison's service where she spills the beans to Jason about Alison being pregnant. Later, Spencer finds Toby's mom's tomb in the mausoleum and carves Toby's name above his mom's.

What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted


Spencer and Andrew are arguing in the school courtyard because Spencer hasn't shown up to any of them team practices and tells her that she is off the team. An angry Spencer approaches Mona and asks if she wants to take away anything else from her. However, she helps Andrew prepare for the meet which involved stripping. Emily witnesses this and doesn't agree with the "New Spencer." Wren stops by and drives Spencer t0 the restaurant where the Decathlon meet is also taking place. She approaches Mona where they have a subtle battle of words in which Mona goes too far and Spencer attacks her. Wren drives Spencer home in a silent car ride. Melissa calls her phone wanting to know where she is. Wren covers for Spencer, saying they grabbed a bit to eat but she got an upset stomach. After the phone call, Spencer looks at Wren shocked that he didn't spill the beans about her fight with Mona.

Hot Water

The next day, Spencer is still at home in her bed when Melissa comes in. She does most of the talking because she is not covering for Spencer anymore about her skipping school. Spencer just rolls over, ignoring her sister and not caring anymore. Wren and her have dinner where he helps get her over her sorrows. While walking home, she sees a person with blonde hair in a red coat watching her. The person runs away as Spencer chases after her. But when she looks down the street, the girl is gone. Spencer goes into the steam shower room to try and relax. After a while, the shower is filled with steam and when she wants to leave, she can't turn the steam off. The temperature is rising to over 100 degrees and she is locked in there because someone put a plonger over the handles. She sees an A message saying "Steamy with Wren, steamy with -A." Aria saves her. She decides to tell the girls about Toby.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Spencer receives except for some flowers saying "Deepest Sympathy." She brings them inside and sees a card with her name on it. Turn out, A sent her the flowers because someone close to her will pay for her spilling the beans about Toby. She follows Mona to see what she is up to until she walks into the woods she finds a body. Spencer sees the person's hand is covered with bruises and has a "901 Free At Last" tattoo on his side. When Mona calls out that he is dead. Spencer chases after Mona in the woods but loses her. She breaks down crying in the middle of the forest. The next morning, Spencer found by park rangers and the traumatized girl is sent to Radley Sanitarium.

Will The Circle Be Unbroken?

At Radley, Spencer finds trust in Eddie Lamb, an orderly, who lets it slips that Mona had visitors when she wasn't supposed to. She also takes part Dr. Sullivan's group therapy sessions and ignores her friends pleas when they reveal that the body wasn't Toby. When Mona visits her. She offers Spencer a cookie but she declines the offer. Spencer asks Mona why she killed Toby and wants to know what she got out of him being dead. Mona chuckles at that question because if she killed him she wouldn't be talking to her. Spencer wants her to go away, but Mona admits that she has Alison's diary and that she was never pregnant. Spencer wants to see them but Mona won't let her because Spencer declined her offer to join the A-Team when they unmasked Mona. Spencer walks away trying to get away from her. Mona tells Spencer that she needs her and that Spencer is as sane as she is.

I'm Your Puppet

Spencer's mother visits her in Radley. Spencer screams at her that she's not ready to go home yet. Veronica asks her if Toby was really the person that they knew. Later, Eddie comes in and talks to her, telling her things about Mona, but once again cutting their conversation short. Instead of taking her pill, Spencer puts in a bag that she was hiding under her pillow. While wondering in the abandoned ward, she finds ID cards that Wren made so that CeCe Drake could visit Mona. It is later revealed that Spencer who kidnapped Malcolm, because she pulls a black hoodie, a signature piece of A, out of her pillow. She then recalls a conversation with Mona, telling her that she is in, meaning she is now a part of the A-Team.

A DAngerous GAme

Spencer is released from Radley and comes up with a plan to trap and reveal Red Coat. At a diner, Toby reveals that he is alive and the two make up have sex. The next day, Spencer tells her friends of her double agent status and go through the plan. When Toby pretends to betray her and take her outside, the two split up to find Red Coat. She sees a plane land in the woods and sees a girl in a red coat get off the plane and walk through the woods, believing her to be Alison. As the girls later wake up after being dragged from the burning lodge by Red Coat, Spencer affirms that she also saw Alison. The girls all drive back to Rosewood together and they come across Wilden's car, which had been pulled out of the lake. Spencer notices something off about the trunk, and they all receive messages from "A," including Mona.

Season 4

'A' is for A-l-i-v-e

Spencer, Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Mona open the trunk of Wilden's police car and gasp in shock. They show us what is in the trunk. It is a dead pig. After disgusted looks leave their faces, Spencer realize that Mona is gone. Aria thinks she set them up so they go back to the car and decide to leave. Hanna then sees Mona in Wilden's car. She is trying to remove the footage of Ashley running over Wilden. After that they all go back to Spencer's house. Emily and Aria are ready to destroy Mona in Spencer's living room but Hanna tells them to knock it off. Spencer then tells Mona to confess. She reveals to them which crimes she did commit and which she didn't, including that she did not push Ian off the bell tower, but she wish she knew who did.. She also reveals that Jenna knew Shana before she came to town and that she thinks Shana is in love with Jenna. Mona also states that the two of them are afraid of Melissa.

Then next morning they all wake up and can't find Mona. She then comes in with some coffee saying she went to


get them breakfast. Mona says she is determined to know who Red Coat is. She takes the girls to her lair. She reveals that she was the one in the fake Caleb costume and that Wilden and Melissa were he Queen of Hearts. But right before Melissa can take off her mask A starts deleting the files. They then hear little girls asking where Alison is. They go out to see what is happening. They say Mona's friend Alison gave them the dolls. One was named Aria, Emily, Hanna, Mona, and Spencer.

Spencer and Toby are searching among the ashes of the burned building. Spencer needs to find something that help identify Red Coat when she begins to try and convince Toby that maybe Alison really is back. He doesn't believe her and tells her that Alison died two years ago. She doesn't have time to convince him as she sees another person is with them. Unfortunately the moment she told Toby this, the mysterious third party made a run for it.

Spoby moment

Later she is again with Toby. She is reading the newspaper wondering what alibi they could use and Toby is making her breakfast. After she continues to think about Wilden's murder Toby tells her to eat. She is happy that again she can call him her boyfriend and they kiss. That night, Spencer gets a package from “A.” Inside is a photo of Wilden with a threatening message on it saying their secrets will be revealed in his open

A's message


The girls then arrive at the funeral. They decide to split up and try to find the coffin. Spencer is the one to find it and soon realizes she isn't alone. Mona is with her. They hear a cell phone ring and realize it's coming from the coffin. A had left a cell phone in the casket with Wilden. When Spencer calls one of the contacts; it’s Hanna and she wants to know what Spencer is doing on her mom’s phone. They girls puzzle over this wondering if Ashley will be A's new target.

After the funeral, a new detective is on the scene (Wilden 2.0?) and he’s suspicious why the girls attended the


funeral of a man who practically stalked them. Emily claims they’re supporting their city's police department. The four girls and Mona receive a text from A, and Emily is sent a video showing the girls stealing the footage from the Wilden's police car. Will anyone believe them if “A” sends in her footage of the girls at the crime scene?

Turn of the Shoe

2013-06-19 09-22-15.jpg

Spencer and the other liars are at the Brew, discussing The Lady in Black and where Spencer's sister was. Emily and Hanna agree that Melissa is the Woman in Black while Spencer is using


food to see if the geography is even possible for the person who jumped out of a plane could save Aria, Hanna and Emily from the fire. Hanna and Aria get into an argument about if it was Ali who saved the girls from the fire. Hanna states that they never saw a body at the funeral. Spencer is also a bit skeptical if it even was Ali that she saw coming out of the plane.  Mona comes into the Brew where the girls are and says that she has been thinking a lot about the Ali thing and Hanna then accuses Mona of putting Hanna’s mom’s (Ashley) phone in Wilden’s coffin. Mona says no and says she will do anything to prove that all the girls are in this together, so Spencer says to take them to A's RV. Mona drives up to where the RV is where they find the fence unlocked and the lair is gone.  Mona says she didn't move it but the girls don't believe her. Spencer and Hanna leave in one car while Aria and Emily hang back to watch Mona and witness her being attached by "A" and are nearly run over.  


In the morning before school Spencer is checking her mail, when she sees a letter addressed to her, from the University of Pennsylvania. The letter says that the University have expressed an interest in her, but they are unable to offer her a place. She is distraught because this is the only option her family wants for her. She hides the letter from Toby when he comes to pick her up.  Spencer is upset that Toby is being distant, not taking his phone calls, and seems to be lying about when he starts his construction job.

At school, Spencer talks to Ezra about her UPenn rejection and he says it is their loss and offers to read her 

2013-06-19 10-47-32.jpg

essays for additional college applications. They meet over the weekend and he says her essay was well written but discourages her from revealing too much personal information, overcoming mental illness and getting out of Radley, to prospective colleges.  He says they are concerned about mental stability and that information may overshadow her many good qualities.  Spencer gets upset and asks him when not being honest has worked out for any of them.

Toby and Spencer are talking and he admits to her that he moved the RV saying A asked him to move it in

Pretty-little-liars turn of the shoe.jpg

exchange for info about his mother. A gave him a transcript from his mother's

2013-06-19 11-24-24.jpg

stay at Radley that was written on the night she supposedly committed suicide by jumping out a window. The transcript says she was hopeful that day, wishing to get home to see her family. Toby says that it doesn't sound like someone who killed herself that day and didn't care enough to say goodbye, suggesting that someone might have killed his mother. Spencer agrees, but doesn't think they should trust any info that A supplies. Toby tells her not to tell anyone about this and leaves.

2013-06-19 11-27-49.jpg

Aria and Spencer are talking and Aria says that they don't know if they can really trust Mona and who knows what she was saying to those cops. She then tells Spencer that she can never go back to martial arts because she kissed the instructor. Hanna then walks in with Tippi. She says the bird probably knows more about what happened to Alison that night than anyone else, and it talks a lot so it might say something. Aria and Spencer think Hanna is losing it. They keep talking and they mention the high heels Mona was talking about and Hanna suspects that they were her mom's. All of a sudden Tippi says "hey board shorts, miss me?" (same guy as Beach Hottie) and then sings a song.

Spencer is searching things about Toby's mom while the bird keeps talking and singing. She calls Hanna to come

2013-06-19 11-47-27.jpg

pick up the bird because it's driving her crazy. But then Spencer notices that after Tippi sings the song, she says "hello?" Spencer realizes it is not a song, but instead a phone number dial tone.   Aria, Spencer, and Hanna call the number that matches the dial tone that Tippi was singing, but no one answers. The area code is in York County. Aria says they should go record Tippi singing the phone number, but when they go in the room, Tippi is missing, and the window is open. "A" stole Tippi.

Cat's Cradle

2013-06-29 13-28-19.jpg

The Liars discuss Tippi, Hanna's mom, Wilden's death and how everything is connected. Hanna states that her mom did not kill Wilden and the girls know that this is the truth. They are going through some stuff Emily brought from Mrs. DiLaurentis' house and Spencer tells Emily she has to hide this stuff so Mona doesn't find it. In the box of notebooks, Hanna finds a mask. Melissa walks in The Brew and the girls are shocked that she is back because they thought she was gone for good after they found Wilden. They wonder if what Mona said about her being the other Queen of Hearts is true or not. Spencer goes up to her sister and asks her about her trip to Washington. Melissa says she thinks she will get an internship in San Francisco or even London. Spencer says she found the perfect get-away, and Melissa responds by saying it might be good that they both get out of Rosewood if they know what's good for them. 

Back at the Hasting's house, Spencer is unsuccessfully trying to reverse look up the phone number Tippi gave them. Toby is upset and wants to know what really happened to his mom. Spencer is worried that the others will find out about Toby returning the lair it to A, and wants to tell them before they find out from someone else, but Toby cant face them.They plan to go back to Radley and find out the truth about Toby's mom.

Aria, Emily, and Spencer are leaving school. Aria tells them about her mom being offered the trip to Austria.

Face Time (All the Liars).png

Spencer tells them she couldn't find a name for the number Tippy gave them, but she's not giving up. Emily says she started going through Ali's notebooks and asks the other girls if they want to come over tonight and search them together. Spencer says she can't because she promised Toby she would help him with something.  

Toby and Spencer sneak into Radley. They go to the room where Marion stayed and find a window that his mother


supposedly jumped from. Spencer looks out the window and notices a roof ledge which juts out "all the way around the building" about 10-15 feet, and she says she doesn't know how Toby's mother fell, but she doesn't think his mother jumped.  She says she thinks "A" gave him something genuine. Toby says they have to talk to Dr. Palmer who was with his mom that day.

Later in Spencer's room she is looking at a cast that Hanna found in Hector Lime's studio that looks like Melissa's face.  Melissa comes in and tells Spencer that she saw Hanna at the police station and asks why she was there. Spencer says Hanna was wondering the same thing about Melissa. Melissa says the new detective asked her to come in to talk about Wilden but she doesn't know how helpful she was she she hasn't known him since high school. Melissa brings up that one time that Spencer had asked her if she had to protect Spencer or someone else she loved, who would she choose. Melissa asks Spencer what would her answer be if she asks her the same question and the camera cuts away before we see Spencer's response.

Gamma Zeta Die!

Spencer and Emily go to Cicero Collage to find out if the phone number Tippy repeated lead them to the right place. It does. She gets into an argument with Emily. She goes around the college asking people if they knew Alison. Spencer finds a secret room at the college with a phone. After realizing that Hanna's going to do something stupid, she and Emily search around the college for Hanna. She has to watch as Hanna is taken by the police for trying to dispose of a gun found in Ashley's purse. After looking through the college, Spencer believes that Carla Grunwald is involved with all of this.

Under The Gun

Spencer and Aria are at the Brew. Aria tells Spencer to apologize to Emily for whatever happened. When Emily arrives at the Brew, Aria goes to help Mike's friend, who's also new at the Brew, leaving Spencer and Emily alone. Spencer and Emily both apologize for their behavior at Cicero. They end on a good note there.

Unfortunately, Mona comes to the Brew and asks to speak with Spencer privately. When the other girls refuse to let Mona take her alone, and demand that she says whatever she needs to say aloud right now, Mona does as they say. She reveals that Toby moved the RV, and Spencer was protecting him and hiding it by not telling any of the other girls. Emily and Aria don't believe it at first, but Spencer admits it's true. Emily and Aria are not pleased with this discovery at all, and it causes Emily to become angry with her again.

At school, Spencer tries to approach Emily and tell her what she discovered about Mrs. Grunwald at Cicero, but Emily's still angry with her. After Emily yells at her, Spencer leaves.

Later on, Toby comes over to Spencer's house. Spencer tells him that the other girls found out about him moving the RV. Toby doesn't want Spencer to tell them the reason why he moved it, because that would make him lose his chances of getting more information about his mother. Spencer's slightly irritated by this. She tells him she still has to get her friends' trust back.

Spencer and Toby head to Ravenswood. Toby tries to apologize for all this, but Spencer simply says, "I know," not stating if she's forgiven him or not. They arrive in Ravenswood, which is extremely creepy to them. When a woman doesn't acknowledge her presence, and when a creepy guy is watching them from the windows, Spencer and Toby decide to leave this area. They drive off to a house, where they ask if Mrs. Grunwald is. The man at the house says he's the only one here, and resumes trimming the bushes at the home.

Spencer takes Toby's hand and pulls him to the car, and telling him that they should go now. They head to another location in Ravenswood. Spencer spots Mrs. Grunwald in a building getting her hair done. Toby and her go inside the building. Mrs. Grunwald states she has no idea about anything involving Alison. Spencer senses she's lying, but Mrs. Grunwald excuses herself, giving Spencer no choice but to leave.

When outside, Toby tells Spencer she needs to let go, and that she shouldn't be trusting birds. Slightly irritated by this, Spencer reminds him that he's trusting 'A'. Breaking the silence, Toby offers food again. He asks her if she wants anything, and she says no. He heads off to get food. Spencer hears singing, so she approaches an area where citizens seem to be singing. That's when she notices that Shana Fring is there. She starts running back to the street she was on before, where Toby quickly finds her. She informs him that Shana is here, and they discover that Shana is getting into Jenna's car. They try to follow Shana and Jenna, but a dead crow lands on her car, causing them to lose Shana and Jenna.

Later at the Brew, it's Open Mic Night. Spencer approaches Aria and Emily. Just as Shana begins performing a song on her violin, Spencer tells them that Shana was in Ravenswood. Aria and Emily seem a little more cooled off about what Spencer did.

Crash and Burn, Girl!

The Guilty Girl's Handbook

Into the Deep

The Mirror Has Three Faces

Bring Down the Hoe

Now You See Me, Now You Don't

Grave New World

Who's In The Box?

Love ShAck, Baby

Close Encounters

Bite Your Tongue

Hot for Teacher

Shadow Play

Free Fall

She's Come Undone

Cover For Me


A is for Answers

Season 5

EscApe From New York


Spencer, Hanna and Emily hold a distressed Aria back as Ezra is being loaded into the back of an ambulance. Spencer tells Aria that if the police think she knows anything about what happened, she’ll be spending the entire night answering questions at the police station, “you will never get to the hospital”.

Outside a convenience store Spencer hands Hanna a burner phone, telling her she knows what to do. Emily asks if they’re sure they want to split up and Spencer tells her “a wise commander takes measures to always let his opponent react to the wrong set of circumstances. And if 400 BC”, before Hanna cuts her off, telling her they get it, they’re decoys. Alison tells Spencer that there is no art to this war, and Spencer is surprised that Alison has read Sun Tzu. Spencer and Hanna start walking in the opposite direction of Alison and Aria, but Emily lingers and Spencer tells her “if we want to get to the hospital before them, we have to go now”. Emily reminds them that A is always one step ahead, and Spencer tells her “yeah. Maybe he… she… it… bitch, is”, but they have to remember Ali was hiding in plain sight for two years and she can handle herself.

Arriving at St Andrew’s Hospital, Hanna takes Spencer and Emily in the direction of the surgical waiting room, and they spot A making a phone call in one of the corridors. In the waiting room, Hanna asks what they do know and Spencer tells her they wait. As Spencer and the girls are pretending to read magazines in the waiting room, Emily tells them she hates this, and Spencer says they should just hope it works. After Alison’s name is paged to the emergency department, the girls watch as A walks past them and into an elevator, and Spencer suggests them to take the stairs.

In a playground, A steps behind Alison telling her it’s over, but Alison tells he/she that it’s not, and Spencer, Hanna and Emily step out from various places around the playground, “did you really think we’d let Ali leave that hospital alone?” After Alison sprays deodorant in A’s eyes, the four girls find themselves surrounded by multiple people claiming they are A. As the police drive past and break the flash mob up, Alison tells the other girls A was one step ahead of them.

On the phone to Aria, Aria asks them to promise her they’ll be safe and Spencer tries to reassure her, “don’t worry about us Aria, we’ll be okay. We promise”.

Alison takes Spencer, Hanna and Emily to a Theater, and Hanna makes a comment about how this would impress anyone. Alison tells them that Ezra didn’t bring her here to impress her, this was kind of his special place. Spencer’s stomach rumbles loudly and when Alison asks what they sound was, Emily and Hanna tell her it was Spencer’s stomach in unison. Spencer apologises before saying she hasn’t had anything to eat since the bridal show. As Alison takes them up to a concession stand, Spencer wonders if it will still be stocked, and she’s “literally at the point where I can’t think”. Spencer says she was that hungry she was about to eat the foam out of the seat cushions, and Hanna says she saw that episode, and so did Emily. When Alison asks what show they’re talking about, Spencer tells her “Freaky Foodies” and asks if she’s seen it. Hanna tells Alison that Spencer’s obsessed with the show, and Spencer reminds Hanna that they watched “that entire marathon together”. Alison says she needs to find a better place to make a call, and Spencer asks who she needs to talk to, only for Alison to tell her she has a few friends who may be worried now the police know she’s alive.

On the stage, Spencer asks Hanna and Emily if it feels as though Alison is already shutting them out again. Hanna shushes Spencer, and when Spencer asks why, “she’s sleeping”, Hanna reminds Spencer that it’s Ail they’re talking about. Emily says it makes sense Alison had people helping her, and if were them, they’d want Alison to call. Spencer tells Emily that it is them, “we’re the ones who are risking everything to help her. It’s not some random do-gooders she’s met along the way”. Emily asks them to imagine what life would be without A, and Spencer asks when they last time any of them had a hobby. Hanna says that she’s never had a hobby, but wouldn’t mind taking up a sport, which surprises both Spencer and Emily. Emily asks Hanna which sport, and Hanna tells them she’s always liked Spencer’s field hockey skirt. Emily then asks Spencer, and Spencer tells her she wouldn’t want to go back to the person she was before, now she just really wants to be happy.

Spencer and Hanna rush into the dressing room where Emily and Alison are, and Hanna explains that Aria is trying to call but they can’t hear her. Alison tells Hanna to tell Aria to call the house line.

As Alison hangs up the phone and turns to face Spencer, Hanna and Emily with a worried look on her face, Spencer asks her, “what is it?”

Once the phone has stopped ringing, Emily asks Alison is she recognised the voice, to which Alison tells her she didn’t. Spencer says they can’t wait for Ezra to tell them who A is, so they need to get Alison to the airport, “you can still use that passport and ticket Noel gave you, right?” Alison tells her she doesn’t have the passport or ticket anyone, she gave it to someone who needed it more. Hanna asks Alison who needs it more than her, and when Alison says it doesn’t matter, Spencer tells her it matters to them, “either you trust us or you don’t”. As the girls run out onto the stage, the lights in the Theater go out and Shana walks onto the stage with a gun. Shana tells them they she thought she had them all locked in the lodge, but Alison was late to the party. Hanna tells Shana that she’s sick, like Mona was, however Shana tells her that she’s not like Mona, and this isn’t a game. Spencer asks “then what is it?” and Shana tells her it's justice. After Aria knocks Shana off the stage, Spencer embraces an upset Aria, telling her that she did what she had to do. Aria says to them that it’s over, and Spencer and Emily embrace her. Alison tells the girls they can’t just leave Shana, so Spencer calls 911 saying that there’s been an accident.

Whirly Girlie


Spencer and the other liars arrive back in Rosewood with Alison. Off the bus, the girls talk about Ali needing to tell the police her story, with Spencer mentioning that it should be from the night of 'The Jenna Thing'.

Having collected Spencer and Emily from the Rosewood Police Department, Veronica tells Emily to call her mother as Pam's flight had been cancelled. As Spencer goes to head upstairs to shower and climb into bed, Veronica stops her, desperate for answers, "you might have a hard time falling asleep if I'm poking you every five seconds with a new questions." Veronica also mentions to Spencer that Melissa and Peter are in Philadelphia retrieving Spencer's car which has been impounded. Veronica warns Spencer not to expect any souvenirs from London, because all Melissa brought back was attitude… and secrets.

Spencer goes to find Emily who is still on the phone with her mother and adding to Alison’s kidnapping story. Spencer, sick of being dragged back into Alison's mess, tells Emily that, "we're back on planet Alison!" Emily starts defending Alison, but their conversation is cut short when they spot Jason cleaning out his car. Wanting a closer peek, Spencer and Emily creep over to the DiLaurentis house after Jason has headed inside. When Alison spies them, she throws down a roll of toilet paper with a cell phone inside. Picking it up, the girls see the text message Ali wanted to show them - "the truth will bury you in a New York minute."

The next morning Spencer catches up to Emily as she walks over to Alison's to give Ali her phone back. As they walk over, Spencer tells Emily that Hanna told Aria about the text and now Aria is freaking out, believing 'A' is back and she's one text away from being arrested over Shana's death. Noticing the rubbish bun that Jason threw something in the night before, Spencer goes looking and finds a paper bag all the way from New York.

In Alison's bedroom, Emily tells Ali about her and Spencer's findings, while Spencer stays quiet over by the window. Alison asks Spencer if she should be afraid of their big brother, but Spencer doesn’t know, “you were needling both of our families with that secret. They probably both wanted you to shut up”. Spencer can’t say for sure, but if Jessica did choose Jason over Alison, she had every reason to make the Liars look bad; and they have been framed as pathological liars ever since. Even if they do find out who hit Alison with the rock the night she disappeared, Spencer thinks no one will believe them.

Spencer walks into her kitchen to find Veronica is offering Toby a hot drink. Spencer asks Toby why he didn’t call her when he first got back from London, but he tells her that he wanted to come by, see her in person. Toby tells Spencer that the story Melissa gave Veronica and Peter was false, he never saw her in her in London. Excusing herself to go meet with a client in town, Veronica tells Spencer she is to stick close to home. After Veronica has left, Spencer asks Toby why he went to London, he says that he wanted answers for Spencer. Spencer then asks if he’s heard about Alison, he has, but he’d rather hear what Spencer has to say.

Up in Spencer’s bedroom, Toby and Spencer are making out as Spencer de-shirts Toby. Toby walks her backwards until they fall onto the bed and continue to make out. Spencer makes Toby promise that the next time he goes to London, to take her with him, and they’re never coming back.

Toby and Spencer are stroking each other’s face when Spencer’s phone rings. Ignoring the call, Spencer leans over to kiss Toby, but when the phone rings again, Toby stops kissing her. He asks Spencer what is really going on, and if it has anything to do with Alison or Melissa, to which she tells him it doesn’t.

Spencer knocks on the DiLaurentis’ door to find it open. Looking over her shoulder, she heads inside, calling out to Ali. Jason, who is sitting in the dark, scares her when he makes a comment on how late it is. He also makes a cryptic comment about knowing that Spencer went through their trash. Spencer asks if he was in New York the night Ali came back to Rosewood. Jason wants to know why it is important, and why Spencer thinks he did something, “you think I’m the one who kidnapped her?” When Jason asks if that theory came from his father, Spencer tells him know and again asks him why he was in New York. Jason doesn't get a chance to answer because Pepe starts barking, drawing away Spencer’s attention. Spencer and Jason run over to the Hastings’ backyard having heard the barks and screams. At first Spencer tries to hold Jason back when she realises whose hand is sticking out, but Jason easily pushes past her.

Surfing the Aftershocks

Pretty Little Liars S05E03 720p KISSTHEMGOODBYE NET 2752.jpg

Spencer, Emily and Aria are waiting in the DiLaurentis' living room as Alison gets dressed for her mother's funeral. They overhear Mr DiLaurentis telling Jason he does not want any police or press at the funeral or cemetery. Hanna rejoins them after having been up with Alison, and Spencer says that Alison is going to “bury the woman who tried to bury her”. Emily believes Jason was the one who buried Jessica in the Hastings backyard, something Spencer doesn't play into because she saw Jason’s face when she saw Jessica’s body. While 'A' might be gone, Mona is still around and she knows Alison wasn't kidnapped. Spencer goes on to tell them Mona isn't the only one they need to worry about knowing the truth, there's one other person. Before she can allude to who that other person is, Alison makes her appearance. Ali doesn't understand why her father got so angry at seeing her, she just wanted to wear something of Jessica's so she could feel close to her. It isn't until Spencer tells Ali that her mother wore that dress to her own funeral that she understands. As Aria and Hanna usher Alison out of the DiLaurentis living room, Emily mentions to Spencer that coincidences happen, only for Spencer to reply, "yeah, all the time. They grow on trees like coconuts, just waiting for you to walk under them"!

A few days later the Liars are back at school and have been called into Vice Principal Hackett's office. He tells them that he is relieved they are safe and back in the "halls of Rosewood High School", and while things may be a little different to start off within, something Spencer says they understand, that the school will do what they can to protect them from the press and the curious, in return he needs to know the girls will do their part in "keeping the disruptions to a minimum".

As the girls walk out of Hackett's office, Spencer talks about wishing she could transwer to a school in Borneo, but she can't, and they just have to act as if things are normal. Spencer again voices her concerns about the people who know that Alison was lying about New York, particularly Ezra. When Spencer tells them that 'someone' has to go talk to him, make sure he's going to keep quiet, Aria is against the idea of her going, telling Spencer that while Ezra may be alive and safe, they're over. After Aria walks off Emily again says that she believes Jason was the one who killed his mother, and again Spencer is on the defense.

As Spencer is staring out her bedroom window, Melissa comes up behind her and warns her not to let the DiLaurentis' catch her watching. Spencer accuses Melissa of thinking that Jason killed his mother, something Melissa does not deny. Melissa wants to know why Spencer sent Toby after her to London. Spencer says that she didn’t, he went on his own. Melissa thinks that Spencer bringing Ali home safe and sound was a mistake and that she should stay away from that family. Spencer reminds Melissa that they are both related to parts of that family.

While looking out of the side doors, Peter asks Spencer how she would feel if they sell the house. Spencer doesn’t know how she feels about selling, but tells her father that he’d have to inform any potential buyers about mould, termites and dead bodies. Peter says that he’ll have to reduce the selling price and Spencer remarks that life is all about sacrifices. Peter says that he’ll do anything to get away from the DiLaurentis family. Spencer reminds him they'll always be connected to the DiLaurentis’.

Jason is packing his belongings when Spencer comes over to visit. Spencer tries to talk about Jessica, Jason cuts her off, telling Spencer his mother was because she "had a lot of secrets. Too many. That's what really killed her". Spencer shows him the email Hanna found on Jessica's computer. Jason tells his half-sister to cut her loses, get out while she still can, and to remember that she can't trust him. When Spencer asks who can't she trust, Jason simply says "our father".

In Aria's bedroom, Spencer tells her she received a text from Emily saying that Jason has an alibi for what happened in New York and Rosewood. Aria thinks it's crazy that Jason thinks his and Spencer's father could have been the one to kill Mrs DiLaurentis, but Spencer tells her crazy works on a sliding scale. Spencer apologises for asking Aria to go see Ezra, but Aria tells her no one else could have done it.

When Peter arrives home, Spencer is waiting up for him. Getting up off the sofa, Spencer places the drafted email on the island bench for Peter to see. Peter tells her that the email doesn’t mean anything, but Spencer minds him anything means something and asks him who Jessica was trying to protect and why did she suddenly feel as though she had to stop. Before Peter can answer Melissa walks in telling Spencer to leave their father alone. After reading what Jessica tried sending, Melissa rips the piece of paper up telling Spencer that Jessica was crazy as Spencer yells back, Peter steps in and tells them to stop acting like "cranky little five year old's on the way back from the beach". Melissa proceeds to tell Peter that maybe they should just tell Spencer what they've been hiding, but Peter won't have a bar of it and sends Spencer to her room.

Thrown From The Ride

Pretty Little Liars S05E04 Thrown from the Ride 154.jpg

Spencer watches Veronica staring out the side door window and asks her if she slept downstairs last night. Veronica tells her she wouldn’t call it sleep. Spencer then asks if Veronica remembers when she told her that Peter and Melissa were acting strange, Veronica tells her she does remember, and when Spencer starts saying that the other day Melissa wanted to tell her something and Peter cut her off, Veronica cuts in and says the only thing Melissa is hiding is the fact she and Wren are back together. After Peter has left for work, Veronica asks Spencer if perhaps they could hire Toby over the weekend to replant the yard, but Spencer tells her he’s on a job in Gilford. When Spencer tries to redirect their conversation back to Peter and Melissa, Veronica tells she doesn’t want to talk about it and they should just focus on what they can control.

Eating lunch outside, Spencer tells Aria and Hanna that it’s better than eating in the cafeteria, but Aria doesn’t believe so. Hanna explains that she feels as though they’re lobsters, but Spencer reminds her they’re not, so she should just relax. Aria notices Mona staring at them from a distance and thinks that she may know about what happened to Shana. Spencer tells Aria that she needs to take a psychological selfie because “you’re letting your paranoia get the better of you”. Aria questions whether it all has to do with Shana, but Spencer tells her it doesn’t, it’s all about Ali, “I’ve been fielding questions about her all day”. As all of their phones go off at once, Aria and Emily think it’s an ‘A’ text, it’s not, it’s Ali. Spencer reads out the text and says the family has to wait for cause of death, and Aria suggests perhaps Jessica was poisoned. Spencer tell the three girls they don’t have to pretend like Jessica wasn’t found in her backyard. Emily tells her that they know Spencer’s family had nothing to do with what happened to Ali’s mom. Hanna agrees by saying they wouldn’t make a bonehead move like burying her in their own flower bed.

Andrew approaches Spencer at her locker, and asks how she is holding up. He just wanted to check in, but before he can finish his sentence, Spencer cuts him off, “oh, that I’m not popping pills like breath mints”. As Andrew is walking away, Spencer calls out to him, asking what he’s doing tomorrow.

Having replanted the Hastings’ yard, Spencer and Andrew walk into the shed where Andrew asks if they could take a break. Andrew says he’s be good with either a bottle of water or a snack, or a for them to make out. Laughing, Spencer tells him she’s still with the carpenter and an unfazed Andrew tells her it was worth a shot. Spencer tells him they should at least get the mulch out to the garden so Veronica doesn’t get another grey hair. Spencer says that her mother’s freaking out over azaleas is just displaced fear, “she called the security company yesterday asking about a $10,000 alarm system. And last night she slept downstairs in a chair. I just can’t figure out if she’s more afraid of what’s lurking outside of the house or what’s inside”. Going to grab the mulch, Spencer gasps when she sees a dead raccoon. Andrew walks over and tells her to stay back, while he picks up a knocked over bucket of Rodenticide, telling her the animal was poisoned. Spencer tells him they’ve never had a rat problem before.

Spencer, Emily and Aria are in Emily’s bedroom where Emily tells them about her and Paige hanging out, where they were laughing and joking, and then all of a sudden Paige totally shut down. Aria notes that she’s noticed Emily has kind of been MIA about Ali, and Spencer tells Aria she has as well, only for Aria to say that’s why she’s noticed Emily’s absence. Aria also says she hasn’t seen Spencer making any trips over to see Ali either, and Spencer replies by saying that Ali’s mom was found in her backyard.

Veronica is off in her own little world when Spencer comes home from being at Emily’s. Spencer asks Veronica why she just won’t talk to her, “do you not trust me?” Veronica tells her it isn’t about trust. Veronica says to Spencer that ever since they found Jessica, she’s had a sick feeling in her stomach that won’t go away. Opening up, Veronica tells Spencer that a couple days after Alison went missing, Jessica came over convinced that Spencer had something to do with it all, and the only reason why she didn’t go to the police was because Peter threatened to tell Kenneth about their affair. Veronica admits she doesn’t know if Peter had anything to do with what happened to Jessica, but she wants to believe he didn’t.

In her bedroom, Spencer is looking up Rodenticide on the internet and finds that it is poisonous to humans if consumed. While reading through the information on Rodenticide, Spencer gets a text message from Alison asking Spencer to call her.

Spencer heads over to the DiLaurentis house where she finds Alison looking at some messages on the internet that people left after she first disappeared, before taking her laptop from her. Alison tells Spencer that they got the toxicology screen back from the coroner, and that somebody messed with Jessica’s pills. Alison says that Jessica had low blood pressure, but they found a drug in her system that is for the opposite problem and it stopped her heart. Spencer goes into shock and Alison asks what’s wrong before working out that Spencer thought her dad was the one to kill her mom. When Spencer nods, Alison says how hard it is to think that your parent is capable of something like that. Spencer says there has been monsters under her bed for so long, “but now when they’re not there anymore, I feel like I have to create them”.

Answering her phone, Hanna asks Spencer if she can come to give Spencer the recording Alison asked her to give out. Spencer tells her that she was with Ali and she never said anything, and Hanna thinks maybe she didn’t say anything because she knew Hanna was going to give Spencer a copy. Spencer questions if this was Ali’s idea or Hanna’s, and Hanna tells her it’s not just about Ali, it’s about Aria too. As Spencer tells Hanna that she’s getting them to add onto Alison’s lies, Hanna snaps, telling Spencer to memorise the tape because Hanna isn’t going to argue with her over the phone. If Spencer wants to yell at anyone, call Alison.

Having cooked Andrew dinner as a thank-you for helping with the garden, Spencer rejects Andrew’s attempts to help her clean up. Upset about her phone call to Hanna, Andrew asks if Spencer wants to talk about it, but she just tells him her friend is being an idiot. As Spencer slices her hand open with a knife, Andrew rushes over, asking if she needs him to get anything, she tells him she doesn’t and walks over to the kitchen cabinet to patch herself up. As she looks for a band aid, Spencer finds a bottle of high blood pressure tablets prescribed to her father, the same type of pills that were found in Jessica’s DiLaurentis’ toxicology screen.

After digging through Spencer’s fridge, Aria notices Spencer’s worried face and asks if she’s okay. Spencer tells her that when Ali disappeared, Mrs D told Spencer’s parents that she thought Spencer had something to do with it. Aria tells Spencer that Mrs D knew who hit Ali and that it wasn’t Spencer. Spencer says Jessica was trying to set her up, and she is really worried that her dad tried to stop her. Aria starts to ask Spencer if she thinks her dad killed Jessica, and Spencer confirms Aria’s line of inquiry, “and so does my mom. She practically admitted it”. Peter walks into the kitchen where Spencer tells him Aria is going to stay the night. Spencer then asks where Veronica is, and Peter tells her that she’s not coming home tonight, he dropped her off at a spa for a couple of nights. After Aria excuses herself, Peter tells Spencer that he doesn’t want her calling Veronica because Veronica really needs to relax. Peter says that the police came by to finish up what they were doing and Veronica snapped. Peter tells Spencer not to worry and that it should all blow over and Veronica will be home soon.

Miss Me x 100

Pretty Little Liars S05E05 Spoby.jpg

Spencer and Toby are in Spencer’s kitchen when Toby asks if she wants him to talk to her dad, to which Spencer wishes him good luck, "he's avoiding me like the plague". Toby asks if Alison knows what Peter did to her Jessica and Spencer tells him she cannot tell Alison until she is absolutely certain that her dad killed Alison’s mom. Toby tells her that he finds it hard to picture Alison as a victim, and Spencer says that she seems really genuine when she says that what she's been through changed her, “and I want to believe her”. What Toby guesses that Spencer doesn’t trust Alison, Spencer asks him how she’s supposed to believe a story that she hasn’t been told, “if the truth is in the details, we still don’t know what happened to her”. Toby tells her they wouldn’t be them if they didn’t believe in second chances, but it’s okay to close the door on people if they're toxic. Toby's phone starts ringing and when he says it's Jenna, Spencer comments that she didn’t know the two were talking again, and Toby tells her they’re not, he hasn't spoken with her since she moved to New York. After ending the call, Toby tells Spencer that Shana is dead and that it was murder.

The five girls are in Aria’s living room, where Emily tells Spencer that nobody like lying to Toby, but if he finds out what happened in New York, before she can finish Aria cuts her off, telling Spencer that she should just tell him the truth. Noticing Spencer looking in Alison's direction, Aria tells her that it's her decision, not Alison's. When Spencer tells that girls that Toby said Jenna sounded broken, Emily asks if she is still full on blind, and Spencer nods her affirmative answer. Hanna says that it is pretty clear that Jenna is back to punish them for blinding her and killing Shana, and Spencer agrees, “said with absolutely no tact, but you’re right”. Spencer explains to Aria that the new normal was supposed to be a carefree senior year, when Aria asks about Hanna’s comment on there still being enough time for a hobby.

Spencer, Emily, Hanna and Aria are waiting for Alison to arrive, and after the other girls wonder whether or not Alison’s actually coming, Spencer announces that she thinks she’s here. Finally getting to the other four girls, Alison thanks them for waiting, and all together they make their way into the halls of Rosewood High. After Emily and Alison walk off, Aria circles around in front of Hanna and Spencer, saying that she can’t believe Alison’s actually back in school. Hanna mentions that as abnormal as it is, it actually feels normal, to which Spencer tells her baby steps. Suddenly Spencer is asked to report to the principal's office.

Walking into the principal’s office, Spencer is surprised to find her mother waiting for her. Veronica tells her she’s sorry she has to do this at school, and when Spencer asks her what is going on, Veronica says they have to go home and pack. Spencer’s confused as to why, and Veronica reveals that she’s leaving Spencer’s father, and she’s taking Spencer with her.

In Spencer’s bedroom, Veronica is packing Spencer’s suitcase, while Spencer stands by watching, “is Melissa coming with us?” Veronica doesn’t answer, instead saying Spencer needs a jacket. Veronica tells her that she’ll answer all of Spencer’s questions when they get to the hotel, but right now she needs Spencer to stay focused in helping her get them out of here. Spencer tells Veronica that she needs her to be honest, and Spencer needs to understand what they’re running from. Veronica says that they’re not running, so Spencer reminds her that she pulled her out of school so they could be gone before Peter gets home, “I just want to know the truth!” Relenting, Veronica says that Peter did take her to a Spa, but she never checked in. She explains that she was working with a private investigator and discovered that Peter and Melissa lied about their whereabouts the night Jessica DiLaurentis was killed. Veronica says thought she and Peter had an understanding. Becoming upset, Veronica trails off and moves across the room to Spencer’s wardrobe. Turning to face Spencer, Veronica tells her she wants Spencer to know that she’ll take care of her, and Spencer says “we’ll take care of each other”, before Spencer embraces her mother in a hug.

Hanna can’t believe Spencer can think about homework tonight, or that she’d trust her to get it for her. Spencer says that Hanna was actually the first person she thought of when Veronica said she was leaving Peter. Hanna can’t believe that he would risk everything to kill Mrs D., and Spencer tells her that “the police were asking questions about the girl that was in Ali’s grave, and he was just trying to protect me. He thought Mrs D. was going to set me up to take the fall for it”. Ashley knocks on the door to let Hanna know Travis is downstairs, and asks Spencer if everything is alright at home as she saw Veronica at the Bradbury. Spencer tells her they’re having plumbing issues at home, and Ashley says to tell her mother that she’s here to help if they need anything. After Ashley has left, Hanna says she could have told Ashley the truth, as she would never judge Veronica and Peter for splitting up. Spencer’s not sure why she lied, and admits that she always thought her parents would always stay together. Hanna tells her that she and all their friends are going to be there for her and leans in to hug her.

Looking out Alison’s bedroom window, Spencer watches as Peter turns off her bedroom light, before she sends Veronica a text message saying she’s with the girls and she’ll be at the hotel soon. Alison says she doesn’t think it was a coincidence that she couldn’t reach any of the Liars tonight, and Spencer asks if Alison saw who was driving, and Alison says it couldn’t have been Mona, she had help. Spencer agrees that Mona has no proof of them being in New York, and that she’s just trying to scare Alison, and Alison tells them Mona succeeded, she is scared.

At school the next day, Alison asks how Mona knew they were in New York and Aria responds by telling her she's Mona. What Aria doesn’t understand though is how Mona sent the 'New York minute' text the night they got back into town. On her phone, Spencer says that last week she learnt how to make her own satellite on the web, and when Hanna asks her what she’s going to do with a satellite, Spencer tells them that, “using a Bluetooth sniper rifle, the hacker can receive signals from a thousand yards away. It can be blue-snarfed in seconds, and the entire contents of your phone will be wirelessly uploaded”. Aria asks if Mona blue-snarfed them and Spencer just rolls her eyes and shrugs in response. Walking into the cafeteria, Mona and her army confront the Liars, “we’re not afraid of you Mona”, but Mona comes forward and exposes Alison's lie with a video to prove that Alison slapped her. Following Alison into the girls’ bathrooms, Alison tell the girls that Mona set her up.

In Toby's truck, Spencer has finally confessed everything to Toby, and he asks her what a world without ‘A’ looks like, “well, it turns out the Hastings don’t need ‘A’ to make a mess of it”. She wonders if he is mad at her for waiting so long to tell him. He gives her a look, and asks her to get closer so he can hold her close, telling her that he wants her to know that she is never alone. Leaning up, Spencer kisses him, and it turns into a heavy make out session.

A breaking news story breaks in regards to the identity of the Jane Doe who was buried in Alison's grave, so everyone gathers in Emily's living room. Hanna notices Emily and Alison holding hands and asks Spencer if they're together now. Spencer in return asks if Hanna has been drinking, and when Hanna tells her it was only a sip of beer, Spencer rolls her eyes and focuses back on the television. As the Police Chief says that Bethany Young, the girl in Alison’s grave, ran away the night Alison was allegedly kidnapped, Spencer questions if she heard the Police Chief say ‘allegedly’, correctly. As the Police Chief is finishing up the press conference, a large boom is heard and windows of Emily's lounge room explode. Recovering from the glass blast, Spencer and the others walk out onto the street to find the Cavanaugh house on fire and rubble lying all over the road, “Toby, your house”. Caleb wonders if there is anyone inside, so Toby runs towards the house to check, while Spencer anxiously pleads with him to stay with her. After Toby has run off to see if anyone was inside the Cavanaugh home, the Liars' cell phones all start beeping and ringing.

Run, Ali, Run

Pretty Little Liars S05E06 Spencer.jpg

The Liars' cell phones are beeping and ringing with an incoming text message, and Alison says that it is from A, and when Ezra asks what it says, Aria reads it out loud, "Did you miss me, bitches. -A". Hanna asks Spencer where Toby is, and Spencer says that she doesn't know, before a second explosion inside the Cavanaugh house occurs leaving Spencer and the others ducking for cover.

In Emily's bedroom, Spencer is on the phone with Toby asking him to call her later. Ending the call, Aria asks what Toby said, and Spencer tells them that nobody was inside the house, but Toby's dad broke his leg trying to avoid a tree coming down. When Hanna mentions that it could have been worse, Spencer tells her that Caleb's with them, at the hospital. Alison wonders what the text message they received means, and when Hanna says that 'A' back, Spencer says she thinks that 'A' never left, "I think A took a nap and woke up tonight". Alison wonders why A would resurface now, and Spencer says that's what they have to figure out.

