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I heard some of the kids that stayed here were real lunatics.
Maya St. Germain (at the Radley's grand opening party)

The Radley is a hotel that was once a mental institution. Courtney DiLaurentis originally stayed there until it was closed down when the girls were starting sixth grade.


The Radley was originally an orphanage named the G.C. Radley Retreat and was founded in 1897. It was eventually transformed into a residential home for mentally unstable children.

Alison DiLaurentis made her parents believe that Courtney was severely troubled and needed constant supervision. Courtney was placed in the care of the staff at the Radley and the DiLaurentis family then moved to Rosewood. Jason visited her regularly on Saturdays. Courtney occasionally came home on the weekends, but she was forced to stay in the house as the DiLaurentises pretended they only had two children (Alison and Jason).

She stayed at the Radley for about three years until it was closed down. Her parents planned to send her to the Preserve at Addison-Stevens in Delaware, but she did not want to start over. On the weekend she was supposed to go to the Preserve, Courtney managed to usurp her sister's identity and trick her mother Jessica into believing she was Alison.

Several years later, the Radley is renovated and reopened as a fancy hotel. Isaac's father caters for the grand opening ceremony and Aria's mother Ella has one of her art pieces displayed in the lobby.


  • The Radley's location isn't specified but it is just outside of Rosewood.
  • Despite the fact that renovations are incomplete, the grand opening is held anyway. Since only the upper floors were not yet renovated, the hotel owners saw no need to stall the party.
  • The Radley is a luxury hotel. It has a lake near the bordering meadow, a multi-million dollar gym, elaborate chandeliers, a ballroom, and a spa center. The theme of the opening party is the Palace of Versailles.
  • Emily sneaks into the upper area of the hotel and discovers a series of guest logbooks. In one of these logbooks, Jason DiLaurentis' name appears many times, implying that he visited Courtney fairly often. Emily notes that the last sign-in date from Jason was the weekend after the first day of sixth grade, which was about one or two weeks before Courtney took over Ali's identity.
  • At the party, Maya tells Emily about some of the stories she heard about the kids of the Radley: several children killed themselves by jumping off the balcony and one of the patients supposedly murdered a nurse.
  • Jason (understandably) freaks out when Aria invites him to the Radley's opening.


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