The Bead Boutique Owner is an eccentric old lady who made bead bracelets for Alison, "A," and Paige McCullers. She runs her bead store from her home. It seems that A paid this old woman off for keeping her identity a secret.

The Liars learn about the bead lady when Paige gives a "Go Sharks" beaded bracelet to everyone on the swim team to motivate them. The bracelet is similar to the one each of the girls received from Alison as a symbol of their friendship. It is also similar to the fake "Alison" and "Jenna" bracelets the girls had previously found in the woods. The girls find out where Paige bought the swim team's braceletes and Spencer makes an appointment to see the bead lady in order to find out who commissioned the fake bracelets, thinking that this will lead them to A. Instead, she is shocked to find out that someone posed as "Spencer Hastings" for these two transactions.

Later on in the episode, we see the old woman preparing a cup of tea for her house guest, a black gloved figure. The old lady takes comments on her guest's interesting eyes and also tells him/her not to worry because she has done exactly what he/she has asked her to do.

Appearances (1/160)

Season 1 (1/22)


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