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This article is about Toby Cavanaugh, a TV character. You may be looking for Toby Cavanaugh (Book Character).
Pretending not to love you was the hardest thing I've ever done.
Toby to Spencer in UnmAsked

Toby Cavanaugh is a major supporting character on Pretty Little Liars. He is the older step-brother of Jenna Marshall, the son of the deceased Marion Cavanaugh and the widow of Yvonne Phillips. He is currently married to Spencer Hastings.

He was portrayed by James Neate in "Pilot", and by Keegan Allen starting from the second episode of the first season.


Toby Cavanaugh is a shy person who was blackmailed by his step-sister Jenna, to have sexual relations with her, saying that she would tell their parents that Toby had been forcing her, in having sex with him, and they would surely have believed her. Alison told the Liars that she saw Toby spying on them from his tree house and watched them change clothes, and they believed her. Alison and her friends tried to get revenge on him by throwing a stink-bomb into the Cavanaugh's garage, which set the garage on fire and accidentally blinded Jenna, in the process. It is unknown whether anyone else was inside the garage. Alison blackmailed Toby into taking the blame for Jenna's "accident", by saying that she would tell the whole town about their affair.

Commemorating September 1, the day he became free of Jenna, and coincidentally the same day Alison DiLaurentis went missing, Toby got a tattoo: "9/01 Free At Last". This (at the time), fueled the Liars beliefs that Toby killed Ali. After a year in reform school (in Maine), Toby returns to Rosewood where he is treated as a social pariah, and suspected of being an "A" - by The Liars - and also Alison's murderer (by the whole town). He convinces the girls otherwise, starting with Emily Fields when he befriends her. He helps Emily to come out and tell people that she's gay, something that she's forever grateful for. Toby maintains his innocence in Alison's murder, is eventually cleared, and even begins a long-term relationship with Spencer Hastings. (See Spoby.) 

When Mona Vanderwaal is sent to Radley after the events in the Season 2, the girls receive a text, "Mona played with dolls, I play with body parts". It can only be assumed that this message and the other escalating threats of Season 3 were from Toby. At the end of The Lady Killer, it is revealed Toby is a part of The A-Team alongside Mona. Spencer finds this out on their one-year anniversary, and ends their relationship because of it. Spencer is heartbroken and, throughout the season, this becomes increasingly obvious. Later, Spencer reveals to the Liars that Toby is a member of the "A-Team", and she has known about it for weeks.  

In Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Spencer follows Mona into the woods, where she finds a body on the ground surrounded by camping gear. The person is wearing a biker helmet and a leather jacket. Spencer doesn't realize who this could be until she recognizes a tattoo on the mystery person's side: "9/01 Free At Last". Thinking the body is Toby's, Spencer breaks down and begins to cry; however, before she can lift the eye guard on the helmet for confirmation, Mona calls out from the woods, "He's dead," taking Spencer's attention away from the body and prompting her to chase Mona. Whether or not the body in the woods was actually Toby's was debatable and —at the time— unknown. However, in A DAngerous GAme, it was revealed that Toby is alive and that the body Spencer found was a John Doe. Toby meets Spencer at a diner (thinking she is Mona) to say that Hanna got the babysitting job. Spencer says "I know" and raises her head to look at him. Upon realizing it is Spencer, he confesses that he joined the A-Team to protect her, stating: "Everything I've done is so I could protect you." They reunite and Toby is kicked out of the A-Team.

In Season 4, Toby's storyline centers around the fact that he wants answers about his mom's death. "A" tortures him with information about his mom's supposed suicide, in which he makes deals with the devil. He gives the RV to "A" and Spencer is upset because it could have given them information. There is a strain put on his relationship with Spencer because she told the other Liars about him making deals with A. However, he comes to his senses in Now You See Me, Now You Don't, stating that he doesn't want A's version of the truth.

In Season 5, it's revealed that Toby went to London to find answers about Melissa for Spencer. His relationship with Spencer strengthens and scenes between them show that they are very much in love. Toby also becomes a cop; however his graduation is put on hold when he gets in a car accident in Taking This One to the Grave, in which he breaks his leg.

