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The Patchwork Girl
Season 1, Episode 5
105 Promo1
Air Date April 17, 2019
Written by Joseph Dougherty
Directed by Roger Kumble[1]
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The Patchwork Girl[2] is the fifth episode of the first season of Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists.


Mona communicates with a mysterious stranger who promises insights into Nolan’s murder. Dylan struggles to concentrate on an important audition while being distracted by Dana Booker’s investigation. And the Perfectionists plan to clear their names ends in tragedy.[3]

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  • The title could reference any of the following:
    • "The Patchwork Girl" is a novel by American writer Larry Niven. The novel was part of his Known Space series and followed a protagonist investigating the shocking murder attempt of a powerful political figure. The main suspect was the only person on the scene at the time and happened to be a former flame of the protagonists. The protagonist believed she was innocent but suspected that she may be lying in order to hide an equally serious crime.
    • In The Wonderful Wizard of Oz book series, a character known as Scraps or The Patchwork Girl, is brought to life, "intended to be an unquestioning humble slave, she comes to life as a rather zany acrobatic person with a tendency to break into spontaneous poetry".[4]
  • Casting for this episode and "The Ghost Sonata" simultaneously began on October 23, 2018, and was lead by Charlie Craig, Norman Buckley, and director Roger Kumble[5]
  • Tech scouting for both "The Ghost Sonata" and "The Patchwork Girl" started on October 31, 2018.[6]
  • Famous in Love star Niki Koss shadowed Roger Kumble for the filming of The Ghost Sonata and The Patchwork Girl.
  • The Patchwork Girl was filmed simultaneously with its previous episode, The Ghost Sonata.[7]
  • Filming ended late on November 21, 2018, on the day before Thanksgiving.[8].
  • The final day of playback for "The Patchwork Girl" was February 25, 2019.[9]

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