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Spezra is the friendship pairing of Spencer Hastings and Ezra Fitz.

In Careful What U Wish 4, Spencer asks Ezra to dance with her.

In Touched by an 'A'-ngel, Spencer goes into Ezra's car to talk about Aria and Ella Montgomery notices and believes that Ezra and Spencer are dating.

In The Silence of E. Lamb, Spencer shows up at Ezra's place to help go through his files and clean things up. She is surprised to see all his spy equipment. Ezra wonders if Spencer talked with Aria. Spencer says that she did and Aria asked her not to let Ezra lift any heavy things. They talk about Eddie, who Spencer doesn't think will help them since it will be bad for his career. Ezra believes that Eddie will come along when the police leave as he believes that he wants them to know something. But Spencer disagrees. She asks to borrow one of his cameras and he agrees to lend one to her.

At Ezra's friend's shed, Spencer thanks him for showing up on the roof in New York, and Ezra tells her “it’s turning into my greatest hit”, before Spencer says that it was pretty impressive. Ezra tells Spencer that even with all the boxes and all the words, he didn’t even write the book he wanted to write, and when Spencer asks him what he wanted to write about, he tells her, “my family. My brother, me, what happened when my parents divorced. My mother and my father came from who we thought they were to who they really are”. Ezra goes on to say that he was going to figure it all out on paper, but he couldn’t, and Spencer tells him families can be hard. Ezra then mentions that he decided to write a book on a mystery he thought he could solve, but not only didn’t he solve it, he probably made it worse, to which Spencer tells him she knows that feeling, “the camera if for my sister. She’s connected to all this. Just have to figure out how”. Ezra suggests that maybe they should just put down the puzzles and walk away, but Spencer tells him when he finds out how to do that, to give her a call, “you’ll be the first one”.