Pretty Little Liars

Season 1


Toby makes a minor appearance when he walks Jenna into Alison DiLaurentis' funeral, then later leaves with her.

To Kill a Mocking Girl


Jenna walks in school with Toby in tow. He receives uneasy glances from all the students. After swim practice, Ben Coogan—Emily's boyfriend—sneaks up on her in the girls locker room and tries to fool around with her. She tries to push him off nicely, but he gets violent and more forceful. Just then, Toby came to the rescue and wordlessly pushes Ben off of Emily. He pounds Ben into the locker until Ben bleeds, while Emily shouts for Toby to stop. In a flashback of the night of The Jenna Thing, It is revealed that Ali threatened Toby to take the fall for them.

Can You Hear Me Now?

TC (2).jpg

Toby becomes Emily's lab partner, much to Emily's dismay. Toby notices when Emily slams her lab book shut, though he doesn't know that it is because of the photos planted there. That night, Toby catches sight of Emily and strikes up a conversation. Emily asks Toby if he saw the pictures in her lab book. It seems that he has, but Toby says he's "cool" with her not wanting people to know about her secret. Toby uses it as a teaching moment to speak to Emily about "not being the person people want you to be, but being the person you want to be."

Reality Bites Me

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The next day Emily questions Toby about his whereabouts the previous night. He tells her that he was studying at the Grille all night. He then asks her where she was and she tells him she was at a friend's house. The duo stay after class to finish their experiment. They agree to meet later at the Grille and hang out. However, Emily brushes him off out of fear of what her friends will think and sit wit her friends instead. The next day, an upset Toby tries to ignore Emily when she comes to sit with him, but gives in when she presents him with a mixed CD of her own. She apologizes and he accepts.

There's No Place Like Homecoming

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Toby surprises Emily with tickets to homecoming. Later, the girls discover Toby’s tattoo – "9/01 Free at Last", on his left side, This makes them suspicious—especially Spencer—that he may have had something to do with her disappearance. At the dance, Toby whisks Emily away to the Chem. Lab to confide in her privately about his big secret, which the other girls have just uncovered. The girls realize what Alison had blackmailed Toby with in order to force him to take the blame for "The Jenna Thing" - she knew about Toby's sexual relationship with his step-sister. As Toby tries to explain, in a creepy threatening manner that she clearly is not responding well to, she pushes him into the cabinet of beakers. Emily then flees with Toby hot on her trail, but she trips on the train of her dress and is unconscious.

The Homecoming Hangover

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Toby drives an unconscious Emily to the hospital and drops her off at the emergency room. After that, Toby flees Rosewood, without telling anyone—including Jenna and his parents—where he is going. A day later, Emily sees cops in front of the Cavanaugh house, with a shaken Jenna in tears, sitting on the front porch as the police leave. She sees a wrecked motorcycle, but is too afraid to ask if Toby is alive or not.

Keep Your Friends Close

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A new piece of evidence leads the police to announce that Toby is officially wanted for the murder of Alison DiLaurentis. Toby appears in Emily's car and explains that he gave Alison the sweater while he thanked her helping him get away from Jenna. He also tells her that he is leaving Rosewood, as he will most definitely be convicted of Alison's murder—whether he is guilty or not. Toby tells her to meet him at the Rosewood Church at midnight, before he leaves for good. However, the police discover Toby's whereabouts as he waits for Emily.

Salt Meets Wound


Toby has been released from jail due to insufficient evidence, but with one caveat: an ankle monitor, keeping him all too close to step-sister Jenna. Emily sees Toby sitting on his stoop wearing his house arrest anklet and heads over to tell him that she wasn't the one who turned him into the cops. Later, Jenna reveals to Toby that it was actually she who turned him in, telling him that it would look as though he was guilty of murdering Alison if he left Rosewood, Toby quietly and defiantly responds by saying, "you can chain me to this porch, and I'd still never touch you like that again." Jenna responds by slapping him.

Know Your Frenemies


The girls, aside from Emily, still don't trust Toby despite being cleared of killing Alison. Later, Toby is walking across the street and the townsfolk is be mean and judge him. After some little kids run away from him, truly frightened, he runs into an alley to cry not knowing and Spencer is watching and pitying him.

