• So since the season  5 finale I'm thinking a lot about all the things happened. I don't really believe in the stories about Charles being Bethany, Charles being CeCe and so on..

    My theory so far is that Charles is indeed Jasons twin brother. I don't know about him wanting to be a girl and so on.. maybe he's just got a little female side inside. So I guess, that Charles has a very strong obsession with Alison since she was born. He might have wanted to be around her all the time, treading her like a doll. And so at some point he hurt her (intentionally or unintentionally idk). I do think Alisons broken arm is because of Charles. So, when he didn't stop hurting Alison, and was more and more obsessed with her, Jessica and Kenneth sent him to Radley. Jessica blamed herself for that, felt sorry about her son and kept visiting him. Remember the video played in the finale. There was said something like "If this is your fault, then this are the things you treasure the most". I think it was Jessica saying this.

    So while Charles was in Radley, he met Bethany, who looked a lot like his sister Alison. So he convinced her, to dress and act like Alison, made her a Alison doll. He may have asked his mother to get him the things which Alison gets, that's why Mrs. D bought the two dresses. When Alison remembers the moment, when she found that dress, she asked Mona, if the second dress is for Bethany, Mona said "It's not that easy."... So maybe the dress was for Charles who gave it to Bethany.

    Mrs. D started to worry about Bethany, when she noticed that all. So she tried to get a connection to her. She might also have been talking to Mr. Young a lot because of this, that's when their affair started. Bethany hated Jessica for all of that. She wanted it to end, so she got in contact with Alison. 

    Well, Charles somehow got out of Radley, maybe cause he convinced to be "normal" again. He hated his family for hiding him and keeping him as a secret, so that's why he tries to discover all of the liars secrets. He started to stalk Ali and her friends. He also got obsessed with them, looking like the perfect dolls to play with.

    The night, when Ali disappeared is still not clear to me. But that's what I could imagine: Bethany was the one who hit Alison. Then, while Mrs. D buried her, Charles freaked out and went after Bethany. He tried to kill her, the same as he thought she killed his sister and later Melissa buried her.

    So maybe Bethany got out of the grave somehow. Perhaps it was Charles who suddenly felt sorry and got her out. If so, either Bethany or Charles (or them together) killed Sara Harvey on the next day, to bury her there, so Bethany faked her death, so she doesn't have to go back to Radley. If this is the case, she might be Black Veil. But maybe it's really her in the grave.. i don't know.

    Charles then kept stalking the girls. He found out about Mona playing her A game and liked it. When she got caught, he took over. He appreciated Mona for all she did and so he also started following her. He build the dollhouse and got Mona into it. He wanted her to act and look like Alison, just like he did with Bethany before. And then he got the other 4 girls, so he created his perfect little dollhouse.

    But who is Charles..? Apparently he's someone we've already seen at the show. And I'm about 97% sure it is not Andrew. My suspects are either Wren, cause he always seemed pretty suspicious to me.

    Or Jason. So actually Charles pretending to be Jason. So either he killed Jason or hid him somewhere and took his place at some point of the series. Or Jason is still Jason, but at some scenes, when he thought it was him, it was Charles. There are some scenes when Jason acted pretty strange, so maybe it was actually Charles, we just didn't notice that.

    I know there are some points which do not really fit in... but that's my theory so far. What do you think about it?

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    • I like it, it's the theory that makes most sense, from all I've been reading.

      I would just change one thing though. I think Bethany hit Alison on the head and soon after was killed by Spencer. Alison said she saw Spencer sleeping in the barn, but Spencer wasn't there when the girls woke up. So I think that memory Spencer had of killing Alison was actully real, she killed Bethany.

      I also think Charles is Jason's twin, but not identical. So she looks different but has the same age (that excludes Andrew and Lucas from the suspects list). Male characters that are 24/25 years old: Ezra, Jason, Garret, Ian, Wren. 2 of those are dead so that leaves us Ezra and Wren!

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    • Yeah I also thought about that Spencer could have hit Bethany. It makes more sense then Charles doing it. She's been drugged, we know she was awake and she's been seen with that shovel. Maybe she was afraid of Alison telling anyone about her addiction, or getting blackmailed by her.

      After rewatching the finale, and especially the Charles-scenes, I'm more and more convinced that Charles is Jason. The way he walks, his hight, this all would fit.

      AND remember the scene, when A was wearing that Emily mask? It looked like A has green eyes look here:

      So if A has green eyes, this would rule out Ezra and Wren. The only male charakter, I can think of having green eyes, is Jason! I'm not saying Charles killed Jason (it would be possible though), but I do think, that Drew van Acker is playing both, Charles and Jason. Or he played Charles pretending to be Jason the whole time.

      A point against is, that the boys in the video were fraternal twins. But there's not that huge difference, they are pretty similar, expect the haircut and the hight (but they were 6, they could have the same hight now). It's not that difficult, to have the same haircut, dress the same and so on. So yeah I think Charles is Jason. Or at least at some points, when we thought it was Jason, it was actually Charles.

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    • I think that Lesli Stone might be Bethany Young. I remember one of the writers tweeting that Lesli Stone also means "Spawn of Satan." I'd say the person most like Satan on the show is A/Charles. And her introduction to Rosewood is very suspicious. So, maybe she did fake her death and is now working with Charles (maybe they are a couple?). Also, the writers said that Lesli Stone will be an important character in season 6. I don't think she's random at all and I don't think she is who she says she is. I think she befriended Mona to get information as well so she could report to Charles.

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    • Ugh, I really hope she is not! I don't like her. I wish she would just be a random character and pass away very soon!

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