Life was different back then people died in child birth.
Tess to Luke

Tess Hamilton is a character on ABC Family's Ravenswood who made her debut in Pilot and is portrayed by Haley Lu Richardson. Tess is Olivia Matheson's former best friend, who seeks to take over the number one spot now that Olivia is falling from grace.




Season One

In Home Is Where the Heart Is (Seriously Check the Floorboards) we learned that Tess might be involved with Dillon and Zack when it comes to the murder of Charles Matheson.

Physical Appearances 

Tess is a pretty girl with blonde hair and green eyes.


Tess is a stereotypical popular girl. She is self-centered and extremely shallow. It seems that she only cares about popularity, and used Olivia to get higher status. However, she seemed to care for Olivia, even if she used her at first, and has a sweet side for Luke.

Appearances (5/10)

Season 1



  • Tess would originally be played by Merritt Patterson, but then Patterson was announced to be playing Olivia.[1] Haley Lu Richardson later took her role.
  • Tess stakes her claim on the queen bee position with former-BFF Olivia off the throne.[2]


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