Walking into her bedroom to grab a few school books, Spencer turns around to find Peter standing in her doorway. Surprised, Spencer says she didn't see his car in the driveway, and Peter tells her it's in a garage. When Spencer asks why he isn't at work, Peter says that it's a little hard to concentrate when his wife and daughter are living at a hotel. Telling him that she has class in ten minutes, Spencer tries to walk past him, but Peter blocks her and asks her what is going on, but Spencer tells him he'll have to discuss that with Veronica. Peter tells her he'd love to, but she won't return any of his calls, and Spencer tells him they know he lied about where he and Melissa were the night Mrs DiLaurents died. Peter asks how she knew that, and when Spencer asks "what are you going to do when the cops find out that the pills that killed her are in your medicine cabinet?", Peter asks if Spencer thinks he killed Jessica. Spencer says that she knows he was just trying to protect her, and Peter tells her, damn right he's been trying to protect her, but he would never take a life to cover up something she did. Spencer tells him "I didn't do anything", and Peter says neither did he, before Spencer asks him where he and Melissa were.

In the school cafeteria, Spencer confirms to Aria that Peter and Melissa drove to the lake and talked, "yeah, that's what he said, but he wouldn't say what they talked about or why he lied". Aria asks if Spencer has talked to Melissa, and Spencer says she's left "like five messages". Aria says that Veronica did the right thing by leaving, before her phone rings and she tells Spencer that it's Ezra before answering. After ending the call, Aria tells Spencer that Ezra is trying to find a link between Bethany and Mrs D, and when Spencer asks if he's found one, Aria tells her he hasn't. Spencer queries Aria that she's going over to Ezra's later, and Aria says she's going to help him sort through his files. Spencer wonders if that's the only reason, and when Aria doesn't answer, Spencer asks if there is something going on between the two of them, but Aria tells her no. As Spencer questions Aria why she brought Ezra to Emily's "last night", Aria admits that they had a slip. Putting down her fork, Spencer bewilders, "a slip", before Aria admits that technically it was two slips. A shocked Spencer says that she thought Aria said she'd never go their again, and Aria says that she meant it when she said it, before Spencer asks if she's forgetting about "what he did to you, what he did to us?". Aria tells her no, but Spencer reminds her that she couldn't "eat or sleep for weeks after you found out about that book", and Aria says that he took a bullet for them, but Spencer says it doesn't change the fact that he deceived her for years. Alison, Hanna and Emily join them where Hanna comments about so much for the new normal, and Emily mentions that she knew it was too good to be true, before Spencer comments, "too good to be true, because the last two weeks have been nothing but crap". Hanna asks Spencer if Toby's still at the hospital, and Spencer tells her he is, he's with Jenna and her mom. After her phone goes off, Alison is shocked at what she sees, and with the other Liars leaning in, they watch a snapchat video of Jessica DiLaurentis being buried in the Hastings backyard, along with an 'A' message.

In Hanna's kitchen, Hanna asks if Spencer is okay, and an upset Spencer tells them that "my dad didn't do it. I accused him of murder, but he didn't do it". Hanna says it makes sense as to why she thought he did, and Aria mentions not unless Peter is A, and when Spencer looks over her shoulder to Aria, Aria tells her she's just putting it out there. Spencer says that he can't be, "he thought I killed Alison. Now Bethany", and Hanna mentions that it still doesn't rule out Melissa. Aria comments that Ezra thinks Bethany can ultimately lead them to 'A', and Spencer says that they have to try and help Ezra find out as much as they can. Alison says she's can't stick around for answers, she needs to leave town, and Hanna reminds her that the whole world knows she's alive, to which Spencer asks Alison "even if you could run, where would you hide?"

Waiting at Radley Sanitarium, Spencer overhears Lieutenant Tanner talking a Radley staff member, so she grabs a magazine and sits on the couch to try and obscure herself. As Eddie walks out, Spencer thanks him for coming out and the pair hug. Eddie tells her he as a few minutes before asking how she is doing, and Spencer tells him she's doing well, "well enough to stay out of this place". She asks if he heard about the Cavanaugh settlement, and he tells her he has, and he's glad the family got some money, but Spencer tells him they would have preferred the truth. Eddie also tells Spencer that he heard about Mrs DiLaurentis, and when Spencer says she doesn't really think it was a coincidence that Bethany Young was buried in the DiLaurentis backyard, Eddie says her he doesn't either. Spencer asks if Eddie knew Bethany well, and looking over his shoulder, Eddie tells her that if he did, he can't talk about it. Noticing the security camera, Spencer suggests that they get coffee later, but Eddie tells her he can't about Bethany, or any other patient, not to cops, or reporters, or Spencer. Whispering, Spencer tells Eddie that she knows he has a set of rules he has to stick to, "but somebody very close to me might be framed for her murder. So if you could just tell me anything at all. Like if anybody from Rosewood ever visited her. Or anything, it'd be such a great help". Eddie tells her he wishes he could, and when someone yells out to him saying he has a phone call, he tells Spencer that it was good seeing her.

Spencer and Veronica are sitting down for a meal at the Grille, and Veronica tells Spencer that all her father did was substitute one ridiculous lie for another. Spencer says that maybe she would change her mind if she just talked to him, and Veronica tells her that she can't even look at him right now. Spencer says that she's going to have to, and he at least deserves to know that Veronica is going to leave him, "unless you expect me to deliver that news as well". As Veronica comments that Peter is here, Spencer says that she asked him to come. Vacating her seat, Spencer allows Peter to sit. Watching from the window, Spencer notices Peter take Veronica's hand, and with a small smile, she leaves.

In her bedroom, Spencer picks up a photo of her parents, before sitting down at her laptop and typing 'Bethany Young' into the search bar and scrolling through the webpages. As she clicks on the Radley Sanitarium webpage, Spencer picks up a notebook and starts to jot down some information.

In Emily's bedroom, Alison tells Spencer about her attack in the DiLaurentis house and that it wasn't 'A', and Spencer wonders who would want to scare her. Alison shrugs, and Emily suggests Lucas or Melissa, and when Spencer questions, "Melissa", Emily explains that she's part of Mona's gang. As Aria comes into the bedroom, she wonders who could have done this, and Emily says because Hanna wasn't with Alison, and when Spencer asks where Hanna is, Emily says she didn't call her because she was going to help Alison leave town. Alison tells them not to be pissed at Hanna, and tonight proves she should leave town because they're no closer to finding out who 'A' is. Aria says that may not be true and pulls the picture Ezra was sent out of her handbag and shows Alison, saying that it was from Eddie Lamb. When Spencer asks "Eddie. From Radley?" and Aria confirms it, Spencer gets up from the chair she was sitting on and looks at the picture with Alison and Emily. Emily says that it looks like Bethany didn't like Mrs DiLaurentis much, and Spencer sarcastically asks her, "what gave it away? Was it the demon or the spear". Spencer asks Aria what Eddie said, and Aria says he didn't say anything, he left it anonymously. Emily wonders why Eddie would leave it for Ezra, and Spencer says that Eddie wants Ezra to know that there's something to look into at Radley. Emily says one of them has to get into Radley, and Aria is quick to vote for Spencer, but Spencer says she can't go back in there, she was committed, but she thinks she has a way in. As Alison gets another text message from 'A', Spencer wonders what is worse than death.

In the Brew, Spencer meets up with Veronica, and as Spencer sits Veronica asks if Toby is coming, but Spencer tells her he isn't, he's taking his step-mom over to the Cavanaugh house to see if anything survived the fire. Spencer waits as Veronica answers a phone call, and when she ends it, Spencer asks "was that Dad?", and when Veronica says that it was, Spencer asks if they're moving back home. Veronica tells her they are, and Spencer is visibly elated, before Veronica tells her that Peter is moving out though. Confused, Spencer says that she thought Veronica said everything went well, and that she believed Peter was telling the truth, and Veronica tells her she does believe him. Veronica goes on to say that leaving Peter isn't just about one lie, it's about years of them. When Spencer says she thought they were happy, Veronica tells her they were, some of the time. Spencer pleads with Veronica to give Peter one more chance, but Veronica tells her she already has, too many.

The Silence of E. Lamb

Pretty Little Liars S05E07 057.jpg

Walking past Emily and her mom, Spencer follows Alison into the girls’ bathroom. In the bathroom having told the girls about her mom’s dinner party, Spencer asks Emily what her mom wants with all of them, and Emily tells her she thinks her mom is mostly asking Alison. When Aria says she doesn’t think she’ll be finished at Radley as she can’t just put the Bethany drawing up on a bulletin board with her phone number, and that it may take a while, Spencer reminds her ‘A’ won’t give them a while. Aria asks Spencer if she’s going to Ezra’s later to help him move his research and spy stuff, to which Spencer tells her “sure”, before telling Emily she’ll try and make the dinner.

Walking over to the barn, Spencer greets Melissa and asks when she got back, and when Melissa says last night, Spencer asks where Peter is, to which Melissa tells her he’s at her apartment. Spencer asks if Peter is okay, and Melissa tells her he is, for the moment. Melissa asks if Spencer has been in the barn lately, and Spencer tells her no, no one has, “not since mom fired my sober buddy”, and after asking Melissa why, Melissa comments that he may have been sober, but he was a lousy housekeeper and he left food out. Spencer tells Melissa that Peter wants to sell the house, and Melissa thinks maybe they should, but Spencer tells her that the house is their home. Melissa tells Spencer that she’ll through the garbage she is holding out and then they’ll talk, and as she starts to walk past, Spencer grabs the bag off her. Asking what is in the bag, Spencer opens it up, and drops it to the ground with a gasp. Shaking her head, Melissa picks up the dead rat in the trap that was in the bag and tells Spencer that she told her Dean left food out.

Knocking, Spencer asks Ezra if he’s ready when he opens his apartment door, and telling her he is, Ezra lets her in. Walking into the apartment, Spencer comments wow, and when Ezra asks her what is wow, she tells him, “nothing. I just, wow. I forgot how enthusiastic you were about watching things”. Ezra asks her if she’s heard from Aria, and when Spencer tells him she just talked to her, Ezra says that they should have waited, and that he could take talked to Eddie himself once the police finish. Spencer tells him from her experience with Eddie Lamb, “he’s much less likely to talk to you after the police leave”, to which Ezra says that Eddie must know something, he left the picture on his doorstep. Spencer goes on to say Eddie is big on self-preservation, and seeing the concerned look on Ezra's face, she reassures him that Aria will be fine, and that Aria told her not to let Ezra do any heaving lifting. As Spencer is carrying a metal briefcase towards the door, Ezra asks if she parked downstairs, and she tells him she parked around the corner before commenting that she hopes his friend’s shed has a lot of room, “it’s a little bit more than Aria let on”. Seeing Ezra play with a piece of camera equipment, Spencer asks him if he’d let her borrow one of the cameras as there’s somebody she wants to keep an eye on, and after a moment, Ezra tells her that it will be no problem.

At Ezra's friend's shed, Spencer thanks him for showing up on the roof in New York, and Ezra tells her it’s turning into his greatest hit, before Spencer says that it was “pretty impressive”. Ezra tells Spencer that even with all the boxes and all the words, he didn’t even write the book he wanted to write, and when Spencer asks him what he wanted to write about, he tells her he wanted to write about his family, and his parents divorce. Ezra tells Spencer that he was going to figure it all out on paper, and Spencer tells him families can be hard. Ezra then mentions that he decided to write a book on a mystery he thought he could solve, but not only didn’t he solve it, he probably made it worse, to which Spencer tells him she knows that feeling, “the camera if for my sister. She’s connected to all this. Just have to figure out how”. Ezra suggests that maybe they should just put down the puzzles and walk away, and Spencer tells him when he figures out how to do that, “give me a call”.

In Spencer’s bedroom, Spencer is flipping through Bethany’s sketch book that Aria took from Rhonda, and she tells Aria that she knows it was her idea, but “you cannot go back to Radley”, to which Aria tells her she has to as Rhonda may know who visited Bethany and who Bethany’s friends were. Finding a ripped page, Spencer asks to see the drawing that Eddie left for Ezra, and they work out that the Mrs DiLaurentis drawing was the last thing she drew, and that she must have left Radley after drawing the picture. Spencer wonders “did she leave hours later? Weeks? Days?” and Aria questions how she ended up at the DiLaurentis house. Going through the earlier drawings, Spencer comments that they’re “so normal”, and it’s just what you would draw in an art class. As they continue to go through the drawings, Aria asks how Spencer went today, with Ezra, and as Spencer tells her it was fine, before Aria wonders if Spencer said anything about what Aria told Spencer about her and Ezra, and Spencer questions, “why would I slip you into a conversation? You guys have done enough slipping on your own”. Spencer and Aria watch as Bethany’s drawings get darker in content, and getting to one drawing, Aria comments that it looks like a Chagall, but Spencer mentions that it’s not flying, and as she turns the page vertically, says “she’s falling”. As Spencer tells Aria to look at the vines and the bars on the windows, Aria wonders if it’s someone falling at Radley, with Spencer questioning, “Toby’s mother?” Aria wonders if Bethany saw that, only for Spencer to say she either saw it or heard about it, and Aria wonders if Spencer thinks Bethany was the fragile patient that was on the roof with Toby’s mother that night, before Spencer asks who else knew Bethany at Radley. Flipping over the page, the girls find a picture of Jessica DiLaurentis with demon horns, and Spencer says that Mrs DiLaurentis was on the board, and she was part of the cover up. Aria concludes that Bethany left Radley and then she went looking for Mrs DiLaurentis, and Spencer finishes her thought process, “and found someone waiting for her with a shovel”. Aria thinks maybe that person was ‘A’, and Spencer tells her that she has to show the pictures to Toby, only for Aria to tell her to take a picture, she’s got to get the book back under the mattress before Big Rhonda finds out it’s missing.

As Melissa walks down the stairs having taken up food to Veronica, Spencer asks if Veronica ate anything, but Melissa tells her just some salad. Melissa mentions that she tried to coax Veronica into eating, but she doesn’t have any appetite, and Spencer says that “she knows whose side you’re on”. Melissa says she’s not on anyone’s side, but Spencer doesn’t believe it, reminding her that she’s letting Peter stay in her apartment. Melissa asks what she was supposed to do, send Peter to a hotel because Spencer and Veronica are mad with him, but Spencer defensively tells her, “I’m not mad at him. I’m just trying to figure out who he is, and who you are, and what mom and I are up against”, before Melissa points out that Spencer is taking Veronica’s side. Melissa tells Spencer that the two of them fighting isn’t helping anything, it’s bad enough between Veronica and Peter, and that parents are not supposed to stop loving each other. Spencer tells her that this isn’t about love, because “if it were about love, then, there wouldn’t be bodies buried in backyards up and down the street. This is about lies, and whispered conversations that stop when somebody walks into a room”. Spencer goes on to say it’s about Alison, and what really happened to her, “and what happened to that poor girl who ended up in her grave”. Getting emotional, Melissa tells Spencer she’s right, but it’s still about love, and sometimes people do things they can’t explain, things that they regret, but it is still about love. After Melissa has walked out of the great room, Spencer’s iPad beeps in her bag, and getting up to grab it, she clicks on the security camera footage and watches as Melissa walks into the barn.

Lying on her bed, Spencer watches the security camera footage, before getting up and walking over to her window. Looking out across to Alison’s bedroom, Spencer turns her attention back to her iPad when it beeps and clicking on the live play, she watches as somebody walks across the backyard. Pausing the footage and zooming in, Spencer watches as the person materialises into Alison.

In the Hastings’ kitchen, Aria and Emily watch the security video of Alison, and Aria asks where Alison is going and if Spencer saw her come back, but Spencer “not yet”. Emily tells Spencer and Aria about Hanna’s drinking, and that Hanna is mad at Emily so she may not even show up, but Spencer says she has to show up, “we have to figure out what Ali’s up to”. All three girls’ phones start beeping and ringing with an incoming text message, and after reading it, they look up to Hanna who has just arrived. After Aria asks if Hanna got the text message, and Hanna telling them no, Spencer hands her phone off to Hanna where Hanna reads it aloud, “New York, New York, it’s a hell of a town. Ali’s keeping secrets, maybe that’s because of Hanna’s big mouth. –A”, before Spencer asks Hanna, “care to fill us in?”

Scream For Me

Pretty Little Liars S05E08 Spencer.jpg

In choir class, Spencer and the other Liars sing while keeping an eye on Alison who is being questioned by Lieutenant Tanner in a small room just off of the music room. As class finishes, Emily wonders why Tanner would interview Alison in front of them, and Spencer says to make a point, “and we’re next”. Reaching for her bag, Aria says she’s got to go tell Ezra, and when Spencer tries to get her to wait, Aria says that Ezra needs to know what was broadcast in The Brew so he’s not ambushed if Tanner decides to question him while he’s having a medical check-up in New York. Alison, having grabbed her sheet music book walks back over to the girls, and after Emily asks her what is wrong, Alison wonders when someone had the opportunity to mark her book. Spencer asks if she had her bag on her all morning, and Alison tells her she did. Hanna grabs Alison’s sheet music book, and when Hanna says she doesn’t get it, Spencer explains that someone has circled all the A’s. After seeing a reaction on Spencer, Hanna and Emily’s faces, Alison asks if there is something else, so Spencer reads out what they found, “glad to hear you singing. Last time you were all choked up. –A”. Looking over their shoulders, the girls look around the music room to see who could have left the note for Alison.

Spencer and Emily walk through the halls of Rosewood High, and Emily comments that it’s not an outrageous theory and that Mona may have recruited half of the school to torture Alison. Spencer mentions that it’s not just Alison, they are all hearing from ‘A’ again and they still have no idea who was in The Brew with Hanna and Sydney, before Emily says that maybe Sydney can help them. At Hanna’s locker, an empty beer can falls out and Spencer questions if Hanna is collecting it for recycling. Emily wonders what is going on with Hanna and when Hanna asks what she’s talking about, Spencer tells her that yesterday her blouse was on inside out and today her locker smells like Oktoberfest. When Hanna asks if Spencer is the hall monitor, Spencer tells her no, “we’re your friends and we’re a little bit concerned”. Hanna tells Spencer that the can isn’t even hers and that Caleb probably put it in her bag, and when Spencer gives Hanna a look, Hanna tells Spencer not to start, she already has one friend throwing her shade. Emily asks Hanna if she’s apologised to Aria and when Hanna mentions that she left a message, Spencer tells her that they heard the message and it sounded like Hanna was underwater and Caleb was laughing in the background. Hanna comments that Caleb’s laughter was because he was watching a man eat his own beard on YouTube, and calling the act classy, Spencer says Hanna may need to apologise again, before Emily adds that Hanna also needs to apologise to Alison as she nearly outed her in front of Pam. As the school bell rings, Spencer suggests they just finish this at lunch, but Hanna says that she has other plans.

As Toby is going through Bethany’s drawings on Spencer’s phone, Spencer mentions that it just gets more twisted, and if Bethany was the one who pushed his mother off the roof, and Mrs DiLaurentis covered for it, then she doesn’t understand why Bethany would draw pictures of Mrs DiLaurentis getting skewered by a demon. Spencer goes on to wonder why Bethany would turn on Mrs DiLaurentis and if ‘A’ played any part in it, “because right now the only common denominator between Bethany and Mrs D is A”. Apologising to Toby, Spencer says she knows he wanted to put Radley behind him, but Toby tells her he can’t put it behind him until it’s over, and it’s not. Getting up off his stool, Toby says that it may be soon, once he’s asking questions from the inside, and after he opens the fridge, Spencer questions what he means, “the inside of what?”, before Toby wonders if both of her parents moved out. Spencer tells him that her mom isn’t sitting down for a meal, “barely even eating”. Toby tells Spencer that her parents will work through it, they have a lot of history together, but Spencer tells him it's history that is splitting them up. Spencer reposes her question of what he meant by the inside, and Toby tells her the police department, and that he enrolled in the Harrisburg police academy. Laughing, Spencer comments that he wouldn’t do that, “why would you do that without telling me?”, and Toby tells her he didn’t because he anticipated her warm and encouraging response. When Spencer tells him he can’t just become a policeman, Toby asks her why not, before saying that he thought the uniform was a turn on, but Spencer tells him no, “is this why you cut your hair?” Spencer tells Toby that people do not just up and join a police academy, but Toby tells Spencer that they do when they’re tired of watching people they love feel unprotected. Toby goes on to say that the cops in Rosewood are either bungling or corrupt, and wouldn’t it be refreshing to have someone inside that building who actually cares, somebody who will have access to all those police records.

On the phone with Aria, Spencer listens as Aria tells her that she’ll never get back into Big Rhonda’s room, and when Spencer asks if they fired her, Aria say that she didn’t kill her, she just gave her a freakin’ root beer. Spencer asks what the name of the stables is, and Aria says that she doesn’t know, but they can figure it out. Aria questions how many stables are near Louisburg, and Spencer mentions that it’s “called horse country for a reason”.

In the music room at Rosewood High, Spencer puts away a music stand as Emily is talking with an administrator. Emily tells Spencer that the administrator wanted to know why Hanna was absent, and when Spencer asks what Emily said, Emily comments that she said she doesn’t know, before saying that Hanna is just trying to avoid Aria. Spencer says that avoiding is not returning a call, “chasing down your morning muffin with malt liquor, that’s something else”. Spencer goes on to say that if Hanna won’t listen to them, someone has to talk to Caleb. Emily gets a text message, and tells Spencer that Aria found out the name of the stables, and Spencer says they should go after school. When Emily asks what exactly they would be looking for, Spencer mentions that they always thought that Mrs D was protecting however hit Ali out of love. What if it was out of fear?” Spencer goes on to ask what if this person has someone on her, and Emily questions if they are now thinking that Bethany hit Alison. As Hanna walks into class, Spencer asks where has been, and Hanna says that she fell asleep in Caleb’s car. As Emily tries to get a crispy treat out of Hanna’s hair, Spencer asks why she is napping at 10am, and snapping, Hanna says that she couldn’t sleep, and that she has a new roommate named Alison and that there is other stuff too. Spencer asks what other stuff Hanna has going on, and after Emily makes a comment about ‘A’, Hanna tells them that it’s not ‘A’, but she had a really weird moment with Emily’s boss last night. Hanna explains that she went to the Brew to get a sandwich and he got a little bit too friendly. Spencer asks Hanna if she’s sure she’s “not reading into this”, and Hanna tells her no, before Spencer questions if she was buzzed. Standing up, Hanna says they should just forget she said anything, and when Emily tries to get her to wait, Hanna tells them that the only reason she said anything is because part of her wants to tell Aria, but if the two of them don’t believe her. After Emily cuts Hanna off, Spencer says that if Hanna misinterpreted what happened at all, “you don’t want to be putting it out there two days before this guy’s engagement party”.

At Tilting Windmill Equestrian Center, Spencer and Emily walk up to a guy named Declan, and Spencer explains that the lady said he was the guy to talk to for lessons. When Declan says that he doesn’t work with beginners, Spencer tells him she’s not, and that she’s had eight years of English. Spencer mentions that they’ve heard that this place is really great, and that their neighbour used to ride up here, “Jessica DiLaurentis. She might not have been up here for a while, but there was this horse, Custard”. Declan asks Emily if she’s up here on some sort of dare because she looks spooked around Zara, but Spencer steps in says that she’s not spooked, just shy. After Declan has untied Zara and taken her into the stables, Spencer turns to Emily and asks if she’s mute.

Walking up to Declan, Spencer comments that they are “still here”, and that they are curious as to if they ever let people adopt the horses. Declan says that it has been done a few times, special cases, before saying that the lady they are talking about came up to Tilting Windmill with the strange girl. When Spencer questions, “Bethany?”, Declan says that he doesn’t remember names, but after the bucket incident, he doesn’t think they ever came back. Spencer wonders if it were always the two of them, or perhaps there was a third person, “another blonde girl who called Mrs DiLaurentis, mom”, but Declan tells her that a lot of people come through the center and he doesn’t take attendance. As Spencer and Emily turn to walk off, Emily questions Spencer why she asked if Alison had come up to the stables, especially after Alison told them she never met Bethany, to which Spencer reminds Emily that Alison has told them a lot of things. When Emily asks Spencer where she is going with her inquiry, Spencer says that she doesn’t know and that she just thought it would be worth it to float the question. Emily comments that it’s about to start pouring and that they should go, but Spencer tells her no, she has to take a look around first.

In the stables, Spencer is going through a visitors list, and when Emily says that they’re not going to list every visitor, Spencer says that she does no know that, “and I’m looking for Alison’s handwriting”. After Emily has walked into a stall, she picks up a riding helmet, and Spencer asks if she’s found something before asking why it is in the stall. When Emily asks what she means, Spencer doesn’t answer, but continues to look at the riding helmet before saying that “this is my sisters”. Telling Emily to look at the initials, Spencer says that she recognised the riding creases from where they used to take lessons, “but what is it doing here?” As a horse in the next stall starts acting up, Emily asks what he is doing, and Spencer explains that it is the thunder. Emily comments that they should go, but Spencer tells her no, not yet. Emily tells Spencer that she can take the riding helmet with her, to which Spencer mentions that she wants to check the list again, “maybe Melissa signed in with a different name”. Emily goes to leave, but comments that the gate is locked, before asking how they are supposed to get out. The horse in the next stall starts to kick at the fence, and looking up, Spencer tells Emily to quickly grab the other end of the ladder, and that they need to push it up against the gate. As the horse kicks the fence, a piece of wood snaps off and hits Spencer in the eye. While Emily is holding Spencer, the horse kicks the railing again and with the force of the kick and the ladder, the gate is forced open. Picking up the riding helmet, Spencer and Emily run from the stables.

Wetting a cloth, Spencer holds it to her eye and as there is a knock on the great room doors of the Hastings house, Spencer walks over to open it, but cannot see who is standing there because her vision is blurred. Finally recognising Toby, Spencer lets him again, where he tells Spencer that he got her message and then proceeds to ask what happened to her eye. Spencer tells him that something to stuck in it and she’s trying to get it out, and when Toby asks her what he can smell, Spencer tells him that it’s manure. Spencer explains that she and Emily went over to the stables Mrs DiLaurentis used to take Bethany, and when Toby asks if they found something, Spencer says that Bethany apparently didn’t like to be bribed, “and my sisters riding helmet was there”. Toby asks if Melissa has also been up there, and Spencer tells him it’s a possibility, or ‘A’ planted it. Toby again asks what happened to Spencer’s eye, and she tells him that they got locked in a stall and the horse next to them went psychotic and “we got really close to being kicked to death”. Toby wonders if ‘A’ has taken credit for what happened yet, and when Spencer mentions his name, Toby tells her he’s so tired of feeling like this. As Spencer asks him “feeling like what?” Toby tells her, powerless. Spencer says that’s what she wanted to call and tell him, and when Toby wonders if she was going to tell him that she was lucky she didn’t get trampled, Spencer tells him no, “to tell you that I’m sorry”. Toby kneels down in front of her and asks what she is talking about and Spencer tells him that if becoming a cop is going to put an end to this “then I says go. Study hard. Graduate early. Because coming back to this house, with my parents split up. Melissa being a part of this, I just”. Trailing off, Spencer tells Toby that it’s getting “so much worse”, and having taken the cloth from Spencer, Toby hold it to her eye and rests his forehead against hers.

Spencer walks into Alison’s bedroom, and Emily asks if she’s heard from Aria, but Spencer tells her no, “I just got off the phone with Hanna though”. Spencer asks Alison what is with the cop car in her driveway, and Alison says the cop brought her hear so he could get her dad’s numbers in Westport, and so Alison could pack up a few more things. Emily asks Spencer how Hanna’s mom is, and Spencer tells her that Ashley is a basket case, before questioning Alison if this is how it’s going to be from now on, “our parents are going to be physically attacked too”. Going on to say this is not the same ‘A’ who got their jollies by breaking into their lockers and leaving nasty notes, this ‘A’ is, but before Spencer can finish, Alison tells them it was Noel Kahn. Alison says that she asked Noel to break into Hanna’s house, and that she needed someone who mattered, someone like Hanna’s mom to stop questioning what happened to her. When Spencer asks why she would do that, Alison says that it worked.

March of Crimes

Pretty Little Liars S05E09 131.jpg

Alison is putting some clothes away in Hanna’s wardrobe when Emily asks her why Noel would help her break into the Marin house, before Spencer asks how he would have explained himself if he was caught, “I’m sorry Mrs Marin, I just needed to borrow a butcher knife”. Turning around, Alison tells Spencer’s she a little loud, to which Spencer comments that Alison is “a little crazy”. Emily mentions that Spencer’s eye is getting worse, but Spencer says that she can see plenty out of the other one. After Hanna walks into her bedroom, Alison mentions that Tanner is trying to poke holes in their story, and correcting her, Spencer tells Alison that it is her story. Alison’s phone rings and Spencer questions if it’s Noel, “is that who you’ve been sneaking out of your house in the middle of the night to meet?” Alison asks Spencer what that’s supposed to mean, before wondering if she has been spying on her. When Alison doesn’t get an answer, she says that maybe now they’ll understand why she turned to Noel, and at least someone still has her back. As Alison starts walking out of Hanna’s bedroom, Emily asks her where she is going, and Alison says that she’s going to call her dad back, she’d like to do it outside, before questioning if Spencer is going to follow her or if she already has a camera set up for that. Peering out of the door frame after Alison leaves, Spencer mentions to Emily and Hanna and she never answered that question about Noel, and the only thing she can’t figure out is how he had time to “break into this place and lock us in those stables”. Emily tells Spencer that it wasn’t Noel’s helmet in those stables and they should be wondering if Melissa, but before Emily can finish, Spencer cuts her off and says that her sister wasn’t the one who hired Noel Kahn to terrorise Hanna’s mother, and that Alison has clearly gone rogue. As Emily says that she walked in on Alison being choked and it wasn’t Noel, Spencer asks if she’s sure. Noticing Hanna drinking from a flask, Spencer tells her to take it easy, but Hanna says last time she checked they were still in her bedroom. Hanna mentions that even the doorknob smells of Alison, to which Spencer wonders why Hanna was smelling the doorknob. Emily gets a text message from her mother and says that she has to leave, and when Hanna begs to go with her, Emily tells Spencer to make sure Hanna doesn’t drink and dial.

At her locker, Spencer sends Emily a text message, “just saw Noel. He’s def here today”, and after pocketing her phone and closing her locker, Spencer turns around to see Alison approaching her. Alison questions if Spencer is next, and when Spencer asks her “what?”, Alison explains that Tanner is at school again. As Alison says that if Tanner gets one of them to cave, and as she trails off, Spencer says that she’s not caving. Alison wonders about Aria, as she’s totally icing them out, before asking if there is something going on between her and Hanna. Spencer says that she doesn’t know, and Alison mentions that neither does Hanna, or at least that’s what she says. Spencer wonders how long Alison is going to be staying with Hanna, and where her dad is, and Alison says that she played down what happened last night so he wouldn’t rush back. Seeing Spencer’s face, Alison adds that it’s not like she feels safe in her bedroom, before Spencer says that she needs to go to class and that she needs to leave early to go see the eye doctor. As Spencer starts walking off, Alison calls out to her, and mentions that if one of them falls, they all fall, and ‘A’ wins. Looking past Alison, Spencer notices Hanna stumbling in, and when she asks Alison if her and Hanna came to school together. Alison tells Spencer no, Caleb dropped Hanna off, and comments that Hanna should be the one who Spencer follows.

As Caleb lets Spencer into his cabin, she wonders if Toby has been up there recently. Caleb tells her no and asks why, and Spencer wonders, “how about the board of health?” Caleb comments that he was going to straighten up after he took a shower, before offering Spencer a seat, but Spencer tells him she can’t, she was just stopping by on her way to the Ophthalmologist. Noticing the frying pan Caleb is holding, she asks if something is growing in it, and looking at the pan, Caleb mentions that Hanna tried to make nachos. Spencer tells Caleb that “this can’t go on”, and Caleb tells her that it is a frying pan and he’ll just buy Toby’s step mom a new one. Spencer comments that she’s talking about Hanna, “she’s a mess, and she’s been that way ever since you got back”. Caleb mentions that he thinks Spencer has him confused with Alison, and Spencer tells him she knows the difference. Spencer begins to say that Hanna is getting wasted in the middle of the day, and cutting in, Caleb saying that she’s not wasted, but going on, Spencer says that Hanna is crashing into people that she cares about. When Spencer says she understands Hanna not wanting to toast Zack tonight, Caleb questions what Hanna has against Zack, to which Spencer corrects herself and says she meant Aria and Aria’s family. As Caleb tells Spencer that she’s going to have to draw him a map, Spencer tells him that he’s not dense, “you know what we’re up against. ‘A’ is back and the cops are circling us with a million questions”. Spencer mentions that Hanna cannot be stumbling around the halls of school like she’s been on a bender in Cancun, to which Caleb questions her what is wrong with Cancun, and for her not to knock it until she’s been there. Spencer says that Hanna is making some scary mistakes, and when Caleb says that she’s a big girl, Spencer goes on to say that she’s also a loose cannon and he is supplying her with gun powder. When Caleb asks her what, Spencer points out that Hanna isn’t drinking alone. Spencer begins to say she doesn’t know what happened while Caleb was away, and cutting her off Caleb tells her she’s right, she doesn’t know the first thing about it. Going on, Spencer says that it none of her business, “and maybe I’m not one to judge”, but the thing is she always thought Caleb was the best thing to ever happen to Hanna, “and it really hurts to watch you guys fight whatever is eating at you like this”. As Spencer says that he and Hanna used to draw strength from each other and now she doesn’t get what is happening, Caleb tells her he has to take a shower.

At the Optometrists office, a nurse puts some drops in Spencer’s eyes and tells her that she can sit out in the waiting room and relax while her pupils dilate. Grabbing her phone, Spencer goes through her call history, but her vision is blurring. Looking around the waiting room in a blur, Spencer lightly rubs her eye before trying to focus on her hand which is blurry. Looking over at the reception table, Spencer notices two Jenna’s, and grabbing her phone, she goes to take a photo, but Jenna and Jenna are not in the frame when Spencer goes to check the snapshot.

Walking into a consulting room, Spencer calls Emily, and after Emily asks if she can call her right back, Spencer tells her no. Emily mentions that she is in Noel’s car, but Spencer tells her that “Jenna is here, okay. With another Jenna”. Emily asks Spencer what, and Spencer explains that they gave her these eye drops and she thought that she was hallucinating but she’s not. Emily mentions that she got Noel’s keys out of his locker and she searched his car, and that he was pictures of Alison from when she was dead. Spencer tells Emily that it makes no sense, and Emily wonders if seeing two Jenna’s does. Spencer asks Emily to define “dead”, and Emily tells her the last two years of Alison’s life, before Spencer wonders why Noel would even have that stuff. Spencer tells Emily that she needs to her to come right “here”, and when Emily says that she can’t, Spencer says that her eyes are not playing tricks on her and “something freaky is happening”. After Emily drops out, Spencer redials her number and turning around, Spencer notices an ‘A’ message on the letter chart, “CAN UCME YET A”.

Back in the waiting room, Spencer is pacing when Emily rushes in and asks Spencer which room the chart was in. Telling Emily to “shhh”, Spencer tells her that they are in there, and when Emily asks who is in there, Spencer says, “Jenna…. And Jenna”. Reaching into her bag, Emily asks if Spencer wants to see what she found, but Spencer tells her no, “I can’t even see my feet right now”. Hearing a walking stick, Spencer turns around, and Emily recognises Sydney as the second Jenna. Emily wonders when Jenna and Sydney became friends, and when Jenna tries to get Sydney to walk away with her, Spencer tells Sydney that Emily asked her a question. Stepping in, Jenna says that it sounded more like an accusation, and when Emily asks Sydney why she never mentioned she and Jenna were friends, Jenna comments that maybe it never came up. Spencer tells Jenna that maybe she should let Sydney speak for herself, and when Jenna questions Spencer, Spencer comments that “when you ask the organ grinder a question you don’t really want to hear from the monkey”. Jenna asks Sydney if they can please leave, and when Emily tries to get them to wait, Jenna wonders how long it is going to take them to realise that they are nervous around the wrong person, and that she’s not Alison.

Walking into her family’s lake house, Spencer turns on the lights, and opening a drawer of a cabinet, she goes to stash Noel’s tapes and photos. Hearing a creaking sound, Spencer looks around the room, before closing the drawer and moving over to a bureau. Placing the envelope inside, Spencer takes the key from the hutch, and pocketing it she turns around. Noticing feet move under one of the sheets draping an armchair, Spencer grabs a fire stoke and pulls the protective sheet from the armchair. Stumbling backwards in surprise, Noel calls surprise, before Spencer asks him what he is doing “here”. As Noel asks her for the key, Spencer tells him to get out, “I swear Noel get the hell out or I’ll”, but before she can finish, Noel cuts in and wonders if she’ll call the cops questioning if she’s sure she want the cops to see what she’s hiding. Spencer tells him to “get out of here, now!”, before Noel comments that she breaks into his car, steals something from him and he’s the bad guy. Noel again asks for the key and Spencer asks him why he even has that stuff, “we know that it was you who broke into Hanna’s house. We know they you’re helping Alison”. Telling Spencer that she knows nothing, Noel demands Spencer give him the key and as he reaches for the fire stoke, Spencer asks what he’s going to do with the stuff. Spencer demands Noel to talk, and Noel tells her that Alison doesn’t even know he has it, and if Spencer tells her that he does, but before Noel can finish, Spencer asks if he and Alison are working together or not. Noel explains that their friend likes to throw away people when she’s done using them, and he needs to be prepared. Noel says that they aren’t just pictures, it’s proof that she was never kidnapped, and when Spencer questions if Noel is going to blackmail Alison, he tells her that it’s not blackmail, it’s insurance. Spencer wonders where he get the pictures and the tape, and Noel tells her that Shana sent them to Jenna and Alison asked him to borrow them from Jenna’s bedroom. When Spencer asks if he broke into that house too, “when?”, Noel tells her he was in their minutes before it blew up. Noel goes on to say that Alison keeps telling him that he’s lucky he got out when he did, but part of him is starting to wonder if that explosion wasn’t a coincidence. Spencer questions what Alison has on him and why he would do this for her, but Noel tells her enough with the questions, and for her to just give him the key. When Spencer tells him no, Noel demands her give it to him and stepping towards her, Spencer cuts his hand with the fire stoke. Raising the fire stoke ready to strike, Spencer tells Noel that if he tries it again she will slit his face open. As Noel tells Spencer that the stuff is his, Spencer mentions that he’s not the only one who needs insurance, “we need it too, okay”, before promising him that she’ll keep it in a much safer place. Spencer tells Noel to go, and when he doesn’t move, she says it again with much more authority, “go!”

A Dark Ali

Pretty Little Liars S05E10 Spencer.jpg

In Alison’s bedroom, Spencer and the other girls are shocked to hear that Alison said she didn’t know who her ‘kidnapper’ was, and therefore Cyrus Petrillo is still in police custody. When Emily suggests that Alison could have said no, and Alison reminds her that she was ‘blindfolded’, Spencer asks if they seriously have to remind her that she was never actually kidnapped. Emily points out that Cyrus’ confession is A’s doing as he knew about the rock, where she was kept, what she ate, what mattress she slept on, and when Hanna realises that it’s the same story that Alison told the doctor, Spencer says it’s the same story she also told Holbrook the night they got back from New York.

Walking out of the DiLaurentis house, Hanna wonders if it’s weird they haven’t got a text message from ‘A’ yet, to which Aria says that she doesn’t need a creepy text to read the writing on the wall. Emily tells Hanna and Aria to keep their voices down as they walk passed a police car parked outside, and Spencer sarcastically comments that with them there they won’t have to worry about being imaginary kidnapped. Aria mentions that once Tanner finds out the kidnapping story is a lie, it won’t be long before they figure out about New York and Shana. Emily says that Alison isn’t an idiot and she’s not going to walk right into an obvious ‘A’ trap, but Spencer says they don’t know that anymore, “we all heard her in there. She’s gone rogue”. Aria says that someone needs to go back in and make sure that Alison doesn’t ID Cyrus, and Hanna is quick to nominate Emily and Spencer agrees. Emily points out that Spencer is the convincing one, and when Aria mentions that she is the hardest to disappoint, Spencer adds, “it’s about your eyes”. After Emily has walked off, Hanna asks Aria how her mom is, and Aria says that she’s heartbroken. As Hanna comments that it’s so awful, first Aria’s dad cheats on her mom and then her mom’s sleaze bag boyfriend hits on her, Spencer tells Hanna that Aria was there, “she doesn’t need a play-by-play”. When Hanna notices playing toying with an envelope in her bag, she asks what it is, and Spencer explains that it’s Noel Kahn’s insurance policy. As Aria reaches for the envelope, Spencer says it’s everything Shana gave to Jenna that proves Alison was dead, “Ali knew it was out there, she just didn’t tell us about it”. Aria asks Spencer if Alison knows about it, and Spencer tells her no, and that she’s headed to her house to stash it. As Aria wonders if it’s safe for it to be in her house, Spencer tells her that she as a spot. Hanna questions Spencer about her spot, and Spencer says that nobody else knows about it. Hanna says that maybe Spencer should tell them where the spot is, just in case anything would happen to her, but opening the passenger door of Aria’s car, Spencer says goodbye to Hanna. Aria tells Spencer to be careful, and Spencer tells her that she will.

Walking into her bedroom, Spencer, on the phone with Emily, asks how it went with Alison. Emily says that it was unclear and that Mr D kind of kicked her out, before she asks if Spencer found a place for the thing from you know who. Spencer asks if Emily is speaking in code now, and Emily says that it sounds like a good idea. Walking over to her armchair with the envelope, Spencer says that she still needs a more permanent solution, “but I’ve got a temporary one”. Spencer asks Emily what she’s up to, and Emily mentions that she’s avoiding the Brew as much as possible, Zack may have gone back to Austria, but the place is still tainted. Emily asks Spencer if she’s ever tried Blue Lite Café, and when Spencer tells her “no”, Emily tells her not to. Having already taken the seat cushion off the armchair, Spencer lifts a cut out in the lining that reveals a secret compartment, and is shocked it find it empty. Emily asks her what is going on, and Spencer says that it’s gone. Emily asks what’s gone, and Spencer tells her the recording Alison gave her in the medical exam, “it’s gone”. Emily questions if it’s gone as in stolen or gone as in…, and as she’s searching around on the floor, Spencer tells Emily that this is not code, “it’s gone as in it’s not here”. Placing her phone down on the carpet, Spencer is crawling around on the floor, searching for the recording when Melissa walks in and asks if she needs any help. Sitting up and turning around, Spencer says she thought Melissa had left already, to which Melissa tells her that they forgot the grocery list. When Melissa wonders if Spencer is looking for something, or just redecorating, Spencer tells her she just dropped her pen. Spencer asks what Melissa wants, and Melissa tells her that Veronica wanted her to try and see if Spencer would like anything special for dinner tonight. As Spencer’s phone starts ringing with an incoming call, Melissa picks it up off the floor and hands it to Spencer, telling her to take it, and that she’ll wait. Answering the call, Spencer tells Emily that she’ll have to call her back later, before the caller starts playing Alison’s voice recording. As Spencer ends the call, Melissa asks if something is wrong, and Spencer tells Melissa to “tell mom that we’re out of peanut butter”. After Melissa has walked out of her room, Spencer receives a text message, “Check mate. –A”.

In her car, Spencer drives past Hanna and Caleb who are running. Pulling over, Spencer gets out of her car and comments that when Mrs Marin said Hanna was out on a run she thought she was joking, only for Hanna to tell her that seeing is believing. Spencer asks if Caleb can give them a second, but Hanna tells Spencer no. When Spencer questions “no?”, Hanna tells her that they’re doing a loop. Spencer says that “this is important”, and when Hanna doesn’t say anything, Spencer goes on to say that she stayed up all night looking through the surveillance footage of her backyard trying to figure out who took the recording of Alison. Hanna tells Spencer that whatever it is, she just not interested, and when Spencer mentions that she doesn’t even know what “it is” yet, Hanna says that she has to be at the audition in an hour, and as she has to. As Hanna starts to run off, Spencer asks her what audition, and questions if Hanna is seriously running away, “I’m fast than you, and I have a car!” Caleb tells Spencer to lay off it, and when Spencer asks what’s going on, Caleb tells her that she asked him to help Hanna, and that’s what he’s doing.

In Aria’s bedroom, Spencer tells Aria to “just watch the bushes” as they look through the surveillance footage of the Hastings’ backyard. Aria asks who the person coming out of the bushes is, and Spencer tells her to just watch. As Aria questions that Melissa just gave the guy something, Spencer says that “that’s not all”, and zooming in on the footage, Spencer tells Aria to watch what Melissa is saying, “do it. Trust me. Do it”. Aria asks when the video was recorded and Spencer tells her three nights ago, less than 24 hours before Cyrus Petrillo confessed. Aria wonders if Spencer thinks the guy in the Hastings’ backyard is Alison’s fake kidnapper, and Spencer says they already know Melissa is working for Mona, so why not ‘A’ to. Aria wonders if Spencer thinks Melissa sent her that text, and Spencer tells her maybe, “she always liked chess”. Spencer says that they cannot take any more chances and that they have to cut the cord with Alison before she drags them down with her. Aria asks what Spencer is saying, and Spencer tells her that they use what they got from Noel, “the pictures, the conversation with Shana”, as they prove that Alison was alive and decidedly un-kidnapped for the past two years. Aria questions how that help them, and Spencer tells her that they go to Tanner and they tell her the truth, “that we thought that Ali was dead up until Ravenswood. The only thing we know the past two years is whatever Ali told us. That she lied to us, just like she lied to them”. Aria wonders about New York, and that they can’t just come half clean, and Spencer says that she knows, “but we tell her what happened there too. That it was self-defense and you were protecting us. That’s the truth”. Aria says that the truth doesn’t amount to much when it comes from a bunch of liars, and that the whole reason she’s freaking out about the Cyrus thing is because it could lead Tanner to the Theater. When Aria questions if Spencer wants to beat ‘A’ to the punch, Spencer tells her exactly, “because it’s better if they find out from us”.