Je Suis une Amie


Spencer shows up on the Cavanaugh's doorstep, telling Toby that she is his new French tutor. When he asks why, she responds that she is taking AP French, They sit down on the porch, and she hands him the French translation of "Catcher in the Rye," having seen him reading the book once before. She explains that the best way to learn another language is to read a book you have already read in English in another language. Toby questions her motives and listens as she apologizes for suspecting him and begins a friendship with her.

The New Normal

Spencer visits Toby's home again, but finds the door open when she knocks. Toby warns her not to snoop as Jenna remembers exactly where she places things and will know if things are touched. Toby had been on the phone with the District Attorney and therefore couldn't speak up right away as soon as Spencer arrived. He lets her know that the charges are being dropped, as the blood evidence they collected was corrupted. Thus, Toby is no longer under house arrest for the murder of Alison DiLaurentis. He can have his tracking anklet removed as soon as he goes to the Rosewood Police Department. Spencer offers Toby a ride to the station, and he accepts, leaving Jenna rebuffed when he turns down her ride in a taxi with him.

The Badass Seed


The next morning, Toby goes to Spencer's house. In her kitchen, Spencer makes Toby breakfast, and he hands her Jenna's phone, which he stole the night before, (and he than confides that he is frightened of what Jenna's reaction will be if/when she discovers he took it). Spencer reassures him that everything will be fine, and uses the opportunity to ask Toby why Alison had been so sure that Toby was the one peeping on them, but Toby firmly denies that he ever spied on anyone; the only thing he can make of Alison's assumptions is that she had something against him, though he is clueless as to what.

A Person of Interest


Spencer and Toby form an unlikely alliance as the two grow increasingly suspicious of Jenna and her ties to a mysterious room at a local motel. Toby is staying at the same motel to escape Jenna's wrath, as she knows that he took her phone and believes that he touched her snow globe. While dropping Toby off, Spencer hears flute music coming from room 214 - which was the same numbers in the braille message. When she peeks through the window into the room, she sees a bag from "Neufelds," the same exact bag Ian mysteriously gave Jenna during their strange encounter at the high school. The duo stake out the motel and find out what Jenna is up to and eventually the two fall asleep together. In the morning, they realize that it was a set up, but begin a relationship nonetheless.

Someone to Watch Over Me


After Spencer becomes a person of interest in Alison’s murder, she continues an unlikely relationship with Toby, who is all too familiar with the feeling of being wrongly accused and suspected by the police. He coaches Spencer accordingly, urging her to serve the cops coffee in a bold move acknowledging their presence, yet not being afraid. Later, Toby and Spencer spend comforting time alone, sitting alone in his house discussing running away and what that feels like. Toby asks her to call him first if she ever gets the urge to runaway again. She agrees and they hold hands.

Monsters in the End


Toby is working on his motorcycle, when Spencer comes by. Toby knows that Spencer is innocent, but when he sees a cop car pull up closely, he suggests that she leave and offers to visit her in her home later. He picks up on the fact that her parents would rather he not come around, though. So, they agree to meet up at the festival at 7 PM instead. Jenna comes out of the house, then, and calls Toby to drive her to school. It is unclear whether she overheard their date plans. At the festival, Spencer gets locked in fun house due to a fake text from "A." She is shaken, but unharmed. Her family leads her home, but Spencer stops following when she catches sight of Toby. Despite her mother's wishes to come along, she runs straight into Toby’s arms and kisses him.

For Whom the Bell Tolls


Toby is at Spencer's house, reading a book while she is doing her homework. Spencer says she likes having him here with her. Toby opens a window and turns her coach around. He calls her over and she sits on his lap while he puts his arm around her, enjoying that they have each other. After awhile, Spencer gets a text from her sister, saying that she needs a ride home from the church. Toby tells Spencer that he'll keep Jenna busy like she wants him to, but he wishes he was going with her. She tells him that he's helping her by finding out if Jenna's involved in all of the bad stuff, or not. She then tells him that he is her safe place to land, and that she wants him to stay safe, and they kiss again.

