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Ali wasn't crazy when she went into Welby but he's making sure she is now.
Spencer to Emily about what Elliott is doing to Alison

The Talented Mr. Rollins
Season 7, Episode 3
Air Date July 5, 2016
Written by Jonell Lennon
Directed by Zetna Fuentes
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The Talented Mr. Rollins is the third episode of Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars and the 143rd episode of the show overall. It aired on July 5, 2016.


Still reeling from the trauma of Hanna's abduction and dark fate, the Liars must shift their focus to another one of their own. In order to protect Alison from Uber A's threats, the PLLs snap into action at a chance to rescue her from the hospital. However, in doing so, they make a deadly mistake that changes everything.



The episode begins with Hanna wearing a fake engagement ring so the others won’t know that she is no longer getting married. Aria sees that Hanna has cigarette burns on her back, but Hanna refuses to discuss them. Aria realizes that they are from AD and tries to question her further, but Hanna refuses to talk. Eventually, Hanna and Aria join the group again and they finally begin to suspect that Elliott may not be such a good guy after all.


When Elliott goes to check on Alison, she attacks him and tries to kill him. This plan fails and she is sedated again. Then, Elliott puts a mask on her face that covers her mouth, presumably so she can’t bite him.


Meanwhile, Emily asks Sabrina out, the barista at Ezra’s cafe but she refuses and Emily leaves, frustrated. Spencer seeks out Toby’s help in finding more information on Elliott. She does not find Toby, but she does find Yvonne and she decides to leave.


Eventually, the Liars go to the chief of medicine to accuse Elliott of abuse, but Eliott seems to have prepared for the situation by sedating Alison to keep her quiet.


Spencer and Caleb argue over if he still is in love with Hanna. Spencer believes he is despite his protests.


Aria, Hanna, and Spencer go to Elliott and Alison’s house in order to find exactly what he’s hiding in his trunk. Aria sneaks in while Hanna and Spencer stay on look-out. This allows Hanna and Spencer to discuss Caleb. Hanna denies being in love with him even when she admits they kissed after she escaped A.D. Spencer, again, doesn’t believe her.


While in the house, Aria photographs all the items in Eliott's secret trunk that could make him look suspicious. When Elliott arrives, Hanna and Spencer distract him while Aria is still in his house. Meanwhile, Aria puts everything back and sneaks out the window. She then runs to the front of the house where Hanna and Spencer are waiting. Elliott sees this and watches them as they drive away.


While all of this is happening, Emily goes to work at Radley. She sees Sabrina and brings her order to her. However, shortly thereafter, another woman shows up to join Sabrina and Emily leaves. Sabrina later reveals that she is not dating this girl, rather, she is her ex, and instead is interested in Emily. They set up a date.


After leaving Elliott’s house, Aria and Hanna drive to Amish country where Elliott claimed his family owned a farm. While they are there, a little Amish girl tells Hanna that she’s very pretty and reminds her of her dolls. Aria finds out that there is no Rollins family farm, and both girls go to see the dolls. These seem to be the same dolls used by A, and the little girl tells them that Charlotte gave them to her. Each doll is named after a liar, including Alison. She also makes a comment that Alison looks like her. She then discloses that she has seen Charlotte and Elliott kiss each other, but that she wasn’t supposed to tell anyone. Eventually, the girls leave.


On the way out, Hanna sees a cattle prod. This triggers a flashback to her time with A.D. Aria realizes that Hanna’s disappearance was far worse than their time in The Dollhouse. Spencer and Emily look over Aria’s photos to see what Elliott was doing with the drugs. Spencer figures out that all of these ingredients together make latex, like the mask that was used on the Hanna doll. Unbeknownst to them, it was also used in the Wilden mask. They also find blue contacts, which makes them start to suspect that Elliott may be the one making the dolls and the masks.


At Spencer's barn, she avoids eye Caleb with him and tries to focus on her laptop screen and looking up what certain medications from elsewhere in the episode do. He insists he truly wants Spencer, he couldn't stop thinking about her after Madrid. He likes everything about her, she's smart and driven and sexy as hell. She says that's the problem - he likes her, while she loves him.