Spencer is sitting on Emily’s bedroom floor when Emily walks is and says that Spencer was supposed to meet her outside her house, not in her room. Spencer says that Emily’s mom let her in on her way out, “she made me some snacks”. As Spencer offers Emily a carrot stick, Emily tells her that she doesn’t want Noel’s stuff in her house, and if it’s not safe at Spencer’s, than it’s not safe at hers. Spencer’s phone rings, and when Emily asks if it’s ‘A’ again, Spencer tells her that it’s Noel Kahn, “he wants his loot back”. Emily tells Spencer not to answer, but Spencer says she has to, “we might need him”, and that he may have more pictures or information that they can use. Emily reaches for Spencer’s phone and wonders what they could use more information for, turn on their friend. Declining the call, Emily goes on to say that Aria filled her in on Spencer’s great idea, and it’s not going to happen. Emily says that they should be burning the photos, and as she goes to reach for one, Spencer snaps her hand down on the photo, “Ali is not our friend right now. She’s a dangerous person who has no problem gambling with our lives”. Emily says that Alison isn’t dangerous, she’s hurt, and when Spencer questions her, Emily says that Alison doesn’t want her to tell anyone. As Emily gather’s up the photos, Spencer says that of course Alison doesn’t, “it’s always the same with you two, isn’t it?”, to which Emily tells Spencer to trust her, and that Alison’s not doing to ID Cyrus. Going on, Emily says that Alison is going to wait out the 48 hours and after that the cops have to let him go and it’s all over, and when Spencer asks if Emily believes her, “after all the lies she’s told?”, Emily says she does. As Spencer shakes her head, Emily tells her that Alison is not the problem, Melissa is, and that she’s the one who gave Cyrus the recording of Ali’s medical exam. Emily tells Spencer that she did her part, she talked to Alison, now if Spencer really wants to help, she has to talk with Melissa.

Sneaking quietly into her house, Spencer jumps when Melissa walks out of the shadows of the kitchen and asks if she found what she was looking for. Spencer mentions that she’s missing her blue sweater and she thought it may have ended up in the barn. Melissa asks if she had any luck, and Spencer tells her “no not really”, before telling Melissa that she saw her computer, “I know you’re looking up flights. London, Zurich, Taiwan”. When Spencer asks if she’s planning a vacation or running away, Melissa questions how that is any of her business, and Spencer wonders, “I don’t know, is it?”, before revealing that she knows Melissa is helping Mona. Spencer wonders if someone is making Melissa do something she doesn’t want to do and if she’s trying to run away, and Melissa questions if this is what it has come to, them searching each others rooms, looking for answers to questions they’re too afraid to ask. Melissa explains that she only helped Mona because she wanted Spencer to see that Alison hasn’t changed, and that she is as toxic as ever. Melissa says that they both know Alison wasn’t kidnapped, but sooner or later she is going to get what she deserves, and when it happens, she doesn’t want Spencer standing too close. Spencer questions if it’s all sisterly concern, and when Melissa asks if that’s so hard to believe. Stepping closer, Spencer asks Melissa what she did, “and I’m asking you, to your face this time”, but Melissa says that she can’t tell her, not yet. As Melissa begins to walk off, Spencer comments that Melissa is her sister, and questions if that means nothing to her, but Melissa tells her she should know that honesty does not come easy for their family. Spencer tells her that they can improve upon their genetics and they should at least try, to which Melissa tells her she’s trying. Opening one of the great room doors to leave, Melissa turns back to Spencer, and tells her that it is not safe for her here, or for Spencer, and that maybe Spencer should go with her.

In the Marin kitchen, Aria questions what Melissa said, that sooner or later Alison is going to get what she deserves, and Spencer tells her “yeah”, and that Melissa basically admitted that ‘A’ has something terrible in store for Alison, and them. Spencer mentions that it’s not too late, “we can go to Tanner. We can tell her the truth about Ali”, and Aria says that she knows, Spencer has mentioned that like 16 times already. When Hanna walks in to join them, Spencer asks what she’s smiling about, and Hanna tells her that it’s just a smile. Spencer mentions that she said this might happen, Alison walking into an ‘A’ trap with both eyes open, but she still can’t believe it, and Aria says that she can’t either. As Emily walks in from the patio doors, she tells Spencer that she was right, they can’t trust Alison, and that they need to cut ties with Alison now, tonight.

No One Here Can Love or Understand Me

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Walking towards the Rosewood Police Department, Spencer and the other girls stop across the street and look towards the precinct. Aria comments that it seems as though they’ve been here before, to which Hanna says that they’ll get it right this time. When Emily comments that this time is different, Spencer mentions that after this, Alison is on her own. As the girls start to cross the street, Emily notices the television screens in the shopfront behind them flickering and tells them all to wait. Walking back towards the shop, security footage of Alison leaving Hanna’s hospital room start playing, before a message materialises over the images, “we’re all in this together. A”. As Spencer picks up a brick and runs towards the shopfront, Aria, Emily and Hanna yell out to her and stop her from smashing the window. When the Alison security footage suddenly changes to the girls standing on the sidewalk looking at the shop window, the other girls start to walk back in the direction they came, but Spencer stays frozen in place and another ‘A’ message displays on the screen, “act normal, bitches’.

In The Brew, Spencer is sitting on one of the couches while Emily grabs them a hot drink. As Emily walks back over, Spencer tells her that Hanna went to go check on Caleb and Aria went home. When Emily tries to give Spencer her drink, Spencer tells her that she can’t drink coffee right now, to which Emily says that it’s decaf and that she bought it for the whipped cream. Emily asks if Spencer is feeling better, and Spencer tells her that she doesn’t feel better, but she does feel less stupid. Spencer thanks Emily for stopping her, and Emily tells her to save it for a real target. Spencer questions if the real target is ‘A’ in the flesh, to which Emily says that that’s one candidate. When Spencer asks Emily who she’s thinking of, Emily shrugs before saying that they’re all in this together, and that could be ‘A’, or it could be Alison. Liking her spoon, Spencer tells Emily that it could be ‘A’ wanting them to think it's Alison. At that moment, Spencer’s phone rings and when she says that “it’s Alison”, Emily asks if she’s going to answer. Declining the call, Spencer says that she thinks they need to hit the mute button right now, before asking how Emily is. When Emily looks up to Spencer, Spencer mentions that she was the one who hung in there the longest, to which Emily says that she wasn’t defending Alison, she was defending somebody from a long time ago, maybe somebody who never existed. Emily goes on to say that the thing that she had with Paige was so genuine, and as she trails off, Spencer asks if Emily can fix it. Emily sarcastically tells Spencer sure, she can tell Paige she was right all along, her bad, now let’s kiss and make up. Picking up her cell phone as it starts to vibrate, Emily tells Spencer that it’s Alison, and when Spencer says that she’s looking for them and that she must be nervous, Emily mentions that Alison isn’t as nervous as her dad and that he’s taking her out of town because he’s worried about the kidnapper. Spencer comments that Alison is lucky that they realised him when they did, and Emily comments that he was real lucky. When Spencer notice Emily playing with the whipped cream on her coffee, she tells her not to play with her comfort food.

At Aria’s locker in school the next day, Hanna tells Aria that Mike deserves way better than Mona, only for Spencer to mention that boys hate it when you question their judgement. Aria goes to say that if she tells Mike that Mona isn’t who he’s looking for, but before she can finish Emily does for her saying that Aria won’t be able to separate them with a crowbar. Spencer says that Emily’s comment is colourful, “graphic, but colourful”. Walking down the hallway, Spencer and the others listen as Hanna shares her bad thought and that ‘A’ doesn’t want them telling the truth about Alison because they’d like to see them suffer. Spencer tells her that it’s not new information, to which Hanna emphasises the question of who besides ‘A’ wants to keep us quiet. Spencer questions if Hanna is thinking of someone in particular, and when Aria suggests Mona, Hanna tells her not Mona. Aria questions whose left, and Emily mentions Alison. Noticing Hanna’s facial expression, Spencer tells her that it is a bad thought. As the school bell rings and Aria and Emily have walked away, Hanna asks Spencer to wait a second. Spencer questions if this is another bad thought, to which Hanna asks if she still talks to Dean. When Spencer asks if she’s referring to her sober coach, and Hanna nods, Spencer says that she hasn’t since her mom fired him. As Spencer asks why, Hanna wonders if Spencer has his number and when Spencer gives Hanna a look, Hanna tells her that it’s not for her, it’s for Caleb. Spencer asks what’s wrong, and Hanna tells her that she doesn’t know and Caleb won’t tell her. When Spencer questions if this is about Caleb’s drinking, and Hanna says that it’s part of it, Spencer tells her that she can’t just introduce Caleb to a total stranger and say let’s talk about addiction. Hanna desperately tells Spencer that she has to do something, and Spencer mentions that she thinks there is somebody better for him to talk to.

In her bedroom, Spencer is on the phone with Toby, and wonders if she calls him Officer Toby or Cadet Toby, “I like Cadet, sounds you’re in Space Command”. Laughing at his response, Spencer asks if he can come over as she has to talk with him. After Toby says something, Spencer tells him no, and that it’s about Caleb. Saying that it will be easier if he’s here, Spencer goes on to say that “it’s always easier when you’re here”. Thanking Toby, Spencer ends the call and Hanna asks her if she’s sure about this. Spencer says that Caleb will listen to Toby and that they shouldn’t underestimate the power of a good bromance. As Spencer goes to hang her coat up behind her door, Hanna notices an envelope on the group and draws Spencer’s attention to it. Picking the envelope up, Spencer says that it’s from Melissa, “I recognise that anal retentive handwriting anywhere”. Reading the letter, Spencer rushes to her door and opening it, she calls out for Melissa. When Hanna asks what is it, Spencer tells her that Melissa is gone. Hanna asks where Melissa went, and Spencer reads out Melissa’s note, “I have to write this quickly, dad’s taking me to the airport. I’m sorry, you’ll know everything soon, I promise”. Hanna questions why Peter would make Melissa leave, to which Spencer says that she doesn’t know.

In the Hastings’ great room, Spencer and Toby are making out, before Spencer tells Toby that he’s going to make an excellent authority figure. As Spencer snuggles into Toby chest, Toby asks her where everyone is, and Spencer says that her mom is taking marathon depositions and her dad is staying at his club, “which is something I only thought men did in old movies”. When Toby asks about Melissa, Spencer says that she may be back in Europe, or at the Edgewood Motor Court, but that only thing she knows for sure is that Melissa isn’t here. As Toby stretches out, Spencer asks when he last saw Caleb, and thinking, Toby tells her a couple nights after his house blew up. Spencer asks how Caleb seemed, and Toby says that she should tell him. Sitting up, Spencer explains that Hanna stopped drinking, but Caleb hasn’t, and he says that it helps him sleep. Toby says that maybe it does, and when Spencer says that she thinks that there’s more to it than that, Toby questions whether she thinks that or Hanna does. Spencer says that Caleb is different, not in big ways, “but just little things”, and when Toby asks such as what, Spencer says that he looks… After she trails off for a moment, Spencer tells Toby that there’s a word that’s lost all of it's meaning, but that’s what she thinks of when she sees Caleb. Toby asks what word she’s thinking of, and Spencer tells him “haunted”. Seeing something on Toby face, Spencer asks him what, and Toby mentions that it’s not drinking, it’s something else. Spencer wonders what makes him say that, and Toby explains that he saw the look she’s talking about, and that he saw it when Caleb came back from Ravenswood.

On the phone Spencer tells Hanna that they’re all set and all Hanna needs to do is get Caleb to the Apple Rose Grille. Hanna mentions that Tanner thinks they killed Bethany Young, and when Spencer asks what she’s talking about, Hanna tells her that Tanner thinks they did it. Spencer questions if Tanner said that to them, and when Hanna mentions not in so many words, Spencer asks how many words and in what order. At that moment there is a knock on one of the living room doors and Spencer asks Toby, “the front doorbell is out, can you please go get that?” Going back to her phone call, Spencer asks Hanna where she is and when it all happened, and Hanna says that she was at the Mermaid Café with Emily and Aria. Going on, Hanna explains that Tanner came up to tell them that the Police are trying to catch Cyrus what’s his name, but she ended up saying they were trying to connect them with Bethany. Spencer says that there is no connection, to which Hanna tells her that there wasn’t before, but there is now, and they made it themselves when Aria got those drawings and Spencer went to go meet a man about a horse. Hanna then tells Spencer that she doesn’t think the police are believing a word Alison is saying and they still think that they’re five musketeers. Spencer says that she’s got Toby at her place, and for Hanna to just get Caleb to the Apple Rose Grille at 7:30pm, and that they’ll just talk then. As Spencer ends the call, Toby tells her that Melissa isn’t at the Edgewood Motor Court and passes Spencer the package that was just delivered. Looking at the sending address, Spencer flips the parcel over and reading that what is inside is ‘personal and confidential’, Toby asks if she wants some privacy.

Sitting on her bedroom floor, Spencer watches a video message that Melissa has sent to her. Melissa explains in the video that Spencer was right and that she has to tell her the truth before it’s too late. Saying that Peter is taking her to the airport, Melissa mentions that she is going back to England and that Peter has been wanting her to go back since she told him what she told him in the police station the night Spencer was gone. Mentioning that maybe Peter was right, and that there’s nothing to do but keep quiet, Melissa says that she can’t just leave Spencer, not again, not like this. Melissa says that she’s going to tell Spencer the truth, and Spencer can do whatever she wants with it, maybe it’ll help her, maybe it won’t, but at least Spencer will know. Melissa tells Spencer that she saw her the night Alison disappeared, heard the two of them fighting, and that she also saw Spencer with a shovel in her hands. Going on, Melissa says that it felt like everyone that ever made the mistake of touching Alison was there that night. Melissa explains that she saw the body and she had thought Spencer had killed Alison with the shovel. Melissa says she’s not sure what happened, but standing there that’s what she thought, and she didn’t want anybody to know. Melissa mentions that she couldn’t look at her face, so she pushed her in the hole in the ground and covered her up, and she made the promise not to tell anybody what she did, or what she thought Spencer had done. Saying that she now knows that it wasn’t Alison, and she wasn’t dead when she buried her, Melissa goes on to say that she was a stranger and she buried her alive, all because she thought I was protecting Spencer. Melissa tells Spencer that their family has a gift for self-preservation, but there’s a point when you go from survivor to predator, and shrugging, Melissa says that she guesses that’s what happened to them. Through tears, Melissa says goodbye to Spencer, and as the video comes to an end, Spencer sits back in shock.

Shakily taking a sip of her drink at the Apple Rose Grille, Spencer listens as Hanna tells Toby not to push it with Caleb and that she’ll tap him on the foot when she thinks Caleb is relaxed enough. Noticing Spencer’s state, Toby asks if she’s alright, and Spencer tells unconvincingly, “sure”. As Caleb walks in, Spencer gives Hanna the heads up, and Hanna tells them to just play dumb. When Spencer calls Hanna out, Hanna says that Toby knows what she’s talking about. When Toby greets Caleb, he says that Hanna mentioned that he was having trouble sleeping, and when Hanna shoots Spencer a look, Spencer tells Hanna not to look at her, “this must be how boys communicate”.

Sitting at the window bench, Spencer tells Hanna that the boys are talking and that talking is good. Hanna wonders what Caleb can say to Toby that he can’t say to her, and Spencer mentions that sometimes people want to tell you things but they just can’t look you in the eye and say it. When Hanna questions why not, Spencer says that it’s because they’re afraid of what you’ll think of them, “that they let you down. That you let them down”. Hanna says that if you love someone then you should be able to tell them anything, and Spencer tells her that “that’s the theory”.

Spencer tells Toby that she promised him dinner, but Toby tells her that he doesn’t feel as though he earned it. When Spencer says that he tried, Toby tells her that all he did was screw it up. Placing some money down on the table, Toby gets up from the table and starts to leave the Grille. Spencer calls out to him, telling him to not run out on her to, to which Toby says that he’s not running out on her. Saying that he’s sorry, Toby explains that he’s just mad at himself. Noticing Spencer starting to tear up, Toby asks if she’s okay, and when Spencer asks “compared to what?”, Toby questions if it has anything to do with what Melissa sent her. Spencer tells him no, and after Toby gives her a look, she tells him yes, “maybe”. Toby asks what it was, and Spencer says that it was a going away present, “a little forget me not”. When Toby presses and asks what was in the envelope, Spencer tells him that she thinks it was the truth, and now that she has it, she doesn’t know what she’s going to do with it.

Sitting in the kitchen, Spencer re-watches Melissa’s goodbye video. As Melissa says that she can’t just leave Spencer, not again, not like this, Spencer pauses the video and tells Melissa’s still image that “you were always very good at leaving Melissa. You had a flair for the grand exit. And there were times you’d walk up those stairs and I just... wanted to applaud”. Pressing play, Spencer listens as Melissa quotes a line from the Tempest and finishes it off for her, “sounds and sweet airs that give delight and hurt not”. Pausing the video when Melissa says that she saw the body, Spencer comments that Melissa thought she had did it, and tearing up, Spencer says that Melissa was the one to really kill her, “poor Melissa”. When Melissa goodbye and I love you, Spencer breaks down in tears, telling Melissa goodbye.

In Spencer’s bedroom, Emily tells Aria that she’s not talking with Tanner, and when Spencer says that she isn’t either, Aria says that she didn’t think it was them. Emily asks where Hanna is and Spencer says that she called all of them but Hanna’s phone went to voice mail. Aria says that it’s not Hanna, and Spencer realises it has to be Alison, to which Emily says that maybe they can stop her. As Aria asks how, Emily grabs a piece of paper showing Cyrus facing the bank ATM camera, and passes it to Spencer who passes it to Aria. When Spencer asks where she got the photo, Emily tells her Ezra. Spencer tells Emily and Aria that she has to show them something and that it can’t wait for Hanna.

After Aria and Emily watch Melissa’s video, Spencer explains that she just got it today and that it took her a while to decide whether or not to show it to them. Emily says that they understand, and Aria comments that Melissa killed Bethany Young. Spencer says that Melissa thought that she had just buried her and that Spencer was the one who killed her, to which Emily mentions that Melissa doesn’t sound so sure of that now. Emily makes mentions that when Melissa saw Bethany she was wearing Alison’s clothes, and Spencer says that it was another set of Alison’s clothes, “there had to be a duplicate set. Ali wasn’t walking around naked”. Aria questions if it was always somebody’s idea that Bethany take Alison’s place, and Spencer says for them to tell her another way that Bethany ends up in that yellow top. Emily says that they need to figure out a way around that picture of ‘A’ at the hospital or they’re busted, to which Aria asks what picture of ‘A’ she’s referring to. Emily says the picture of Alison, but Aria tells her no and that she had said a picture of ‘A’. Emily tries to deny it that’s what she said, and when Spencer tells her that “yeah you did”, Emily says that it was a slip of the tongue. As Spencer takes USB from her laptop, Aria asks her what she’s going to do.

Taking This One to the Grave

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Spencer, Emily, Hanna and Aria stand in the foyer of Mona’s house, waiting for Mona to come down from her bedroom. After Mona’s mother has left the girls to it, Mona questions why they are sporting grim faces, and if someone has died. After the four girls share a look, Hanna tells Mona that they need her help. After quick looking to see where her mother is, Mona asks what “she” did to them, to which Hanna says that she has done nothing… yet. Aria mentions that they think it’s about what she’s about to do, to which Emily says they’ve just found out Alison is at the police station and that she’s talking to the cops. When Mona guesses that the girls don’t know what Alison is telling the police, Spencer says that a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get it's pants on. As Hanna questions whether Ali said that, both Spencer and Mona reply, “no. Churchill did” in unison.

Spencer and the other girls listen as Mona tells them that Alison stole her life from her when she crowned Mona, Rosewood’s biggest loser. Mona goes on to explain that she’s already number one on Alison’s hit list, and she’s afraid of what Alison would do if she found out she was siding with the Liars. Spencer then questions if Mona is really that scared of Alison, to which Mona asks aren’t they, and isn’t that they they’re here. As Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna start to stand up, Mona asks them if they’ve ever been so focused on something that it takes over everything else, turns you into someone that you’re not. Pausing slightly, Mona says that she took all her Ali anger out on the Liars and she’s sorry for that. As Spencer, Aria and Emily begin to walk towards the front door, Spencer turns back and calls out to Hanna, who in turn says she’s waiting for the cookies. In the foyer, Aria asks Spencer if she’s figured out what she’s going to do with Melissa’s going away present. When Spencer says that Melissa sent her that video, she wanted Spencer to know the truth, “her confession doesn’t actually help any of us”, Emily comments that Melissa said it out loud, she buried Bethany, and she was the one to kill her. Exasperated, Spencer says that “Melissa thought I was the one who hit her”, and when Aria says that Spencer didn’t, they all know that, Spencer says that it doesn’t matter, “in Melissa’s story, I’m an accessory to murder. That’s best case scenario”.

In the girls bathroom at Rosewood High, Mona tells Spencer, Emily, Hanna and Aria that Alison volunteered to take the polygraph. Emily asks how she knows that, to which Spencer, Aria and Hanna tell her that she’s Mona. Mona explains that after they left last night, she did some recon. Spencer interrupts, saying that Alison would never put herself at risk unless she believed her story. Mona goes on to say that if you believe a lie, it becomes the truth. Aria questions Mona if she thinks that Alison is ‘A’, and Mona nods, telling the Liars that Alison assembled the perfect group - smart, loyal, admiring, and compassionate. Aria asks what the perfect group is for, before Spencer realises that it’s the perfect group for a “sociopath to manipulate”. Mona explains that Alison would have gotten bored with any one of them, but all together… Spencer again interrupts and says that together they’re a challenge. Spencer tells the girls that if Mona is right, if Alison is ending the game because they cut her off, then she went to the cops to convince them that she’s innocent, “and we’re the guilty ones”. When Aria asks what they’re guilty of, Mona tells her that Alison will say they’re guilty of everything. Mona goes on to say that she can find out what Alison told the cops, and maybe it’ll give the Liars a fighting chance to get their story straight. Hanna asks Mona why she’s help them, and Mona explains that she’s got early acceptance letters from three colleges, but she has to survive senior year, and she can’t do it alone. Mona tells them that no one can know that she’s doing this, otherwise the deal is off, and that includes their bed buddies. Mona tells them to do whatever they were going to do today and to act normal. As Cindy and Mindy walk into the bathroom, Spencer and the other girls try to make themselves discreet.

At the kitchen counter, Spencer is flipping through a photo album, when she hears Toby’s voice telling her to put her hands behind her head and turn around. Closing the photo album, Spencer turns around, where Toby tells her that he said for her to put her hands behind her head. Smiling, Spencer puts her hands behind her back, “I’m sorry officer, I have a difficult time with authority. If you want me to put my hands on my head, you’re going to have to come over here and make me”. Toby asks if she’s looking for trouble, and when Spencer says that she’s not, “I’m a good girl, honest. I have a lot of really bad habits”, Toby comments that they taught them how to deal with delinquents like her in the academy. Spencer says that he should show her what he learned, to which Toby leans in and the two share a kiss. Breaking from the kiss, Spencer comments that it was some cop school, and Toby tells her that she’ll see it tonight, and that the ceremony starts at 8.00pm, but he thinks they should leave the Brew by 7.00pm. Spencer tells him that she’ll be on time, “I promise”, before she reaches back and grabs a gift from the island bench and hands it to Toby, “happy graduation”. Spencer tells Toby to open it, and after looking at her, Toby pops open the box. Finding a pocket watch, Toby looks towards Spencer, who tells him to go ahead and open it. Opening the watch, Toby finds an engraved message, “You are my once upon a time. –S”. Overwhelmed, Toby merely says, Spence, to which Spencer tells him that she loves him and the two embrace in a hug.

In the Hastings’ kitchen, Spencer Aria, Hanna, Emily and Mona watch Alison’s polygraph test where she says that Aria, Hanna and Emily were in the barn that night and that they were all still asleep when she left. When asked where she last saw Spencer Hastings, Alison says that Spencer came to her house. The conductor questions that Alison was the leader of the group, and Alison tells him she unofficially was. He proceeds to ask if her friends would do anything to help her, if she needed them, and Alison comments that she thinks so. When asked if Spencer was a loyal friend, Alison says she was as far as she knew. The conductor proceeds to ask why Spencer was at Alison’s house, and Alison says that it was her fault and that she pushed Spencer to that place. When asked what place, Alison explains that Spencer was angry. The conductor asks whether Alison knew that Spencer was abusing amphetamines, and when Alison tells him that she found out that night, he questions if that’s because Spencer was under the influence, to which Alison says that Spencer dropped her pills and that she saw what they were. Alison is then asked if she would say that Spencer was desperate, and when Alison asks what for, the conductor questions if Spencer was desperate enough for Alison to keep her secret. Alison explains that Spencer was emotional, but Alison promised her that she wouldn’t say anything. The conductor questions what in return for Alison’s silence was Spencer willing to do, to which Alison says that she wouldn’t know, they never discussed it again. The conductor then proceeds to ask if there is something else Alison would like to tell him, and Alison takes the opportunity to say that she didn’t have anything to do with Bethany Young’s murder.

Emily comments that nothing Alison said was really that incriminating, however, Mona says that she thinks that the questions they’re asking tells them more about their investigation than what Alison’s answers do. Hanna asks how so, and Mona as a way of answering, Mona reiterates the questions asked - was Spencer a loyal friend? Was she desperate? Spencer questions what she was desperate enough to do what, but pulls herself short when Caleb walks in. Caleb however tells her that the police are questioning whether or not Spencer was desperate enough to kill Bethany. After Caleb walks in and Mona explains that she asked for Caleb’s help, Emily asks if there are any other helpers coming, to which Aria quickly states that she didn’t tell her bed buddy, and Spencer says “neither did I”. Caleb tells the girls that he unlocked two more files, and as the girls gather around his laptop, Caleb explains that the cops gained access to Bethany’s Radley files yesterday. While Caleb says that he couldn’t open that link, he did find an affidavit that Holbrook sent today. As Aria begins to read aloud the first part of the affidavit that details Alison no longer being a person of interest in Bethany’s murder, she questions that Alison’s totally let off the hook, to which Caleb says yeah, and Spencer’s now on it. Emily takes over reading aloud, saying that that information the cops obtained from Bethany Young’s hospital records inform the theory they’ve been working since day one - Spencer Hastings murdered Young to gain favour with the group’s leader, Alison. When Hanna wonders why killing Bethany would score points with Ali, Spencer says that Alison told them that she knew “I was taking the pills. So they think I would have done anything to make her keep it a secret”. Mona asks whether Caleb said Holbrook sent the document to the DA, but before Caleb has a chance to answer, Spencer says that she knows how this works, “they submit an affidavit so they can issue an arrest warrant”. Asking the girls to “please call Toby”, Spencer says that she needs to find her parents. Mona wonders if Spencer wants to know what the cops know, and that the affidavit was sent the day after they saw Bethany’s Radley files. Emily picks up on what Mona is trying to say and comments that there must be something in the files that link Alison to Bethany, before saying that they should find out what that is. When Spencer tells them that this is on her, “you don’t have to do anything else”, Hanna tells her that they’re going to stick together, and Aria adds that it’s because that’s what they do. With the Liars rallying around Spencer, Spencer announces, “let’s go back to Radley”, and looking over to Mona, she adds, “together”.

Dressed as nurses, Spencer and Mona walk towards the back entrance of Radley Sanitarium after Caleb has hacked into Radley security.

Inside Radley, Spencer and Mona walk through the corridor, and as Spencer’s phone beeps, Mona comments that Emily hasn’t checked in, so therefore Spencer better make sure that the text is not from ‘A’. Spencer comments that Mona means “Alison”, before checking her phone, and saying that it’s from Toby. When Spencer says that she should have told him what they were doing, Mona tells Spencer that if she were graduating from po-po school, she wouldn’t want to know her girlfriend just broke into Radley. Spencer mentions that she has to make it to that ceremony, to which Mona tells her they should stop chatting and H.T.H.U.

Spencer and Mona approach the day room, and when Aria notices them, she nods for them to move forward to the nursing station, before knocking a jar of red paint to the ground. As Aria stalls the nurse from going back to the nursing station, Spencer and Mona grab the main set of keys from the desk, and continue on their way.

Spencer and Mona enter the file room, and Spencer pulls light chain so the light turns on.

Spencer and Mona are going through Bethany’s file, and Mona mentions that it looks as though they recorded every one of Bethany’s sessions. Spencer asks Mona what her choices are, and after taking a moment, Mona tells her, Yale, Harvard and Dartmouth. Spencer questions that Mona got early acceptance in all three, to which Mona tells her she was also accepted into Brown, but they’re not offering her a full ride so she’s passing. Mona then asks Spencer if she has any early acceptances, only for Spencer to say that she hasn’t heard from anyone yet. Mona says that if there’s anything she can do to help, but Spencer tells her, “I think you’ve done enough”. As Mona starts putting the tapes in a bag, Spencer questions whether they’re stealing the stuff, to which Mona says that they’re borrowing it. Spencer tells Mona to “wait”, and see if she can find a tape for August 8. Mona finds the tape and passing it to Spencer, Spencer puts it in a recording device. The girls listen as Bethany claims that she thought she really liked her, but everything she said was a lie. Mona asks Spencer who Bethany was talking about, and reading over the file, Spencer sits back and says, “Mrs DiLaurentis. She was having an affair with Bethany’s father”. Bethany then questions if it’s like mother, like daughter, and after Mona exclaims an Oh My God, Spencer questions if Alison knew Bethany.

Leaving the file room, Spencer and Mona see Holbrook interviewing two Radley staff members.

Spencer and Mona emerge from the emergency exit, where they walk towards Hanna’s car. Spencer answer’s Toby’s phone call, where he asks her where she is, and that he’s worried about her. Spencer tells him that she can’t hear him, “hello? I can’t hear you”. As Spencer hears a car horn and the sound of a crash, Spencer screams Toby’s name down the phone line.

As Emily refills Spencer’s coffee mug in the Brew on Thanksgiving, Aria tells Spencer that it’s not her fault. Hanna then questions if she was at the hospital all night, and Spencer tells her yeah, before Emily says that Toby will be fine, Spencer said so herself. Looking over her shoulder to Toby, who is sitting in a wheelchair texting, Spencer tells the girls that he’s going to be in “that cast” for about a month. Aria then questions how much Toby knows, and Spencer tells her, “everything”. Paige then walks up to the girls wanting to talk to Emily, before explaining to them all that she saw Alison leaving Emily’s house last night, and that Cindy and Mindy were her ride. Going on, Paige says that she followed them to an abandoned farm, before announcing that Alison is building an army of her own. Suddenly, Detective Holbrook walks into the Brew and announces that Spencer is under the arrest for the murder of Bethany Young, to which Spencer stutters, “no, no, I. I, I, I didn’t do this”. As Spencer and her friends pleads her innocence, Holbrook continues to tell Spencer that she has the right to an attorney, and anything she says, will be admissible in a court of law. As Spencer calls out, “guys. Guys” to her friends, and Toby calls out Spencer’s name, Spencer calls out his, “Toby”. As Spencer is lead out of the Brew in handcuffs, Hanna tells Spencer that they’ll call her parents, and Emily adds that they’ll get Spencer out.

How the 'A' Stole Christmas

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The Liars are walking down the main street of Rosewood, when Aria asks Spencer what she got for Toby. Spencer reminds her that she’s abstaining from Christmas this year, “when you’re out on bail for murder, it just feels like the right thing to do”. Emily questions if Toby is okay with that, to which Spencer says that Toby agreed to not giving presents she if agreed to surprising each other with a gesture. Hanna then asks if the gesture is like the clowns, and when Emily asks what clowns, Hanna says court jesters before asking if they’re clowns, and everyone laughs in response. Walking past a window display, Emily comments that she’s always loved the display, before she notices a snowflake tree. Emily suggests that they all make a wish for Spencer, but Spencer says that Santa’s not bring her a “stay out of jail free card”. After Hanna tells Emily that wishes don’t come true, and Emily mentions that she’s still holding out hope, Spencer tells Emily that “hope is a dirty four letter word”. Emily reminds them that they live in an ‘A’ world, and that they still haven’t found Mona’s body, to which Spencer says it’s because “A likes to bury the bodies herself”, and Aria adds that she then throws Ice Balls. Going on, Aria comments that she thinks Alison is throwing the party to rub it in their faces about ruining their lives. Spencer reminds Aria that technically Alison only ruined her life, and Emily comments that if she ruins one of them, she ruins all of them. When Aria spots a flyer for the DiLaurentis Christmas Eve Ice Ball, she comments that she’d rather dance on dead monkeys than go to Ali’s stupid Ice Ball, to which Spencer questions, “dead monkeys?” Aria spots a guy looking at them and questions if he’s a reporter or a cop, and Spencer tells her neither, “that pen’s too nice. My money’s on a lawyer”. As the man approaches Hanna and passes an information card, Spencer peers over Hanna shoulder and tells Aria, “told you”, when it’s revealed he is a lawyer in charge of Mona Vanderwaal’s affairs. The lawyer hands Hanna an envelope before wishing them a Merry Christmas, and as he walks off, Spencer mutters, “bah humbug”. Hanna comments she’s too afraid to open the envelope, so Emily does, while Spencer and the others look on curiously. After Hanna reads out a letter Mona wrote to her, Hanna questions that ‘A’ keeps souvenirs, and when Emily corrects her, asking if she means Alison, Spencer comments, “different name. Same bitch”. Hanna then says that there has to be something in Alison’s house that proves she killed Bethany, and Spencer didn’t, before Emily realises that Mona may have just handed them a way to give Spencer a Christmas. Aria receives a snow globe from Santa when she donates some money, and after shaking it up, she finds a photo of the Liars inside. Turning the snow glove over, Aria finds a message from ‘A’, “A takes a holiday. You should too”.

In her bedroom, Spencer tells Toby that Ali made hiding things into a game, before Toby reminds her that she’s out on bail for a murder charge. From her wardrobe where she’s getting dressed, Spencer says that it’s not a perfect plan, but it’s all she’s got. Spencer then adds that she saw the look on her mom’s face after they met her lawyers for the last time, “we’ve already lost”. Toby tells her that it’s not over yet, before asking what will happen if Alison leaves the dance early. While buckling her shoe, Spencer comments that Alison won’t, and that Aria and Emily are going to find a reason to keep her there, “and you will be here to warn us if anything goes wrong”. Toby says that he thought everyone was splitting up on Christmas, but Spencer tells him no, and that they’re all going to catch up with their parents before the snow starts. After Toby mentions that it sounds as though Spencer has it all figured out, Spencer says that it might be her last Christmas. Putting on a Santa hat, Spencer tells Toby, “so…”, before walking into the centre of her room. As Toby looks over his shoulder, he finds Spencer dressed in a sexy Santa outfit, “Merry Ho Ho”. As Toby tells her that it was a nice gesture, Spencer tells him thanks.

At the Masquerade Ice Ball, Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Aria stand under a lit up gazebo. Hanna comments that she still doesn’t see Alison anywhere, and that she and Spencer can’t leave until Alison gets here. Spencer then mentions that she’s going to have her photo taken with Santa Claus.

Sitting down on the lap of Lucas, who is dressed as Santa Claus, she tells him that she thinks he knows what she wants for Christmas. Lucas in turns tells Spencer that he thinks she knows that he’ll do whatever he can to help her get it. After they smile for the photographer, Spencer tells Lucas that she and Hanna are headed to Alison’s house the second she gets to the Ball, and Lucas comments that he’ll make sure she stays at the ball. As Spencer goes to get up off Lucas’ knee, Lucas places a hand on Spencer’s arm, telling her that she’s been very good girl this year, and that Santa won’t let her down, before giving a very Santa like chuckle. Spencer turns seriously, telling Lucas that Paige said that Ali was building an army, “be careful tonight. We can’t trust anyone”.

Spencer walks by Aria and Ezra, Emily and Paige, and Hanna and Caleb as they slow dance under the lit up gazebo, until they all turn their attention to the top of the staircase. Spencer, now joined by the three couples, watch as Alison, followed by four other girls, make their grand entrance. As Alison greets some of the guests, Spencer turns to Hanna and tells her that they should get out of here while everyone is still basking in the glow of Ali.

Spencer is walking through the darkness of the DiLaurentis living room, when Hanna taps her on the shoulder. Gasping as she turns around, Spencer tells Hanna not to sneak up on her like that, before Hanna says that she’s sorry. Hanna asks why they’re whispering if they’re the only ones in the house, and Spencer whispers that she doesn’t know, before Hanna wonders if they can talk in a normal voice, because it’s spooking her out. Passing Hanna one of Mona’s maps, Spencer tells her to take the upstairs, and she’ll take the downstairs. Hanna then questions that one a creepy scale, how high would Spencer rate breaking into Alison’s house, and Spencer says that on a scale of one to ten, “it’s a twenty”.

On her hands and knees, Spencer is trying to organise some newspaper clippings when Hanna asks if the name Holly Varjak means anything to her. When Spencer doesn’t answer, Hanna calls out Spencer’s name, and looking up, Spencer asks, “what, Hanna?” Hanna then says that is Ali wants to get out of town in a hurry, she’s ready to go as Holly Varjak. Looking over the passport, Spencer mentions that Alison is writing her happy ending. Hanna asks what the happy endings for, and Spencer tells her, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Probably the movie, not the book”. Going on, Spencer explains that Ezra always says that Alison was his Holly Golightly, and Paul Varjak was the guy who convinced Holly that it was okay to be loved, “so in Ali’s manic mind, they got married”. Hanna wonders how Spencer fits all of that information into her one head, and when Spencer picks up a newspaper clipping, Hanna asks her what they are. Spencer tells her that Ali was talking to somebody through the personal ads, like she did with Mona back when Mona was ‘A’.

Crouched behind the couch, Spencer hides from ‘A’ who is in the DiLaurentis living room wielding a knife.

After ‘A’ leaves the living room, Spencer texts Hanna telling her to “get out of the house ‘A’ has a knife”. As Spencer begins to get up, she hears Hanna’s phone vibrate with her message, and with a quick look up towards the staircase, Spencer creeps over to Hanna’s phone. Walking to the window, Spencer holds up both cell phones, so Toby, who is in Spencer’s bedroom, can see.

Breaking the glass on a photo frame, Spencer wraps a piece in a cloth, before she begins to make her way towards the staircase.

Peering into Alison’s bedroom, Spencer walks in, “Hanna?” Noticing the flash of Toby’s camera at the window, Spencer walks over.

Hearing Hanna scream, Spencer runs up to the attic, where she finds the window open and Hanna lying unconscious on the floor, “Hanna”. Crouching down besides Hanna, Spencer tries to coax her awake, “please, please, please wake up”, and when Hanna does gain consciousness, Spencer tells her that it’s okay, “she’s gone. She’s gone. It’s okay, she’s gone. You’re okay”.

In the Hastings’ living room, Spencer sits on the edge of Toby’s wheelchair, as Toby says that the letter Hanna found proves that Alison knew Bethany, and that it may create enough reasonable doubt to clear Spencer’s name. Spencer tells them all that she doesn’t want to say the H word, “but… I am feeling cautiously optimistic tonight”. As the clock strikes midnight, Spencer tells them all “Merry Christmas”, before Toby comments that her heart grew three sizes that day. Laughing, Spencer tells him no, as she runs playfully pushes his head away.

Emily tells the Liars that her mom called her friend at highway patrol, and that they don’t expect the roads to be cleared until tomorrow. Spencer tells Emily that she’s so sorry, and Emily mentions that it’s the first time she’s not with her parents on Christmas, and Aria says that it’s the same for her. Hanna tells them that her mom always said that Christmas was wherever they were, as long as they were together. Suddenly Caleb’s voice tells the girls that they are together, and looking up, Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Aria find their partners standing on the stairs in nothing but Santa boxers, “now that is a gesture”.

Spencer walks into her kitchen with a decorative Christmas house as everyone else huddles around the island bench.

Walking over to Toby who is watching a black and white movie, Spencer hands him a cup of tea before kissing the top of his head.

Spencer and the others sit at the table, as Ezra serves up Christmas chicken. As Ezra sits down, Aria tells them that they should all say a prayer, and they link hands with one another.

Laughing and enjoying each others company, everyone starts to serve their plates with food.

Spencer listens as Emily toasts to their family, may they always stay together, before clinking glasses with everyone. Suddenly everyone hears the sound of bells and something falling down the chimney. Getting up from the table, everyone heads outside where they find a Christmas tree all lit up in Spencer’s backyard. Spencer wonders who “did this”, before asking if it were Emily, but Emily says that it wasn’t her. As they’re admiring the tree, snow starts falling and a message over Spencer’s barn lights up, “Merry Christmas, Bitches. –A”.

Through a Glass, Darkly

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Spencer, along with Emily, Hanna and Aria walk out of the Rosewood Church following Mona’s funeral service. Emily questions if they know Mona’s coffin is empty, and Spencer tells her that it’s a casket and it still weighs a tonne. Hanna explains that Mona’s mom put keepsakes in it – stuffed animals, photo albums, an old retainer. Spencer tells Hanna that it’s called a cenotaph, “they have them for soldiers whose bodies are never found”, and Hanna tells her to never say never. When Emily reminds Hanna that it’s been over three months - no body, no murder weapon – and when Aria adds that there has also been no arrest, Spencer mentions her present company excluded, “let’s not forget I’m still an alleged murderer”. Toby, having walked over to where the girls are standing, tells Spencer to not lose faith. When Toby says that letter Bethany sent Alison could still make a difference, Spencer tells him it won’t if Holbrook has anything to do with it. Spencer tells Toby that they should have told Tanner about Holbrook and Alison months ago, however Toby mentions that Tanner won’t believe it coming from Spencer or anyone else, and that she’s going to have to figure it out on her own. After Toby has walked off to get the car, Spencer and the girls notice Alison approach Leona Vanderwaal, and Spencer comments, “showing up to your victim’s funeral. Classy”. Hanna mentions that they have to get her out of here and they all start to move towards Alison. Pausing as Alison starts talking with Leona, Spencer, like everyone else, is stunned when a grieving Leona slaps Alison.

Spencer opens the Hastings’ back door for Peter and they greet each other with a hug. Peter asks how Spencer is going, before adding that he heard what happened outside of the Church at Mona’s funeral. Spencer says that it was “so ghastly”, and that Hanna stopped Mona’s mom, but they all wanted to stuff Alison into the empty coffin. Peter mentions that he should have been there, but Spencer tells him that they wanted to do it on their own. Looking around the kitchen and living area, Spencer tells Peter that Veronica isn’t home, and Peter says that he knows, she called him and asked him to come by. When Spencer asks why, “what happened?”, Peter tells her that Bethany Young’s parents have petitioned to the court to have Spencer’s bailed revoked. Spencer comments that they’ve been trying to do that for months, to which Peter tells her that this time it may work. Spencer questions why, and Peter explains that the police unsealed her indictment today, and they finally know why Spencer was arrested.

Spencer tells Hanna, Emily, and Aria that Bethany’s family are talking with the judges right now, “it could be today, it could be tomorrow”. When Spencer adds that Veronica is at the courthouse and she’s trying to fight it, Hanna tells her that that’s crazy and they can’t just revoke her bail. Aria says that they have to do something, and Spencer asks what, before saying that they found the letter from Bethany explaining the matching clothes, explaining everything, and Holbrook is doing whatever he can to get it thrown out, “to make sure it looks like I forged the whole thing”. Aria explains that Mona found out that Alison hit Bethany with that shovel, and was murdered for it, so if they can prove Alison killed Mona, the cops will realise that the two crimes are connected, that one motivated the other, and that Spencer is innocent. Emily mentions that as long as Alison has an alibi she’s untouchable, and Spencer says that they tear down her alibi. When Emily says that Kenneth won’t budge, Spencer says that she’s not talking about Alison’s dad.

Spencer and Emily are let into the DiLaurentis house by Jason and led into the living room. After Emily has left to find a muffin tray in the kitchen, Jason picks up a file and tells Spencer that Alison is not home. Spencer says that she knows, before stating that Jason and Alison are never in the same place at the same time these days. Jason asks if it’s a trick question, to which Spencer tells him no, “it’s just a regular statement”. Jason asks Spencer what she wants, and Spencer says that she wants to know why he’s protecting Alison. As Jason huffs, Spencer says that the police found traces of Mona’s DNA in Alison’s trunk, but it’s not enough to arrest her, “not when you’re providing her with an alibi”. When Jason doesn’t react, Spencer mentions that she understands why Kenneth is alibiing Alison out, but him… Cutting Spencer off, Jason tells her that it was Thanksgiving, and she’s the only one who finds it hard to believe that they weren’t all together that day. As Spencer begins to say that she knows that they weren’t, Jason calls out to Emily, asking if she’s found the muffin tray yet, but Emily calls back, telling him she hasn’t yet. When Jason turns back to the files, Spencer steps towards him and says that sometime on Thanksgiving, Alison got in her car, and she left the house, and she didn’t come back for a long time, “I know she’s your sister, but so am I”. Spencer says that Alison set her up, and she’s going to go to jail because of her, “somebody’s dead because of her”. As Jason turns to face Spencer, Spencer tells him that they’re the ones who are asking him to lie, and all she wants is the truth, “please”.

