• Greetings,

    My name is Reverb, I am the bureaucrat of 13 Reasons Why Wiki . I hope that you're in good health and are doing fine.

    I am here to request for an affiliation between the Pretty Little Liars Wiki and the 13 Reasons Why Wiki. With this affiliation, I hope that we can collaborate to improvise both of our Wikis and help each other in the future whenever in need. 

    If the affiliation is approved, we can exchange wiki wordmarks and add them to respective communities.

    Please let me know if you need any additional information regarding my wiki.

    Thank you for your time and consideration! Have a nice day!

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    • Hi,

      Fearless Diva here. You can call by that or FD. Thanks for reaching out. This sounds like a great idea, but I wanted to know what you mean by  improving both our wikias?

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    • Hello Fearless Diva, By "improving both our wikis", I meant user activity wise. If our wikis are mentioned as affiliates on respective Main pages, it will help editors navigate from one wiki to another, increasing user activity and there by increasing and improving the performance of both the wikis.

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    • on top of being an affiliate?

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    • That is what affiliation means.

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    • Oooh, not that. It's just that the way you worded sounded different. But I know what you mean now. So yes, we can definately become affiliates.

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    • My Appologies. English is my 5th language. I'm still learning. But glad that my message was conveyed. Here is our wiki wordmark: Wiki-wordmark.png

      Please share PLL wiki's wordmark so that we can add you as our affiliate. Thank you!

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    • Here's our logo in black (directly underneath this sentence)


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    • A FANDOM user
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