They're sitting on a couch by the end of this conversation and she's crying. She says she wants to be with someone who thinks about her first thing in the morning and last thing at night. He begs her to give him a chance to make it right. He really wants it to work. Spencer says she doesn't know that it can.


That night, Emily goes to Toby’s engagement party. He agrees to look over the files the girls have. When he does, he finds that Elliott is actually using an assumed identity and is not who he says he is.


At Welby, after figuring out the Liars are onto him and have evidence of whatever he was hiding, decides to move Alison. He drugs her again, and brings her out to his car. Alison steals his phone and texts the Liars their location as well as an SOS. The Liars trail them. Eventually, Alison escapes, and Elliott chases her through the woods. The episode ends with Hanna hitting Elliott with her car while he is in pursuit of Alison. He goes through the windshield and dies.


  • Yvonne reveals to Spencer that she and Toby are now engaged.
  • Toby discovers 'Elliott Rollins' is an alias, as he discovers that he received a moving violation in 1958; making him far too old.
  • Emily gives Aria the keys to the DiLaurentis House, where she finds blue eye contacts, ingredients to make latex, a bunch of tools, and drugs that he had given to Alison. The first two were used to make the Wilden mask.
  • Aria and Hanna visit an Amish community, where they meet Eliza, who was given dolls of The Liars from Charlotte. She also tells them about Elliott and Charlotte's affair.
  • The Liars, more specifically Hanna, unintentionally hit Elliott Rollins with their car, killing him instantly.
  • Additionally in this episode, there's a cameo of Sara Shepard's new book, “The Amateurs”.

Title and Background

  • The name of the episode is in reference to the book The Talented Mr. Ripley by Patricia Highsmith and the 1999 American psychological thriller of the same name starring: Matt Damon, Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cate Blanchett.
  • It refers to Elliott Rollins' doings: disguising himself as Wilden, working with Mary and drugging Alison.

Main Cast

Supporting Cast


  • The table read for this episode occurred on April 25th, 2016.[1]
  • Filming for this episode began on April 27th, 2016[2], and wrapped on May 5th, 2016.[3]
  • The intro in this episode features Spencer doing the 'Shhh'.
  • The meds Elliott had hidden away were Butabarbital, Dihydromorphalin, Benzodiazephine, Phenatora, and Antihisamine (Night Time formula) for Allergy Relief.
  • The episode was watched live by 1.12 million viewers.
  • The Latex Recipe for the Wilden Mask Elliott wore in the season six finale is as follows:
    • 1 cup cold water
    • 1/4 cup Tapioca flour
    • 1 packet plain gelatin mix
    • 1 teaspoon solid coconut oil

Featured Music

  • "New Ways" by Daughter - (Hanna dresses when Aria catches sight of the marks on her back, she questions her but Hanna avoid the questions as heads out to the living room to meet with the other girls).
  • "Secrets" by Laney Jones - (As they wait in line at The Brew, Emily announces to Hanna and Aria that Ashley offered a job; Aria offers her ear to Hanna; Emily thanks Sabrina for help then asks her out, Sabrina turns her down).
  • "Fingers Crossed" by Billie Eilish - (Spencer arrives and informs Caleb that Toby and Yvonne are engaged, then comments on rift that grown between them since Hanna disappeared; Caleb admits to Spencer that he and Hanna kissed).
  • "Cherry Life" by Polyenso - (Emily bar-tends at The Radley, she tries to call Toby then spots Sabrina seating in the lounge).
  • "Drift (feat. nilu)" by Robot Koch - (Emily brings over Sabrina's drink to her table, then tries to explain their previous conversation and why she took Ezra's key when Sabrina's date arrives).
  • "Buddy Boy" by Fort Lean - (Sabrina orders another drink from Emily then confesses that her lunch date was her ex-girlfriend and that she hasn't stopped thinking about since her confession then asks for a clean slate and a date).
  • "What You Want To" by Jake Etheridge - (Toby makes a toast to Yvonne at their engagement party when Emily arrive; Emily pleads with Toby to look into Elliott and his connection to Mary then gives him Mary's file).


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