Walking into the Hastings’ great room with Emily, Spencer tells Emily that it was a bust with Jason, before flopping down onto the sofa. As Emily says Spencer’s name, Spencer tells her that she should just go be with Paige, “because at least one of us deserves a good last day in Rosewood”. Sitting down on the couch, Emily pulls a hairbrush out of her bag, and when Spencer asks what it is, Emily says that she stole Alison’s hairbrush. Spencer asks why she would do that, and Emily says that if the cops were to do another sweep of Mona’s house and find Alison’s DNA, how strong could her alibi be. Spencer tells her no, “first of all, you can’t just tell the cops to go back and look again. And second of all, creating false evidence is an actual crime”. Emily then reminds Spencer that she’s being charged with an actual murder.

Using a credit card, Spencer unlocks the front door of the Vanderwaal residence and lets herself and Emily in. Spencer asks Emily if she knows how long Mona’s mom will be gone, and Emily says that she doesn’t, so they have to act fast. Looking around the house, Emily comments that the last time she was here… and after Emily trails off, Spencer says that she was stepping over Mona’s blood. Taking the hairbrush off Emily, Spencer mentions that the police have already searched, “so we have to think of places they might have missed… Or, places the hair could have moved since then”. Looking around, Spencer notices an air vent, “bingo”, and crouching down, Spencer beings to look through the vent. Spotting a camera, Spencer looks back to Emily, and the two share a look.

Back at Spencer’s house with Hanna, a bewildered Hanna tells Spencer and Emily that they can tell Mona’s mom that she’s got cameras in her moulding. When Hanna questions why it has to be her, Emily tells her that Leona likes Hanna, and if she suggests the police should take another look, she’ll listen. Spencer then says that Hanna should tell Leona that Mona said something about cameras, and how she was scared. Hanna questions why Spencer can’t just ask Toby, and that he just joined the police force, to which Spencer asks if Hanna wants her to tell him that she found it while she was trying to plant evidence.

Spencer, Emily, Aria and Hanna block Alison’s path as she’s tries to run from the police. Alison tells them to get out of her way, now, but the girls don’t budge. As Alison tries to run through the girls, they stop her be pushing her back. Alison says that ‘A’ set her up, and that they’re letting ‘A’ win, but Spencer tells her to shut up. Alison asks them who will protect them when she’s gone, before saying that if they do this, they will all be next. As Lieutenant Tanner comes up behind Alison, telling her to put her hands above her head. Tanner tells Spencer, Emily, Aria and Hanna to move, and taking a step back, the girls watch as Tanner tells Alison that she’s under arrest for the murder of Mona Vanderwaal.

Walking in the back door of her house, Spencer finds Lieutenant Tanner, Toby, dressed in his policeman’s uniform, and Peter standing in the great room waiting for her. As Spencer turns back towards the door, Peter calls out to her, and after taking a minute, Spencer hesitantly turns back. When Spencer walks deeper into the room, Tanner steps towards her and says that she wanted to tell Spencer this in person. Tanner goes on to say that the police having been reviewing all the evidence and they now believe Mona Vanderwaal was not Alison’s first victim. When Spencer questions, “Bethany Young?”, Tanner nods, and Peter explains to Spencer that the DA is dropping the charges against her, and that the police believe Alison set her up. Relieved, Spencer starts to tear up, and Toby walks over to her, wrapping her in a hug and telling her that it’s all over.

Sitting on the Hastings’ back porch steps, Spencer listens as Emily tells the girls that for a minute she thought of getting on the plane to Atlantic City, to fly away. After Emily gets up and walks into the backyard, Spencer and the other girls follow suit. Spencer tells them that they should all think about getting out of “here”, and when Hanna questions if she means to Atlantic City, Spencer tells her no, “not to Atlantic City. Anywhere”. Mentioning that Alison’s in jail, “nobody thinks I killed anybody”, Spencer adds that there’s nothing keeping them here anymore. Emily comments that after they graduate they can go wherever they want to, and Spencer says that Alison kept them in “this town” like they were magnetised, “that’s over”. Spencer then tells the girls that they all have college applications out, so it’s not too late, “if we can achieve escape velocity, we can have a chance at our own actual lives”. As Emily says that they could have an actual life, the other girls smile, before they all focus their attention to the skies when a fireworks display starts. An ‘A’ is then formed in the sky, and Spencer says that she doesn’t accept “this”. Aria mentions that this must be something Alison set up before the police got her, and Spencer says that it “has to be”. As the fireworks start to fall into Spencer’s backyard, the girls run up to the French doors, before turning back to the falling sparks.

Fresh Meat

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In the Rosewood High School courtyard, Spencer listens as Hanna mentions that Alison’s in the penalty box, yet she’s still playing offence. Toby says that maybe this is just Alison being iced out, getting desperate, but if they think there is somebody on the outside helping her, and Hanna tells him there totally is because there was a fireworks display. Emily suggests that the fireworks were planned before Alison went away, but Spencer doesn’t agree, “someone is helping her”. Aria questions what Spencer means by someone, before adding that she saw Alison and Holbrook under the mistletoe and Holbrook had his tongue down Alison’s throat. When Hanna asks Toby if he can see if Holbrook is visiting Alison in jail, Spencer interjects and says that Toby can’t, “why should he be the one thrown head first into the lion’s den”. As the school bell rings, Spencer and the girls walk into the hallway and towards Hanna’s locker, and Emily tells Spencer that none of them want to put Toby in danger, and that maybe this weekend they could come up with a plan. Hanna says that she’s not here this weekend, and when Emily asks where she’ll be and Hanna says she’ll be on a college visit to Ballard. When Emily comments that she thought Hanna was visiting Skidmore, Spencer asks how many schools Hanna got into. Aria changes the topic of conversation back to Holbrook, and when Hanna comments that Holbrook is not that bad of a cop, he’s just a really bad kisser, Spencer, Emily and Aria all question when Hanna kissed him. Spencer asks why she kissed him, and Hanna says that Holbrook helped her mom with the whole Wilden deposit box thing, and he stood up for Travis’ dad in court. Spencer then wonders what ever happened to a thank you card, but changing the subject Hanna theories that if Holbrook’s helping Alison, she probably convinced him she’s the victim, and if he knew who she really was, then… The school bell cuts Hanna off, and Spencer again asks Hanna, “seriously though, how many schools did you get into?”

At school, Spencer calls Toby who tells her that he can’t talk right now. Spencer asks what’s going on, and Toby explains that Tanner issued another search behind Mona’s house. Spencer questions that Tanner still thinks… “that Mona’s body is still out there?”, but instead of giving Spencer an answer, Toby says that he really has to go and ends the call.

At her house with Toby and Caleb, Spencer questions what Toby means when that it was his knife. Toby explains that he found his family’s knife on the search he was on, and that when he was eight, his dad popped the top off a jar with it and broke the handle. Caleb comments that there is a chunk missing right in the centre, and when Toby says that there is, Spencer asks Caleb how he knows what the knife looks like. Caleb mentions that he’s used it, many times, before Toby explains that it’s from his family’s cabin. Toby goes on to say that when he saw it, he froze, and a million things went through his head and for a moment he forgot he was a cop and he didn’t know what to do, so he just left the knife there. Standing up, Spencer curses, “oh my God”, and when Toby says that he knows he has to go back, Spencer says that of course he does, “we have to get rid of it before anyone else finds it”. Telling Spencer to wait and slow down, Toby mentions that the knife could be the murder weapon, and it’s what they’ve been looking for, it’s what they need. Spencer questions his use of “we”, and Toby tells her, the police. Spencer reminds Toby that Alison said it herself, “she wants us with her. Behind bars. She’s already framed me once, the knife is a plant”. Toby tells her that she doesn’t know that, and when Spencer shares a disbelieving look with Caleb, Toby says that he wants to turn it in, and if Alison stole that knife and used it, that could look her away for good. Toby mentions that all they need is one of Alison’s prints, to which Caleb questions what will happened if his prints are on it, or Hanna’s, and Spencer also adds, “or yours”. Toby says it’s a gamble but…, and cutting him off, Caleb comments that he’s risking his neck so Toby can get a medal. Spencer listens as Toby mentions that this is about doing the right thing, but Caleb tells him that there is no right thing, there’s only by the book, or save our ass, and he knows which one he’s doing. As Caleb goes to leave and Toby physically stops him, Toby calls on Spencer. Caleb tells Spencer that this is crazy, and that he knows she feels the same way he does. Spencer says that she thinks they shouldn’t do anything, before telling Toby and she and Caleb promise not to touch the knife, if he promises to keep quiet. As Caleb questions if Spencer just wants to leave the knife there, Toby tells Spencer fine, that’s what they’ll do. Toby goes on to say the no one can know they had this conversation, and telling him “of course”, Spencer has to coax a reluctant Caleb into agreeing, “please”.

Knocking on Caleb’s apartment door, Spencer is bewildered when Caleb opens the door, “seriously? The shelf life on secrets around here has reached an all time low”. Closing the door behind Spencer, Caleb says that he knows he shouldn’t have told Hanna. Spencer mentions that he could have at least warned her before she was “carpet bombed with angry texts”, and when Caleb questions why Hanna was angry, Spencer says that it’s because she didn’t tell her. Adding that she had to beg Hanna not to tell Aria and Emily, Spencer notices a map on Caleb’s bed and asks what it is. When Caleb looks over his shoulder, Spencer comments that Caleb’s going back for the knife, and Caleb tells her that if his prints are on it… When Spencer gives him a baffled look, Caleb turns his back on her and explains that he can’t get hauled away on suspicion of murder, again. Spencer questions, “again?”, and turning back to face her, Caleb says that he’s sure Hanna has told Spencer some stuff about his past, but there are things that he hasn’t even told her. Spencer asks what he did, and sitting down on his bed, Caleb tells her that he hacked for some dudes in Allentown, some credit card number scam, and when one of them turned up dead, the other one pointed the finger at him. Spencer listens as Caleb goes on to say that he was easy to railroad, he’d bailed from his foster home and was living on the streets. Spencer asks what happened, and Caleb explains that one of the detectives saw that he was just some stupid kid who made some stupid decisions, and the cop got him released. Going on, Caleb says that if he gets taken in on a charge like that, he’s not going to have somebody there to look after him, he’s not a stupid kid anymore. Caleb questions if Spencer is going to go tell Toby now, but Spencer tells him no, “I’m coming with you”, before picking up the flashlight.

Spencer and Caleb slowly move through the woods at the back of the Vanderwaal property. Spencer comments that “this is crazy” and that it would be hard enough in the day, but Caleb tells her to just find it. Spencer says that she can’t see anything, and saying Spencer’s name, Caleb tells her that they have to find it.

Still looking for the knife, Spencer calls out Caleb’s name when she notices the knife amongst a pile of leaves. Taking off his backpack, Caleb pulls out a cloth and picks up the knife, before looking over his shoulder towards Spencer.

Opening one of the French doors for Caleb, Spencer asks what he is doing at her door. As Caleb walks in, Spencer asks what happened, and Caleb tells her that he couldn’t do it. Spencer wonders what he means, and Caleb mentions that he felt as though he was being followed, and that he drove to the lake, but when he got there… Taking the knife from his backpack, Caleb repeats to Spencer that he just couldn’t do it. Taking a breath, Spencer takes the knife and says that she’ll do it. Telling Spencer to wait, Caleb says that as long as that knife exists, ‘A’ is going to find a way to get it back, and after taking a moment, Spencer tells him that they make it “not exist”.

At Rosewood High School, Caleb questions if they even know how to turn the kiln on, to which Spencer tells him that she’s looking it up. Saying that it has to be one of the switches, Caleb starts fiddling with them, and walking over to an opposite set, Spencer tells him “maybe this one”. Spencer manages to open the kiln’s door, and when Caleb flicks another switch he says that he doesn’t know if he got it working. Spencer says that she doesn’t know and that they should just try it, and walking over to his backpack, Caleb grabs the knife. Hearing a door close, Spencer goes to follow.

Peering out the art room door, Spencer walks into the hallway where she hears footsteps and other movement.

Still walking through the empty hallways, Spencer rushes over to a window which is rattling in the wind.

Walking back into the art room, Spencer calls out to Caleb. Peering inside the kiln’s glass window, Spencer notices Caleb trapped inside, “Caleb. Oh my God!” Telling him to hang on, Spencer manages to open the kiln’s door, and getting to his feet, Caleb quickly moves into the art room, “oh my god, what happened?” As Caleb is catching his breath, Spencer asks if he’s okay, and as the kiln door shuts, Spencer whips around to look. Turning back to Caleb, Spencer questions if the door shut by accident, to which Caleb tells her that he doesn’t know. Spencer then asks where the knife is and if it’s still in the kiln, and when Caleb nods, Spencer turns to kiln back on.

Arriving at The Brew’s relaunch party, Spencer takes off her coat and walking up to Emily, she asks if she’s seen Toby. Emily says that she hasn’t, before telling Spencer to take an empanada. Focusing on her phone, Spencer tells Emily, “no thanks”, and questing that Spencer said no thanks, Emily tells her that she made one, and Spencer should eat one. Taken aback, Spencer mentions that she’s just walked in, to which Emily urges that Spencer is starving and she should eat one. As Spencer picks up an empanada that looks half decent, Emily wonders that wasn’t Caleb coming with her, and Spencer explains that he bailed, “he just wasn’t up to it”. Looking cautiously at the empanada, Spencer comments that there’s a hand in it, to which Emily defensively says she should eat around it. Noticing Emily looking at someone, Spencer looks over her shoulder to Talia, a chef Ezra employed for the event. Spencer asks who Talia is, and Emily says she doesn’t want to talk about it before walking away. As Spencer is tentatively looking at the empanada, a guy walks up to her and asks if she’s Melissa, Melissa Hastings. Spencer tells him no, “that’s my sister”, to which the guy says that that’s a relief. When Spencer asks why that is a relief, the guy says that he’s not looking for a roommate. Clarifying the situation, the guy tells Spencer that Veronica told his mom that he could rent the guest house. When Spencer questions when this happened, “our moms are friends?”, the guy says that they kind of are, before explaining her Spencer’s mom sued his granny’s nursing home for his mom. As a waitress walks passed, the guys asks if Spencer has tried one of the crab cakes, before saying that they’re like the new party drug. When Spencer thanks him for the tip, Jonny officially introduces himself, and Spencer does the same, “the sister who hasn’t checked out, yet”. Jonny mentions that he’s psyched about the space, and Spencer comments that she doesn’t think he should be, “you don’t want to live in our backyard”. Jonny asks why, and Spencer tells him that “somebody was buried in it”, before excusing herself and walking off.

Spencer notices Toby walk in, and when he cocks his head towards outside, Spencer follows after him. Running to catch up, Spencer tells Toby to wait, “Toby”. Toby stops and when Spencer catches up to him, Toby tells her that she looked him in the eye and then she deliberately went behind his back. Cutting him off, Spencer tells him that he did the same, “how else would you have known the knife was gone. You went back too”. Toby comments that he wanted to do the right thing, and Spencer mentions that if he thought that, he would have picked up the knife the first time. Spencer tells Toby that he keeps on talking about doing the right thing as if they have no idea what it is, “but in this case, we needed to protect ourselves, and that meant getting rid of it”. Toby says Spencer’s name, but Spencer keeps talking over him, telling him that it’s done, “it’s destroyed”. Raising his voice and grabbing Spencer’s wrists, Toby says that he can’t listen to her, and that she’s making it worse, there are things that he can’t know about, things Spencer can’t say out loud. After looking at each other, Spencer comments that Toby once told her she can tell him anything, and after another pause, Toby tells her that he has to go. Looking over her shoulder, an upset Spencer watches as Toby walks away.

Over a Barrel

Pretty Little Liars S05E16 Spencer.jpg

Sitting in The Brew, Spencer listens as Emily questions her that the knife she and Caleb found was covered in blood, before Aria wonders if it was Mona’s blood. Spencer tells them all, “yeah”, and that any of their prints could have been on it. Emily asks if they think Holbrook planted it, and turning to Hanna, Aria says that she vouched for him, so does she think he’s a good guy. Hanna mentions she’s not so sure anymore, and that she bailed on her college visit to go track down Holbrook’s dad. As Hanna says that Holbrook could have planted the knife, Spencer tells her that she should have called them last night, “as soon as you got home”, to which Hanna justifies that it was late. Aria theorises that if Alison’s ‘A’ and Holbrook’s on her side, they could pin Mona’s murder on the girls, to which Spencer says she doesn’t know, and that she has to get home. Asking Emily if she wants her to drop a package, which is sticking out of Emily’s handbag, off in the mail, Spencer listens as Emily tells her she’s good, and that she’ll go later. Spencer tells Emily that if this is something she is having trouble letting go of, “we can do it for you”, but Emily says she’s not holding on, it’s just that she found three pairs of Paige’s swim googles and some of her CD’s in her car. As Emily says her shift is about to start, the Liars all stand and go off in their separate directions.

Sitting on the sofa in her great room, Spencer holds her head in her hands staring at two three letters on the coffee table. Toby questions whether or not she’s going to open them, to which Spencer tells him that she doesn’t need to, she already knows what they say. Saying that they’ll be three acceptance letters, Toby notices the look on Spencer’s face and realises she doesn’t seem excited. Excited for her, Toby exclaims about the University of Hawaii, and after Spencer shoots him a look, Toby says that he knows he shouldn’t have stormed off last night. Spencer comments that this isn’t about him storming off, “this is about me needing to put zinc on my nose for the next four years, and people wearing flip flops to class”. Toby tells her that a lot of people would love to go to school in Hawaii, to which Spencer says that she loves brick and ivy. As Spencer says that she doesn’t even want to go to those schools, she just applied to them because they’re far away, a confused Toby questions that she applied to schools she doesn’t want to go to, just to get far away from Rosewood. Spencer explains that after what happened with Mona, the girls decided it would be smart to get as far away from Alison as possible. Frustrated, Spencer grabs the envelopes and comments that Alison is still deciding “where I go, and what I do”, before adding that Alison is behind bars and “I still can’t get away from her”. As Spencer starts to list off where the envelopes have come from, “New Mexico, Montana, let’s say I do go to the University of Hawaii”, Toby tells Spencer that Alison will be here, in jail. Spencer reminds him that Alison was able to plant a murder weapon in Mona’s backyard for him to find, before questioning whether Toby thinks Alison can’t book a plane ticket. Toby begins to say that they don’t know, but Spencer cuts him off, saying that he doesn’t know, but they are pretty sure Alison has help. Toby comments that none of them will know for sure, before there’s a knock on one of the French doors. Throwing the envelopes back on the coffee table, Spencer opens the door to Jonny, who comments that he’s a little early. As Spencer goes to get the keys, Jonny passes her the deposit, first and last, before emptying a pocket full of change into her hands. Saying that she’ll make sure Veronica gets the money, Spencer looks over her shoulder to Toby and introduces him to Jonny, “Jonny’s going to be living in the Barn”. Toby nods, and welcomes Jonny to the neighbourhood, before telling Spencer that he better get going to work and kissing Spencer on the forehead, he leaves. Pouring the change onto the coffee table, Spencer listens as Jonny deducts that her boyfriend is a cop, and putting her hands in her pockets, Spencer tells him yeah, “he wasn’t always”.

Spencer passes Jonny a hammer and tells him to let her know if he needs anything else. Jonny asks Spencer where her garbage is, and pointing it out, Spencer watches as Jonny starts to rifle through it. Spencer asks Jonny if he’s transferring, “’cause Hollis is kind of on the opposite side of town”, and saying that that’s good to know, Jonny tells her he’s not, or he might, he hasn’t decided yet. As Jonny continues to dig through the household trash, Spencer says that she can make him a sandwich, to which Jonny tells her that that would be great, no ham though as it has a sketchy texture. Jonny picks on Spencer’s unease, and tells her that he’s not grocery shopping, he’s looking for art supplies, for colour. Intrigued, Spencer questions if Jonny makes his own paint, and when Jonny says he does when he needs to, especially after a deposit of first and last month’s rent, Spencer asks if he was in Italy. Jonny tells her he was there for about a month and as he begins to questions how she knew, Spencer excitedly explains that they studied the Renaissance, “I did a project on Botticelli, so I made my own tempera paints from scratch”. Spencer tells Jonny that she would love to hear about his trip, “I’ve always wanted to go to Italy”, and Jonny says that he’ll make her a deal, he’ll give her a travel log if she lets him borrow an egg. Enthusiastically agreeing, “yeah, deal”, Spencer goes to grab an egg from the fridge when her phone beeps with an incoming text. Reading the text, Spencer drops the egg on the floor, before telling Jonny that she’s so sorry, “I’m going to need to go. I’ll get you the egg later”. After watching Jonny leave, Spencer looks back down at the text message, “From: Mona Vanderwaal; Activated 10:48am; 40.079016: - 74.931168”.

In Caleb’s apartment, Spencer looks over Caleb’s shoulder as he tries to track the text message. Hanna comments that obviously ghosts don’t have fingers, before questioning how Mona sent those texts, to which Spencer explains that it was an alert sent automatically by a security company. Caleb mentions that Mona post some kind of low-jack on her laptop before she died, and someone must have gotten through the encryption and set off an alarm. Hanna recalls that the text had a bunch of numbers, and Spencer tells her that they were GPS coordinates, “probably the location where the laptop was last used”. As Spencer says that the location looks like a storage place off of the turnpike, Caleb comments that the laptop is still there, and that he logged into the security company’s website. Spencer asks Caleb if Mona could have set this up to alert the police, but Caleb says it’s an option Mona didn’t select, she just sent it to the four Liars. Caleb mentions that Mona’s security is usually incredibly tight, but it’s almost as if she purposefully made it easy for him to log in, which has Hanna questioning whether they can get Mona’s laptop back if Ali took it. Spencer suggests that the low security could also be Mona’s way of letting them track the laptop without whoever has the laptop knowing. Caleb questions whether the girls think that the storage unit is where Holbrook is hiding, and Hanna explains that Aria is going to text when she’s at the Grille, if Holbrook’s with her, then that gives them time to go in and look around. As Hanna’s phone rings, Spencer comments that “that was fast”, and when Caleb asks whose driving, Hanna tells them both to hold your horses, and that the call is for her. When Hanna ends her call with Ted, Spencer questions that the Pastor’s back, and Hanna explains he got back this morning, and he wants to meet with her. When Spencer’s phone starts to go off, she says that “that’s Aria”, and when Caleb asks if Hanna wants them to drop her off, Hanna tells him no, she’ll go by myself. Spencer asks Hanna if everything is okay, and after telling Spencer yeah, Hanna turns to Caleb, telling him that if he sees anything suspicious, not to pick it up, before turning to Spencer and telling her not to let Caleb pick anything up. Hanna questions what they say about rats in a corner, and when Spencer tells her, “a cornered rat will bite”, Hanna tells Spencer and Caleb to remember that Holbrook is a rat.

At the storage facility, Spencer and Caleb follow the GPS locator to unit 1017. Spencer comments that she has some bolt cutters in her car, and when Caleb gives her a look, Spencer explains, “I like to be prepared”. Caleb tells her that the bolt cutters won’t work on this specific lock as it’s a shrouded lock, hard to cut and even harder to pick. Turning when they hear someone, Spencer greets Mrs Horowitz when she calls out Spencer’s name. As Caleb says he’s going to go to the bathroom, Spencer tells Mrs Horowitz that “my friend just got an apartment, and so we’re just getting some things out of storage for him”. Spencer questions if Mrs Horowitz is here often, and Mrs Horowitz says she’s here every month or so, before questioning Spencer why. Looking towards the storage unit, Spencer comments that this “isn’t really the place you get to know your neighbours”, and Mrs Horowitz deducts that Spencer is talking about 1017, and the smell. Spencer questions the word, “smell”, and Mrs Horowitz explains that there’s some sort of odour that wafts down the hallways sometimes and she thinks it’s coming from that unit. Spencer asks if she’s even spoken with the renter, to which Mrs Horowitz says about a month or so ago there was a girl, a blonde, before asking Spencer that if the unit starts to smell again if she could have a word with the manager. Spencer agrees before asking what the blonde looks like, “just in case I spot her”, but Mrs Horowitz explains that she tried to stop her but she was in a hurry and she didn’t get to see the blonde’s face. Mrs Horowitz tells Spencer that they ought to do something about the smell, it’s really unsanitary, before she turns and walks away. Taking a whiff of the door, Spencer turns when Caleb comes back. After saying goodbye to Mrs Horowitz, Caleb asks Spencer is she’s coming back, and Spencer tells him she doesn’t think so. Asking where Caleb went, Spencer listens as he explains that he made a shim out of Mrs Horowitz’s soda can, and they’re going to use it to pick the lock. Spencer questions that she thought Caleb said they couldn’t pick to lock, to which Caleb tells her he’s not talking about that lock, he’s talking about Mrs Horowitz’s lock. Walking to Mrs Horowitz’s storage unit, Spencer watches as Caleb begins to pick it.

Climbing through the air ducts between Mrs Horowitz’s storage unit and unit 1017, Spencer thanks Caleb when he helps her up. Spencer and Caleb look around the unit, and spotting Mona’s laptop, Spencer tells Caleb not to touch anything, “it’s really neat in here, too neat”. Saying that everything’s bagged in clear plastic and it looks like evidence, Spencer listens as Caleb questions if it could be Holbrook. Noticing some blood drenched clothes, Spencer wonders if they were the clothes Mona was wearing when she died, to which Caleb wonders why Holbrook is keeping them. Spencer says that maybe the more important question is, “is this where he kept the knife until he planted it?”, and Caleb realises that Holbrook’s keeping it all to build a case against one of them. Noticing a shadow, Caleb tells Spencer to get down, before saying that there’s somebody else in the unit behind the shelves. As Spencer and Caleb share a look, Spencer tells Caleb to “wait here”, before Spencer gets up and pushes through the clear plastic sheets. Saying that the shadow is just an “empty suit”, Spencer walks into the second half of the unit, where she notices a barrel. Caleb asks if Spencer is thinking what he’s thinking, and Spencer answers, “that she’s in there”. As Caleb taps on the drum he mentions that it sounds full and Mona wasn’t very big, to which Spencer says that Mona was a lot of things, “she didn’t deserve this!” Looking around, Spencer notices antacid tablets and denatured alcohol, and repeating the chemicals and adding water to the mixture, Spencer looks at Caleb. Caleb tells her he didn’t take chemistry, and Spencer tells him that it’s biology, “when you mix those in the right proportions you can preserve a specimen. A frog, pig fetus, anything vertebrate really”. Caleb questions what happens if you mix them wrong, and Spencer tells him that it’s corrosive, “you turn whatever specimen you have to sludge”. When Caleb says that their Mona is being pickled or dissolved, Spencer questions that he really just said that. After apologising, Caleb asks if they should open the barrel, and after shaking out the creeps from her body, Spencer goes to life the barrel, only for the unit to be plunged into darkness.

Pacing Caleb’s apartment, Spencer asks if Caleb’s sure he wiped down everything, to which Caleb says that the only things he touched were the light switch and the air duct covers. When Spencer questions what if they left hair, “fibres, skin cells”, Caleb tells her that he thinks she’s being paranoid. Spencer says that would be possible if she was being excessively or unreasonably anxious according to Merriam Webster, “there’s nothing unreasonable or excessive about wanting to keep us all out of jail”. As Spencer says that she’s being meticulous, Caleb comments that she’s actually being a thesaurus, but he appreciates her attention to detail. Caleb tells Spencer that the security footage has been wiped, and there’s now no sign of them ever being there. Spencer says there’s also no sign of the blonde or Holbrook, before saying that they need to figure out a way to tie Holbrook into the storage space without being tied up into it themselves. Caleb suggests that they could always call Toby, tip him off and let the cops find out what’s in that barrel, but Spencer says opening that barrel would have been playing into Holbrook’s hands, “besides I really don’t want to risk Toby’s job”. Saying that when they have proof there’s where Holbrook does Alison’s dirty work, Spencer mentions that’s when they’ll have something to turn in. Spencer then questions if Caleb could get into the storage facilities records and see whose name is on the lease, “find a renters agreement with a name”, and Caleb tells her it shouldn’t take too long. As Spencer starts to again pace, Caleb tells her that he should really have gone after that knife alone, and if it makes her feel better, Toby’s not really talking with him either, to which Spencer mentions that he’s talking with her, “just not really much to say”.

Lying on her bed playing Scrabble with Toby, Spencer listens as Toby mentions that for a town where some pretty awful things have happened, today almost nothing happened. Spencer says that something must have happened, and Toby tells her he responded to a total of two calls, an 11-26 and 10-91L, so Rosewood is now safe from an abandoned bicycle and an off leash labradoodle. Spencer laughs, and Toby comments that they haven’t done this in a while and he’s missed it, to which Spencer says she has as well. Toby then says that they haven’t talked about college, the distance, before suggesting that maybe they should. When Spencer tells him that they’ve been apart before, Toby says that with either a surfboard or bricks and ivy, she’s going to be gone, and while he doesn’t want to hold her back, he can’t get used to the thought of her being an ocean away. Spencer’s phone beeps with an incoming text, but ignoring it Spencer suggests that he could come with her, “learn how to surf”. Spencer mentions she’s chilly, “I’ll close the window”, and as she does so, Toby picks up Spencer’s phone and reads the message she just received. As Toby reads the message from Caleb, which said that he found something, out loud, he questions what Spencer and Caleb found. When Spencer doesn’t answer, Toby repeats his question, but Spencer says that she can’t tell him. Throwing Spencer’s phone down on the scrabble board, Toby says that this isn’t about telling, this is about doing things that will get them both, all of them, in a lot of trouble. Toby tells Spencer that whatever she and Caleb did today, that’s it, and that he wants them to stop. Shrugging her shoulders, Spencer tells him she’ll do whatever he says, “officer”, before Toby gets up, grabs his jacket and walks from the room.

Spencer is drinking a cup of tea when Jonny knocks on the French doors. Opening the door, Spencer asks if he needs something, and Jonny tells her he needs an egg. When Spencer questions, “what?”, Jonny repeats the word egg. Spencer looks at Jonny confused, so Jonny explains that the cop was here so he waited, but she owes him. Finally caught on, Spencer exclaims, “an egg”, before apologising, saying that she forgot, “come in”. As Spencer goes to grab an egg from the fridge, he says Jonny can’t really make paint without a binder, before asking if she ruined his plans. Jonny tells her he read a bit to pass the time and got kind of sucked into the local news, and when Spencer asks if there was anything exciting, Jonny says that there’s nothing but excitement around here, the body in Spencer’s backyard is just the tip of the iceberg. Sitting on a stool, Spencer comments that it’s not really the town Jonny would remember, to which Jonny explains that they left when he was a kid, but he doesn’t remember anything like this. Jonny then questions if Spencer was really friends with the girl who murdered a classmate, and Spencer tells him she was, “not so much anymore”. Jonny comments that with her in the halls, he can imagine why Spencer would date a cop, to which Spencer mentions that they’re next door neighbours. Jonny comments that Spencer’s trying to get as far away from Rosewood as possible, and when Spencer just looks at him, Jonny explains that earlier he saw the acceptance letters, before asking whether Spencer has bothered opening them yet. Sighing, Spencer mentions that after everything that has happened, she doesn’t really know if she can handle anything as mundane as college, “the iceberg runs deep”. Jonny tells Spencer that he bailed after a semester, and that it’s just a bunch of kids sitting on bunk beds trying to figure out what to do with the rest of their lives. With a small laugh, Spencer says that that sounds like the worst sleepaway camp ever, and when Jonny nods, Spencer questions that he just quit school, “and travelled?” Spencer listens as Jonny tells her that he wants to study art, and then make it. Jonny goes on to say that he bought a ticket to Europe, haunted as many museums as he could and would trade a sketch or a canvas for room, board and ride to the next town. Jonny tells Spencer that there’s no rule that she has to go to college, and if she wants to, she can just go. Spencer’s phone ring with an incoming text, and after reading the message from Caleb, “Call me back”, Spencer tells Jonny that she doesn’t need to get it when he asks if she does. Asking Jonny to tell her about Italy, Spencer listens as he begins to do so.

The Bin of Sin

Pretty Little Liars S05E17 Spencer.jpg

In Caleb’s apartment, Spencer listens as Aria asks if they seriously think Mona’s body is in the barrel in the storage unit, and Caleb tells her they do. Emily says that they knew Alison was crazy, but to do something like that, to which Spencer comments that it makes Alison even sicker than they thought. Hanna passes Aria the lease agreement for the storage unit, and when Aria says that it must be payback for Hanna visiting Alison, Spencer questions when Hanna saw Alison. Spencer listens as Caleb tells the Liars that Hanna visiting Alison has nothing to do with the lease agreement, and that the storage unit was rented in Hanna’s name four months ago, the day before Mona was murdered. Looking to Hanna, Spencer mentions that it was “Ali’s plan all along to blame you”, and when Hanna says that the bloody knife Toby found probably has all her prints on it, Caleb turns to Spencer and comments that it was a good choice to get rid of it. Spencer listens as Hanna says she wants to move the evidence from the storage unit, and when she says she doesn’t have an alibi for Mona’s murder, Caleb tells her she does, they were together prepping the Thanksgiving turkey. Hanna reminds Caleb that they were alone and the cops will just think he’s protecting her. Spencer then asks where Hanna’s mom was, and Hanna explains Ashley was at the soup kitchen with Ted. Caleb tells the girls that he can corrupt the data files and make sure Hanna’s name is no longer connected with the storage unit, to which Spencer says that they can then tell Tanner that they traced Mona’s laptop there, and Aria adds that Tanner will then put the pieces together and realise Holbrook’s behind it all. Hanna says that if Tanner doesn’t realise it all it will just boomerang back on her, and when Spencer tells Hanna that this is the safest plan they’ve got, Hanna says that it’s safe for them but not for her. Hanna then storms from Caleb’s apartment, leaving Spencer, Caleb, Aria and Emily standing there watching after her.

Approaching Toby’s desk at the Rosewood Police Department, Spencer says that she needs to speak with him, “can we please go somewhere private”. Toby asks if she’s okay, to which Spencer says that she’s fine, “it’s Hanna”. Looking over his shoulder, Toby lowers his voice and asks Spencer if this has anything to do with what she and Caleb were texting about last night, and when Spencer says that it is, Toby says that he thought they’d agreed she’d stop whatever it was she was doing. As Spencer says that it’s not that simple, “you know that I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t important. I’m really afraid Hanna is going to do something stupid and I need your help”, Lieutenant Tanner walks up to them. When Tanner asks if Spencer should be in school, Spencer explains that she was just on her lunch break before looking down at her watch, “but it’s almost over so I should probably get going”. After telling Toby is call her soon, Spencer leaves.

Pulling up in the middle of the street, Spencer gets out of her car and rushes over to Emily and Aria who are walking down the sidewalk. When Aria says she doesn’t thing that’s an actual parking space, Spencer ignores her and instead tells them that the laptop is moving. Emily questions her, and holding up her phone, Spencer explains that someone has taken Mona’s laptop out of the storage unit. Aria questions if it was Holbrook, but Spencer says her money is on Hanna, “she wasn’t in school today”. Emily comments that Hanna might be scared, but she wouldn’t do something like that, to which Spencer asks if Emily’s sure. Aria says that there’s only one way to find out, and the three girls get in Spencer’s car and drive off.

Spencer is driving with Emily navigating. As Emily tells Spencer to take a left, Spencer questions, “how much further?”, and Emily tells her that the GPS says they’re about a mile away. Aria wonders why Caleb would help Hanna do this, and when Emily says they don’t know that Caleb is, Spencer reminds Emily that they’re not at Hanna’s house, “they’re not calling us back. He’s got to be helping her”.

In a factory, Spencer, Aria and Emily walk through in the dark with flashlights guiding their way. Emily asks where they are, and spotting a label on a barrel, Spencer comments that it looks like it’s an old ice cream factory. Hearing a noise the girls turn, and after looking back at Aria and Emily, Spencer leads the girls to where the sound came from. Getting to a door, Spencer tries to open it but finds that it’s locked. When they hear another noise, the girls look back to where they came from, before Spencer comments that it must be the wind moving stuff around. Aria asks where the tracker says the laptop is, and looking down at her phone, Spencer mentions that she’s completely lost service. Aria comments that the factory is huge and they should probably split up, and agreeing, the girls walk off in different directions.

Walking around the factory, Spencer begins to hear Caleb and Hanna’s voices, so she walks towards the sound.

Spencer walks towards Hanna and Caleb’s voices and finds a laptop playing a recording of them in a freezer. Grabbing a wrench, Spencer sticks it in the hinges of the door, before walking over to the laptop. As Spencer is watching the recording, Aria walks in and apologises for startling her. Spencer tells Aria to “come look at this”, and when she does, they both watch the recording of Hanna and Caleb talking about moving everything from the storage unit. Aria mentions that someone knows they’re at the factory, and looking up, Spencer comments that it’s not Hanna and Caleb. As Aria says they should go find Emily, Spencer takes the laptop, and it’s then they start to hear footsteps coming towards them. Getting low to the ground, Spencer begins to crawl over to the wrench, but as she’s reaching out to grab it, it’s pulled out of her reach by ‘A’, who then closes the freezer door, locking Spencer and Aria in. Banging on the door, Spencer calls out to Emily, but when Aria comments that smoke coming from the vents is really cold, Spencer tells her that it’s liquid nitrogen. Aria questions what that means, and Spencer explains that the temperature is going to drop below zero, “and if we don’t get out of here really soon, we’re going to freeze to death”. As more liquid nitrogen is released into the freezer, Spencer and Aria begin to feel the cold, and start to frantically bang on the freezer door, “Emily. Emily”. When Emily finally finds them, Spencer and Aria plead with Emily to make it stop. Emily desperately tries to stop the liquid nitrogen at the controls, but is unable to, so she grabs the wrench and hits the control box until it sparks and shocks her. Still trapped in the freezer, Spencer and Aria are starting to freeze, and it’s then that Emily notices the freezer valve. After breaking the valve, Emily is able to open the freezer door, and Spencer and Aria crawl out, collapsing to the ground.

As Spencer is letting Hanna in the back door of her house, Hanna questions how Spencer could tell Toby about the storage unit. When Spencer says that she didn’t, Hanna tells her that she doesn’t believe her. Turning to face Hanna, Spencer says she wanted to tell him, “I almost told him, but I didn’t”. Hanna wonders why Toby and Tanner showed up there today, to which Spencer exclaims it’s because Holbrook broke into Hanna’s computer and recorded the conversation that she and Caleb had, “he knew that you were going to the storage unit, and he probably just tipped them off”. Hanna questions why Holbrook wouldn’t just leave everything in there if Alison wanted to pin this on her, and after Spencer says she doesn’t know, Hanna asks why Toby didn’t warn them. Again saying that she doesn’t know, Spencer listens as Hanna says that Toby knew about the knife and he knows ones of them is being set up. Spencer exclaims that Toby didn’t see it that way, and shaking her head, Hanna wonders when Toby’s job became more important than his friends. Spencer tells Hanna she can’t blame this on Toby, “we told you not to move that stuff. You didn’t listen to us. You screwed yourself by going in there. And you screwed over Caleb too”. After watching Hanna walk out of her house, Spencer grabs her phone and tries to call Toby.

Lying on the sofa, Spencer stares up at the ceiling. Getting up when her cell phone rings, Spencer answers Toby’s call and dives into asking where he’s been, “I’ve been calling you for hours”. Toby explains that he’s still at work, and he’s buried in paperwork, to which Spencer asks what he was doing at the storage unit. Toby says that Tanner got an anonymous call that Mona’s body was in there, and when Spencer questions why he didn’t call and tell her, “you knew that I was worried about Hanna”, Toby tells her that he found out on the drive over and he couldn’t exactly call with Tanner sitting next to him. Spencer then asks what was in the barrel, and when Toby doesn’t answer, Spencer exclaims his name, “Toby”. Toby tells her that he can’t talk about it, and when Spencer questions what he means, “Hanna and Caleb need to know if Mona’s body was in there”, Toby tells her that he has to go, Tanner’s calling him. Spencer tells Toby to come over after work, but Toby says he’ll be at work late. Spencer says she doesn’t really care what time he gets off, “I really need to see you”, but Toby says that he can’t, and he’ll call her tomorrow. Spencer tells Toby to wait, but he hangs up on her. Throwing her phone down, Spencer dissolves into tears.

Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me

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Spencer stands outside of The Brew with Aria and Emily. Emily asks if Toby can tell if it were human remains in the drum, to which Spencer says that the police don’t know, and even if they did, Toby probably wouldn’t tell her anyway. When Aria questions if Spencer and Toby are okay, Spencer comments that they are some distance removed from okay. Spencer then tells Aria and Emily that she knows why Toby joined the police force, “I encouraged him”, before saying that Toby’s the most honourable person that she knows, “and it’s like now this is tearing him apart. I’m tearing him apart”. Aria looks across the street to the Rosewood Police Department, and on asking Spencer if that’s her mom standing out front, Spencer and Emily look across. When Spencer confirms that it is, Emily comments that for lawyers to be working on a Saturday it must be serious, to which Spencer mentions that her mom says you get more with a smile than a subpoena. Aria wonders what Veronica is trying to get from the two others lawyers she’s standing with, and Spencer explains that the other lawyers on part of Alison’s defense team and her mom is a paid strategical consultant. Emily questions that Veronica’s helping Alison’s defense, but Spencer says she’s not helping, “she’s consulting”, and she’ll get more out of them than they will of her. Aria asks why Veronica is doing it at all, and when Spencer says that Veronica wants to know what they know, Aria questions such as what, and Emily realises she can find out who gets called to testify. After watching Alison’s lawyers pass Veronica a file, Spencer notices Hanna walking passed the Rosewood Church. Turning back to Emily and Aria, Spencer tells them to wish her luck, before she heads off to talk with Hanna.

Walking up to Hanna, Spencer asks for two minutes so she can try and fix what’s going on between them. Hanna tells Spencer that there’s nothing to fix, and when Spencer tells her not to say that, Hanna tells Spencer that she was right. Spencer questions that she was, and Hanna explains that she thought about it and she thought about it in the tub for so long her fingers started to look like prunes. Spencer listens as Hanna then says that it was a bad idea to get the stuff out of the storage space, and when Hanna mentions that she panicked, Spencer comments, “panic’s a bitch”. Hanna says that she hopes she didn’t makes things incredibly worse, and when Spencer takes her hand and says that they’re not pruney anymore, Hanna comments that she moisturised.

Spencer and Hanna walk up to Aria and Emily outside of The Brew, and when Aria asks if they’re good, Spencer confirms that they are. Emily comments that maybe they’re not so good, and as the Liars follow Emily’s line of sight, they watch as Holbrook exits his car out the front of the Rosewood Police Department, “so much for family emergencies and special assignments”. Hanna questions what Holbrook is doing back after all this time, and Aria comments that Alison probably wanted him torturing them in close range. Spencer tells them to forget about torturing, “she wants to take us down with her”, to which Emily says that Holbrook was doing such a good job, before questioning why Alison would bring him out into the open. Emily then questions Spencer, but Spencer doesn’t have an answer.

Inside The Brew, Spencer listens as Aria questions why Alison would bring Holbrook out into the open, and Emily suggests that it’s to scare them without doing anything. When Spencer mentions that it’s pretty passive-aggressive, Hanna reminds her that ‘A’ is aggressive-aggressive. Aria mentions that Alison probably wants people inside the Police Department for the same reason that Veronica is making chummy with Alison’s lawyers, and Spencer comments, “inside information”. After Emily has excused herself for a minute, Spencer mentions that Alison is going to be tried and convicted, and when Aria says that the closer they get to her trial the more desperate she’s going to get, Hanna comments that she’s also going to get more dangerous. As Hanna’s phone rings and she walks off to answer it, Spencer looks over to Jonny who has just walked into The Brew with a crate of tools.

Walking over to Jonny, Spencer asks if he’s moving in, to which Jonny tells her no, he’s still at the barn. Spencer then asks Jonny what he’s doing, and Jonny explains that Ezra liked what he did for the opening, so he asked him what else he could come up with. As Jonny says he told Ezra he’d come up with something no one else had, Spencer comments that that he’s been given a commission, to which Jonny tells her it’s a $200 commission. Asking what it’s going to be, Spencer listens as Jonny tells her that the only way to find out is to help him build it. Spencer questions, “really?”, before saying that she’s kind of busy and she doesn’t really have time right now. Jonny comments that he guesses she’ll never know what it really does, and after Spencer gives him a look, Hanna approaches and tells Spencer that they have to talk. Saying “okay”, Spencer looks back to Jonny, before she follows Hanna.

Spencer and Aria listen as Hanna tells them that the police called Caleb and they want to reinterview him about the storage space and if he saw anyone there acting suspicious. When Hanna mentions that she knows they’re going to call her next, Spencer says that they’re just trying to make her nervous, to which Hanna tells her that it’s working. As Hanna’s cell starts to ring, Spencer tells her that she “better answer it”.

Sitting on the couches, Aria and the other liars listen as Mona’s friend Lesli says she’s still having a really hard time believing what happened. Lesli explains that she was with Mona’s mom when the police called, and all they could say was that something had happened and Leona had to come back to Rosewood. After a short pause, Spencer asks if Lesli knew Mona a long time, and Lesli mentions that they met a couple of summers ago at Mona’s grandparents place. Emily says she doesn’t recall seeing Lesli at the memorial service, to which Lesli explains that she had exams, and a professor who won’t reschedule for anyone or anything. When Spencer comments that she’s here now, Lesli tells her she’s just here for the weekend and with the awful girl’s trial coming up Mrs Vanderwaal needs all the support she can get. Lesli then says that the Liars were there for Mona and her mom when she wasn’t and she wants to thank them for that.

