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This article is about a TV series location. You may be looking for the book location or the sanitarium.
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The Radley is an upscale hotel owned and managed by Ashley Marin. The Liars make frequent visits to the hotel, and it becomes their spot to hang out at after the five-year jump. The hotel was once known as Radley a hospital for the mentally ill.


  • In the following five years, Radley was transformed into a hotel. Ashley Marin is the manager.

  • Emily gets a job bartending in the lounge.
  • Jenna check in at the Radley in "Hit and Run, Run, Run".
  • Sara Harvey is murdered here in "Wanted: Dead or Alive".

  • Staff

    Hotel Guests

    Book Comparisons

    • In the books, Radley was once a place for "troubled" kids. One of the similarities though is that both Radleys (TV Show and Books) later became a hotel.