• Warning: Possible spoilers if there's anybody who hasn't gotten this far

    So, as I'd mentioned in another discussion elsewhere, I've been rewatching Pretty Little Liars with a fresh set of eyes, now that I know the ending (at least to 6A, before the timeskip) And I was just wondering about something...

    Currently, I'm at the part where A(CeCe) has been supplying Toby with things revolving around his mother and her death. And something sort of popped into my head as I'm watching... (To be more exact, I'm at the western dance, around when Travis first makes his appearance)

    I can't help but wonder if CeCe was supplying those things to Toby as an apology? I mean yes we know CeCe's kind of crazy, but at the same time, Bethany pushed Marion and then blamed it on Cece/Charlotte. Maybe there was a small part of CeCe that, while she had ulterior motives (like setting Toby up by sending him the address where Dr. Palmers car was), maybe she felt just a little bit bad about what had happened to Marion.

    I don't know. I guess I'm just one of those people that believes that every person has a good side and a dark side, no matter how large one of the two sides might be in comparison to the other.

    (Sorry if none of that actually made any sense. I'm terrible at putting my thoughts into words.)

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    • I've rewatched abunch of episodes but not the one with the Marion parts.  It's interesting to think about the fact that Cece was sending him information about Marion now that we know she was A and A knew Marion.   At the time it seemed like they were leading him on a wild goose chase and used his desire to know about his mom to get things from him, like the bus.  

      I need to watch that too.  Does the information she gives him match her story?

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    • The only thing I've gathered is that A/CeCe has been supplying Toby with info about the fact that Marions death was not suicide, which matches up to Cece's story at the end, when she's telling her tale, and how Bethany is the only who pushed Marion.

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    • Toby wanted answers to his mother's death, answers that Charlotte had. In exchange for those answers, Toby had to work under Charlotte.

      Wait, to refresh, what supplies did Toby receive from Charlotte?

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    • Well, the very first thing is in exchange for the RV, A/Cece/Charlotte gave Toby the Radley notes about his mother. After some investigating, with Toby initially agreeing that it was suicide, Spencer had pointed out the ledge that surrounded the building, and from that window, a clean jump wouldn't have been very possible.

      From what I can note, that's the only direct thing A/Cece/Charlotte gave to Toby. Of course, some other things that were given as gifts were the sheet music and a CD of Marion C. singing.

      However, A/Cece/Charlotte did leave a note, along with the sheet music, to "Ditch the Lamb and go for the Lion" (or something along those lines), which as Spencer noted, instead of going after Eddie Lamb, they try Dr. Palmer again.

      And as I'm rewatching, something interesting to me is when Dr. Palmer makes the comment "watch out for that blonde girl." Originally, a lot of the speculation was Alison or Cece, but after watching the finale for 6A, when Cece was telling her tale, we see that Bethany is also blonde (which was already known regardless due to her being mistaken as Alison for so long) but I thought it was sort of an interesting piece.

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    • This is a whole other topic, but i actually believe that that roof scene with Bethany & CeCe never happend. I think she made that up in 6x10 so the girls would feel sorry for her.

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    • Hard to say. I mean, we know Bethany was kind of... angry? A good example is when they're at the horse ranch, and the guy says Mrs. D always came up with Bethany, and one time she wanted Bethany to call her aunt Jessie/Jessy (idk how the spelling for it is supposed to go) and Bethany got mad and threw a bucket at her or something. Also, Alison wasn't on very good terms with Bethany either.

      Regarding whether or not CeCe was actually telling the truth, it's one of those things where I take it with a grain of salt, know what I mean?

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    • I have been thinking about that and i think that Mary took Bethany to the horse ranch. What if Bethany is also Mary's child? It would make sense that Bethany became angry at Mary for wanting her to say Aunt Jessie. Mary could have asked that to her because she didnt want anyone to find out that she was Mary.

      That would also explain Bethany's drawings where Jessica (which i believe is Mary) is painted with knifes with the word LIAR on it.

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    • To be honest, that's the theory I've had. I don't know. I'm not really on board with the whole spencer is marys child discussion. I know that Mary was all "I'm your mother" (or something close to that) to Spencer, but.. Mary seems to be pretty messed up to me, from the bits and pieces ive read.

      I also can't help but feel that if Spencer was not a Hastings, they would have at least mentioned it before. Doesn't have to be related to Mary, just a simple "Spencer is adopted" somewhere way earlier in the series.

      To me, it makes a ton more sense if Bethany was Mary's second child, not Spencer.

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