Walking into her house, Spencer is on the phone with Hanna, “whoever Lesli is, we need to keep an eye on her”. Hanna questions whether Lesli could be who she says she is, and Spencer admits she could be, but the last time somebody’s old friend came up to them in The Brew it was CeCe. As she’s tells Hanna to just go over and hi to Mona’s mom, Spencer notices Veronica’s briefcase at the end of the island counter. Hanna however tells Spencer that she’s at the police station, before questioning that Spencer can’t feel the police vibrations through the phone, to which Spencer says that once she leaves the police station she should go talk with Lesli, “just make sure she does most of the talking”. Telling Hanna that she really has to go, Spencer adds that Hanna will be fine. After ending the call, Spencer calls out to Veronica, “mom”, and not getting a response, Spencer goes through the briefcase and finds the file that Alison’s lawyers handed over. Opening the file, Spencer finds Mona’s homicide report, crime scene photos and the visitors log for Chester County Women’s Correctional. Noticing that Mike Montgomery visited Alison, Spencer takes a picture of the log on her phone. Hearing a car door slam, Spencer quickly repacks Veronica’s briefcase, and goes to sit on the sofa with a magazine. As Veronica walks in the door, Spencer greets her, before saying that she saw her talking with Holbrook earlier. Veronica tells Spencer he’s back, and when Spencer asks if his special assignment is all done, Veronica says they shouldn’t worry about Holbrook. Spencer asks why not, but changing the subject, Veronica tells Spencer they have something else to discuss. As Veronica holds the three college envelopes Spencer received, Spencer asks where she got them from. Veronica says that they are acceptance letters from colleges she didn’t even know Spencer was considering, and when Spencer questions how Veronica knows they’re acceptance letters, “I never even opened them”, Veronica tells her that they reject you with a one page letter, saying yes requires more paperwork. Exasperated, Spencer explains that she just applied so she’d have more options, “and then I changed her mind”, to which Veronica questions what Spencer changed her mind about. When Spencer doesn’t answer, Veronica tells Spencer that they have to stay focused, and that she’s going to go to college, but Spencer says that she’s starting to think that maybe it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if she didn’t. As Spencer gets up from the sofa and starts to walk towards the stairs, Veronica reminds Spencer that she’s been thinking of going to college since the first grade. Turning around, Spencer says that maybe she should have been thinking about something else, and when Veronica mentions that Spencer needs to keep her future properly aligned, Spencer tells her that she’ll go to a chiropractor. Grabbing Spencer’s wrist as she tries to walk off, Veronica tells Spencer that she’s doing everything possible to keep Spencer from getting dragged into Alison’s trial, and staying on course with college is part of that. Veronica asks if she’s made herself clear, and bowing down, Spencer tells her, “yes ma’am”. When Veronica drops her wrist, Spencer turns and runs up the stairs to her bedroom.

In Aria’s bedroom, Spencer tells Aria her mom is giving strategic advice to Alison’s defence team, “and they’re sharing all kinds of information with her about the case, which includes whose been visiting Ali in jail”. Saying there’s a copy of the visitors log, Spencer tells Aria that she took a picture, and when Aria asks if Hanna’s name is on the list, Spencer tells her yeah, “but that’s not the name that’s worrying me”. Showing Aria the photo, Spencer zooms in on Mike’s name. Confused, Aria says that that’s got to be a mistake, to which Spencer questions how many Mike Montgomery’s they know. Aria tells Spencer that even if it were true, Mike must have had a good reason, and when Spencer shrugs, Aria says that Alison killed Mike’s girlfriend and he was probably there to spit in her eye. Spencer tells Aria, “maybe”, before wondering why Mike didn’t mention that he was doing it. Aria says that she doesn’t know and that there must be a good explanation, to which Spencer says that if there is an explanation, Aria is the only one in a place to get it.

Spencer stands watching Jonny build his commission in The Brew. When Jonny asks Spencer to pass him the pair of plyers, Spencer asks if he’s going to tell her what he’s making does, to which Jonny tells her that she’s smart and she can figure it out. As Spencer says she doesn’t want to figure it out, “I just want to know”, Jonny tells her to analyse that sentence as it’s very revealing. Spencer suggests that what Jonny’s making is a gelato maker, and Jonny sarcastically tells her that she’s right, that’s what it is. Telling Jonny to shut up, Spencer picks up the piece of paper that has the contraption outlined, and turning the piece of paper over, Spencer finds one of Alison’s missing person flyer on the other side. Holding up Alison’s missing persons, Spencer asks Jonny where he got it, to which Jonny says it was in the barn. Spencer listens as Jonny tells her there are still a couple of them around town, and that you can see him on old telephone poles with the missing dog and cat flyers. Jonny tells Spencer that her friend is just about mythic in Rosewood, to which Spencer says that Alison is not her friend anymore. Jonny mentions that Alison’s still legendary, Gilgamesh in high heels, but Spencer says she’s more like Vishnu, “now I become death, destroyed of worlds”. Jonny mentions that that’s some grim stuff to hang on a pretty girl with a nice smile, and after Spencer and Jonny share a look, Jonny questions how you go from the girl on the flyer to sitting on jail for killing someone. Spencer tells him that it’s complicated, “or else it’s simple and we just thought it was complicated”. Jonny changes the subject and asks Spencer to pass him a phillips head screwdriver, and after doing so, Spencer takes a drink of her coffee.

Spencer stands next to Jonny’s commission, and when Jonny asks her what she thinks, Spencer questions if it’s finished. Jonny tells her that it is, before questioning that Spencer can’t tell. When Spencer just gives Jonny a look, Jonny tells her that she’s sporting a very sour look, and if she’s not careful her face might freeze like that. Spencer asks if he’ll finally tell her what he’s made does, and telling Spencer to sit down, Jonny tells her to put her elbows on the two buttons that are on the table, lean forward and to cup her hands around her ears. Bemused, Spencer asks if Jonny’s kidding, to which Jonny tells her that he never kids, he may be whimsical, but he never kids. As Spencer cups her ears, Jonny tells her to stay like that, and as Jonny walks over to the microphone, Spencer tells him that “this is ridiculous”. Listening as Jonny talks into the microphone and it sounds into her ears, Spencer smiles, amazed. Jonny then explains that the microphone is attached to a pair of sound drivers in the table like the inside of a speaker, so whenever you rest your elbows on the buttons, the drivers vibrate the ulna and radius in each arm and the bones in your hand, turning them into headphones. Saying that Spencer just became a human tuning fork, Jonny turns off the microphone and walks back over to her. Lifting the table’s top, Spencer looks inside, before closing it and telling Jonny that it’s incredible. Jonny then tells Spencer that people turn on the microphone and anonymously record any secret they want to with the understanding that some stranger is going to sit at the table and listen to a random whisper. Saying that it’s brilliant, “seriously, this is… this is genius”, Spencer listens as Jonny passes it off as some anatomy and applied engineering. When Spencer says Jonny’s name, Jonny comments that come to think of it, it is genius. Spencer asks where he came up with the idea, and when Jonny tells her that he was inspired by Rosewood, Spencer questions him, “by Rosewood?”, to which Jonny mentions that the whole town is strung together with whispers. After a beat passes between them, Jonny comments that if Spencer were really impressed, she’d by him coffee.

Walking in the back door of her house, Spencer finds Veronica sitting at the kitchen island counter reading through some paperwork. After greeting her mom, Spencer questions why she’s working in the kitchen, before saying that she could just work in the den, but Veronica tells her that the den was Peter’s space and she doesn’t feel comfortable working in there. As Spencer moves passed Veronica, Veronica asks Spencer where she was, and Spencer explains that she was helping out Jonny at The Brew. Veronica comments that she’s starting to have second thoughts about Jonny, and Spencer tells her not to, “I really like the way his mind works”. When Veronica says she hates to see young people like that squander their potential, Spencer says she doesn’t think Jonny sees it that way. Veronica wonders whether talking with Jonny has Spencer thinking about not going to college, and stepping towards Veronica, Spencer explains that she not, not thinking of going to college, “I’m just thinking”. Veronica reminds her that her future won’t wait, and it’s then that Spencer asks if Veronica remembers what she wanted to do with her life when she was her age, “and don’t say be a lawyer”. Veronica admits that she did not want to be a lawyer, to which Spencer tells her to please do her a favour and try, for like ten seconds, to remember what that felt like. Standing up, Veronica is on the verge of saying something, but her cell phone rings interrupting them. As Spencer starts to walk towards the stairs, Veronica asks Spencer to wait. As Veronica ends the call, she tells Spencer that there’s been a leak from the prosecutor’s office, and when Spencer asks “what kind of a leak?”, Veronica explains that they’re still analysing the contents of the barrel from the storage space, but they have a match on the blood spots. Spencer questions if it was Mona’s blood, but Veronica tells Spencer no, it was Alison’s.

In her bedroom, Spencer listens as Aria tells Hanna that she doesn’t know where Emily is, and that her phone keeps going to voicemail. Spencer asks Hanna if she’s sure about “this”, to which Hanna tells them that Holbrook doesn’t know half the stuff they thought he did. Spencer concludes someone else has been helping Alison, and when Aria says it’s somebody they don’t know, Hanna comments that it could be somebody they’d never suspect. As Aria starts to walk from Spencer’s room, Spencer tells Aria that they all know what Alison is capable of. Turning back, Aria says that she knows her own brother, and it’s then that Hanna reminds Aria that Mike went to see Alison in jail and he won’t tell Aria why. Spencer questions what if Mike goes back, “what if he’s the way she’s still moving stuff around?”, but Aria says that Mike’s not going to go back. When Spencer asks how she can be so sure, Aria tells Spencer it’s because she told him not to. Hanna then asks Spencer what Bethany meant on the tape about making plans, to which Spencer says that it means what happened in Alison’s backyard was a trap. Aria questions who set the trap for who, but no one has an answer. Looking down at Bethany’s tape in her hands, Spencer presses play.

Out, Damned Spot

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Spencer sits with Aria and Hanna at the Rosewood Blood Drive which is being held in the Rosewood High cafeteria. When Emily takes a seat, Hanna asks where her donating blood sticker is, to which Emily explains she cannot give blood for another year because of her summer trip to Haiti. Spencer holds out her hand, and when Emily asks what she’s doing, Spencer tells her, “no blood, no cookie. I didn’t make the rules”. Emily comments that Spencer’s too lazy to go get a cookie herself, and when Spencer flips her hair back to show that she’s hooked up and in the process of donating, Emily hands over her cookie. Ashley Marin approaches the girls, and Spencer listens as Ashley thanks them for coming to the drive. When Ashley offers Emily a brownie, Emily slyly looks at Spencer as she takes one from the plate. Spencer and the Liars are startled when a plate drops to the ground, and they watch as Mike is the culprit. After Mike has walked out, Hanna questions what that was about, and Spencer wonders if Mike was just here to still cookies or something else.

By Aria’s locker, Spencer listens as Aria tells her to ask Mike why he was at the drive because she already knows his answer. After Aria says that Mike will say to mind her own business, Spencer says that it is there business, “we all saw where he was standing, right. Near the coolers where they keep the blood. Our blood”. Aria questions if Spencer is serious, and when Spencer if Mike is trying to get his hands onto something that can help Alison, Aria asks if that’s it, Mike’s guilty, before commenting that the court of public opinion in this town really sucks. Spencer mentions that they will don’t know why Mike was visiting Alison in jail, “or why he fought with Mona”, and when she begins to say if Mike and Mona had a serious falling out, Aria tells Spencer to just stop. Spencer listens as Aria says she knows they’re all desperate to find out who’s helping Alison, but just because it isn’t Holbrook doesn’t mean it's Mike, he was in love with Mona and would do nothing to hurt her. As Aria storms off, saying she has a Math test, Spencer, Hanna and Emily watch her leave.

Spencer is walking down the chairs, when Hanna approaches her from behind, saying that she has a question and it's college related. After Spencer says, “okay”, Hanna comments that she knows it’s a touchy subject because she herself got into all these different schools and Spencer… Cutting Hanna off, Spencer asks what Hanna’s question is, and it's then that Hanna explains that no is offering her financial aid. Hanna adds that some of the schools are $45,000 a year, and her mom can’t afford that kind of money when she’s not even working, to which Spencer says she thought Ashley was working for Alison’s family. Hanna mentions that Ashley was but she left, and as Spencer says she thought Jason came back, Hanna tells Spencer that he did, but Ashley still left. Hanna passes Spencer a document from Ballard, and reading over it, Spencer explains that financial add is based on your parent’s income, “they don’t think your mom can pay, but they think that your dad can”.

While making herself some microwave mac ‘n’ cheese, Spencer is on the phone with Aria. Aria tells Spencer she once wrongly accused Melissa of being ‘A’, and when Spencer begins to say, “I know, but I…”, Aria promises to keep on eye on Mike if Spencer promises not to jump to conclusions. After saying, “fine, deal”, Spencer listens as Aria asks what she and Toby are doing tonight, and Spencer explains that they’re not, “something came up”. Spencer then asks what Aria and Ezra are doing tonight, “got any Friday night plans”, and Aria tells her no, and that she’s staying in to prepare for a study session with Aria. Spencer questions if Aria means Andrew Campbell, “careful there”, and when Aria asks why, Spencer tells her, “the dimples mostly”. Aria laughs and saying she’ll talk with Spencer later, they end the call. Taking the mac ‘n’ cheese from the microwave, Spencer stands and is greeted by Jonny who is standing in the doorway of the kitchen. Greeting Jonny back, Spencer watches as he takes something from the freezer, before asking if this is part of the rental agreement, “get to raid our fridge?” Jonny comments that he thought she had plans with Toby, to which Spencer explains that something came up, “duty calls”. When Jonny says it's cop stuff, Spencer mentions that that’s the technical term for it. As Spencer is plating up her mac ‘n’ cheese, she listens as Jonny says he’s painting a mural at Hollis tonight. Spencer tells him that it’s “like a huge get”, and Jonny tells her it is, and he could use his illustrious assistant, if she’s available. Saying that she doesn’t know, Spencer adds that her mom really wants her to email a bunch of family contacts. When Jonny questions that Spencer is back on the college track, Spencer confirms she is, before saying that the Hastings’ are apparently very well connected, “and I have a third cousin twice removed who works at Colby College”. As Jonny promises her a real dinner if she comes, Spencer just looks at him.

At Hollis College, Spencer questions whether Jonny usually paints in the dark. Jonny tells her that it’s easier this way and he doesn’t bother the students, the faculty and in return, they don’t bother him. As Jonny asks if she can help him, Spencer asks if he’s referring to the ladder, and after Jonny says that he is, Spencer asks where he wants it. As they stand the ladder up, Jonny directs Spencer to help move it backwards a little. Getting the ladder in the right position, Spencer wonders what Jonny would have done if she said no, and Jonny tells her he would have probably called Sophia his girlfriend, ex-girlfriend. Jonny explains they just broke up, and when Spencer says that she’s sorry, Jonny tells her not to be, it’s a good thing. Listening as Jonny mentions he tends to fall for women who are unavailable emotionally or otherwise, Spencer questions that he was going to call Sophia anyway, “wouldn’t that make her think you’re still interested”, to which Jonny comments yes, probably, before questioning whether he mentioned how bad he is at relationships. Holding down the ladder as Jonny climbs it, Spencer looks around and comments that she’s never been to this side of campus, and Jonny says that there’s nothing over here except a bunch of old research labs, and he’s here to revitalize the place. Spencer notes that she used to come to Hollis a lot when she was a kid, “my parents would take Melissa and me to this summer concert series… back when I thought I was going to be a famous violinist”. Jonny asks what happened, and looking up the ladder, Spencer comments that she’s more of an appreciator of that arts. When Jonny questions what that’s supposed to mean, Spencer tells him that it means in the Hastings family “if you don’t excel at something you just, you move on to the next thing”. Jonny wonders that Spencer has never just done something because she’s loved it, to which Spencer questions how you could love something if you’re bad at it. Rolling his eyes, Jonny turns his headlight on and tells Spencer that he usually manages.

Climbing up the ladder, Spencer tells Jonny that what he’s created is “really great”. Asking whose going to see the painting, Spencer listens as Jonny tells her the higher ups will, before telling Spencer to catch. Turning, Spencer quickly catches the can of spray paint Jonny has thrown, before telling him that throwing things at people on ladders is “not cool”. As Jonny motions for Spencer is paint something, Spencer reminds him that she said she’s not an artist, but Jonny tells her they’re not leaving until she paints something, anything. Spencer mentions that she could ruin it, to which Jonny says he’s willing to take the risk. Seeing no other option, Spencer smiles and uncapping the lid, she begins to spray the roof. As Jonny comments that it looks good, Spencer tells him he can’t even see from down on the ground. Recapping the spray can, Spencer tells Jonny to “come take a look”, and as she’s climbing off the ladder, she falls, but Jonny manages to catch her. Saying sorry, Spencer and Jonny have a moment, before Spencer backs away and hands Jonny the head torch. As Jonny says he’ll go and inspect the damage, Spencer tells him she’ll clean up what’s on the ground.

Walking out of her house and towards the barn, Spencer holds out a newspaper article, which has been headlined ‘Vandalism at Hollis College’, to Jonny, asking him what it is. Taking the paper, Jonny smiles, and Spencer questions if he’s smiling, “you don’t get to smile about this”. Saying that Jonny told her he was hired to paint a mural at Hollis, Spencer listens as Jonny comments the he didn’t say hired, and that he was careful about that. Snatching the paper back, Spencer tells him that he also didn’t say “vandalism”, to which Jonny questions that if he told her the truth, would she have come. Spencer tells him no, “of course not”, before adding that she’ll all for protest art, but she’s not for getting tricked into doing something illegal. As Spencer starts walking back towards the house, Jonny tells her to hold on, and turning back around, Spencer asks him, “what?” Jonny tells her he’s sorry, and that he just wanted her to come. Listening as Jonny explains that after all the college talk with Veronica she may enjoy colouring outside the lines for once, Spencer questions, “for once?”, before telling him that she was arrested, “for murder”, and although they dropped the charges, she can’t mess up again, “I can’t be arrested, again”. As Spencer turns and starts walking towards the house, Jonny tells her that he didn’t know. Turning around, Spencer comments that he does now, and turning back around, she heads inside the house.

Sitting on her bed, Spencer types out an email to Melissa, “I owe you much more than an email. Especially this one… I know it’s a long shot, but any chance Wren still has that contact at Oxford?” Pressing send, the email minimises, and looking at the ‘Vandalism at Hollis College’ article, Spencer smiles. As her cell beeps with an incoming text, Spencer picks it up and reads the text.

Pulling up outside Jonah’s Diner, Spencer gets from her car and tells Aria and Emily that she’s “so sorry” and she got here as fast as she could. Looking into the Diner, Spencer asks if they know anything, and Emily explains that they think Mike brought Cyrus money, $400. Spencer questions that the message sent from jail was her way of telling Mike Cyrus’ new name, and when Aria says it was so Mike could find him, Emily adds that that’s what they think. Questioning that Mike’s here on an errand for Alison, “is it just me or is she even scarier behind bars?”, Spencer listens as Aria mentions that Cyrus, or Hank, or whoever he is, is really dangerous and he’s talking to her brother, so she doesn’t care if Mike is working for Alison, she’s not going to let him get hurt. As Aria begins to walk towards the Diner, Spencer and Emily manages to pull her back, with Spencer telling Aria that she cannot do that, “look, I know you’re really worried about Mike, but as soon as they leave the Diner we’re going to follow Cyrus and we’ll find out where he’s going and what he knows”. Aria’s phone starts ringing, and whispering, Spencer tells her to shut it off.

Still hiding behind her car, Spencer listens as Emily tells Aria that she told Ezra about Savannah, saying she thought he knew, to which Aria mentions that she had have told him already. Emily questions if Aria and Ezra are fighting, and Aria admits that she honestly doesn’t know what they are. Spencer furrows her brows at Aria, and Aria explains that Ezra thinks he’s the reason why she didn’t have the perfect high school experience. Aria questions whether that’s a thing, and if anyone really has that, and when Emily says that she doesn’t know, Spencer comments that she knows Emily must be missing Paige right now, “but at least your love life isn’t full on confusing”. Spencer, Aria and Emily’s cell phones ring, and checking their phones, Emily reads text aloud, “thanks for donating to my get-into-jail fund. –A”. Looking over to the diner, the girls find the spot where Mike and Cyrus were sitting empty. Walking closer to the diner, Emily realises that the envelope wasn’t filled with money. Upon hearing a car start up, Spencer, Emily and Aria runs towards the sound, but arrive too late. Aria questions where Cyrus is and whether he was with Mike, but Spencer says she doesn’t know. Turning when they hear a motorbike behind them, the girls start to run when the person on the bike starts to rev the engine. The motorcycle chases the girls until they’re cornered at some dumpsters. The person on the motorcycle turns out to be Cyrus who asks the girls if they’re at the diner to watch the kid or him. The girls don’t answer, and it's then that Cyrus tells him that he doesn’t like being followed. Spencer says that he has something that belongs to them, to which Cyrus questions that he does. As Aria says that they just want it back, Cyrus comments that maybe they can work out a trade. Stepping out of the shadows, Andrew tells Cyrus to back away from the girls. After Cyrus has ridden off, Andrew asks the girls if they’re okay.

Spencer walks into her house with Aria, where they find Jonny stocking the Hastings’ freezer. When Spencer greets him, Jonny tells her that he’ll be out of her hair in a minute. Saying that she’ll be right upstairs, Spencer watches Aria head towards the stairs, before turning to Jonny and telling him that she talked to her mom, “and she informed me that she would never ever buy frozen mac ‘n’ cheese or anything that started with the word zesty. So I’m really sorry that I’ve been eating all your food”. Jonny tells Spencer not to worry, and it’s then that Spencer admits that Jonny was right, “I did have fun last night. But I also have boundaries”, and getting to go to college maybe her best chance of getting out of Rosewood “so I really don’t want to ruin it”. Saying that he gets it, Jonny tells Spencer that believe it or not, he also has boundaries. When Spencer questions him, “really?”, Jonny tells her that at least he’s trying too. After the two share a look, Jonny says goodnight, and saying goodnight to him also, Spencer listens as Jonny walks out the French doors.

Walking into her bedroom with a pillow and blanket, Spencer tells Aria that she’s “so glad” she staying the night. When Aria comments that it was bad enough when Mike was stealing Jenna’s pottery, Hanna says that now it’s their own blood. Aria asks what they do now, and if they wait until ‘A’ paints the town red in their DNA, to which Spencer admits she doesn’t know. As Hanna comments that with one drop here, one spot there and kaboom they’re all sharing a cell with Alison, Spencer exclaims that she is like the queen of not helping. Getting up from her bed, Spencer closes her bedroom window, before saying that she’s going to get them another blanket.

Pretty Isn't the Point

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Spencer and the Liars are looking through Mike’s bedroom. When Hanna questions what is with all the new gym equipment, Aria says that she doesn’t know, and that has become obsessed with it, and when Hanna says she wants to know why Mike is suddenly training to become a ninja, Spencer says that maybe it’s because he’s running errands for a blonde spider on cell block H. Aria tells them all to stop, before saying that this all feels wrong. When Hanna says that what’s wrong is Mike stealing their stem cells and handing them over to Alison’s A-team, Aria mentions that they don’t know what was in the envelope and that it could have been cash, to which Spencer says that maybe Mike is hiding their DNA in his bedroom until he gets further instructions. Asking whether anyone has checked the mini fridge, Spencer goes over to look. Noticing something adrift, Spencer calls out to the calls, but looking over her shoulder, Spencer notices Aria holding up a necklace she found in Mike’s gym bag. Grabbing her cell from her pocket, Spencer takes the necklace from Aria and looks up something. As the girls debate why Mike has the necklace, and Hanna suggests that perhaps it’s a Mother’s Day gift, Spencer comments that she doesn’t think Mike was telling his mom, “I’m with you”. Spencer goes on to say that they just aren’t beads on the necklace, “it’s a message in Morse code”, and that she’s seen them advertised online, “the beads, they spell out words”. When Aria questions who Mike’s with, Spencer says that the necklace is probably for Alison, “that’s who Mike’s with”.

At Hollis College, Spencer gets a text message from Emily saying that Mike just came into The Brew and he’s getting scarier. As Spencer is reading the message, Jonny says that he knows Veronica loves the idea of shipping Spencer off to Hogwarts, before questioning if Spencer is freaked out about living overseas. Spencer tells him no, before asking if she should be, to which Jonny comments that she’ll be fine, but he on the other hand needed a horse pill to get across the ocean, and his advice is to not take it until the wheels are off the runway. Spencer asks why, “what happened?”, and Jonny says that because of faulty equipment they had to get off the plane and since he was fast asleep, he got wheeled around on a luggage cart by a bank teller from Parma, Ohio. As she’s laughing, Spencer questions that Jonny slept the whole time, to which Jonny says that he has no memory, and he’s told he ate a fish taco in his sleep. As Spencer continues to laugh, she notices Toby who in turn spots her. Greeting Toby as he walks over, Spencer stands, and when Toby asks how it’s going, Spencer tells him it’s good, before questioning whether he remembers Jonny. As Toby greets Jonny, Spencer asks what he’s doing at Hollis, to which Toby explains that his dad asked him to pick up some class schedules for Jenna. Toby then asks what Spencer is doing at Hollis, to which Spencer starts to explain that Jonny has an old friend who’s an Oxford connection, and when Jonny shakes his head not wanting Spencer to say anymore, Spencer trials off, saying that it doesn’t matter. Asking how Toby’s been and if Tanner is still working him 24/7, Spencer listens as Toby tells her that Tanner pretty much has been. When an awkward silence falls between them, Spencer starts to ask, “well if you’re free tonight…”, but cutting in, Toby says that he’s not, but he’ll call her later. Saying “sure, okay”, Spencer watches as Toby starts to walk away, but is stopped when Jonny says something to him in Italian. Spencer listens as Toby asks what Jonny said, and when Jonny comments that it was completely pretentious, Spencer watches Toby walk off.

Walking down the street, Spencer listens as Jonny tells her that if it was awkward, she could have just introduced him to Toby as the guy who lives in the barn. When Spencer says that she wasn’t introducing him, “Toby knows you”, Jonny comments he thinks that Toby would rather know him as the guy who lives in the barn. Saying that this has nothing to do with him, Spencer, aware Jonny has stopped walking, mentions that a lot of stuff has been going on and Toby’s just “removed himself not just from me, but from everybody”… Finally noticing Jonny is not walking beside her, Spencer calls out to him, “what’s going on, what’s wrong?” As Spencer walks over to where Jonny has stopped she sees what has gained Jonny’s attention, “isn’t that… our vandalism?”

In the art gallery, Spencer and Jonny stand before two pieces of their vandalism. When the gallery owner comes up behind them, saying that the pieces are compelling, Spencer and Jonny turn. Spencer listens as Jonny asks the gallery owner if this is a joke, before Jonny says that the paintings are his work. The gallery owner questions Jonny, to which Spencer says that the paintings are also her worked, “well I helped, I…”, before Spencer says that it was originally all one piece. As the owner says they weren’t when he received them, Spencer listens as Jonny questions whom the owner received them from, before he says that the owner cannot just stick them in fancy frames and then sell them without his permission. As Spencer questions who brought the artwork to the gallery, the gallery owner explains that someone from Hollis saved them from hauled off in a garbage truck, so technically they are his until someone buys them.

Sitting at the kitchen counter completing some homework, Spencer is startled when there is a rambunctious knock at the French doors. Answering the door to Jonny, Spencer listens as he asks her where her family’s toolbox is. As Spencer questions why, “something break?”, Jonny says that he just needs her toolbox. Watching as Jonny starts to search through the kitchen drawers, Spencer tells him that he won’t find anything to help to pick a lock on a gallery door. Listening as Jonny says that he might not finding something to pick a lock, but he can take the door off its hinges, Spencer tells him that before he plans on stealing back his own work, let her talk with her mom, “you must have legal recourse”. Jonny wonders if Veronica is into representing vandals, before adding that judges don’t like him, and when Spencer questions what he means, Jonny says that he’s been screwed over by enough authority figures in his life to know not to start trusting them now. As Spencer comments, “amen to that”, Jonny tells her not to get that look in her eye because she’s not driving his getaway car. Jonny goes on to say that if Spencer is aiming for Oxford, she needs to be button down, not bad land, and telling him, “okay”, Spencer says that she knows she said she needed to be on the straight and narrow, but this is different, “you’re being exploited”. Saying that if the gallery owner even sells one of those paintings…, and cutting in, Jonny says that he already has, he checked online. Spencer asks which one, and when Jonny tells her it was the corner rabbit, Spencer exclaims that she “painted that”. As Jonny once again asks where her toolbox is, Spencer goes to grab it.

Pulling up outside of the art gallery, Spencer watches as Jonny gets from the van and runs up the steps to the gallery. Seeing Jonny struggle with the lock, Spencer gets from the van and on getting to the gallery doors, she asks if she can help. As Jonny says that lock will definitely require more than he brought, Spencer says that she’s got it. Taking Jonny’s position as he steps out of the way, Spencer successfully picks the lock and opens the door. Jonny questions how many times Spencer has been in the barn when he’s not there, and giving Jonny a look, Spencer closes the door once Jonny has ducked inside.

Coming up behind Jonny as he attempts to unscrew one of the paintings, Spencer questions that he’s new at this, before passing him something that will make the job a whole lot easier.

After loading the paintings into the back of the van, Spencer watches as Jonny takes the last painting down in the art gallery’s window. As Jonny unhooks the painting, an alarm sounds. Quickly running to close the van’s back door, Spencer then jumps in the driver’s seat, waiting for Jonny. As Jonny gets in, Spencer floors it, driving off.

At a gas station, Spencer is waiting while Jonny pays for some fuel when Toby, in his police car, pulls up next to the van. Getting out of the van, Spencer asks what Toby’s doing, and clicking on his flashlight, Toby asks Jonny, who has finished paying, is it is his van. Jonny says that it is, and it’s also his painting in the seat, and as Spencer calls out his name, “Jonny”, Jonny adds that he’s got the rest in the back, to which Spencer mentions that he was just taking back was his. Toby is looking through the van’s windows with his flashlight, and when he tells Jonny to step back, Spencer tells Toby that Jonny didn’t do anything wrong, “if you want to question somebody you should be questioning the creep who runs the gallery”. As Toby asks Jonny to open the van doors, Spencer tells Toby to leave it alone, before asking what he’s even doing at the gas station, to which Toby mentions that he’s doing his job, responding to a call. When Toby questions what Spencer is doing here, Jonny steps in and says that Spencer had nothing to do with this and he can let her go. Toby tells Jonny that he needs to come down to the station, and as Jonny is being handcuffed, Spencer tells Toby to “stop it”. Listening as Jonny says that it’s okay, he’s got this, Spencer tells him that it’s not okay, “he’s only doing this because he’s mad at me”, but Toby comments that he’s doing it because a business was burglarised, and there are stolen goods in the vehicle. As Toby is leading Jonny to the police car, Spencer exclaims that Toby cannot arrest Jonny, “what are you doing?” Questioning if Toby has even heard a word she’s said, Spencer pleads with to stop being a cop for a minute. After closing the car door on Jonny, Toby pulls Spencer aside, telling her to walk away. Spencer says that she won’t, and when she asks Toby to talk with her, Toby says that he can’t do this here. Spencer questions when he does, to which Toby explains that she’s on Tanner’s radar and Tanner wants to take advantage of his relationship to Spencer. Spencer notes that this isn’t about Tanner, to which Toby says that it is, and Spencer shouldn’t give her any ammunition. Toby again tells Spencer to walk away, and when she just looks at him, he repeats himself. Finally turning, Spencer takes a look in on Jonny in the backseat of the police vehicle, before she starts to walk from the gas station.

Texting on her phone in the kitchen, Spencer turns when there’s a knock on the French doors, and Jonny lets himself in. After greeting him, Spencer wonders why he didn’t call her, and if her mom went down to the station. Jonny tells Spencer that Veronica did, and she also posted his bail. Spencer mentions that Jonny will pay Veronica back, to which Jonny says that he already has, and that Veronica took it out of his security deposit for the lease which expired about 20 minutes ago. Questioning that her mom is kicking him out, Spencer listens as Jonny says that he believes the words Veronica used were effective now, before he wonders whether there is room for interpretation. Jonny asks if Spencer has any packing tape, and going to get it, Spencer comments that it’s the scumbag from the gallery who should be punished, “not you”, and if Toby had made just one call, to which Jonny says that he doesn’t think Officer Toby was in a calling mood. Spencer says that she’s really sorry, “I can’t believe he acted like such a”…, and cutting in, Jonny questions what Toby acted as, perhaps an overzealous cop, or an overzealous boyfriend. As the two fall into silence, Spencer wonders where Jonny will go, and Jonny admits he doesn’t know. Spencer listens as Jonny says that he may live in his car for a while, and that he has some cool art to hang on the walls. Giving a small smile, Spencer tells Jonny to wait, and grabbing a packing tape dispenser, Spencer tells him to take it as well. After Jonny takes the dispenser, he steps forward and softly kisses Spencer. As the kiss ends, Spencer and Jonny share a look, before Jonny walks from the house.

In the Hastings’ great room, Spencer listens as Emily questions that the necklace they found was for Mona, and Aria explains that Mike was holding onto any grain of hope, but not anymore as he realises she’s really dead. When Hanna comments that Mike didn’t realise how vicious ‘A’ can be, Spencer mentions that she can’t believe that Mike knows about ‘A’ at all. Emily says that for Mona to tell Mike she must have really trusted him, and Aria comments that Mona did more than she did. As a silence falls on them, Emily wonders what they do now, and if they tell Alison, to which Spencer questions how they can, “we destroyed a lot of evidence that could have proved that she was innocent”. Aria mentions that they basically made a barricade so the police had to throw her behind bars, and when Hanna wonders if they’re going to say anything before Alison’s trial, Emily says that they have to. Spencer then listens as Emily says that they accused Alison of being ‘A’, to her face, before Aria wonders how they take that back.

Bloody Hell

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In the visitation room at Chester County Women’s Correctional Facility, Spencer listens as Aria asks Emily if she’s heard back from Hanna, to which Emily tells her she doesn’t know, and that the guards have their cell phones. As Aria mentions that this feels weird, Spencer tells her that of course it feels weird, “we’re in a locked room with razor wire on the roof”, but Aria says that she meant coming here with their tail between their legs. When Emily questions that Aria doesn’t think they owe Alison an apology, Spencer reminds Aria that they formed a human blockade, and when Emily also adds that Alison’s locked in a cell because of them, Aria says that Alison’s locked in a cell because of karma. Emily gives Aria a lock, and Aria concedes that Alison’s locked in a cell because of them as well. Listening as Emily mentions that no one is saying that Alison is a saint, Spencer adds, “or a decent human being”, before Emily reminds Aria that Alison is on trial for a murder she didn’t commit, and she wouldn’t wish that on her worst enemy. Hearing the outer door of the room open, Spencer, Aria and Emily watch Alison be led in. Having taken a seat, Spencer listens as Emily tells Alison that Mike was scared to say anything as he still thought Mona was alive and he didn’t want to put her in danger, before Alison questions that Mona’s plan was to let her rot in here. Spencer says that it was only until Mona found out who ‘A’ was, “but then she was going to come back”, and when Emily adds that Alison would then be released, Aria says that Mona is now not coming back. As Emily notes that they’re going to figure out a way to Alison out of jail, Alison asks where Hanna is, and after the girls share a look, Spencer says that Hanna really wanted to be here, “but she had to spend the day with her mom”. A guard enters the room, telling them all that their visiting time is over, and as the girls are getting up, Spencer listens as Emily promises that they’ll be back soon.

Standing by Hanna’s locker at Rosewood High, Spencer asks where Hanna was when they went to visit Alison, to which Hanna apologises, saying she chickened out. Hanna goes to say that she couldn’t go back there after calling Alison a liar and a murderer to her face, and when Spencer points out that Alison is a liar, Emily comments that up until yesterday they all thought she was a murderer too. Spencer then listens as Hanna tells them that they didn’t make a personal appearance and cut Alison open, pour salt into the wound and then exfoliate. Hanna asks if Alison was upset, to which Spencer says that she doesn’t know, “your absence kind of took a second position to the bomb we had to drop about Mona”, and Emily adds that after they left Alison was still pretty much in a state of shock. Looking to Aria, Spencer comments that the stake of shock seems contagious, before asking her what’s going on. When Aria says that she’s fine, Emily wonders if this is about Mike, to which Aria tells them that if they don’t figure out who ‘A’ is before Alison’s trial starts.., before Spencer realises that Alison is going to feed Mike to her defence team. Emily asks if Alison’s lawyers can make Mike take the stand, and Spencer says they can, but he will be a hostile witness. Aria mentions that it’s not about Mike getting in trouble with the law, it’s that once he becomes Alison’s get out of jail free card, he’ll become A’s number one target.

Arriving home, Spencer overhears the last of Veronica’s phone conversation with Peter, and as Veronica ends the call, Spencer comments that she thought Veronica and Peter weren’t really talking. Veronica says that she and Peter weren’t, but when their daughter is making field trips to prison, she thought she owed him a jingle. Veronica then tells Spencer that ‘this’ family has bent over backwards to keep her out of that place and now Spencer is voluntarily showing up there. When Spencer says that this is the first time she’s even gone to visit Alison, Veronica tells her it’s also her last, before adding that Spencer’s series of poor choices ends today. Veronica passes Spencer a plane ticket, telling her that if she’s going to skip school, it’s going to be so she can get into a better one. Spencer questions that she’s flying to London, to which Veronica explains that she spoke to Wren and he managed to get Spencer a…, but cutting Veronica off, Spencer questions that she called Wren, “you hate Wren”, to which Veronica says she’s not holding out for Jonny Raymond’s connections to pull through. Spencer then listens as Veronica mentions that Wren got Spencer an interview with a very well respected professor at Oxford, and she’ll be staying with him and Melissa. As Veronica adds that Spencer’s plane leaves tonight, and if she were Spencer she’d start packing, Spencer just looks from her mother to the plane ticket.

In her bedroom, Spencer is starting to pack while Hanna follows her, exclaiming that Spencer cannot leave now, they just found out that Alison isn’t ‘A’ and they still don’t know whose trying to turn them into a chain gang. Questioning what she’s supposed to do, Spencer listens as Hanna suggests that she misses her flight, to which Spencer comments that they shouldn’t underestimate Veronica waiting in duty free to make sure she catches the next flight. Emily asks what Toby has to say about all this, but Spencer says that she doesn’t know, she didn’t tell Toby, “the only way to get his attention these days is over a police scanner”. Emily then questions if Veronica can postpone the interview, to which Spencer says that if Emily has any suggestions on what to say to Veronica, she’s all ears. Hanna suggests that Spencer tell her mom the truth, and when they girls all look at her, Hanna says she thinks it’s about time Spencer finally comes clean and asks her mom for help. As Spencer asks if Hanna is serious, Aria comments that they can’t do that. Hanna questions why they can’t, and Emily comments that perhaps Hanna is right, before wondering what they have to lose. When Aria says her brother, Emily tells her that Spencer’s mom can help Mike. Aria says that Veronica can’t help them find ‘A’, before asking if they really want to rattle A’s cage by telling now because they all know what happens when they do.

In London, Spencer knocks on Wren and Melissa’s apartment door. When a guy answers, Spencer apologises, saying that she must have the wrong apartment. The guy corrects her, telling her it’s a flat, and when Spencer questions him, “what?”, the guy explains that in England apartments are called flats, and trucks are lorries, and sweaters are jumpers. As the guy says that now have all the terminology sorted, he guesses she must be Spencer, before he introduces himself as Colin, Wren and Melissa’s flatmate. Colin welcomes Spencer to London, and when Spencer says thank you, Colin mentions that he’ll be playing her host for the next 24 hours as Wren and Melissa won’t be back until tomorrow night. Questioning that her sister isn’t even here, Spencer listens as Colin explains that Wren’s boss invited them to his country home in Kent. Pulling out her cell phone, Spencer starts taping away at it, not paying any attention as Colin says that he imagines that after her flight Spencer must be a bit peckish, before questioning how Spencer feels about stale biscuits. Colin then goes on a ramble, saying that he stole the biscuits from Michelle’s lunch box, and he has twenty three of them, before he clarifies he meant children not biscuits. With her attention caught, Spencer looks over to Colin, who then exclaims that they’re not his children, they’re his students. Listening as Colin says that they should just start over, Spencer walks over to him, saying that she’s not hungry. As Colin mentions that Spencer’s come quite a way for an interview and that she must really have her heart seat on Oxford, Spencer takes off her bag, telling him yeah, “I do”. Colin then asks which college, and when Spencer questions him, Colin comments that there are multiple of them within the university, to which Spencer tells him she’s interested in a few of them. Saying that she’s sorry, Spencer comments that she can’t access her phone’s data and she really needs to text her friends, “can you please help”. Taking Spencer’s phone, Colin comments that at the risk of sounding like a nosey git, he would suggest that in light of Spencer’s impending interview that she tuck away her mobile and pick up a course catalogue. After Spencer gives him a look, Colin says that she could also tell him to bugger off. Saying “thank you”, Spencer takes her phone back.

At her interview, Spencer introduces herself to the professor, telling him that it’s a pleasure to meet, to which the professor tells her nonsense and the pleasure is all his. Taking a seat, Spencer listens as the professor asks why Spencer wishes to further her education away from the colonies, before questioning why stay in America, and she believes it was William Fulbright who said that “international education is our best opportunity to turn ideologies into human aspirations”. Going on, Spencer tells the professor that with that being said, how could she do better than the oldest university in the English speaking world.

Spencer listens as the professors tells her that the tailor looked the pants and said ‘you euripides’ and the gentleman replies ‘yes, you eumenides’. Laughing, Spencer comments that she make have to add that to her repertoire of philosophical knock knock jokes. The professor then tells Spencer that it’s a shame she isn’t staying longer to meet Professor Heath, before he explains that professor Heath teachers a course on mythology and modern literature that he’s sure Spencer would find quite diverting. As Spencer says that she’d be happy to write a note introducing herself to Professor Heath if he wouldn’t mind…, but noticing the professor’s attention on the chair next to her, Spencer turns to see blood leaking from her bag. Getting up, Spencer stutters, “I um”, and as the professor questions what she has in her bag, Spencer starts to go through it. Finding a broken blood vial, Spencer turns to the professor, telling him she doesn’t know how this has happened. Saying that she needs to wash her hands, “I’m sorry”, Spencer grabs her bag from the chair and flees from the office.

Out on the streets Spencer calls Aria who tells her to slow down. Spencer comments that there was bloody everywhere, “I threw out the purse, but what if somebody finds it and turns it in?” Aria questions whose blood it is, and Spencer says she doesn’t know, “it’s mine or yours or Mona’s”. Saying that she thinks she going to be sick, Spencer listens as Aria tells her that she really needs to calm down, but Spencer questions how, before asking if Aria knows what this means. Going on, Spencer says that it means ‘A’ put the blood in her bag before she got to the airport, “if they had found it in the x-ray machine I would still be there. I would be getting grilled by dozens of federal agents”. Aria reminds Spencer that she’s not, and she’s lucky she found the blood, but Spencer cuts her off, saying that she’s freaking out and she wants to come home. Aria tells Spencer to come home, but Spencer says she can’t, before wondering how she’s supposed to get on a plane, “what if they find a pinkie toe in my checked luggage”. Aria tells Spencer that she’s not the only one being targeted, and when Spencer asks what Aria means, Aria tells her that ‘A’ put Cyrus in the hospital and she’s guessing it’s punishment for meeting Mike. Spencer questions how, and Aria explains that it looks like ‘A’ hurt Cyrus and tried to make it look like a carjacking, to which Spencer says that she can’t be hearing this right now, “I’m sorry, I…” Aria apologies, saying she didn’t mean to upset her or make it worse. As Spencer says that she doesn’t know what to do, Aria suddenly tells Spencer that she has to go. Spencer ends the call, and as she’s looking around the streets, her phone beeps with an incoming text, “Keep calm, but watch your carry-on. There’s more blood where that came from. –A”.

Back at Melissa and Wren’s flat, Spencer frantically searches through her luggage, checking for other blood vials. Colin arrives home and seeing Spencer, he questions if she found a bed bug, to which Spencer tells him no, “I’m just repacking”. Spencer then asks if she can borrow Colin’s laptop because she wants to change her flip, and Colin says she can, but to just let him put the food down. Adding that perhaps Colin could also call her a cab, “I want to go home. Tonight”, Spencer listens as Colin questions that she wants to leave before Melissa returns. Spencer insists that she really needs to go home, and calling out her Spencer’s name, Colin tells her to take a moment. When Spencer says that she just needs to pack, Colin notes that she’s having a panic attack, but Spencer assures him that the way she’s acting is just how she packs. Colin asks what happened, and when Spencer exclaims for him to get out of her way, Colin puts a hand across her suitcase, gaining Spencer’s attention. Colin then mentions that he teaches primary school and when one of his kids is having a bit of a day, because a girl won’t share her crayons or boy ate the colour blue, he takes them through a relaxation exercise. Saying that she didn’t eat a crayon, “I’m just dealing with oversized toiletries right now”, Spencer listens as Colin tells her to humour him, before he takes her hands. Colin then tells Spencer to close her eyes and focus on her breath and to imagine the breath going deep into her belly, surrounding all the nervous energy, and letting it out. As Spencer calms down, Colin asks if she wants to talk about it, to which Spencer shakes her head, telling him no. Dropping her hands, Spencer walks around Colin and back to her suitcase, before listening as Colin asks if she can at least leave the bed bugs and let him make her something to eat.

