• I've only just found out about it. What was it about and where can I find it?

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    • I recorded the episode on my DVR, and it played after PLL:TP went on commercial. I want to say when Mona mentioned checking out Riverwell. When they went on commercial break, first freeform promoted Aladdin, and then the scene has Taylor on a chair by the pool and in a robe. Her phone then has this genie lamp pop up and the narrator says something like if you had one wish, what's the thing you'd most want. Then we hear Nolan calling to Taylor and the two talk, Taylor asks him if this is real, and he replies with "does it matter?" etc. As far as where can you find it... I don't know yet. I'm hoping Freeform adds it, but if someone recorded it, by all means add it here. I think thisĀ  should count as an appearence like Ali/Mona's way back when. It's why added it in.

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