To Plea or Not to Plea

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In London, Spencer is typing away at her laptop when Melissa arrives home. On noticing Spencer’s suitcase half packed, Melissa questions what’s going on and that she thought Spencer wasn’t leaving until Thursday, to which Spencer tells her that she’s sticking with her original plan, “I’m going back today”. Melissa mentions that she barely got a chance to see Spencer, and looking up, Spencer listens as Melissa questions that Veronica changed Spencer’s flight last night, before Spencer tells her that she’s changing it back. Melissa then mentions that Veronica went out of her way to track down her friend that works at St. Andrew’s, and it wasn’t easy getting Spencer that interview. Saying she doesn’t want another interview, “yesterday was embarrassing enough”, Spencer listens as Melissa comments that it’s not like her to run away, the Spencer she knows would stay and nail it just to prove a point. When Spencer says she’s not running away, now’s just not a good time for her to be here, Melissa questions why. Spencer comments that there’s a lot going on with her friends, “and… Toby…”, and as Spencer trails off, Melissa takes a seat and asks what’s going on with Toby. Spencer admits that she doesn’t know, “we’re not really talking right now”, and as the sisters share a look, Spencer explains that Toby became a cop to try and protect her, “and now his job is ruining our relationship”. Melissa notes that it sounds as though being in London is what Spencer needs, before she adds that sometimes relationships run their course, but you can’t see it until you have a little distance. Saying that it’s not just about Toby, Spencer listens as Melissa questions whether Spencer knows what the best part of her living in London has been, and when Spencer just looks at her, Melissa tells her that it’s getting a fresh start, away from all the Rosewood drama. Spencer comments that it must be nice, to which Melissa tells her that this could be her future as well, so she shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity.

As Spencer is putting her clothes back into the closet, she turns and notices Colin standing in the doorway. Listening as Colin guesses that Melissa convinced Spencer to stay, Spencer tells him that Melissa can be very persuasive. Colin then mentions that St. Andrew’s is a wicked school, and Spencer will love it. When Colin adds that Kate found her Price there, so who knows, Spencer may too, Spencer comments, “well a girl can dream”. Changing the subject, Colin mentions that he has an extra ticket to the theatre tonight, his mate dropped out, and he was wondering if Spencer would care to go. Saying that she would love it, “but I should probably stay in and prep for my interview”, Spencer listens as Colin tells her of course, it’s just Melissa mentioned that she liked Shakespeare. As Spencer comments that she doesn’t like Shakespeare, “I love Shakespeare”, Colin smirks before saying that they’re doing Hamlet at the RSC. Stepping forward and clasping her hands over her chest, Spencer asks if Colin is serious, before mentioning that seeing a play at the Royal Shakespeare Company is on her bucket list. Colin comments that he didn’t realise 18 year olds had bucket lists, and when he asks if it’s an American thing, Spencer explains that it’s a Hastings’ thing, “I’ve had mine since I was six”. As Spencer says that Hamlet is her favourite, Colin tells her that it must be fate. Giving into the offer, Spencer mentions that she can prep for her interview tomorrow, “but I would like to pay for my ticket”. Colin tells her that that’s not necessary, but if Spencer would really like to thank him, she can buy him a pint after. Listening as Colin says that they’ll leave at 7.00pm, Spencer watches him walk from the bedroom.

Spencer tells Melissa that she packed so fast she’s either going to look as though she’s going to her interview or on a 10km run. As Melissa rifles through her wardrobe, she comments that neither will do for a night out on the town, before questioning what Spencer thinks of a dress she’s found. Taking the dress, Spencer comments that it’s great, and Melissa questions that isn’t this what sisters are supposed to do, share clothes and makeup tips. Spencer just looks up to her before saying that they never did. Melissa says that it’s her fault, and she should never have held onto that secret for as long as she did. Spencer asks why she did, and Melissa explains that at first she was protecting Spencer, then she was protecting herself. Sitting down on the bed on the seat at the end of the bed, Spencer questions how you get over something like that, to which Melissa says that you don’t, and she thinks about it every day. Saying that she doesn’t know if she could have done it, “if the roles were reversed”, Spencer listens as Melissa tells her that you never know what you’re capable of until you’re in the situation. Melissa then adds that doing something wrong can seem like the right thing when you’re trying to help someone you love. As Melissa’s words settle between them, Spencer mentions that she hopes they can start over, and Melissa tells her that she’d like that. Saying that if it’s going to work there can’t be any more lies between them, and laughing, Melissa says that it sounds refreshing.

In a pub, Spencer buys herself and Colin each a beer, and walking back over to where Colin is sitting, Spencer comments that that was her first time buying beer, “legally”. As Colin mentions that England does have its perks, Spencer takes a seat, before she toasts to Hamlet. Colin in return toasts to revenge, and they each take a sip of their beer. Colin asks what Spencer thought of the play, and Spencer says that she thought the sets were really impressive. Colin questions her, and when Spencer just nods, Colin comments that the sets are so critical to any other Shakespearean production. They laugh, and thinking the question over, Spencer eventually says that the lighting was really good, to which Colin tells her that it’s another aspect overlooked by most audiences. Colin concludes that Spencer didn’t like the play, and Spencer admits that she didn’t. As the pair laugh, Spencer says that she really wanted to though, but she’s such a purest when it comes to Shakespeare, “so seeing it set in present day London…”, and cutting Spencer off, Colin notes that it wasn’t Spencer’s cup of tea. Spencer tells him no, “I mean it was bad enough that we had to see Hamlet in jeans and a t-shirt”, before questioning if they really had to have a cell phone. On a roll, Spencer then wonders whose genius idea was it for Claudia to send Hamlet a text. Colin tells her that that would have been the directors, who happens to be my brother. Stunned, Spencer asks if he’s joking, and nodding, Colin tells her, very much so. The two laugh, and Colin admits that he thought it was total rubbish too, but he’s clearly much more polite than Spencer is. Spencer mentions that there was one thing that got her thinking, before she wonders what if Hamlet had made it to England safely, “do you think he could have started over? You know, left all that darkness behind and created a new life for himself”. Colin tells Spencer that he doesn’t know about Hamlet, but he believes she can. When some cheering comes from the dart boards, Spencer questions if Colin wants to have a game, to which Colin says that he put their names down on the list whilst she was getting the pints. As Colin says it looks as though they’re next, Spencer comments, “nice”, before they each take a sip from their drinks.

Throwing a dart, Spencer calls bullseye, “that means I won. Loser buys next round”, but her feat is short lived as Colin walks over to the dart board and comments that it was just shy of a bullseye, but good effort. Unbelieving, Spencer walks up to the board, and it’s then that Colin comments that Melissa did mention that Spencer was competitive, so he guesses that they have that in common too. Taking a drink of beer, Spencer questions what else Melissa mentioned, to which Colin says that Melissa said Spencer is bright, driven, loves literature, the theatre, everything in the arts really. After laughing, Spencer asks Colin if she can ask him a question, and when Colin tells her she can, Spencer wonders if Colin really had the Hamlet tickets, “or did you buy them this morning?” Chuckling, Colin says that he had the tickets, but if he’d known what a lover of Shakespeare Spencer was, he would have gotten them for her. With Colin having stepped in close to Spencer, the two share a look before Spencer takes a dart from the dart board and holds it between them, “you’re up”.

Spencer and Colin laugh as they walk into the flat, and when Colin comments that the one time he didn’t carry an umbrella with him, Spencer notes that the forecast didn’t say rain, to which Colin reminds her that this is London and they have clouds perpetually hovering over. Helping Spencer out of her coat, Colin suggests they have a drink to warm up, and he makes a brilliant hot tottie, but Spencer tells him she better stick with water and call it a night, “I’m still kind of jetlagged”. Colin says that he’ll let Spencer get some sleep, and after turning on a light and walking passed Spencer, Spencer calls him back, saying that she had a really great time tonight, “thank you”. Listening as Colin says that he did as well, and that it was the best night he’s had in a long time, Spencer tells him that it was for her as well. Drawn together, Colin mentions that it’s a shame Spencer’s leaving so soon, and on saying that London won’t be the same without her, Colin sweeps a hand over Spencer’s cheek and leans in to kiss her.

Asleep, Spencer is woken by her cell phone, “what do you mean arrested? Where’s Hanna now?”

Frantically putting her jacket on, Spencer listens as Melissa asks where she’s going, to which Spencer tells her, “home”. Melissa asks why, and Spencer explains that Hanna was arrested. Melissa then questions what Hanna was arrested for, and Spencer explains that the police think Hanna had something to do with Mona’s murder, “but she didn’t”. When Melissa asks if Spencer has spoken with Veronica, Spencer tells her no, “I don’t want to wake her. I’m just going to call her from the airport”, before Melissa says that she knows Spencer is upset, and she gets that Spencer wants to help Hanna, but she also thinks it’s better that Spencer stays in London. Saying that she can’t, “I have to be there for her”, Spencer listens as Melissa wonders what Spencer can do. Spencer tells Melissa that she doesn’t know yet, and grabbing her cell phone, Spencer mentions that she wants to reschedule her interview, “what’s mom’s friend’s number?” Melissa admits that she doesn’t know, and when Spencer says that Veronica had said Melissa was coordinating the details, Melissa tells her she wasn’t exactly. Spencer then questions who is, and when Melissa concedes that the interview isn’t completely set up, Spencer questions her, “completely?” Melissa explains that Veronica doesn’t have a friend at St. Andrew’s, but Wren’s been calling everyone he knows and he’s trying his best to get Spencer in there. Saying that she needs to get this straight, Spencer questions that Melissa and Veronica pretended that she had an interview, to which Melissa explains that Veronica found out that Alison was offered a plea bargain and part of the deal was to name her accomplice, and they were afraid Alison might name Spencer. Questioning that Melissa and Veronica lied to keep her in London, Spencer listens as Melissa comments that it was to keep her safe. Spencer notes that they two just had a conversation about this, “we agreed we wouldn’t have any more lies between us”, but Melissa exclaims that she was just trying to protecting her. Spencer comments that the last time Melissa tried to do that somebody ended up killed, and when Spencer’s phone rings, she answers, before telling Melissa that that was her cab. Grabbing her suitcase, Spencer starts heading towards the door, and when Melissa calls out after her, saying that she was trying to help, Spencer turns back, telling Melissa that she’s not.

The Melody Lingers On

Pretty Little Liars S05E23 Spencer.jpg

Sitting at her kitchen island counter with Aria and Emily, Spencer comments that if her head hadn’t been so jetlaggy she would have remembered sooner, “the number off of the Varjak receipt is the same number as the personal ads in Ali’s house”. Emily wonders how this helps Hanna, and Spencer mentions that if Alison’s not guilty, they can’t charge Hanna as an accessory, “you can’t help someone commit a crime they didn’t commit”. Aria notes that Alison already told them that the letter and the passport are fake, so why should they think the number in the ads are real, to which Spencer admits she doesn’t know, but they didn’t find the number with the other things. Emily then questions what if the numbers are the same, what does that mean, before saying they call and it just rings, no pickup, no voicemail, nothing. As Aria adds that meanwhile Neilan’s law office is closed and locked, Spencer notes that the number appearing twice has got to mean something, “we just have to figure it out”, to which Emily wonders what will happen if they don’t figure it out in time. As Veronica comes down the stairs, the girls hide the personal ads and Varjak receipt, before turning and listening as Veronica comments that the girls are going to be late for school. Spencer tells her mom that there are there are teacher conferences, and they dropped the first two periods, “I told you”. Veronica then mentions that this is her chance to talk to the three of them, before saying that she wants to strongly suggest that the girls stay away from Alison’s trial. The girls look to each other, before Spencer questions that this is a suggestion, to which Veronica tells her that for Aria and Emily, yes, but for her it’s more than a suggestion. Emily wonders what Alison will think if they’re not there, and Veronica says that she’s more concerned by what other people will think, and that jury’s have eyes. Spencer mentions that the whole town knows they’re friends with Alison, and when Aria adds that if they don’t go it’ll look like they think Alison’s guilty, Veronica admits to Aria that she can’t tell her and Emily what to do, but they should consider their actions. Spencer then questions what they’re going to do when Hanna goes to trial, “are we just supposed to turn our backs on her too?”, and when Veronica says that they’re not talking about ethics, Spencer tells her, “that’s for sure”. Emily and Aria get up to leave, and when Spencer follows suit, Veronica stands in her way, telling Spencer that she wants her to promise that she won’t go near that courtroom.

In The Brew, Spencer, Emily and Aria sit with Caleb, who tells them that everything he’s tried to trace the Varjak number back to a source just disappears into a black hole of nothingness. As Caleb comments that the phone on the other end could be on Mars of the other side of the room, Spencer questions that it’s an insanely secure phone and someone uses it to order pizza. Emily questions that perhaps the person on the other end doesn’t know what they have, and Aria wonders why they don’t pick up when they call, which leads Spencer to ask Caleb if he has a burner phone. Caleb comically asks Spencer what colour she wants, and as he passes her one, Emily comments that the number is just going to keep ringing, to which Spencer says they’ll see what happens when she puts it in writing. Spencer shows Aria, Emily and Caleb the text, “did you miss me? Love, Holly”, and Emily questions if Spencer meant Holly Golightly or Holly Varjak. Ignoring Emily, Caleb tells Spencer to send it, and as Spencer is doing so, Aria asks what happens if they’re not in the same book club. Spencer tells her that they'll figure out something else, before she passes the burner phone back to Caleb. Emily comments that Alison is running out of him, and when Caleb adds that Hanna is as well, Spencer tells them that she knows. Aria then asks if Spencer will be at Alison’s trial tomorrow, but Spencer says that she doesn’t know. Saying that she has to go do something, “so I’ll talk to you all later”, Spencer gets up and leaves.

Waiting outside the DiLaurentis Real Estate Office, Spencer calls out to Jason as he leaves. Jason greets her, and when Spencer mentions that she’s left him messages, Jason says that he knows. Spencer says that they need to talk, but Jason tells her he doesn’t think that’s such a good idea. As Spencer says his name, Jason comments that they two of them have pretty much exhausted anything they have to say to each other. Spencer says that he needs to listen to her, but Jason tells her no, he doesn’t, he did listen to her and now he’s down as a prosecution witness. Saying that she’s sorry, Spencer listens as Jason remarks that she’s sorry, before he tells her good. Watching as Kenneth walks out of the Real Estate Office, Spencer tells Jason that they need to talk about how Alison isn’t guilty, but as Kenneth starts moving towards them, he tells Jason to get into the car. Spencer begs Jason, “please”, but Kenneth again tells Jason to get in the car. Spencer mentions to Kenneth that she just wants to speak with Jason, but Kenneth tells Spencer that he’s not interested in what she wants, what she wants doesn’t help Alison. Spencer then listens as Kenneth says that they’re neighbours, at least for the moment, before Kenneth reminds Spencer that her house is the one with the big gate and the wall, so she should stay on the other side of it. As Kenneth joins Jason in the car, Spencer watches as they drive off.

By her locker at Rosewood High, Spencer is on the phone with Aria and Emily who are at Alison’s trial. Aria tells Spencer that the prosecution know about Alison not being kidnapped and they probably know about New York too. Spencer wonders how they could know, and Aria tells her they have witnesses. On realisation Spencer comments, “Cyrus”, and when Aria questions her, Spencer says that the cops must have found Cyrus, “he knows the whole kidnapping story and he’d do anything to save himself”. Spencer then asks Aria where Mike is, and Aria says that he’s in Harrisburg. Saying good, Spencer listens as Aria wonders why that’s good, but before Spencer can answer, she listens in as Aria and Emily are confronted by an angry Kenneth. Kenneth questions that the girls knew Alison’s story was a lie, before concluding that the four girls talked Alison into lying and it was their idea. Jason steps in, telling Kenneth that Alison lied to the girls the same way she lied to them. Rebecca steps in, telling them not to get into it here, and after Kenneth storms off, Aria asks if Spencer heard what had just happened. Saying that she heard, Spencer listens as Aria mentions that they adjourned for the day, but they’ll call if anything else happens.

In her bedroom, Spencer is looking out the window when Veronica walks in. Listening as Veronica notes that Emily and Aria were at the courthouse today, Spencer comments that whoever told Veronica that must have told her that she wasn’t there with them. Spencer then questions if Veronica knew what was going to happen, and when Veronica says that she heard, but it was too late to do anything about it. Commenting that it was too late to do anything except warn her not to be there, Spencer listens as Veronica says that maybe now Spencer will understand why she did that, to which Spencer mentions that she’s still trying to understand why Veronica and Melissa lied to her, “and tried to keep me from coming back when my friends needed me”. Veronica tells Spencer that someone will be going to prison for a very long time, and her only concern is that it’s not going to be Spencer. As Veronica she starts to walk from the room, Spencer questions if Veronica wants to ask her if she knew about Alison’s fake kidnapping, and Veronica tells her no, because she’s telling her, she didn’t.

In The Brew, Spencer listens as Aria questions if the phone number is a dead end or not, and Spencer tells her that if it’s Mona’s then it’s a dead end. Emily notes that Mona’s dead, before questioning who the lawyer was talking to, and that he had to be getting his instructions from someone. Spencer calls out to Caleb, whom is staring into space, asking if he’s okay, and walking over to the girls, Caleb tells Spencer, yeah. As Aria’s cell phone rings, Aria tells Spencer, Emily and Caleb that it’s the Varjak number, and when Spencer tells her to answer it, Aria question why it has her number and that she never called it from her phone. Emily tells Aria to answer it quick, and when Aria says that Varjak will then know where they are, Caleb snatches the phone out of Aria’s hand, saying that they don’t have time for this. Answering the call, Caleb listens to whomever is on the other end, and after Spencer whispers, “who is it?”, Caleb places Aria’s cell on loud speaker for the girls to hear the music that’s playing on the other end of the line.

In Caleb’s apartment, Spencer, Caleb, Emily and Aria play the recording that Aria received on her cell to Hanna. Caleb asks if she’s getting it, and when Hanna says that she is, Spencer comments that they don’t know what it means. Hanna tells them that she knows what it means, or she doesn’t know, but she’s heard it before. Spencer listens as Emily asks where, and Hanna tells them she’s heard it in Mona’s room, before explaining that Mona used to play this song, French music, from people like Edith Pilaf. Aria questions if Hanna means like the rice dish, but Spencer says that Hanna meant Piaf, “Edith Piaf”. Turning off the music, Caleb tells that girls that Alison was wrong, it was never Mona taunting her, it was ‘A’, and when Emily questions why ‘A’ would call back and play that song, and why not let them keep thinking it was Mona, Caleb says it’s A’s way of rubbing it in their faces. Aria concludes that Mona never sent the lawyer, but it doesn’t mean she left them in the dark, and Emily mentions that Mona hid the tape Hanna found in the book. As Emily says that the police went all over Mona’s room and never found it, Hanna wonders so, to which Spencer says that maybe there’s more, “maybe the answers are still in that room”. Emily comments that they’ve got to get back to Mona’s room, and Spencer tells Hanna that she spent more time in that room than any of them, so she should try to think of places Mona would have hid stuff. Aria then mentions that they need to talk to Mona’s mom, and when Emily comments that Leona wasn’t at the trial, Spencer says that it’s got to be hard to hear people talking about your dead daughter, to which Hanna exclaims that if there is something in Mona’s room that could get her out of prison, she doesn’t care how upset Leona is, they just need to find it. Caleb tells Hanna that they’ll do it, and as there’s a beeping coming over the line, Hanna says that she’s about to be cut off. As Spencer tells Hanna to hang on, Aria comments for her to stay strong, and Emily says that they love her, the call ends. As Spencer, Aria, Emily and Caleb all take a step back from the cell phones, Caleb hands Aria her phone back, apologising for grabbing it from her. Aria says that it’s okay, but Caleb tells her it’s not, if they start stepping on each other, none of them are going to make it out alive. Emily then questions if they should go see Mona’s mom, and Spencer says that shouldn’t all go at once, “it’s just going to scare her”. Aria volunteers to do it, saying that she’s the least intimidating, and Emily volunteers to drive her. As the three girls turn to all leave, Caleb calls out to Spencer. Noticing that Caleb wants to talk with her, Spencer tells the other two girls that she’ll call them later. As Aria and Emily leave, Spencer turns back to Caleb.

Sitting down on the couch, Spencer listens as Caleb says he should have put Hanna in a car and taken off when they had the chance. Spencer wonders why he didn’t, and Caleb explains that Hanna would never have left her and the girls. As Caleb adds that the girls are like a band of Vikings, Spencer comments that there’s less pillaging, “better hygiene”. Caleb confides that Hanna told him to get out before it’s too late, and while she said it to him, Caleb thinks Hanna meant it for all of them. Questioning if Caleb knows how hard that would have been for Hanna to say that to him, Spencer listens as Caleb says that the point is is that Hanna said it. Spencer then questions if Caleb is thinking about it, and shaking his head, Caleb tells her no. Spencer then tells Caleb that when all of this is over, “and we’re safe and sound”, they need to talk about bottling him, “essence of best boyfriend. We’re going to make a fortune”. After a beat Caleb asks if Spencer has spoken with Toby since she’s got back, to which Spencer mentions that that’s not really a good idea, “under the circumstances”. As Caleb then tells Spencer to eat her cookie, she smiles and picks the cookie up.

Sitting on the Hastings’ back porch steps, Spencer reads a news article on Alison’s trial. Noticing Jason approach, Spencer puts down the newspaper and greets him. Jason greets her back, before saying that he wanted to apologise for earlier, about his dad outside the office. Saying that it’s okay, Spencer listens as Jason comments that there’s still a pretty clear path between their houses. Spencer mentions that there’s been a lot of traffic over the years, to which Jason surmises that’s how Spencer knew Alison would come this way when she ran. Jason questions if that’s how Spencer and the girls trapped Alison for the police, and Spencer says that she really wishes they hadn’t. Jason explains that he let her go, he let her run away, before asking Spencer to guess why he did that. When Spencer says that maybe he thought there was a chance Alison was telling the truth, Jason folds his arms over his chest, saying that that’s a funny thing for Spencer to say. Spencer says that she made a terrible mistake, but Jason tells her that he was the one who made a mistake by listening to her. As a silence falls between them, Spencer stands, saying that she doesn’t think this will come as a surprise, “but I can be really certain about things”, and when Jason comments that it’s not a surprise, Spencer tells him that she likes being certain, “it’s where I’m comfortable. I-I-I’m not happy in the grey places, so sometimes I go to the sure when I know I shouldn’t. And there’s somebody out there who knows that about me. And they’re doing a very good job of using it against me”. When Jason says that nobody likes the grey places, Spencer admits that she doesn’t think Alison killed anybody. Jason turns, and as he starts to walk off, Spencer calls out to him. Turning back, Jason tells Spencer that he got a call from the prosecution office, they’re shuffling the witness list, and he’s testifying tomorrow.

Walking down the stairs, Spencer places a note on the kitchen island bench. When Veronica walks in, Spencer comments that if she hadn’t stopped to write the note, she would have made a clean getaway. Veronica questions Spencer as to where she thinks she’s going, and Spencer tells her that she’s going to Alison’s trial. Listening as Veronica says that she forbids it, Spencer questions the word forbid, before saying that it’s a big hefty 19th century word. Shaking her head, Veronica pleads with Spencer not to go, but Spencer says that she’s sorry, “I can’t do what you’re asking me to do. I have to go”. Veronica comments that if they see Spencer there, but Spencer cuts in, saying that if people are going to talk about her, she’s not going to let them do it behind her back. Adding that being afraid isn’t going to make things better, Spencer walks past Veronica and out the front door.

Along with the rest of the courtroom, Spencer watches the video of Mona being attacked on the day she died. Spencer listens as the prosecutor asks why Jason has decided to tell the truth about Alison’s alibi, Jason comments that he doesn’t know. When the prosecutor wonders if it’s because of something Jason saw on the video, Jason says that he doesn’t think so, and Spencer whispers to Aria that something’s wrong, “he’s changing his story”. Jason then adds that he now believes that Alison couldn’t have been the one to attack Mona. The prosecutor then asks Jason if knows a girl named Hanna Marin, to which Jason says he does, before confirming that Hanna is one of Alison’s friends. Spencer then listens as the prosecutor asks Jason who Ashley Marin is, and after Jason explains that she’s Hanna’s mom, he’s asked to point Ashley out for the jury. As Jason says Ashley is in the third row wearing a blue dress, all eyes go to Ashley. The prosecutor goes on to ask whether on occasion Jason met with Ashley out of the office, and when Jason tells him yes, Mr Sirk asks whether their meetings were social, to which Jason confirms that they were. Mr Sirk then questions whether these social meetings were always in public places, and after Jason says that most of them were, the prosecutor questions that not all of them were and some were in private. Mr Sirk questions whether Jason would describe the meetings as intimate, to which Jason says that they were private. As the prosecutor asks whether anything happened during these private meetings with the attractive woman seated in the gallery that lead Jason to alter his testimony, Jason tells him no.

Outside the courtroom, Spencer listens as Emily questions whether they think Hanna knew about her mom’s affair with Jason, and Aria comments that Hanna did, and it looks like ‘A’ knew about it too. Emily then questions that what was said in the courtroom hurt Alison, and Spencer tells Emily and Aria that it made it sound like Alison’s own brother thinks she did it. Looking past Aria and Emily to Jason being berated by Kenneth, Spencer only half listens as Aria says it was until Hanna’s mom convinced Jason to change his story, and Emily wonders if they think that’s what Ashley did. Telling the girls to hold on, Spencer follows Jason off down the hall. Catching up to him, Spencer asks if he’s alright, and Jason tells her to ask again after he finds a place to sleep tonight. When Spencer starts to question what’s going on between him and Hanna’s mom, Jason tells her that it’s none of her business, it’s nobody’s business. Saying that he’s right, “it’s not”, Spencer begins to say that if Jason really needs a place to stay, but Jason tells her it’s okay, he’ll figure something out. Turning, Jason begins to walk off before stopping and turning back, telling Spencer to cross her fingers and wish hard that she never has to sit in that chair. Listening as Jason adds that Spencer won’t like it, Spencer watches as Jason walks off. Aria and Emily approach, and when Aria asks what Jason said, Spencer turns to face the girls, “the truth will set you free but first it turns you inside out”. Telling the girls to “come on”, Spencer turns to walk off, but when Emily question where they’re going, Spencer turns back, telling them, “Mona’s house”.

At the Vanderwaal residence, Spencer knocks on the front door. Emily questions if they think Leona is in there, before Aria calls out. Jiggling the lock, Spencer continues to knock as Emily questions that if Leona’s not here, and she wasn’t at the trial, then where is she. Saying that Leona is hiding, “I don’t blame her”, Spencer continues to knock. Aria mentions that it was a long shot, and walking down the porch stairs, Spencer tells her that long shots are all they have. As the girls are walking down the path, they starts to hear music. Looking up towards Mona’s bedroom, they see the window open. Rushing towards the front door, Emily finds the door open, and the three girls run inside and up the stairs into Mona’s bedroom, finding it trashed. Saying that it was a good idea, Spencer watches as Emily walks over to the record player and finds a note stashed in a dolls head, “finders keepers, losers weepers. Quelle tristesse. –A”. Commenting that Emily’s accent is getting better, Spencer looks to Aria. Looking around the room, Aria tells the girls to wait, and asking Aria what, Spencer listens as Aria questions how you would stop someone from searching a room. Emily asks what Aria means, and Aria questions why they think ‘A’ found something because they said so. Spencer realises that the note was written to taunt them, and Aria suggests it could also have been to trick them. As Emily says they should think like Mona, both Spencer and Aria give her a look, and Emily tells them it just has to be for a minute. Saying that if she were Mona, Spencer looks around the bedroom, before picking up a handheld mirror. Shaking the mirror, Spencer hears it sound, and pulling off the glass, she finds a message Mona had hidden, “Chandelier’s rituals. Sister launched lair. A ruler’s list chained”.

Walking back down the stairs, Spencer, Aria and Emily leave the Vanderwaal house.

Sitting by the fire, Spencer reads a book. When Veronica arrives home, Spencer watches as Veronica walks past without saying a word. Turning the page of her book, Spencer relooks over the message they found in Mona’s bedroom.

I'm a Good Girl, I Am Spencer is arrested immediately after Alison's trial with the other liars.

Welcome to the Dollhouse Spencer is abducted from police custody along with her friends as A takes them to the dollhouse.

Season 6

Game On, Charles

The girls sleep outside

The girls make it outside but realize they are still trapped. The girls, except Spencer, begin to try to climb the fence. Spencer warns them that it is an electric fence they will get electrocuted if they touch it. The girls then realize that they are still trapped. Spencer informs the girls that she thinks 'A' is familiar to her from when she was a child, although she isn’t sure why. They are stuck outside for days until A lets them back in. Mona tells the girls that staying outside was their punishment for trying to escape, the girls then agree to always stick together in the dollhouse. However, when they go back in, 'A', manages to kidnap Mona and separate her from the girls.

Spencer tells the girls "A" is a DiLaurentis

The girls wake up naked under individual sheets as if they were bodies in a morgue, Spencer informs them that A may have sent a message that they were dead to their families. The girls return to their rooms to find that A has given them surprises, but they don’t react well to them. The girls come back out of their rooms, scared to look at each other, although still trying to stick together. The girls walk into a room where they find things A has stolen from their houses. Spencer uses an Etch-A-Sketch from when she was a child, to tell the girls that A is a DiLaurentis family member. The girls work out a way to get to A's vault containing their personal things.

Spencer hugs Toby after the girls are rescued

They find a home video of A's with Jessica DiLaurentis and have confirmation A is a DiLaurentis, being Jason and Alison's sibling. They begin to burn the vault room and threaten A to get Mona back. Fortunately, simultaneously, Alison, Ezra, and Caleb are coming to find the girls, and Alison is seen by 'A' on security footage. 'A' wrestles whether to stop the fire or deal with Alison, they set the sprinklers off and deal with Alison. While A deals with her, the girls find Mona. They rescue her and try to find a way out. As Ezra, Alison and Caleb find smoke coming out of the ground they hear an alarm going off they realize they have found the right place. They call out and hear the girls coughing, Ezra gets the door open and the girls run to their respective partners. Spencer tries to inform Toby of who A is, but he cuts her off with another name, which is not the same, she is confused but interrupted by the police informing the girls they have found another girl. The girls realize who she is and how unaware they were that she had to have been there since Alison was first perceived to be missing.

Songs of Innocence

Spencer in the dollhouse in a flashback

The girls recover in the hospital, after escaping the dollhouse. Spencer informs the girls they won't tell the police who they think A is, as the police will find out the truth. When Spencer arrives back home, Veronica tells Spencer that there is little chance that Mona may be charged for faking her death. She tells Veronica that the hospital left out one of her prescriptions; however, Veronica informs her that she asked them to not give the anti-anxiety drug to Spencer, to not trigger her drug addiction. Spencer argues with her and tells her that when the hospital gave them to her, she got what she calls "real sleep". Veronica thinks that she just wants the drugs, she doesn't need them, causing Spencer to get angry and say sarcastically "Wow, I really am back home". Spencer goes to bed but finds that she can’t sleep, so she tosses around in her bed and has a flashback from the dollhouse, where she is in a room with her wrists held down by restraints. In front of her is a photo of each of the girls with buttons near each photo. She has to pick one of her friends to electrocute, or else A plays a loud siren. There is a countdown and Spencer presses one of the buttons, (Aria), and hears her scream. She gets out of bed and puts a boot in the way of the door so it doesn't close.

Spencer and Alison talk about Charles DiLaurentis

The next day, Alison informs Spencer that her Dad said there is no Charles DiLaurentis in their family, Spencer calls Alison's father a liar. Alison questions if Spencer is going to the police, Spencer shuts this down because she doesn't want to go to the police with any more theories and they'll figure things out. Alison questions, "Figure what out? That I am somehow related to someone named Charles DiLaurentis, who really is Andrew Campbell? What do you think happened? Goblins snuck into the Campbell house and switched babies on them?". Spencer cruelly retorts, "We both know that there are more conventional ways somebody can end up with more than two parents: that's how you and I got to share a brother", causing Alison to turn away from her and stay silent. Spencer then thanks her for getting them out of the dollhouse and hands her some juice, she then states that Spencer would have done the same for her.

Spencer and Toby discuss Andrew being 'A'

Spencer and Toby have a picnic. Toby now seems doubtful that Andrew is 'A'/Charles since no one would hold on to such overwhelming evidence for the police to find instead of destroying it. This causes Spencer to get upset. Toby wants to know what happened to her in the dollhouse, but Spencer doesn't want to share the details with him. Aria meets up with Spencer in Aria's house. Aria regretfully tells Spencer about her lie to the police about seeing Andrew in the dollhouse to the police. The two discuss how the case against Andrew isn't as concrete as they'd hoped. Aria thanks Spencer for coming over and Spencer is glad that she called her. Aria then apologizes to Spencer, but a puzzled Spencer asks Aria why she is apologetic.

Spencer takes Aria's pills to sleep

Aria ignores her question and tells her about Hanna's suggestion that they should go to school the next day. Before Spencer can reply, Aria gets called away by her mother. After Aria leaves, Spencer spots Aria's medicines across the room. She picks up Aria's anti-anxiety medication and looks at it thoughtfully. The episode ends with Spencer holding a pill in her hand, the one she stole from Aria. Veronica comes into her bedroom and asks if she's gotten any sleep, to which Spencer says she hasn't. Veronica suggests the two watch a movie on the couch until they fall asleep, causing Spencer to say "okay" and Veronica kisses her cheek. A four-way phone call soon occurs with the Liars, although we don't hear what they say.

Songs of Experience

Spencer comforts Alison, who thinks she's the cause of everything

Spencer is on the phone with Emily. Emily informs Spencer that Sara Harvey, who is staying at her house, is pretty sure that Andrew was not the one who kidnapped her. Spencer is not convinced since Sara is not stating the reason why she thinks Andrew isn’t ‘A’, but Emily points out that Sara was held captive for over two years, and Andrew was in school with them the whole time, so there is no way that he could have snuck off to feed his hostage. Spencer stops by Alison’s house. Although Alison argues that her father has no idea who Charles DiLaurentis is, Spencer tells Alison that she needs to talk to her dad again since Spencer doesn’t believe him, and she knows that Alison doesn’t believe him either. Alison asks Spencer to leave, but before she goes she tells Alison that she is going to talk to Jason about this. Alison doesn’t want Spencer to drag Jason into this because she cannot have another person hating her, which puzzles Spencer. Alison believes that she is the cause of the troubles they’ve faced and blames herself for the girls’ abduction. Spencer tries to assure her that is not the case, but Alison is not convinced.

Spencer confronts Jason about Charles DiLaurentis

Toby visits Spencer and requests her to tell Alison to stay away from Lorenzo. Spencer thinks that this is Alison and Lorenzo’s business, but Toby reminds her that this is Alison they are talking about. Spencer believes that Alison has changed, reminding him about how she helped find the dollhouse. Toby points out that Alison has a history of using cops for her benefit and simply states that if Spencer completely trusts her, he will drop the matter. Spencer doesn't give him an answer. Spencer visits Jason DiLaurentis and asks if he has heard of someone named Charles DiLaurentis. Jason confirms he doesn’t and thinks Andrew did it to mess with Alison. Spencer gets a text from Hanna, calling her to Dr. Sullivan’s office, and is about to leave when she hears Jason mumble something. Jason admits that he knew someone named Charlie, but “Charlie doesn’t exist”; he tells her everything. Hanna has convinced the other girls to attend a group session with Dr. Sullivan, as they wait for Spencer, she walks into the waiting room to tell the girls who Charles is: Charlie, Jason’s imaginary friend. Jason said that one day Mr. DiLaurentis told him that Charlie had to go away. They realize that there was nothing imaginary about Charlie: Kenneth lied to Jason. The girls decide to tell Dr. Sullivan what they’ve discovered but are threatened with Sara's life when 'A' FaceTimes them filming Sara.

Spencer encourages Alison to date Lorenzo

The girls leave and tell Alison about it. Alison is upset and reminisces about how Jason always thought something was missing from the family. They decide to look through the house and attempt to find proof that Charlie existed. While going through the house, Alison points out to Spencer that Toby is probably back to hating Alison now that the girls are safe. Alison talks about how nice Lorenzo is, and how Toby must’ve told him all about the not-so-nice things she’s done. It’s obvious that Alison likes Lorenzo, so Spencer encourages her, telling her that she’s got a second chance at life and she shouldn’t waste it. Aria searches the house and finds photo evidence that Charlie exists. The girls discuss the photo, and Alison and Jason confront their father.

The girls figure out that they never hurt each other

As the girls leave the DiLaurentis household to go home, they spot Andrew leaving the police station. He is visibly mad at the girls, telling them everyone hates them and compares them to a toxic waste dump. Spencer calls after Lorenzo and introduces herself and the girls as Alison’s friends. This annoys Toby who glares at her as he leaves. Aria feels horrible about what happened with Andrew, but Spencer assures her that Andrew will forgive them eventually. Aria has started thinking that what happened to Andrew perhaps was her fault, but Spencer tries to comfort her, saying that he was set up. Hanna states that people know what happened to them, but still don’t believe the girls, which seems to be true. The girls realize that they are more alone than ever, which Spencer points out has been A’s goal all along. Hanna admits to being forced to play a game with switches, about hurting the others. Aria confesses that she was made to play a similar game, but she never got shocked. Spencer and Emily realize no one was hurt, instead, 'A' tricked them into thinking they hurt each other. Spencer states that the aim of the “game” was that 'A' wanted them to know that there would come a point where they would hurt each other.

Spencer argues with Veronica before going to bed

Spencer returns home, only to find her mother waiting up for her. Veronica informs her that the police will be coming back for protection since Andrew has been released with all charges dropped. Spencer wants to go to her room and sleep, but Veronica tells Spencer about how Andrew told the police that the girls tricked him into helping them. She asks Spencer if Andrew is telling the truth, and Spencer replies that just because a story is made up of facts, it doesn’t make it true. Veronica then asks her how school was but Spencer scoffs that she knows Veronica knows she didn’t go to school. Spencer nearly breaks down in tears and blames her that Veronica doesn’t want to put an end to the ‘A’ thing as much as she wishes it never happened. Spencer admits that she doesn’t see a happy ending for them coming any time soon and rushes upstairs to her room. Spencer takes the pill she stole from Aria previously and falls asleep.

Don't Look Now

Spencer and Ezra talk

In Spencer’s bedroom, Emily expresses her pity towards Alison. Spencer comments on how everything always leads back to Radley. Alison informs them that her father doesn't believe that Charles could be 'A'... because Charles is dead. Hanna believes Kenneth is lying: they don't have a body, or a grave, so no proof. Alison defends her father, but Hanna is reluctant to believe it. At the Brew, Spencer is looking for info on Radley files on her tablet. She calls a number and pretends to be the mother of an old Radley patient, asking how she can get hold of her “daughter’s medical records”. The operator informs her that most of the files have been transferred to other facilities, but records of ex-patients have been taken to River Hill Davis Center to be shredded, Spencer thanks them and ends the call. Ezra approaches Spencer, and takes a seat, they chat about her current condition. Spencer says it’s been strange to be back. She says that everywhere she goes, people keep staring at her but they don’t say anything. Ezra says it can be hard to know what to say. He thinks the police can, with the help of the liars, catch ‘A’ for good, even though Spencer’s not so sure about it.

Spencer has a flashback to the dollhouse

The Brew’s new baker, Sabrina breaks the conversation to let Ezra know they ran out of blueberries. After Sabrina leaves, Ezra tells Spencer that even though she reeks of weed, she’s a good baker. Spencer is confused and Ezra tells her that it is medicinal. Sabrina drops a glass of red juice down from the counter. Before rushing off to help Sabrina, he tells Spencer that the weed helps with her migraine, but it makes her clumsy at work. Spencer smiles, but it fades away at the sight of the red juice down on the floor. Memories from Spencer’s time at the dollhouse come flooding back to her. Following the trail of soaked blood all over the carpet covering the floor of Spencer’s bedroom in the dollhouse. Spencer is sleeping on the floor, her hands covered in blood. She wakes up and panics. She comes out of the flashback, on the verge of hyperventilating. Ezra calls her name, asking if she is okay. She snaps back into reality and says she is fine, although it's clear she is not.

The girls meet in Spencer's kitchen

Back in Spencer’s kitchen, Spencer, Emily, Hanna, and Aria, discuss the content of Charles’ Radley files, and decide to go to the River Hill Davis Center to get their hands over it. Aria shakes them into reality saying they cannot just walk in and ask for it. Spencer says that they can ask for her file and they will know if all the files have been shredded or not plus at the same time they could check out how secure the place is and figure out what to do afterward. After Hanna leaves, Spencer opens a water bottle, her hands shaking as she does so. Aria asks her if she is okay. Spencer lies and says that she has been on the edge since they got back. Emily comments that it has been rough for her too. Spencer asks Aria if the pills have been helping her. Aria says that the pills gave her a huge headache, so she had to throw them away. Spencer suggests they meet at the Brew in an hour, the others think it is a good idea, and all leave. Spencer arrives in front of the Montgomery house and lies to the cop on duty in front of the house, saying Aria wanted her to pick up something for her. Finding her way to the back of the house, Spencer takes out the trash from the can and starts going through it desperately, looking for the pills Aria had thrown away. She receives a message from Aria saying they’re waiting for her at The Brew. She replies that she’s on her way and continues her search. She finds the pill bottle, but it is empty. She puts everything she took out from the trash bag inside the trash can before leaving.

The girls arrive

At the River Hill Davis Center, Spencer informs her friends that they are not willing to give her the files without the permission of her doctor. Aria thinks that it means that they have not yet shredded the files. Emily fills us and her friends in on the fact that the River Hill Davis Center has two entrances; they cannot use the front door to sneak in as it has a camera in front of it and the back door is locked. Spencer thinks that they could talk to Jason and Alison and see if they could try and get Charles’ Radley reports. The girls are getting inside the car when Hanna notices that the back door has been opened and she asks her friends to wait. They rush inside when the men carrying the files out of the room disappear into the trunk of a truck. There are no people or cameras inside the warehouse. Spencer decides to stand guard while the others look around for Charles’ file. While looking for Charles’ files, Emily informs Hanna that she went to see Dr. Sullivan. She says that Sullivan asked if everything was okay between the girls and wonders if Hanna had said something to her to lead her to ask that to Emily. Hanna says that she might have and wonders if everything between them is okay indeed. Emily says that they’ll get there. Spencer is looking around the warehouse and stumbles upon a see-through window. Looking at her reflection in the windowpane, she finds herself slipping back to the time at the dollhouse when she woke up covered up in blood. Spencer stands up, following the blood trail to the door, she tries to open it, but it is locked. She bangs the door desperately with her bloody hands leaving her prints on the door.

The girls look through a file belonging to Charles

Back at the storage unit, Emily snaps Spencer out of her thoughts by telling her that Aria found Charles’ files. Rushing to Aria, Spencer finds her and Hanna already going through the files. Spencer asks her if Charles was released. Going through the reports, Aria informs the others that there are no records past his sixteenth birthday. Spencer does not want to believe that’s all the information they found. Aria tells Spencer that it is not everything, but just the records of him from age 13 to 15. Emily asks Aria to see the last thing written in the documents. Aria reads out that Charles’ doctor increased his medicine dose for depression. In his visitors’ log, the girls discover that only two people visited Charles in Radley, his mother and his great aunt Carol Ward. Hanna thinks Aunt Carol could help them learn more about Charles but Emily tells them that Aunt Carol died when they were in the tenth grade and hence would be of no help to them. Spencer asks the girls to check the rest of the boxes to see if they missed anything but they hear a noise all of a sudden and run outside to find an annoyed Caleb waiting for them.

Spencer asks Sabrina for weed to get to sleep

At the Brew, Spencer draws Sabrina to a corner asking her to sell some pot to her to help calm her nerves. Sabrina asks Spencer if Ezra told her that she is a dealer and Spencer tells her that he just told her about her medical condition. Sabrina refuses to sell pot to Spencer but she agrees to share some of her pot with her. Jason, Spencer, Hanna, and Alison drive up to Aunt Carol’s house. They all look around and Hanna comments that it does not look like anybody stays there. Jason believes that that’s what Charles wants people to think- that nobody lives there. They start walking up to the house but are stopped by Ali who starts wondering if Charles is alive indeed why would he do all these things to them; i.e. torture them, threaten them, etc. Spencer says that she wishes she knew. Spencer and Jason proceed to the house, and Hanna goes back to get both a skeptical and scared Alison to get moving. Once inside the house, they discover that the electricity supply of the house has been turned off. They keep on looking around. Back at Aunt Carol’s house, Jason suggests that they take a look around the property before they leave. Hanna and Spencer decide to look in one direction and Jason and Alison in the other.

Hanna questions if Spencer is okay

Caleb calls Hanna but she ignores the call and declines to answer. Looking around, Spencer stumbles upon an owl-like wind vane and her mind returns to the buzzing sound of the dollhouse. In the dollhouse, Spencer desperately tries to get out of her room to no success. Finally, she gives up and turns to the camera in her room. Panicked and scared, Spencer questions what she was made to do. Hanna calls Spencer and brings her back to the present. Hanna sees her visibly shaking, and on the verge of tears, and asks her what is wrong with her. Spencer wonders if Hanna remembers everything that Charles made her do in the dollhouse. Hanna says she does and Spencer confesses that she has been recalling these moments from the dollhouse and is scared that Charles made her hurt someone. Hanna suggests that Spencer probably just imagined it due to being sleep-deprived, but Spencer insists that she was not hallucinating and believes she hurt someone.

Hanna, Spencer, Alison, and Jason look at Charles' grave

Spencer and Hanna are called by Alison. They rush to see that they have discovered a headstone with Charles’ name on it. Hanna believes that it was planted by ‘A’ to throw them off track and starts to dig up the ground even after Alison and Spencer ask her not to. Jason asks Hanna to stop digging after taking a closer look at the roots around the headstone, saying that they've been growing for years and that wouldn't have been possible if someone had planted the headstone a few days back. Spencer looks in to confirm this. At last, they conclude that Charles is dead, Jason gets up and hugs Alison. Walking away, Hanna accuses Spencer of leading them down the wrong path with all the blocks and anagram clues. Spencer tells her that Charles is still the key to all this, as 'A' must be someone he knew at Radley. At the Brew, Spencer is stopped by Ezra while she is making her way out with the pot brownies Sabrina gave her. Ezra asks her what she is doing down there so late and when Spencer tells him that Sabrina baked some cookies for her, Ezra understands everything. Trying not to judge he tries to explain to her that when the effect of the brownies wear off, all the things that bothered her will still be there. Spencer tells him, in a desperate tone, that she needs to quiet the noise in her head to sleep, and leaves.

She's No Angel

Spencer informs Aria of her dream

Spencer is walking through an abandoned building. A creepy girl shows up and a few seconds later she runs. Spencer runs after her and finds her dancing in a room full of bathtubs. While Spencer is watching her, she remembers things from the dollhouse. After the girl stops dancing, she sits in a chair and then disappears. Spencer notices slippers with the initials "C.D." on the floor. A shadow shows up in the doorway and Spencer looks up. Aria and Spencer are on the phone, talking about Spencer's dream (above) from last night. Spencer asks her friend if she ever saw a room like this in the dollhouse, but Aria refuses to remember anything about it. Spencer starts to eat the pot cookies, which she got from Sabrina. Aria and Spencer talk about Spencer's valedictorian speech and then about graduation. Spencer hears Veronica come back and Spencer hangs up on Aria before hurrying to get out of the house because she doesn't want to argue with her mother. At school, Hanna rants to Spencer about Lesli's attitude. Spencer is texting Toby who is out of town and apologizes for not listening to her. Hanna complains that Caleb is treating her like a cracked egg. Spencer advises Hanna to stay out of it, but Hanna is determined to help Mona with Lesli as they need Mona's help to get information on Charles from Radley.

Hanna and Spencer talk at school

Spencer is eating her pot cookies and asks if Mona has any idea who is posing as Ali's dead brother. Hanna doubts Charles is dead as they have no concrete proof. Hanna tries to grab a cookie, but Spencer stops her. Hanna asks if Spencer is buzzed (high), but Spencer explains she just misses Toby. Spencer attends an NA meeting. When she realizes Dean, her former sobriety coach, is there. She attempts to leave with a brownie but is told the food is for after the meeting, and sits down again. After the NA meeting, Dean drives Spencer home. Spencer opens up to Dean, telling him she is tired of living in a state of permanent anxiety and the drugs help her to get through the day. Dean states it doesn't work that way and she needs another way to deal with it. He tells her that she is stronger than she thinks, but Spencer doesn't want to hear that. He reminds her that she has his number and tells her to call him the next time she can't sleep. Before Spencer leaves the car, she gives her pot cookies to Dean, asking him to throw them away.

Hanna and Spencer search for evidence of Charles' records

Spencer is about to walk into her house when she sees Mona throwing a letter into the DiLaurentis' mailbox. Mona explains that Alison didn't answer her calls, so she wrote her a letter. Spencer asks Mona about the girl from her nightmare who looked a lot like a young Alison. She wonders if this girl could have been in the dollhouse too, but Mona doesn't think so. Spencer asks her about the room but Mona doesn't remember that either, suggesting it might just be in Spencer's head. Spencer agrees and walks away with Mona looking thoughtfully after her. Hanna and Spencer break into Radley to find out what happened to Charles. Mona's mom wouldn't let her come. A picture of a girl is hanging on the wall and Spencer recognizes her from her nightmare. Hanna starts searching for documents and Spencer realizes she has been in that room before. Back at Radley, Spencer and Hanna are looking through patient files. Spencer eventually finds the one for Charles DiLaurentis and they learn his organs were donated after his death. Finally convinced he is dead, they go on searching for people he was in contact with. Hanna throws some documents in one of the bathtubs and freaks out when she thinks she sees a kneecap, but it turns out to be a doll. They hear pounding sounds and Hanna freaks out again but Spencer says it is probably just an animal woken up by her screaming. Hanna urges Spencer to leave, but she keeps looking through the files to find out who Charles was in contact with. When they hear another noise, they hurry to get out. Hanna and Spencer find Mona in Radley, about to steal Lesli's patient file. Spencer takes it from her says that Lesli has been in Radley long enough to know Mona and Charles. At Hanna's the girls discuss the picture of "A". Hanna is sure Lesli is the girl in the black hoodie, but Aria says they don't know enough about Lesli to blame her. Spencer finds a note in Lesli's patient file that she shared a room with Bethany Young and they conclude that Lesli must think they killed Bethany. Emily wonders why she would kidnap Sara and Spencer says she probably used her as a rehearsal before she could get the real Alison. Convinced that Leli is "A", they devise a plan to catch her in the act.

No Stone Unturned

Emily and Spencer discuss Lesli being "A".

Emily and Spencer are in Spencer's room talking about Lesli, who Spencer believes to be "A". Emily refutes the idea and questions Spencer, as she was in the same room as them. Spencer tells her, "and they were wearing a mask". Spencer says that Mona has always been shady about how she met Lesli, now they know why - they were sharing a strait-jacket. Spencer also adds that Mona only got a gas mask and was able to pass out food, while the rest of them were making sure they still had kidneys. Emily asks what's taking Hanna so long, Spencer says that she's probably trying to drag Mona there on a leash. Emily asks if Spencer believes in her heart that Lesli is capable of creating a bunker and having more equipment than the CIA. Spencer reminds her that Mona was able to maintain a 4.0 GPA and perfect hair while she was tapping Rosewood's police calls. Emily also reminds her that they jumped on the "Andrew is A" train, when they were wrong. Spencer concludes that Andrew didn't have a motive but Lesli does - she thinks that the girls killed Bethany. Hanna arrives without Mona, saying that Mona's mom busted her for sneaking out to Radley and isn't allowed to leave her room. Emily says she has an appointment with her mom and Doctor Sullivan and Hanna asks where Aria is. Spencer tells her that Aria is at Hollis College putting Clark's negatives back. Hanna asks if they are going to Philly to catch Lesli in the act, but they don't respond in the affirmative, angering Hanna.

Dean talks to Spencer at her house.

Spencer hears a knock on her door. Dean wants to drop something off. She invites him in to give her a book that his sponsor gave him. He asks if she's been sleeping without help, she confirms that she hasn't. Dean gives her weed brownies and she receives a text from Melissa. Spencer tells him that the principal has asked her to be the "poster girl for trauma", but Spencer isn't interested. She says that she has a lot of incompletes and isn't ready to pretend like it's over when it isn't. Dean tells her not to do it. Spencer gets another text from Hanna, then tells Dean that she'll see him at the meeting later. Hanna is standing across the street from a sushi bar on the phone as Spencer asks where she is, causing her to say that she's on her way but got caught up. Lesli is having a faculty lunch, but Hanna says she was late and asks where she was. Spencer tells Hanna that she got caught up because Dean dropped by with a gift for her; Hanna then insinuates that something could happen between Spencer and Dean, which Spencer shuts down. Hanna manipulates the vallet into giving her Lesli's car, pretending it's her own. She receives a phone call from Spencer who tells her that she's almost there. Hanna tells her to meet her in the alley nearby, which makes Spencer question if she's stealing Lesli's car, Hanna doubles down, saying she's borrowing it.

Spencer and Sara talk for the first time

Spencer and Hanna are in the alley and Spencer says the key card will help them get into the college. Spencer asks about Caleb and, upon realizing that Hanna is still shutting him out, tells him not to. The two see several pairs of non prescription glasses in Lesli's car, as well as animal cages in the trunk, and Spencer says that the cages are large enough for them making the two uneasy. Spencer and Sara are in Caleb's office. She asks Sara where Caleb is, prompting her to say that he was getting lunch. Spencer receives a text from her mom asking if she's talked to Melissa. Spencer asks Sara if anybody asked her to talk about what happened. Sara says her mom did and questions who is asking Spencer to. She informs her that her school is, and Sara says Emily told her and named her the brainiac, Sara states that she wishes she paid more attention in school. Spencer says stressing over school is "just a bunch of wasted energy, none of it matters.", Sara says that if she could talk about what it was like being down there for years and now being up here, she'd do it. Spencer goes home and sees Dean, who is upset with her because she missed the meeting. She apologizes and says that she'll write the speech. He says he doesn't care about it, but that in his life, when someone doesn't show up or answer their phone, they are most likely laying dead in a gutter somewhere. It shocks Spencer, so she apologizes again. Spencer offers him coffee in her house, but Dean declines. He informs her he cannot see her anymore because of his attraction to her, plus the fact that he doesn't care that she has a partner. He leans in to kiss her as she steps back, so he leaves.

Mona informs the girls that Lesli is not "A".

Back in the lab, Hanna sees a bunch of rats in their cages and a raccoon. Hanna decides to let the rats out, but the raccoon gets out as well. Spencer uses Hanna's cheese puffs as food to lure them into their cages. A rat climbs onto Aria's shoulder, she panics, and the lights go off. Mona walks into the room and turns it back on, explaining she shut the lights off so the campus police wouldn't see them, but the girls believe her to be working with A who they strongly believe is Leslie. Mona says that Lesli hated Bethany and that she's pretending to be stable. It is revealed that upon the night that Alison disappeared, Radley went into lockdown due to two escaped patients: Bethany and Charles. Spencer hands Mona Charles' medical form to prove that he died. Mona informs Spencer that no one would want his liver because he wasn't an eligible donor. The girls claim that they have a picture of "A" and they are a girl. Mona also informs them that if they have a photo of "A", they wanted to be caught. Campus security shows up, but the girls stay hidden. Hanna later informs Emily of everything that they have discovered.

O Brother, Where Art Thou

Spencer tries to call Alison

Spencer and Aria are at Arias's place, searching for information on chip implants. Spencer tries to call Alison but she doesn't pick up. Spencer states, "Most microchips are about the size of a grain of rice and all they contain is an ID number, but, ours feels bigger. It's like "A" modified it so that he could track our every move." As Spencer shows how chips get removed from animals, a scared Aria jokes about keeping the chip in. Spencer tells her, it would be a good idea since "A" doesn't know that they know. Aria gets a text from Mona, saying Lesli finally agreed to talk to them the next day. Spencer immediately tries to call Alison again, to inform her about it, but she still is not picking up. At the Hastings' Spencer is about to leave, when Toby arrives. They kiss and Toby asks her not to leave. Spencer tells him she has to go and suggests meeting him in the evening, but Toby says he has to work. Spencer gets a message from Aria, asking where she is. Toby is curious if something happened while he was out of town, and Spencer informs him about her decision to write the valedictorian speech. Toby is still suspicious and reminds her that they can't keep secrets from each other, as it went wrong in the past. Spencer agrees. After telling Toby, she'll call him back later, she leaves the house. Later, Mona, Aria, Hanna, and Spencer are in Mona's room. Lesli promised to be there but then told Mona that the confrontation might set her mental stability back. The girls are mad at Lesli for bailing. Spencer asks if Mona saw a guy, who could have been Charles, the night Alison disappeared. Mona states she wished she had seen somebody, but she didn't. Aria reminds Mona that Mona had previously said she met someone in Radley that stole the game from her, but Mona doesn't remember who she was talking to due to being on drugs.

Hanna and Spencer discuss the Carissimi Group

At the Brew, Spencer and Hanna are talking about Charles and them being exactly where they have been two months ago. Hanna is searching for the "Carissimi Group" and finds out, that the scholarship she got isn't listed on any of the usual websites. Instead, they find Radley Sanitarium listed on the company's website. They speculate about the company being founded by Mrs. DiLaurentis to put money aside for Charles. While they are looking for the owner, Spencer's phone rings and she leaves. Sabrina shows up and puts a bag of weed candies in Spencer's bag, telling Hanna that Spencer could thank her later, although Hanna is distracted. Meanwhile, Spencer is on the phone with Alison. She is at a hotel with her father, who doesn't allow her to leave. Alison informs Spencer about Charles' birthday invitation and Jason being determined to meet Charles. Kenneth knocks on the door, because he noticed Alison took his phone. Alison asks Spencer to talk to Jason and hangs up. She opens the door and Kenneth comes in. Alison wants to tell the police about Charles, but Kenneth disagrees, because he wants to figure out what to tell them first.

Spencer shows Toby the picture of "A" as a child

Spencer texts Emily to meet the girls. Aria, Hanna and Spencer are at the DiLaurentis' house to talk to Jason, but he doesn't open the door. A police officer gets out of his car and asks if there is anything he could help them with, but Spencer denies and they leave. The girls are at Spencer's house and discuss how to help Jason. Hanna tells them, she has put a GPS tracker of Caleb on Jason's car, so they'll be able to follow him. Emily throws in that they are tracked too, and this has to be a trap of "A". Aria agrees with her, saying they need to step back from it and let the police do their work. Spencer mentions, if they'll tell the police, "A" won't show up. They decide to inform Toby about it, to make sure he could help them if anything goes wrong. When Emily asks how they are supposed to remove the microchips, Hanna shows some surgical tools and tells her they will do it by themselves. Sometime later the girls, except Spencer, are upstairs removing the chips and Toby shows up. Spencer makes him promise he won't tell anything to anyone, and shows him a picture of Charles as a child and informs Toby that the child is "A". Toby is upset about Spencer not telling anybody about Charles, but she claims she didn't have a choice, since Charles threatened everybody they care about. Spencer asks him to keep quiet for one night, because otherwise their plan won't work. The other girls are coming downstairs to follow. Jason, who just left his house. Toby tells them, they won't follow him, and if they want his help, they'll do it his way. The girls go back upstairs, because Hanna's wound is bleeding and Spencer tells Toby he can't go alone. He declares it's the only option, since they don't want to call Tanner. Spencer kisses him and then goes upstairs to help Hanna. Before Toby leaves, he takes the weed sweets that Sabrina put in Spencer's bag earlier, not knowing they have weed in them.

The girls put their hands up as police arrive.

In Spencer's room, Aria tries to calm Spencer down, who is worried about Toby. Spencer tells them it was wrong to let Toby go alone and decides to go and help him, the other girls follow. Jason is at an abandoned arcade, calling for Charles and eventually sees him. When Jason and Charles get closer, Toby and Lorenzo arrive, telling Charles to get down. Although Jason tries to calm him down, Charles starts smashing several pipes and balls at them and escapes. Toby, who's high from the pot sweets, breaks down. The girls arrive and while the others are looking for Lorenzo, Spencer tries to apologize to Jason, but he angrily leaves. She then walks over to Toby and asks him what happened, when the police comes in. Spencer is at the police station to check up on Toby, who has a tough come down. She tries to convince him that she didn't know about the pot candies, but Toby tells her to leave, and she does.


Spencer attempts to stop Hanna and Alison arguing

Spencer, Emily and Hanna are in the Montgomerys' living room watching TV. A news reporter is talking about Charles being the new lead suspect in the kidnapping case. As the DiLaurentis family gave the home video to the police, Spencer says that they could do an age-progression sketch to finally put a face to the name. Hanna suggests someone 'should put a fist to the face.' Aria and Alison join them and Spencer gets a text from Toby. He informs her about the highway patrol setting up checkpoints at the state borders. Emily turns up the volume of the TV, where they are speculating that Charles was the one murdering his mother. While Alison and the other girls are shocked about that speculation, Hanna isn't at all. She tells them that they all know Charles is vicious, and now everyone else knows too. Alison and Hanna become visibly annoyed at each other. Hanna disregards Alison's feelings toward her brother and Alison downplays how dangerous he really is, due to her feelings for him. Spencer tries to stop them but Hanna becomes mad at her instead.

Spencer and Hanna discuss the money from the Carissimi group

At the Hastings Household, Hanna is nervously walking back and forth while Spencer is on her notebook, investigating about the scholarship money from the Carissimi group. Hanna is upset her mother doesn't want to go to the police, since she is sure the police could use the check to track down A. Spencer tells her all the have to find out is; if Charles was the one signing the check. They decide to bring the money back by themselves, and at the same time they would be able to get inside the Carissimi Group and find more information. Spencer and Hanna enter Rhys Matthews' office at the Carissimi group. As Rhys is not there, Spencer takes the opportunity to search for possible clues to Charles. Hanna notices a mirror and gets a little paranoid. She asks Spencer to stop touching things, as she thinks it could be a two-way glass and somebody is watching them or listening to them. However, Spencer tells her she is acting ridiculous and Hanna throws a paper at her. Just in that moment Rhys comes in and asks how he could help them.

Spencer and Hanna meet with Rhys to discuss the money

Spencer and Hanna then sit in Rhys' office, who asks why she doesn't want the scholarship. Hanna tells him that her mother applied for it and she has other options. She asks if he could give it to someone else, but he informs them that they don't take back gifts, as it undermines the concept of charity. Spencer offers him they could find another person for him. She is curious what the criteria is and how many scholarships they usually give away. When Rhys asks if she is in need, she tells him she is asking for a friend who wants to apply but doesn't find much information on their website. Rhys informs them that most of their candidates are recommended through personal connections and his employer is choosing the recipients. Spencer asks him if that would be Mr. Carissimi and if they could talk to him, but Rhys tells them that this is unlikely. While pulling out her phone, Hanna asks if she could send his boss an e-mail to thank him, she takes a photo of Rhys while making it look like she's about to put contact information in. He states that the best he can do is to inform his boss at their weekly meeting about Hanna's decision, they then have to leave. As Spencer and Hanna ride in the elevator, Hanna makes it clear that she thinks Rhys is hiding something. Spencer points to a password protected room but Hanna tells her what he is hiding isn't in there, it is in his DNA; he looks exactly like a DiLaurentis.

Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer on slabs from the dollhouse.

Hanna and Spencer arrive at the gallery. While Hanna is sure that Rhys is Charles and is determined to show Aria the picture she made, Spencer tells her that resemblance is not enough proof. She suggests not telling Aria for now, as this will be an important evening for her. Emily walks over to them and Spencer at firsts starts to lie to her, Spencer and Hanna share a look after this and Spencer begins to tell Emily the truth. Hanna hands her phone to Emily after saying 'don't tell Aria' and Emily asks why Hanna has a photo of Jason on her phone, they inform her that he is Rhys and then tell her they were following a clue about Charles. A woman opens the exhibit and Ella comes over to Aria. The girls gather and the announcer speaks about the competition and then presents the finalist of the fellowship. However, on the wall instead of Aria's original work, there are photographs of each of the four girls sleeping on slabs, which we saw in "Game On, Charles". This causes Spencer, Aria, Hanna, and Emily, to have quick, disturbing flashbacks from the Dollhouse. Later, the police officers take away the pictures but Hanna stares at them. Emily questions her, and Spencer explains it's like a car wreck, some people look away but others stop and stare. They walk outside over to Spencer's car, and see Rhys across the street and decide to follow him. They follow Rhys to an abandoned doll factory. Emily inquires the girls if they should follow him into the building, Spencer and Hanna agree to stay outside. Clark arrives and walks into the building. Shocked, the girls consider him as a helper of "A" and leave to find Aria. The girls inform Aria about Clark, and then Spencer has to tell Aria about Rhys.

Last Dance

Spencer tries to talk to Toby

The girls find out that they have been banned from attending their senior prom, Veronica takes initiative and hosts the prom in the Hastings' barn. The girls then find out that they have been banned from graduation as well, and they'll receive their diplomas in the mail. The Liars (minus Mona) are in The Brew discussing the fact that they won't be attending prom. Emily questions Aria if she has contacted Clark since, she denies this. Spencer asks if she mentioned who they saw him meet up with and Aria says he hasn't given her a name. Hanna questions the group about Charles, and Spencer corrects her, "He goes by Rhys". Toby pulls into the parking lot at the Rosewood Police Department as Spencer runs over to him. It's revealed that he got suspended for getting stoned while on the job. Lorenzo comes out of the building and tells Toby that he got suspended from the force indefinitely. Spencer wants to say something to overturn their decision, but Lorenzo tells her they're not interested in what she has to say and walks away. Toby walks into the Police Department, but not before telling Spencer that he'll call her later.

Spencer talks about Alison with Lorenzo

Back in The Brew, Spencer is meeting up with Lorenzo, who asks why she needed to meet with him. She asks how his arm is and he says that she didn't call to meet with him for a medical update. She admits that she wanted to talk about Alison; Spencer says that Ali didn't think her plan through when she stole Lorenzo's police tag, but Lorenzo isn't convinced. He said that, ever since he got to Rosewood, all he heard about her was that she was a master planner and he gave her many chances and look where that got them. Spencer tells Lorenzo that she knows how he feels because she was used and abused by Alison for years, but she has changed. She also tells him that Ali is desperate, after being through so much and that she needs him. Lorenzo says he can't forgive her yet, causing Spencer to tell him that there will be a prom in her barn that night you can surprise her, and even surprise yourself. Later, the girls have their prom in the barn with Toby and Ezra, but they spot Alison in the background of a photo from the Prom at school, they realize she went to meet Charles. They leave the barn to go look for Alison, while their mothers are unaware.

Alison talks to Spencer before meeting her brother.

At the Prom, Alison explains that she blames the girls for scaring her brother away at the arcade, and left on her own because she didn't want them to do the same when she and Charles met. She begs them to leave and explains that she will be fine and isn't in danger. When she leaves, the girls disobey her and follow her instead, Emily stays behind when she sees Sara. As Spencer catches up with Alison, Spencer tells her to leave while she can. Alison tells her that Spencer never understood her or liked her and Charles is her brother, she's not going to leave until she finds out why he hates her so much. Alison leaves and Toby catches up with Spencer. Spencer elucidates to Toby that they came to the prom to protect her, something they've been trying to do for years. Spencer tells Toby that her valedictorian speech was about supporting someone unconditionally, even when they haven't been completely honest, and that she wrote it about him; he finds the revelation endearing and kisses her. Meanwhile, Alison sneaks away to meet Charles. The girls and boys see Clark follow Alison with a gun, they become scared and try to stop him. A misunderstanding reveals that he is an undercover cop, he knows Alison is going to meet Charles and is monitoring her to catch him. He leaves to do his job. Lorenzo shows up and Spence thanks him for coming. They all try to find Alison, but Spencer and Aria find Alison's phone near a mirror, cracked. They begin to worry. It's revealed Alison is in front of her sibling, they then reveal who they are to a shocked Alison.

Game Over, Charles

The girls try to figure out the passcode for the door

In a preview of after the girls find out who "A" is, the girls urge "A" not to jump from a roof, they heard their story and understand everything. Spencer informs them that the game is not over just because the girls know who they are. Aria pleads with them: "You spent your whole life trying to get back to your family. It’s not too late.". Earlier than night, the girls are not aware of where Alison is so Hanna calls the DiLaurentis household, with no answer. They realize that Ali must be on the roof and they want to leave, but Spencer reminds them that they promised Toby they would stay where they were until he escorted them out. Sara comes back and informs them that Clark and Tanner are here and have questions for everyone. The girls debate leaving or staying, but they leave when they see someone in a costume, it's revealed to be Mona. She confirms she knew Clark was undercover, and what Alison was doing before they did, as she's been on top of everything more than they have. She notifies them Charles has his own cellular network and the servers are located at the Carissimi Group. The girls then rush to the Carissimi building. They see a man wearing a utility suit moving bags into a van, Hanna questions if things got morbid, but the girls shut her down. They find a security pad and question how they can outsmart "A". Mona suggests they try Mrs. DiLaurentis' birthday (1218 for December 18), it fails but Spencer is puzzled that Mona knows. Mona informs the group she’s a self-taught eidetiker. Sara briefs them that five days after "A" brought her to the bunker, he gave her a red white and blue cupcake every September 7th. Spencer inputs 0907, which gives them access.

The girls figure out things as CeCe tells her story

The girls discover out who "A" is: CeCe DiLaurentis. Who they knew as CeCe Drake. She presented as boy - Charles DiLaurentis - when she was born and transitioned while in Radley. She tells Alison and the girls her entire story from being put into Radley as "Charles DiLaurentis" after an accident with a baby Alison, to a series of awful events that conclude that Mr. DiLaurentis was awful but Mrs. DiLaurentis taught CeCe how to be "A" without knowing. Mona unknowingly - when she was in Radley - told her that the girls hated Alison and were relieved when thinking Ali was dead. She became pissed and plotted to torture them. They hear about Bethany and have confirmation that Bethany killed Toby's mother and Mrs. DiLaurentis covered it up, Spencer reminds the girls that Toby thought his mother chose to leave him, and always believed she killed herself, it changed his outlook on life. CeCe reveals she accidentally hit Alison the night she disappeared thinking she was Bethany due to a fight she was having with Bethany when they escaped Radley. Mona realizes and informs the girls that she hit Bethany, thinking she was Alison. That night, CeCe was taken back to Radley as Charlotte DiLaurentis, her current name. She reveals that much later on Sara began working for her. Spencer quickly realizes that that’s why the cops aren’t there, because Sara never called them. Emily panics and Spencer tries to find a way out. CeCe informs them there was a point where she did end the game when she found out Ali was alive, and went to Paris. But it became an addiction she got a high from and restarted it again, torturing the girls. The girls leave as all they wanted to know was who and why, but Mona stays behind with a hunger to know everything.

Heading out the girls spot Sara with explosive, Spencer manages to stop her and Emily hits Sara for manipulating her. Alison shouts for help from the girls telling them CeCe is headed to the roof. The head up and plead with CeCe not to jump, CeCe jumps off the ledge and says "Game Over". On Labor Day weekend, we see the five Liars packing their cars up to go their separate ways. Hanna asks if Emily brought enough flip flops and Emily says "It's Malibu". It’s revealed that she’s going to Pepperdine University, Aria is going to Savannah, and Spencer is going to Georgetown. Emily says that Sara got released from the hospital and Emily says that what happened to her wasn’t their fault, but Spencer says she doubts Sara sees it that way, although it's not revealed what happened or why she's in hospital. The girls all hug each other goodbye, not realizing it would be so hard. Ali says that she’ll be okay and that she dreamed of getting away from Rosewood, but now that’s the only place she wants to be. They say they love each other and share a goodbye hug. We have a sneak peak of the time jump, the girls meet in Alison's classroom, she's a teacher. They warn her that someone is after her, they came back for her, and she needs to leave now.

Of Late I Think Of Rosewood

Spencer arrives in Rosewood and meets the girls

Five years later, it's revealed that Alison has sent them each a letter, asking them to come back and prove to Charlotte's judge that they would feel safe if she was let out of hospital. They each come back and discuss what's changed in their lives. Spencer reveals she is single and got too busy to date anyone. The girls discuss what they should do about Alison and Charlotte. They agree to take things as they go and hear Alison out first. They leave, and Spencer visits her mother. She asks where her father is and Veronica tells Spencer that Peter is in Harrisburg, raising money. They converse and Spencer defends her job "I watch the government, I keep it honest, that's what I do.", however Veronica tells her she is a lobbyist, Spencer doubles down "No, we are not lobbyists, we work with grassroots political organisations to advance progressive legislation." Veronica reiterates: "You're a lobbyist.", she puts a Hastings voting promotion badge around Spencer and says "And your mother is going to be a State Senator.", Spencer notes that she is proud of Veronica.

Spencer makes the case that Charlotte should be released

Spencer visits Toby, they catch up and he reveals he's building a house for someone special. She questions how building the house is going, Toby replies "I curse a lot, it's very therapeutic.", he bounces the question back to her about Washington and her job, she repeats what he said: "I curse a lot, it's very therapeutic.". Spencer talks about coming back to Rosewood for Alison and Charlotte, but also for the girls. Toby offers to buy her dinner before she leaves Rosewood again and she accepts. She questions who the house is for but he keeps it a secret. Spencer attends her mother's state senator speech, and is greeted by Mona who asks her if she still has nightmares about the dollhouse, she is cut off before she can reply as she is welcomed on stage by Veronica. Later, on the girls meet up to hear Alison out, but Spencer shuts her down, telling Alison they are not kids anymore and won't be bullied into helping her and someone who has been their torturer for years. Alison pleads with them but it doesn't help. The girls go to the hearing and say they're safe with her out. However Aria, describes a time she was terrified on a train, things went dark for a few minutes and she heard someone crying when the lights came on, she thought "Good, someone else is scared for once.", but realized it was her, due to her Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, she denies she would be comfortable with Charlotte free.

The girls converse at The Radley

Back at The Radley - which is now a fancy big bed and breakfast hotel - the girls discuss the changes and get a notification that Charlotte has been released. They talk about Aria being the only honest one, and turn their phones off to properly discuss things and catch up. Late during the talk, Spencer reveals that she thought they could say whatever and they would never let her out, but they did, "they let "A" out". They however decide to smooth things over and toast to Charlotte. They go back to Hanna's hotel room and sleep. The next morning, Spencer is woken up by Hanna re-filling on ice cubes. Spencer informs Hanna that Toby is building a house, saying "all I got was a chair, and some lucky girl is gonna get an entire house.", The phone rings and it wakes up Aria, Alison briefs Hanna that Charlotte is missing, Alison calls the police after hanging up. Hanna relays to the girls that Charlotte was there when Alison went to sleep, but woke to find her missing and did not come back. It's later revealed that Charlotte's body was found near the bell tower.

The girls attend Charlotte's funeral and see Sara Harvey

Later on, Caleb visits Hanna at her hotel room, they talk and he comes back down to meet Spencer. He tells that talking to Hanna was complicated and Spencer clarifies that she thought it would be a little weird so she stayed downstairs. Caleb thanks Spencer for calling him. Caleb comments that the sanitarium feels weird being a hotel now. Spencer comments that it's cultural amnesia. Caleb says that people get do-over's and so do buildings. They leave. The girls attend Charlotte's funeral, and Sara Harvey makes an appearance, to everyone's shock, as she blamed Charlotte for everything and acted like her victim. The girls stare at her as she sits down, until she looks back. They all become uncomfortable. Outside of the funeral, they are told by Lorenzo, before they leave, that Charlotte's neck was broken before she was on the ground, the police have concluded that she may have been killed and then thrown from the bell tower. They may now have to stay because it's a murder investigation and they could be considered suspects. The girls discuss the turn things have taken, Hanna complains she wants to go home, Spencer tells her that are home.

Charlotte's Web

Spencer and Caleb talk and joke

The girls talk in The Radley about Charlotte's death and surrounding the investigation. Sara arrives to go to her room, and they discuss Sara being the murderer - Spencer concludes that if Sara was brainwashed into helping Charlotte, she has a very strong motive to kill Charlotte: revenge. The girls leave and Veronica and Spencer Hastings are at their house, where Veronica and Caleb are near his computer. Spencer learns that some bloggers are trying to link the girls to Charlotte's murder and says it's better that she doesn't go to her mom's interview. She is partially responsible for Charlotte getting out and, on the night she was, she was killed. Veronica leaves and Spencer confides in Caleb that she is afraid that her mom will lose the election because of her, but Caleb jokingly tells her that he'll hack into the voting machines to make sure she wins. After he tells her he'll help her get good retweets, Spencer tells him she's glad he's there; he says he is too. We later see Spencer, Hanna and Alison going over Charlotte's autopsy report: "The flower was placed in her hand to make it look like a suicide and the fingernails and hands were wiped clean". Hanna gives her condolences to Alison, who asks who would do something like this; Hanna replies "Sara Harvey", but Alison says that the police don't think she could when she can barely hold a fork. Spencer says that maybe she had help; Alison said that she saw Byron and he said that Aria left one day earlier than she planned, then invites them (as well as Caleb, Emily and Jordan) over for dinner; they accept.

Spencer explains why she could be a murder suspect to Caleb

Later, Spencer tells Caleb that the police think the murder was premeditated and that's why they're looking at the girls. Caleb tells her that they've put it behind them and that therapy isn't a strike against her. Spencer says that she's still overcoming it, and he says it won't make anyone think she's capable of murder. She says that the paper she wrote might and shows it to him. In it, she wrote about the murder of a twenty year old woman (Melodie Harbough) who had been in her honeymoon suite and decided to end her life the night of her wedding. Despite the death being ruled a suicide, the ruling changed to a homicide when a coroner discovers she had injuries before the fall. Just like with Charlotte, the woman's neck was broken and her fingernails and hands were wiped clean before she fell off the balcony. Caleb tells her that being back in Rosewood is making her paranoid, there's no one trying to hurt her; it's a coincidence. Spencer is scared still, and says that she doesn't think the police will see it that way.

Spencer and Hanna talk about Aria

The girls have dinner with Caleb and Jordan. There is a slight awkwardness in the air with the exes but when Hanna and Caleb talk things are cool with them. At dinner, Alison prays that Charlotte's murderer will be caught, referring to them as "him or her", before opening her eyes to look at Hanna. The girls are on edge as they suspect that Alison thinks one of the girls did it. After Emily leaves, Hanna and Spencer talk in the bathroom after dinner about what Alison thinks. Hanna informs Spencer that Alison may think Aria killed her and tells Spencer she saw Aria leave before Charlotte was killed and does not know when she came back. Spencer tells her to talk to Aria, but she has and Aria denied going anywhere except her car. They discuss ways to get the truth out of Aria, and Spencer touches the subject of Hanna going into the The Radley security room to look with her Mom's keys. Hanna shuts this down because she isn't that person anymore. In Spencer's barn, Spencer makes the couch up for Caleb to sleep in, as they reminisce, laugh and joke about a past event in Europe. Spencer receives a text from Hanna, who is in The Radley security room.

Spencer tells the girls about giving Ezra her criminology paper

Hanna, Emily and Spencer review the security footage. It reveals that Aria left with Ezra before Charlotte died and came back alone after she died. Spencer tells them that just because came back after the murder does not mean she killed Charlotte. Hanna agrees but admits it does not look good for her if the police see. Emily questions if they should erase the footage, Hanna tells them they are not in school anymore, they need to get the truth out of her. Emily reminds Hanna that she told them she already talked to Aria, and she lied. Spencer informs them Aria does not have a choice but to tell the truth, she is on camera. They confront her and she tells them the whole story, which makes Ezra look guilty and Aria begins to believe he may be too because Ezra doesn't look at Aria when he lies, when he said he just went home afterwards, he lied. Emily says it's crazy that he could have killed her. Spencer tells them that Ezra read her paper, the paper she told Caleb about. Which gives Ezra both a guideline on how to kill Charlotte, his motive would be for Aria. Aria concludes that no one else can see that footage, if Ezra did kill Charlotte, it would look like she was with him, and there's no proof that she was not. At night, Spencer gives Veronica her criminology paper, Spencer is scared that someone from her class could see about Charlotte's death and connect the dots. Veronica tries to calm her down and tells her Caleb is already diffusing things if anything happens. She tries to change the ingrained belief that Spencer is going to be liability and murder suspect.

The Gloves Are On

Spencer, Hanna, and Emily relax

Spencer, Hanna, and Emily are at the hotel spa. Spencer asks why Aria didn't meet them; Hanna tells her to let it go, they're in a spa. Spencer questions why Aria lied, Emily says it could be relationship related but Spencer says that if they had not caught her she would not have told the truth. Spencer tells Hanna that the police will ask questions and they need to be prepared, they can't really relax. Spencer and Emily talk about it and Hanna warns them to just relax and stop talking, although irritated by her thoughts, Spencer continues: Aria hasn't talked to Ezra in five years and if he really killed Charlotte for her, then they'll be bound together forever. Hanna finally gives in and tells them she erased the security footage so no one will know. Emily and Spencer are confused and get up, Emily questions what happened, Hanna tells them it doesn't matter; it's done now. Hanna mentions that she wonders what the spa was before it was all renovated, because it smells like burnt hair. Spencer excuses herself to meet Melissa and Emily is just creeped out. In the Hastings barn, Caleb questions Spencer on how her meeting went, she tells him they asked her to lie. Melissa tells her to avoid addressing certain things. Spencer and Caleb talk about breakfast and Melissa perceives them to be flirting, when he leaves, she questions their relationship status, Spencer shuts her down but Melissa tells her she may be more comfortable with lying to herself than she thinks.

Spencer is interviewed by Damian

At Hollis, Damian Hayes is interviewing Spencer for her mom's campaign; he asks if she's staying in Rosewood because of her mom or if there are other things keeping her their, like Charlotte's murder, because surely it threw her. She answers: "How could it not? This person had a huge impact on my life and it takes time to process an upsetting event before one can move on". He is surprised she used the word "upsetting" because people on social media assume that she would be celebrating; he asks if she objects to that narrative and she says she objects to people who are desperate to find a connection. Hanna shows up at Spencer's interview to speak with her; Spencer excuses herself and Hanna tells her that her mom is in trouble. She's worried that the detectives will eventually be able to trace it back to them, since the Rosewood Police now have a list of all the guests who stayed at the hotel. Spencer dismisses her, saying her mom can't do anything now as she's a candidate not an attorney. Hanna tells her they all need to be prepared when police start asking questions and leaves. Spencer goes back and apologizes to Damian for keeping him waiting, he asks if that was one of the other girls from the bunker and if she was only staying in Rosewood because of Charlotte's murder. She realizes his goal for a headline, and shuts him down, and leaves to continue registering voters.

Melissa tells Spencer about the interviewing going wrong

Spencer later goes to Hanna's house to say sorry for shutting her down, it leads to Hanna questioning if she is attracted to Caleb, she stays silent and looks away, and Hanna knows the answer. She questions if they hooked up in Spain when they met again, which Spencer denies. Spencer states that she doesn't know if Caleb feels the same way, Hanna tells her she should find out, giving her permission to persue him, although she herself is engaged, Spencer never went there because Caleb was her best friends long term boyfriend. Spencer goes back to confront Damian, only to find out that Mona is working for the opposing side, although she approached Veronica first to work for her, and Veronica turned her down. Later, Spencer walks into her living room and Melissa says she botched things with the reporter at Hollis; Melissa adds that Damian went to answer a phone call, and when he came back the questions changed. Melissa saw words written on his notepad: "source", "cover up", and "tape" and it freaked her out. She asks what happened to the tape that she left Spencer - revealed in "No One Here Can Love or Understand Me", where she confesses to burying a body she assumed to be Alison's because she thought Spencer had killed Alison, but had learned much later that she actually buried Bethany, not knowing she was still alive. Spencer assures her it's gone, but Melissa leaves to go upstairs, panicked. Spencer, knowing it's gone, thinks the tape is The Radley's security footage of Aria and Ezra, so she texts Aria: "Someone saw the hotel tape. Ezra needs to talk.".

Spencer and Caleb hookup on couch in the barn

Aria travels to Ezra's apartment first to get something out of him before the girls arrive, but he doesn't budge and is just confused and mad. Spencer, Hanna, and Emily arrive to confront him but it just makes him more mad, that he's grieving for Nicole while unsure if she is alive or dead and they all think he is a murderer. He realizes they've all come to confront him about killing Charlotte, something he won't admit to. However it hurts more because Aria believes he did it. He tells them to all leave, when they don't budge, he shouts for them to leave, and they jump at the volume of his voice, Hanna tells him and Aria to figure things out and they all leave. Aria stays behind, and they both realize many things have changed, including how well they really know each other still. Spencer arrives back at her barn, questioning if she has slowly changed into a bad person over time without noticing, after reviewing a series of events that she believes may have hardened her as a human being without her realizing. Caleb wonders why she is questioning her sense of self and Spencer reveals to him what also happened with Sara Harvey when she disabled the bombs in Radley: After Emily punched Sara, she got back up and accidentally touched a live cut wire on a barrel, after Spencer disabled the bombs, she accidentally got badly electrocuted through her hands, and the girls could not help because they would get hurt too and Sara became unconscious. Which leads to the audience finally knowing why the girls were cagey about Sara's hands injury. Caleb comforts Spencer, telling her she is a good person who wears her heart on her sleeve: " just happens to be the sleeve of a flak jacket". They drink wine near a fire and Spencer confesses she is attracted to him and had been for a while, Caleb returns those feelings and it leads to them having sex for the first time.

New Guys, New Lies

The girls meet at The Radley to talk about the new "A"

Spencer wakes up in her bed, next to Caleb. She goes to make some coffee and checks her phone, she has multiple alarming messages from the girls; and then an anonymous message: "You know who did it and I'm going to make you talk". She rushes over to The Radley and apologizes for being late. Spencer demands to know who sent that text and Emily says "someone who has a new number", Aria suggests Alison, as she is on the top of her suspect list. They discuss the possibility of Sara being their stalker, with Spencer adding that she came to pay respects to her mentor, not her tormentor. Hanna suggests that it might just be a phone tech with too much time on his hands, then goes on to say how much she misses New York and the coffee. She grabs one of the girls' phones and says that she lied to Lorenzo and he knows it, then texts the number asking if she knows them. The girls don't think they will respond, but they do, saying "YES". Spencer says they think the girls know who killed Charlotte and want them to turn them in. Hanna says that they do know, it's Ezra, but Aria shuts her down. Spencer says that she may think he didn't do it, but he didn't deny it and instead kicked them out of his apartment. Emily hears a news broadcast from Lorenzo saying that the force is taking this case seriously and personally. He says that they are narrowing down a list of suspects and are confident in knowing what the murder weapon was and that they will find it. He says that the person who killed Charlotte will be brought to justice and Aria looks down uneasily. Emily points out that Byron is at The Radley; Aria says she didn't know that her father was seeing anyone. The girls then receive a text message saying "I found what they're looking for. Tell me who it belongs to." with a picture of a 9 iron. Hanna says "You could kill somebody with that", Emily questions if it's really the murder weapon, Spencer asks if Ezra plays golf.

Spencer looks through research on the Phillips family.

Spencer looking at a binder in her house; Caleb walks in and thanks her for making coffee. She apologizes saying that she had a breakfast meeting; Caleb asks if she snuck out because of what happened and Spencer says "No, god no. Last night was perfect" and the two share a smile. A man named Gil who is working with her mom's campaign hands her an updated folder on the opposing candidate, and Spencer thanks him. Spencer finds out that Yvonne Phillips is the recon on her family; Caleb says he knows that things might be awkward considering her and Toby's history, but Spencer says that he said Yvonne was nice. Spencer said that if she didn't think Rosewood was small when she left, she certainly does now. Caleb says that he was thinking about taking a drive to see Toby, which Spencer is okay with. He then wonders if he should get his own place since they are together and she asks if that's what he wants. He bounces the question back asking if that's what she wants and she just makes him promise her that she gets the first cup of coffee in the morning. He smiles and promises that he will not come between her relationship with caffeine. Outside The Brew, Spencer is looking at research on the Phillip's family. She looks over Yvonne's file and then discovers that Toby bought an engagement ring for her, and plans to propose at a family lunch. Spencer glances off in the distance about the engagement and then sees a camera flash. She sees a car, with a flash coming from someone in the backseat taking photos, she stands up but the driver drives away.

Spencer meets Yvonne, who is with Toby.

Spencer meets with a man who informs her that Ashley is running a little late. He gives her the rundown on what will happen during the interview, but she is distracted by Toby who is walking around holding the engagement ring. Yvonne walks over to Toby and they walk away together, but not before Toby takes one glance back. Spencer gets a text saying "I guess she is better than you. He will never put a ring on your finger." and she looks around nervously. Spencer goes back to her barn and decides to tell Caleb about the new "A". Later, she tells Emily on the phone that Caleb is making progress tracking where the person could be. Emily asks if he could narrow it down to the room if the person is staying at the Radley but Spencer says that he wouldn't have to: if they're right about Sara, then she's the only one who would spend two years working with Charlotte. She meets Yvonne and Toby and they talk, Spencer looks down at Yvonne's left hand and sees no ring, Yvonne goes to her car because she's getting a ticket. Toby realizes she saw the ring earlier, Spencer says she didn't want to be a crazy ex stalker, Toby understands Rosewood is a small town and they'll run into each other sometimes. Spencer questions "So, you didn't propose?", but before he can answer Yvonne calls for his help police-wise with her ticket. They both say goodbye to Spencer. Spencer walks away seeming solemnly distant. Later, Spencer goes to see Toby and he's distant toward her. Spencer questions her thinking that they had found a way to be friends, Toby tells her it was a lot easier to be her friend when she was in Washington, DC. They begin to vaguely spar but she realizes she's falling back into old habits. She apologizes and he tells her not to. She asks if he's staying for the campaign event between her and Yvonne, and he confirms.

Spencer and Yvonne speak at a campaign event

Spencer and Caleb look at a GPS location on where the source is coming from. Spencer says she wishes that the texts were coming from The Radley. He asks "So we could break into her room and kick her ass together?"; Spencer says "You know what they say, the couple that kicks ass together.". Caleb asks why she deleted the text about Toby. She says that this was new and she didn't want it to get complicated. Spencer and Caleb arrive at a storage vault. A garbage can sits in the middle of the room; they open it and see a bunch of black hoodies, as well as a phone with a text: "I don't lurk in the shadows. I hide in plain sight". Spencer says "It's happening again, isn't it?". At The Radley, Spencer and Yvonne are speaking for the campaign. They speak about how people don't know when the elections are or who the local representatives are. The politicians like people being confused and cynical, the less people know the less they care. Spencer says that while they are on opposite sides of the campaign, they stand together on this issue: if you don't vote, you have no voice. They open up audience questions, both the questions and answers are drowned out while the rest of the gang try to figure out who is the new "A". The meeting ends and Spencer tells Toby that she likes Yvonne and promises to stay out of his way. Toby says that leaving would have been a mistake and Spencer says that she knows it's hard for them to all be back because they aren't the same people they were; he wants to make sure that her being back is only temporary, she confirms this and he walks over to Yvonne. Spencer walks over to Emily, Aria and Caleb and asks how she did. Aria hands her her phone and they realize that the tile floor in the picture matches with The Radley.

Do Not Disturb

Spencer and Caleb kiss

Spencer and Caleb in bed drinking coffee. Caleb thinks they should go to the police with the new texts. Spencer says that they don't really know if this is an "A". Caleb asks if Spencer really thinks it's Sara behind the evil emojis, Spencer says she's not sure because Sara can't type that well but adds that a picture might be easier to send. Caleb wonders if anyone has heard from Ezra. Spencer guesses that he left town to avoid telling them what he knows, causing Caleb to say that maybe they could go to Toby. Spencer is against it saying that he's moved on, they shouldn't go to him without concrete proof. A calendar alert goes off on her and Spencer lists all of the things she has to get done as Caleb walks up behind her and says that he's been pretty distracted too, as he brushes her hair away from her neck. She admits to being slightly distracted, and he begins kissing her shoulder. He asks if this is distracting her and she says that it isn't and that she could probably send out a few emails if he wanted to continue. He then starts kissing her neck, causing her to say "That's slightly more distracting" and they share a kiss. Spencer on the phone with Gil and she doesn't believe that he doesn't have their lunch meeting in his phone. Yvonne shows up and greets Spencer saying that she would have called to tell her she'd be late to the lunch but didn't have her contact information. She asks Spencer if they should sit inside or out for their meeting and Spencer says inside, but she needs to make a phone call first. She immediately calls Caleb and says that Yvonne showed up at her lunch meeting with Gil, but Gil isn't there, so she thinks Spencer invited her. Caleb suggests that Evil Emoji is trying to stir the pot and wonders if she can get out, but she says that maybe Yvonne can help her figure out who schedule their meeting and promises to call later.

Spencer and Yvonne meet and talk

Spencer and Yvonne are at a restaurant discussing politics and how there is no expectation of privacy: you're always being watched. Spencer asks how she learned to trust the people who worked for her mom's campaign; Yvonne tells her that you can't trust everyone with everything, then guesses that trust is something that's difficult for Spencer given what her and her friends went through. Yvonne says that there's nothing wrong with being an Iron Lady and that they're her favorite kind. She insists on paying for lunch, prompting Spencer to say that she'll get the next one. Yvonne leaves and Spencer notices she left her phone, she takes it and leaves. Spencer tells Caleb, he says it's a good thing because they can use it to find out who's sending the texts. Spencer is back at the restaurant, trying to give the phone to Lost and Found. A voice from behind Spencer says "Thank goodness, I've been looking for that everywhere"; Spencer turns to see Mona smiling at her. As they walk outside, Mona tells Spencer that she'll leave her out of it because she wouldn't want people to think Spencer stole someone's phone. Spencer asks if Mona set this up, thinking it would cause a fight between Yvonne and Spencer over Toby. Mona just says that this isn't explosive candidate cannon fodder, nor is it a race for senior class President then adds "We don't do those kinds of things anymore, do we Spencer?" before walking away. Spencer and Aria breaking into Sara's room, something Spencer has not done since her dorm room; they are surprised to see how neat it is. They try to find the golf club. Spencer looks in a drawer and sees a bunch of gloves, some with fake hands, as well as a map containing the floor plan of Radley Sanitarium. Spencer realizes they're standing in the same room that Charlotte stayed in when it was a Sanitarium, she calls for Aria but sees a hole in the wall with a ladder under it instead.

Where Somebody Waits For Me

Spencer finds out about Veronica's cancer

Spencer climbs down the ladder, she sees Aria looking at a switchboard similar to the one that Charlotte used to torture them in the dollhouse. They walk down a narrow hallway to find themselves outside of The Radley. Aria says it must be how Sara got in and out of her hotel room to mess with them, Spencer questions why someone would go through so much trouble to sneak out of a hotel room. Aria thinks sneaking was only part of it. Later on, Spencer walks up to Caleb and informs him they found a hole in the wall of Sara's closet in her room at The Radley, then pitches her theory that it's how she's been leaving the hotel without being seen. Caleb tells her that he's been working with the data on Yvonne's cell phone, and she asks if he found something. He found something but didn't touch it: the opposition research on Spencer's mom, they have her medical records, which someone photographed it with a phone. It's an invasion of privacy, and they find out her mom's cancer came back. They guess that the Phillips' campaign will leak the records for proof that Veronica isn't healthy enough to serve. Spencer and Aria meet Emily at The Brew and inform her of their findings. Emily suggests telling Alison, Spencer points out that if they do, they have to be ready for her to talk to the police about it. Before leaving, Spencer tells them to keep trying to get in touch with Hanna, as she has to meet her mom at headquarters. Spencer waits for her mom, telling Gil she wants to talk to Veronica, which he'll look the other way for if she can get her when she's done with her phone call. Spencer walks over to greet her mom and Veronica reveals the poll numbers are coming out. Spencer asks if her she is worried, but she jokes that it's not in her schedule so she guesses she's not. Spencer wishes her luck for a radio interview and she leaves.

Mona admits to setting up the meeting

Spence, and Emily meet Alison at her house, she asks Emily when it started again. Emily informs her: after Charlotte's funeral, when Sara came back. Spencer tells her that the person thinks that they know who killed Charlotte; Emily asks Ali if she has a murder suspect in mind, she doesn't. Spencer says that whoever is threatening them, seems to want revenge for what happened. Emily informs Alison of what the murder weapon was, but Alison says that Tanner said differently: a hollow piece of metal with a rectangle cut at the end. Emily thinks it's all a joke on them, but Spencer says that Sara doesn't have a sense of humor left. Alison asks if they have heard of The Two Crows. Later, Spencer walks into a boutique, she sees Mona looking at her through a mirror. She greets Spencer, who asks her if she told Yvonne to leave her phone at their meeting to prove that she couldn't trust her. Mona confirms it, but did not tell her that Spencer took her phone. Mona set the plan up because she wanted Spencer to find out what the opposing side planned on leaking, this way it wouldn't look like she was passing along campaign information. Mona apologizes for Veronica's health and prays that she'll be okay. Mona quickly realizes that Spencer didn't know Veronica was sick until she gave her it and apologizes. Spencer expresses gratitude and walks out. Spencer and Caleb talk about her encounter with Mona. Caleb asks if she believes her, she does. Spencer states that she couldn't talk to Veronica and asks him to erase the report. Caleb can't, they'll be alerted if he deletes a file, he'd be breaking the law by even being in there, then adds that Veronica has to go public with her diagnosis before the leak to get ahead. Spencer becomes emotional knowing they're trying to use her health against her.

Veronica and Spencer talk

Spencer opens her door to Alison, who tells Spencer about Kenneth not wanting anything to do with her or Charlotte and Jason being at the Carissimi Group, so they were alone until Elliot started taking care of Charlotte. Spencer says that Dr. Rollins saved Charlotte's soul and Alison fell in love with him. Alison admits that she first thought it was gratitude, but it wasn't and then realized it was mutual; Spencer says it was inappropriate because he was Charlotte's doctor. Alison says that, in one way, she and Charlotte are alike: they put a lot of energy into being people no one could love, like they were trying to prove something. She says that she doesn't want to keep it a secret anymore and that she's tired of secrets. Alison says that it's late and she's sorry, but Spencer stops her from leaving and says that there's never enough time. A little while later, we see Spencer enter her living room where she finds Veronica sleeping on the couch. Veronica's phone starts to ring, waking her up, and Gil has the poll numbers for her. After hanging up, Veronica says that they haven't changed in a week and that it will have to come down to the undecided voters. Spencer says that she will hunt them down for her one at a time, causing Veronica to ask if she'll take them to the polling station. Spencer says that she will carry them on her back if she has to, then seriously says that she's worried about her. Veronica tells her not to worry because everything will be fine, Spencer says that she hopes so. Veronica then says that she wishes she had run twenty years ago: she wasted so much time suing people and getting property easements. Spencer says that she's doing it now and that she's going to win. With a smile, Veronica says that she will and Spencer says that she needs to go to bed. Veronica says that she will soon, then tells Spencer that she loves her. Veronica tells Spencer that Gil needs the flight number off of Melissa's luggage bag, which is in the barn, and Spencer says good night.

Spencer finds the possible murder weapon, owned by Melissa

Spencer sits next to a fireplace and Caleb greets her. He tells her that maybe the other side of the campaign won't use it and maybe they will take the high road. Spencer says that there's never any traffic up there, meaning most people don't take the high road; Caleb silently agrees, then asks how Veronica is. Spencer says that she's tired, but happy. He caresses her cheek and asks if she needs anything; Spencer leans into his hand and kisses it, before saying that she needs him to grab a glass of wine and join her, because, "your girlfriend is drinking all by herself and it's sad". He laughs and says that he can do that. Spencer and Caleb walk over to the kitchen. Caleb says that they should go to bed. Spencer agrees but, before doing so, she walks over to Melissa's suitcase and pulls the handle on Melissa's luggage and is shocked to see that it comes right off. Caleb asks what's wrong, he walks over to her and she says that Melissa's suitcase is broken and a part is missing: one that is metal, hollow and cut with a rectangle at the end. The suspicion then tilts on to Melissa as she owns the described murder weapon that Tanner told Alison about, Spencer becomes worried that Melissa may have killed Charlotte.

We've All Got Baggage

Spencer and Caleb admit what they know to Emily

Caleb is working on his computer before Spencer asks if he's giving up. He says that it's done and that the file is corrupted: if the person wants to leak Veronica's medical record, they'll have to break into her doctor's office again. Spencer asks if it could be traced back to him, but he says that they wouldn't be able to find the original source. Spencer says that she's worried her mom will be ambushed before the election, causing Caleb to say that she could: if she tells her mom that though, then she'll have to explain how she found out about her being sick. Spencer says that her mom has enough to worry about and Caleb offers to make her breakfast: something with protein because fingernails only supply so much. She asks when he saw her chew her nails, Caleb admits he saw her do it in her sleep but she went for his first. They laugh and share a kiss before Emily walks in on them. She says that she has to get back to the Bursar's Office at Hollis and asks Spencer to go with her, but Spencer tells her to stop because Sara could have had nothing to do with the clinic and is just playing on Emily's fear. Emily says that it's working because this person could be storing her future offspring in a Styrofoam cooler, and if the police don't find a suspect then Sara will think they're withholding information. Spencer says that they aren't withholding anything before sharing a look with Caleb. Emily notices and asks what they know, and Spencer tells her that Melissa's suitcase is broken. Caleb adds that the pull up handle is missing a rod, which could have been used to crack someone's neck. Spencer asks if they can not go there because Melissa wasn't in town the night Charlotte was murdered; Emily asks if she's sure about that and Spencer says that her mom's election is coming around. Emily understands, but says that if Melissa had never wanted Charlotte to walk the streets again - Spencer interrupts saying that a lot of people close to them didn't; she then asks if they should add Pam to the list of suspects, defending her sister.

Veronica hugs Spencer after they talk

Spencer walks into her living room, where she sees Melissa, who just returned from her trip. Spencer notices that Melissa has a new piece of luggage and asks whose it is, but Melissa says that it's hers: her old one was broken and she tossed it. Veronica walks into the room and Spencer says "good morning", but Veronica says that it was and then she opened her eyes. Spencer asks if she has time for coffee, but Veronica says that she's already had a pot. She says that they need to be getting new voters, not resuscitating the dead ones, Spencer looks upset. Veronica notices and asks her about it, causing Spencer to say that she should have told them that her cancer came back. She adds that Veronica already kept it from them once but promised that it wouldn't happen again. Veronica says that the prognosis was good, so there was no need to worry. Spencer interrupts saying that she isn't one of her constituents, but Veronica assures her that she will be fine then asks how Spencer knows. Spencer says that it doesn't matter, but if she knows then the opponents likely do too. Veronica says that she planned on telling Spencer and Melissa after the election, but Gil begged her not to share it because it would scare off the voters and be the only thing people asked her about. After a little more discussion, Veronica thanks her for reminding her why she did this; Spencer thinks that she means running for Senator and tells her that she will be a great one, but Veronica clarifies that she meant: having kids. Veronica adds that you get the chance to make people better than yourself and they tearfully hug, as Veronica tells Spencer she loves her.

Caleb tells Spencer that Melissa lied.

Spencer and Caleb leave her place where she tells him that Alison just got her first anonymous text. He questions if this person thinks Alison knows something too, causing Spencer to say that if this person is Sara then she's probably annoyed that Alison is speaking to them again. Spencer sees Melissa on the phone in her car and asks Caleb why she's just sitting in her car. Melissa walks over and tells her that her trip was more successful than she thought: there was a 12% gain in the poll numbers. Caleb says "Hail to the conqueror" and Melissa is slightly confused. Spencer reminds Melissa that Gil needs the luggage tag if she wants a refund, but Melissa says that the flight has been paid for so she can put the funds towards their mom's victory party. Before she can leave, Caleb asks how Melissa broke her suitcase; she asks him why he thinks she broke it, but he takes it down a notch and just asks when she noticed it was broken. She says when she pulled it out of the cab at the airport because the driver took every bump to avoid baseball traffic and walks away. Caleb watches her leave and Spencer notices that Caleb wants to say something but is withholding, Spencer tells him that she knows what he's going to say, and asks him to just say it and Caleb does: Melissa got back in town two weeks ago and the Philadelphia Phillies had an away game that day, so the traffic would have been in Baltimore, which is not where she said she was. Melissa lied. At The Brew, Caleb and Spencer watch Veronica do a broadcast where she reveals the truth about her diagnosis which, she says, was a wake-up call: she doesn't plan on giving up without a fight. Hanna walks into The Brew and sees Caleb and Spencer together, then asks if Spencer got her messages. She says she shut her phone off and asks what's wrong. Hanna admits that she believes Melissa could have done it because she saw Melissa years ago in London and she was very angry at Charlotte still. Spencer realizes Hanna didn't say anything before because she didn't want another person telling her she wasn't over it, and Melissa wasn't either. She then asks if she can find out if Melissa called that night as well as what the Hollis blogger's name was.

Caleb takes the fall and gets kicked out.

Spencer walks into her kitchen, Veronica and Melissa are there. She wanted to congratulate her mom, but Veronica was asleep when she got home. Veronica says that, while she was recording her speech, a story came out to crush her opponent that could destroy the goodwill Veronica just earned. It's about Yvonne: she got an abortion in high school. Veronica says that it's embarrassing when she's running on a pro-life platform; she adds that the opposing campaign believes that the leak came out of their office, so there will be an investigation. Melissa asks Spencer if she knows anyone who would have put it out there, but she has no answer. Caleb and Spencer discuss who could have leaked it. Caleb says that it can't be Mona, but Spencer says he doesn't know that. He tells her that he made it clear that Mona would be back in the ground, breathing through a straw, if Mona messes with this family. Spencer asks if he thinks Sara Harvey did this, as Veronica walks into the room. Veronica tells her that she got off the phone with Gil, Yvonne's mom hired an expert to track down the source of the leak, which was traced to Spencer's IP address. Spencer says that she hasn't touched her computer all day, since she was with Caleb watching her speech on his computer. Veronica tells Spencer not to lie to her and realizes it's how Spencer knew about her diagnosis, but Spencer says it's not how she knew. Caleb says that he leaked it, not Spencer, and that the other campaign was going to do the same to her. Veronica says that that wasn't his call to make and kicks him off of the campaign, as well as suggesting he grab his things and leave. Caleb packs his bags, Spencer tearfully pleads with him to tell Veronica the truth. Caleb says that it should be him, not her, if there needs to be a scapegoat and promises her that he'll find out who did it. He adds that she needs to find out what Melissa has been up to, he can only cover for one sister at a time. Spencer asks where he's going to go, he says he'll work it out; Spencer whispers that she wants him to stay and embraces him. He says that he knows she does, but he can't and kisses her again.

Burn This

Peter and Spencer talk in the Hastings household

Peter tells his daughter that Gil diffused the situation with the Phillips family. Peter tells her that the press caught wind of Caleb being the leak. He suggests that Spencer put out a statement distancing herself from Caleb, because Toby has put out one - he supported his girlfriend while criticizing their side. Spencer questions if Toby heard who leaked it, Peter questions why she's protective of Caleb when he caused this. Aria messages her pictures from the wedding and she sees a note-card from the new anonymous person. Peter says he has to leave, and Spencer asks him to call Melissa, because she can't get through. He informs her Melissa left for London because the office needed her back, Spencer is confused at her leaving before the election. He tells her to worry about how she's going to help Veronica, and what she's going to tell Toby. In a brief flashback, we see Spencer and Toby looking nervous on her dorm-room bed. In the present, Spencer looks upset then leaves a voicemail for Melissa. She answers the door to an annoyed Toby, he is mad at Caleb for the leak about Yvonne, he defended Caleb when he heard and felt betrayed that it was true. Caleb arrives and does not reveal the truth, Caleb lies that he's guilty and does not show remorse so an enraged Toby punches Caleb, Spencer rushes over to help.n Later, Spencer tends to him on a park bench. Spencer asks why he didn't tell Toby the truth, he believes it would make things worse. Spencer says she would hand Sara in if she was sure that she was behind it; whoever it is, they're getting impatient: if they don't give them the killer in the next couple of days... Caleb stops her, he won't let anyone hurt her. Later, Spencer is approached by a pissed off Mona. Spencer informs her it wasn't Caleb, and questions if Mona really did it, she's accused other people of things that she's done. Mona is mad that she's turning it on her, as she's been fired, her credibility is shot, her future is jeopardized and Spencer is accusing her of screwing with her.

Peter informs Spencer that Melissa was blackmailed

In the Hastings household, Peter informs her that he knows she is not distancing herself from Caleb. He states that maybe Caleb's intentions were good, but his actions prove that he doesn't share the same value system as the family. Spencer tells him that he is the one protecting Melissa: she killed someone and he shuttled her off to Europe. Peter informs her that Melissa was actually blackmailed, she was receiving anonymous texts by someone who said they knew about the confession tape. She was told to drop money off somewhere or the video would be released. Melissa still doesn't know who it was but later, Charlotte turned up dead. She got spooked and left, thinking the police could somehow think she was guilty. Later, Spencer informs the girls about it and Aria questions the validity of it. Emily says it could be a reason for Melissa to kill Charlotte. Spencer agrees but Charlotte was still on lock-down when Melissa made her first payment; the person threatening them could have also blackmailed Melissa. After the presents are opened, the girls play a version of 21 Questions: "How Well Do You Know the Bride and Groom?". Aria quietly asks why Mona is here since she and Spencer had it out at The Brew. Emily sarcastically says she brought a gift, Spencer adds: "Yeah, and an ax to grind". The girls realize they don't know much about Hanna and Jordan relationship. Hanna checks her tablet but it malfunctions, Spencer tries to help but doesn't. The air conditioner blows everything around; one of the presents falls and Aria tries to put it back but the fireplace blows up and burns her. She is admitted to the ER with second degree burns, but the doctors say she'll be fine. The girls discuss what happened and Spencer gets a text from Toby asking to meet. In a flashback, we finally find out that Spencer thought she was pregnant in college and took a test in her dorm room with Toby.

Spencer informs Toby that Caleb is innocent

Spencer arrives at The Brew. In the flashback, it's clear that Spencer does not believe they are at a place to have a baby right now, Toby gives options about how they could manage with a kid. Spencer is resistant and it makes Toby question if they are still imagining the same future, because he's not convinced she does. Spencer becomes emotional and Toby begins to feel bad. In the present, Spencer sits down and informs him that there is a new anonymous person threatening the girls, Caleb didn't leak Yvonne's abortion, they did. Whoever this person is thinks that they know who killed Charlotte and they're trying to make their lives miserable. She adds that she's sorry that Yvonne was collateral damage and that Caleb didn't want to tell Toby because he didn't want to put him at risk. Toby thanks her for telling him, then asks if she's okay, she is. She couldn't have him think she would judge Yvonne for making that choice, not after she and Toby almost had to make that choice. Allowing the audience to understand that the pregnancy test was negative without flashing back. A couple tears are shed before Spencer asks how Yvonne is; Toby says that she's been amazing and strong, then adds that he guesses he has a type in girlfriends, complimenting Spencer. Before he leaves, he tells Spencer to take care of herself. She gets a text from the anonymous person saying "You didn't take me seriously, so I thought I'd light a fire under your ass". Spencer later leaves a voicemail for Yvonne both apologizing and saying that she's there for her if she ever needs someone to talk to.

Did You Miss Me?

Emily informs Aria and Spencer about Mona

Emily, Aria, and Spencer discuss things at Spencer's house. Emily informs the girls that Mona tried to meet Charlotte at The Two Crows diner, but she didn't show, she implies that if she did she could have killed her. She's not Charlotte's murderer however, Spencer says that Mona isn't innocent just because Charlotte didn't show. Aria says that it doesn't matter if Mona is innocent or guilty: she confessed to being the brunette on the phone to Charlotte, so she says they need to talk to Tanner and get Aria off the suspect list. Emily asks if Spencer thinks she's lying about Charlotte not meeting her that night, Spencer think it's true, it would be too easy to check and prove wrong, Mona doesn't work that way. Spencer asks if they should wait, but Emily says the new "A", wants them to hand over Charlotte's killer before election night, they're getting impatient. Spencer says that Mona will be more likely to lead them somewhere, especially if she thinks that they believe her. Spencer informs the girls that Alison had an accident and is in the hospital. The girls don't believe it was an accident and they agree that the odds aren't going to get better closer to election night, three days away. Hanna says she wants to check up on Alison, Spencer tells her not to freak her out while she's there, it may be best if Alison stays away until after the election. Spencer states that they need to keep a close eye on her. Hanna doesn't think Mona killed Charlotte. Spencer comments that Mona has changed herself so many times that she doubts she could recognize herself. Hanna states that most people, including themselves, have tried to reinvent themselves. Later, Spencer and Emily see Mona talking to the person who has been helping Sara since she arrived in Rosewood. They meet up and discuss what he's doing, he comes out of City Hall with a tube, confused, Emily distracts him while Spencer investigates what it is, turns out it leads back to The Radley. Emily follows him in her car, while Spencer goes to see if she can get a copy of what he had.

Spencer pours a glass of wine

Spencer arrives in her barn with the copy of what he had, where Hanna and Caleb are waiting for her. Hanna informs Spencer of how she killed Charlotte and has been playing innocent about it. Spencer believes her and Hanna tells Caleb that if Spencer believes her, the cops will too. Spencer then realizes she lied, and questions what they're up to. Hanna has a plan to lie about being the murderer to end things, because they're not any closer to knowing who killed her. Emily comes over to the Hastings barn and thinks the idea is crazy, however Spencer thinks it will work, and even if they object to helping them, they will do it by themselves. Hanna and Caleb then confirm this, Hanna touches Caleb's hand which seems to make Spencer uneasy, she gets up to get more wine and agrees they should let Toby know. Emily questions why Spencer isn't more alarmed, Spencer says she can't do much to stop them, so they might as well help them be cautious. Emily calls Aria about their plan as Spencer has flashback of her and Caleb in a hotel room. She reminisces in what seems to be an uncomfortable thought about that time and their relationship now and cleans her wine glass. Much later on, Hanna and Caleb present their plan to Ezra and Aria, with the girls there. Aria questions her but Hanna is solid. They are adamant that they are doing it with or without them. Spencer is the only one to pluck up the courage and break the silence: "Nobody here is going to let you do this by yourself.", with that, Hanna send the text to the anonymous person: "Leave my friends alone, I killed Charlotte.".

Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars

Spencer and Toby talk while looking at blueprints

Caleb, Ezra, and the Liars waiting for a text from "A". They all believe that the new "A" is Sara Harvey. The response to Hanna's decision says: "If you're lying, I shoot all of you". A worried Spencer asks Hanna if she's sure she wants to do this, Hanna replies that the next person could be in a casket instead of a hospital bed and that they all decided to do this. Spencer says that they can undecide, but Hanna won't, as she trusts Caleb. Spencer says she does too and Hanna texts "A" back saying "It's the truth. I'll call the cops". "A" replies: "No police. This is between you and me". Hanna replies that she needs one more day and "A" responds: "It'll be your last". Later, Spencer shows Toby the plan for The Radley, where Sara's old room was, and where her secret exit door was. Toby puts on a pair of glasses, prompting Spencer to ask about them. He says he fought it for as long as he could but he had to admit defeat; he tells her that when he and Yvonne were in France, he thought he was pointing to "eclair" on the menu but it was "escargot". In French, Spencer says at least both words started with an "E" and Toby responds in English asking who wants to eat snails for breakfast. Spencer is shocked that he remembers French, prompting him to reply in French that he had a great teacher: her. She tells him, in French, that he looks very distinguished. Toby asks why she wants to go back down inside The Radley. Spencer says that Sara checked back into the hotel and asked for a specific room on the first floor, right above the old Radley basement. Spencer theorizes that Sara must be looking for something and that they can use it to prove that she's their new Big Bad. Toby says that, if he can make sure that she's locked out when Hanna's waiting for her, it'll be safe to go down there and find it.

Mona turns up to support Veronica

Toby tells Spencer that Sara is working off grid. Spencer offers him a cup of coffee and their hands briefly touch. Toby thinks Sara missed something in the East Wing: the records room in the old Radley basement. Toby adds that, on this blueprint, there isn't a visible door to access it. Spencer and Toby theorize that Charlotte turned it into a secret room. Toby says he'll seal Sara's secret exit door first so that, when they're down there, she won't be able to get back in, he's not letting her go alone. Spencer says he could just do the prep work today and she will sneak down there during her mom's party. Toby says he can't drag power tools into a hotel and cut walls without making noise; he then adds that, whether her mom wins or loses, Radley will be a scene tomorrow and that will be their cover. Spencer quietly says that he doesn't want to mess things up for him and Yvonne. He doesn't either, but they need to find out what's in the room, together. Later, Spencer is making calls when Mona walks in and greets her. Mona wants to help Veronica win because she's voting for her. Spencer is skeptical but Mona clarifies that she's not the enemy, she hasn't been for a long time. Spencer hands Mona a phone and tells her to stick to the script; Mona makes the phone call as Spencer watches on. Later, Spencer and Caleb are at the Barn, she asks how he's going to know that Sara isn't following him. He programmed a drone to fly over his car with a camera on it. Spencer says that she gave Toby a bag of clothes to put in Sara's old room. They're about to kiss when her dad knocks on the door wanting to speak with her. She tells her dad that she'll be up in a few minutes as she's not dressed. Caleb tells her to be safe and to keep in touch. Spencer tells him she loves him.

Toby, Spencer, and Mona find out Mary Drake's biological child is Charlotte DiLaurentis

At The Radley, the TV shows that the polls are tied at 49% for each candidate, based on 80% of the polls reporting. Spencer tells Melissa on the phone that the numbers are still the same. Spencer sees Veronica and tells her that Melissa sends her love for the 10th time, Veronica says Melissa is more nervous than she is and they laugh. Peter walks over and says that, win or lose, she ran a smart and passionate campaign and he's proud. He adds that he's proud of Spencer for stepping up when Veronica needed her. Veronica says that it's been a hard week for all of them and that they've all made sacrifices, but she's grateful how much they've done to help get her here. Spencer gets a phone call from Emily and asks if she found Ali. Emily says that she's searched her entire neighborhood but couldn't find her, then asks if Spencer can help her. She can't, Toby is already in the hotel room, Hanna and Caleb are at the Lost Woods, the plan is in motion. Spencer reminds her that Ali is scared and thinks she's seeing dead people, Emily realizes where she'd go to feel safe. Spencer joins Toby and they walk through the secret hall at The Radley, and find the door. Toby says he can hammer through the drywall, but he'll have to saw through the plywood. Spencer says that she can do it, Toby is surprised she remembers how to use a power-saw. She says that she had a good teacher. Spencer and Toby find the secret door. Toby starts to open it and Spencer hears a noise and sees a shadow. They take caution and Mona appears. Spencer questions Mona if she's still stalking them, she simply asks what they're looking for. Spencer opens a door and the trio walk into a seemingly empty room. Mona sees Sanitarium records. They find a record on Mary Drake, who was a patient twenty-five years ago. They discover that Charlotte DiLaurentis was adopted by Jessica and Kenneth when she was born, she is Mary Drake's biological child, making her Alison's cousin, not sister. Spencer questions why Charlotte tries to hide the file, Mona suggests that Mary did.

The gang find out "A" kidnapped Hanna

The trio go back upstairs and Peter introduces Veronica as their new state senator. Veronica thanks everyone for their hard work. Toby congratulates Spencer. Spencer says that she can't thank Toby enough for helping her, before getting a phone call from Aria as Mona watches from afar. Toby asks what's going on and Spencer ushers him to follow her, and Mona follows them. Spencer comes into the room with Toby, Mona follows them behind. Spencer rushes into Caleb's arms and says that she's so sorry; upon seeing Mona, Caleb yells at Spencer asking why she brought her. Spencer is alarmed and Toby says that they didn't, Mona admits that she followed them, they didn't know. Caleb shakes his head at Spencer, who is still shocked by his outburst. She turns her head to a laptop and they are all shown a video. Caleb and Hanna has set up a trap to find out who "A" is. The video capture begins and they all look in shock as they see who appears to be Jessica DiLaurentis on camera, the same Jessica DiLaurentis that died over 5 years ago. Thinking she may still be alive, although they saw Jessica's body, they are confused. Late at night, the gang discuss the possibility of Jessica DiLaurentis being alive. Emily asks Toby if they should call the police about it, Emily, Spencer and Aria's get notifications from their phones, they have been sent a new message by the new "A": "Thanks for giving me Hanna. You're free to go. -A.D". They all look around in horror, realizing the plan has gone horribly wrong and "A" managed to kidnap Hanna. They become scared.

Season 7

Tick-Tock, Bitches

Spencer and Mary meet

Tension grows between Spencer and Caleb, as the group tries to find the person who killed Charlotte DiLaurentis under timed instructions from A.D. to get Hanna back. Every character has hours to find the real killer together or Hanna dies. Mona and Caleb work together, while Spencer and Toby find information on Mary Drake and become convinced that she is A.D. Later that night, Spencer and Mary meet for the first time as she comes knocking at the Hastings household. Mary talks to Spencer about her relationship with her sister, Jessica DiLaurentis. Mary tells Spencer that she is lucky that she has a good relationship with her sister and can stay friends with her exes, as she doesn't and can't. Before Mary leaves, she reminds Spencer to lock her door because "these days you're not safe anywhere.". With 38 minutes remaining, the group discuss that Mary was in Radley for most of her life, Emily walks into the Hastings household to tell them that she visited Alison, and she's pretty much admitted to killing Charlotte. She shows them the jumper she found in Alison's house that Charlotte was wearing before her murder. While the group talk, Caleb has snuck behind them, taken the jumper and Spencer's phone and left. Caleb drops the jumper at a drop off point and leaves. However each character is unaware that Hanna had managed to escape already, and flagged down a car, which had Mary Drake driving it.


Mary tells Spencer why she was committed to Radley

Hanna arrives at the Hastings household safely via Mary Drake. Spencer and Emily fill Hanna in on their finding of Mary Drake being in Radley. Hanna refuses to go to a doctor about her injuries caused by the torture when she was kidnapped and instead goes back to Lucas's apartment. Outside of the apartment, Spencer tells Emily to keep an eye on her because she has the look they all had when they came out of the dollhouse after being tortured. Caleb then comes and offers to take Spencer home. Aria, Emily and Spencer go talk with Elliott in order to gain the opportunity to visit Alison, and he continues to deny it. While Elliott is talking with someone on the phone, the girls receive a new message from “A.D.” and they realize that the stalker is closer than they think. In Veronica's campaign office, Spencer is talking with someone on the phone, and Mary shows up. Initially, Mary says that she was waiting to know how Hanna is. The two then discuss Mary's attitude of not leading Hanna to the hospital or to the police. Mary then says that her experiences with hospitals and with the police weren't great, and, in sequence, Mary tells Spencer the reason why she was committed to Radley, many years ago. Mary reports that her twin-sister, Jessica, and her were 14-years-old, and Jessica was babysitting a boy. Jessica telephoned Mary, claiming that the baby didn't stop crying; but, when Mary arrived at the house, the baby was quiet anyway. Jessica then asked Mary to stay home while she was talking to a boyfriend. When the baby's parents arrived at the house, they found the baby drowned in the bathtub, and Jessica threw the blame on Mary, the parents believed Jessica.

The Talented Mr. Rollins

Spencer tells Caleb she doesn't think their relationship can work

In the Hastings barn, Spencer questions if something happened between Hanna and him, Caleb admits that they kissed but protests that he has no feelings for her. Spencer doesn't believe him and their relationship begins to crumble. Aria, Hanna, and Spencer go to Elliott and Alison’s house in order to find exactly what he’s hiding in his trunk. Aria sneaks in while Hanna and Spencer stay on look-out. This allows Hanna and Spencer to discuss Caleb. Hanna denies being in love with him. Spencer also doesn’t believe her. At Spencer's barn, she avoids eye Caleb with him and tries to focus on her laptop screen and looking up what certain medications from elsewhere in the episode do. He insists he truly wants Spencer, he couldn't stop thinking about her after Madrid. He likes everything about her, she's smart and driven and sexy as hell. She says that's the problem - he likes her, while she loves him. They're sitting on a couch by the end of this conversation and she's crying. She says she wants to be with someone who thinks about her first thing in the morning and last thing at night. He begs her to give him a chance to make it right. He really wants it to work. Spencer says she doesn't know that it can. Later, the girls rush to Alison's location when they realise that she sent an S.O.S text to them through Elliott's phone, Hanna drives with the girls in the car, Alison runs across confusing Hanna but Elliott blindsides Hanna by running after Alison and she crashes her car into him, his head goes through the glass windshield, killing him. The girls are in shock and Spencer manages to utter the words "He's dead." Alison comes back in shock.

Hit and Run, Run, Run

Spencer refuses to let Caleb in

Frantic to cover their tracks, the Liars bury Elliott’s body in the woods. Aria urges the others to call the police but the group decides that the best course of action is to bury the body, hoping that it will appear that Elliott left town. Alison steals Elliott’s hospital keycard so the girls can sneak her back in Welby. The girls begin to formulate a plan. Aria agrees to sneak Alison back into Welby while Spencer will hide Elliott’s phone and jacket in a train out of town. Realizing the potential repercussions of being the driver of the car when Elliott was hit, Hanna doubts the plan and panics that she will go to jail for vehicular manslaughter. Spencer and Emily calm her down, Emily tells her that the plan will work and that the only people who know Elliott is dead are in the car which is how it needs to stay. Back at Spencer’s barn, Spencer frantically tries to clean up the dirt and mud the girls tracked in from the woods. Wishing to repair their strained friendship, Hanna asks Spencer if the two can move past her kiss with Caleb. At that moment, Caleb shows up at the door, wanting to talk about their fight over his kiss with Hanna. Not wanting him to see the state of the inside of the barn and ask questions, Spencer insists that he leaves, as Hanna hovers behind the door hidden. Caleb recalls a moment he and Spencer shared in the past, revealing the depth of his feelings for her. Heartbroken, Spencer is forced to turn him away to protect him from being involved in their crime.

Spencer talks to Emily about why she messed up

At the Radley Hotel, Emily bartends while Spencer fills her in on the latest developments. She tells Emily that she used Elliott’s credit card to purchase a ticket on an outbound train and, once the train arrives in the station, she will leave his cell and jacket in the train. Meanwhile, Emily will pack up Elliott’s things in an overnight bag, making it look like he left town in a hurry. Spencer also informs Emily that Hanna, Caleb and herself are on rocky terms because Hanna and Caleb kissed each other recently. Emily leaves for her shift and Spencer gives her good luck on the plan. Later, a stranger comes to drink with Spencer, they flirt and talk, and eventually make out in an elevator, it almost turns into sex but Spencer comes out of her emotions and tells him she can't continue, she apologises and leaves. Spencer tells Emily that she is too drunk to carry out her other part of the plan. Emily retrieves Spencer from Radley and confronts her about letting the others down. Spencer admits that she couldn’t handle the realization that the "A" nightmare had begun again after a time of peace and quiet and being able to trust people and not look over her shoulder and now, after Elliott’s death, the situation has become worse than ever. Emily understands her and tells her that all of them are right there with her. The girls and Mona have brunch the next day at Radley, where they discuss Elliott’s burner phone. Mona says she will try to ping the phone in order to locate it and discover with whom Elliott was working. Spencer continues to insist that the person on the other end of the phone was Mary Drake. Suddenly, Jenna Marshall, appears in the lobby. Jenna, who is back in town for Toby’s engagement, approaches the girls and wastes no time in dropping hints that she knows what the girls have been up to. Hanna again unsuccessfully tries to repair her friendship with Spencer. Hanna advises Spencer to tell Caleb the truth about the events of the previous evening. Spencer returns to the barn and sees that Caleb has left.

Along Comes Mary

Spencer requests Toby's help in finding Caleb

Hanna and Spencer are at the coffee shop, they over hear the cops talking codes, Hanna freaks out but Spencer informs her that athe code 1121 means they found an abandoned car, they assume it's Rollins' abandoned car-which means they're putting together the pieces the way the girls need them to. Later, Spencer informs Hanna she is looking for Caleb, Hanna tries to help her but she is interrupted when she sees Jenna, she informs Spencer to look at the Rangers Station Caleb used to hang out at and tells Spencer she's got a way of following Jenna. Spencer heads to the police station to ask Toby for help finding Caleb, Toby knows where he is and assures Spencer he is fine, he needs time, Spencer apologies for trying to get Toby involved and bumps into Detective Marco Furey, she realizes he is the person she almost had sex with in the elevator, she pretends like she doesn't know him so Toby introduces them and reveals that Marco is his new boss on the Elliott Rollins case. Spencer spots a license car plate on their computer, she takes mental note and leaves. Hanna tracks Spencer down at the cafe, Spencer is upset but stops Hanna from talking about Caleb. Hanna tells her that she doesn't want to be the one who causes damage to Spencer and Caleb's relationship and asks how to help. Spencer tells her that she can figure out why she's wearing one man’s ring while she has feelings for another. Spencer returns to her barn and goes to sleep alone.

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Mary informs Spencer that Archer Dunhill is after Mary more than Alison

At The Brew, Hanna and Spencer join Aria and Emily and Hanna is freaking out because she is convinced that Rollins is still alive. Spencer tells her to snap out of it. Aria thinks that Mary or Jenna knows that they killed Rollins and they are covering it up to blackmail them later. Alison arrives in the red jumper that Caleb handed in to get Hanna back, Alison informs them A.D. gifted it back and knows why A.D. has it and walks out. Outside of the shop, Spencer tells Alison she's coming with her, Alison doesn't want her to but Spencer tells Alison that she doesn't care that she's mad at them for handing Alison over to A.D., if someone had the chance to sneak the jumper back into her house then she isn't safe. Spencer, Alison and Mary find out from Detective Furey that the police have a theory that Archer Dunhill-the real name of Elliot Rollins-wanted the cops to believe he is gone but could be closer than the cops think, and believe Alison is in danger so they've given her protection. As Detective Furey leaves, Spencer clears the air between them about the night in the elevator. Spencer arrives at the Lost Woods Resort to find the door already open, Mary almost attacks her thinking she is Elliot/Archer, Mary informs Spencer that she believes that he is after Mary more than Alison, as she is the one that tried to betray him. Spencer begins to believe Mary's story, and the girls cross her off the list of possibly being A.D.

Spencer and Hanna make sure Alison is okay

Caleb heads over to Spencer’s house to talk. He apologizes for what happened, and for being confused. He begins to tell her that he didn't mean to hurt her but Spencer tells Caleb that she knows. She tells him that they made mistakes but she doesn’t regret trying to make things work with him. She cries and confesses that Caleb was the first guy that she really loved since Toby. They share an emotional goodbye and he leaves before she cries more. Hanna and Spencer sit outside drinking, clearing the air after their awkwardness over Caleb. Hanna tells Spencer that she had a dream about her when she was being held hostage. Elliott’s burner phone rings in Hanna’s purse. She answers it, it sounds like Rollins on the other end saying “First you turn her in, then you leave her all alone”. Hanna and Spencer call Alison and warn her that they think that Elliott is coming for her and to get a coop for safety. On their way to Alison's house, Alison is attacked by someone disguised as a cop. Spencer and Hanna arrive and Marco is barking out orders to the cops in the living room, they rush upstairs to check on Alison. She explains that A.D. was there, they were wearing a mask and dressed as a cop. Alison cries that he was going to kill her, but the police siren scared her off. Spencer and Hanna decide to sneak back to Rollins’ grave in the woods to see if he was really dead. They grab shovels and start digging to see if his body is where they left it. They are shocked when they find Rollins’ dead corpse, due to the nature of his decaying head and because they really believed he got out and was coming for them.

Original G'A'ngsters

Spencer and Alison overhear Noel's call

Spencer presents the girls with necklaces symbolizing their friendship. Upon receiving the bill, Alison reads a message that A.D. wrote inside the bill, revealing that A.D. knows that they killed Elliott. Some police officers appear in the Radley, and the girls shock to think that they are there to arrest them. Later, Toby tells Spencer that the reason Jenna came back was for forgiveness from him but it turned into a kiss that he rejected. Then, through Toby's communication radio, they discover that someone broke into Toby's house. He then leaves running and Spencer is disconcerted. At The Radley, Caleb delivers a key to Jenna's box to Spencer and Hanna, and the two go to Jenna's room to find out what's inside the box. They find several papers; then, someone slowly opens the door and starts to come in, and the girls quickly hide under the bed. The person hides Mary Drake's old Radley Sanitarium file inside the box and is revealed to be Noel Kahn. Under the bed, Spencer and Hanna hear him calling Dr. Cochran, saying he is impatient and out of time. At the hospital, Spencer tells Toby that he should leave Rosewood with Yvonne and build a house for her away from the disturbing city. Toby later visits the Hastings barn and tells Spencer that he was building the house for her, not for Yvonne. However, he revealed that he could not imagine his life without Yvonne, and then he says that they will move to Maine, where Yvonne has family. They say goodbye, and Spencer cries against the door.

The girls discover that Jessica was watching Alison when she disappeared

Alison, Emily, Spencer and Hanna arrives at Carol Ward's house and they found the hidden cellar. Inside, the four discover that Jessica was investigating their lives and Alison's disappearance. Jessica also kept files of each one of the girls, except Aria. Within a Mary Drake file, Spencer discovers that Jessica was in charge of Mary's mental health and that she had authorized electroshock therapy. In another file, Emily discovers that Mary had a second child while he was hospitalized in the Radley, and that this child would have the same age of them. They then begin to think that this child — cousin of Alison — may be behind A.D. mask, and be wanting revenge for something. The girls walks away from the cellar when Spencer's car began to emit a deafening sound. They get into the car in order to stop the noise, but they end up getting trapped inside the vehicle. A countdown starts in the car's computer screen, and they think the car will explode. However, a message appears on the computer screen, startling them. The storm cellar then explodes, and someone writes "I see you" on the rear window of the car.

Exes and OMGs

Spencer and Aria visit Dr. Cochran

Spencer finds a possible match of a Dr. Cochran that Noel may have been talking to on the phone, and insists her and Aria go and search for more information on him. Spencer and Aria go to a hospital and speak to Dr. Cochran's daughter. His daughter tells them that she has not spoken to him in years, they don't have a good relationship and can't put them in touch with him, she also warns them to not go looking for him either. Dr. Cochran's daughter phones Spencer back, and informs her that she had her office broken into and searched. She believes it was Spencer, who plays along because she gets Dr. Cochran's current address, his daughter gives Spencer a hint to bring him Whiskey otherwise he probably won't talk, Spencer texts Aria that Noel Kahn-believing him to be A.D.-may have done them a favour. Spencer and Aria visit Dr. Cochran, he attempts to close the door but Spencer puts whiskey in his eyesight and he lets them in. Dr. Cochran tells them patients at the Sanitarium were treated badly and it caused problems, his job was to make them go away. He tells a story of Mary Drake giving birth to two babies, one of which the girls already know is Charlotte. The second unknwon baby was put into custody of family services. Later "society changed" and Radley let him go and he lost his license. Later, the girls discuss Noel being A.D.

The Wrath of Kahn

Spencer and Emily arrive at Noel's cabin, Spencer takes care of a security issue

In Spencer's house, she gets a visit from Detective Marco Furey. The police believe Archer Dunhill fled to France with a fake passport. The case is no longer in Marco’s jurisdiction. Now that Marco isn’t investigating Alison’s husband anymore, he can asks Spencer out to dinner. Spencer turns him down because she still isn’t over Caleb. It’s too soon for her to start dating someone new. Marco understands, but he gives her his card in case she changes her mind. At Spencer's house, she calls her mom’s campaign manager to get Noel’s address from the voter registration database. She gets the address for Noel’s parent’s cabin. Spencer and Emily are shocked when they realize Noel’s cabin is in the same area Hanna was held captive by A.D. Spencer and Emily break into Noel’s cabin. They hear a sound that reminds them of the dollhouse bunker. They also spot a security camera. Spencer takes care of that problem by smashing the lens. At Noel's cabin, Spencer and Emily search Noel’s bedroom for clues that he is Mary’s son. They find a box with the symbol that Noel’s brother, Eric Kahn, used as a stamp to let people into his parties. Emily remembers seeing the stamp on Maya’s hand. Spencer remembers the stamp from the time Charlotte took her and Aria to one of the parties. Inside the box is a flash drive. Spencer immediately checks the flash drive.

Spencer and Emily find secret footage of Spencer in the dollhouse

They are shocked to find folders marked 'Spencer', 'Aria', 'Hanna', 'Emily' and 'Mona'. Spencer opens the folder with her name on it. It’s filled with videos of Spencer in the dollhouse. Spencer watches a video. She sees footage of Noel in the dollhouse. While Spencer was unconscious, Noel poured blood on Spencer’s hands and on the floor. Spencer is horrified to learn Noel Kahn was there the whole time. He even made her think she murdered someone. “I really thought that I hurt someone”, Spencer says as she cries. Back at home, Spencer tells Aria about the flash drive. They all agree to take the flash drive to the police, but Aria and Emily want to wait until Hanna gets back. Unfortunately, they have no idea where Hanna is. Hanna has been ignoring their phone calls. And Lucas told Emily that he has no idea where Hanna is. Spencer really wants to go to the cops right away, but she’s outvoted. Spencer rushes home because the storm caused her mom’s car alarm to go