Season 2

It's Alive


Toby comes to the Hastings' house to check on Spencer. Her father prevents him from coming in and talking to Spencer telling him that she can't afford to be seen with him because of his reputation. Toby and Spencer plan a secret meeting with the help of Emily. Toby is in Emily's room waiting for her as she tells him about her moving to Texas. After Spencer texts her saying she can't make it, Emily says she is sorry and Toby says it's okay. Emily also says she is sorry for believing he killed Ali, and the two rekindle their friendship because Emily says she feels like she is leaving four friends, meaning Spencer, Hanna, Toby and Aria.

The Goodbye Look


Toby shows up at school and tells Spencer he is going to get a GED and that he has a job at a construction company. Spencer sits in her car and watches what appears to be Toby being let go. He walks over and says the homeowner saw him and told them they'd fire the company if he wasn't removed. The construction boss paid Toby the week's salary anyway. That night, Toby comes to Spencer's house asking to hang out. They drive to the Hills overlooking Rosewood. They sit on a rock looking at Rosewood. Spencer asks if she wants him to go to the police, but he says they don't do either of them any good. He pulls her in and she calms down on his shoulder.

My Name Is Trouble


Toby comes to the school to drop off his GED paperwork and he tells Spencer he has another construction job with Jason. Spencer doesn't really like that, and makes him promise he won't go inside Jason's house because she doesn't trust Jason. He promises and kisses her. Spencer comes to visit Toby at work and tries to get him to quit when Jason goes in the house to get a drink, but he tells her he needs the money. He would get a job out of town if he had transportation, but he can't afford it. Spencer buys Toby the used truck he had his eye on. They confess their love for each other and kiss.

Never Letting Go


At the fashion show, Spencer goes backstage to talk to Toby while he builds the makeup tables. She expresses her frustration with Mona and how she wants to grab her ponytail and yank it really hard. Toby clams her down by saying that Mona had stepped up with she had dealt with so things in her life and that they couldn't control them. He says that those things are over now and they can both take a breath. This does calm Spencer down and they kiss. Later on, while Spencer is giving out swag bags, Toby comes talk to her and compliment her. She thanks him and kisses him on the cheek. Out of nowhere, in walks Mona, who starts barking orders at Spencer. Spencer begins to say something but Toby talks her down and Spencer takes a breath.

Surface Tension


Spencer's dad hires Toby to build the nursery for Melissa's baby. Spencer finds him working and begins to flirt with him until her dad comes. Toby shows him some plans he had came up with and Peter seems to like them. Spencer smiles at this because her parents are starting to like Toby. After her dad leaves, Spencer and Toby kiss. While working in the yard, Toby makes a major find in Spencer's backyard - a broken field hockey stick. Toby asks why it was buried but Mr. Hastings doesn't say anything and leaves. After he tells Spencer about finding it and the way her father reacts to it, Spencer thinks that the hockey stick may have been what killed Alison. Toby comforts Spencer when they meet on the outskirts of Rosewood, and she says that her father believes the possible murder weapon was a prop set up by her much like how Ian's trophy was.

Touched by an 'A'-ngel


He comes back to help Spencer go through Ian's things. He discovers that Ian was part of the N.A.T. Club. Spencer, who never heard of the club looks through the yearbook to find that Jason and Garrett were part of the same club. Later, Toby and Spencer see Aria and Jason at The Grille. Toby suggests she go inside to talk to Aria, but Spencer knows Aria won't want to listen to what she has to say.

I Must Confess


Toby drops Spencer off at school, where she is nervous that Jenna has joined the N.A.T Club. Toby says he can try to find information about it from Jenna, but Spencer says he shouldn't and that it would give Jenna an even stronger motive to break the two up. Toby assures her that it would never happen and kisses her. The two are making out in Toby's truck, when he sees a shadow in Jason's house. Toby decides it was probably nothing and the two continue to make out but Spencer now sees two shadows. Spencer and Toby get out of the car and Spencer storms up to the door, but is in shock when her dad comes out of Jason's house. When her dad says that he doesn't have to answer to her, Toby steps in an says that he owes Spencer answers. Spencer acts as a barrier between the two when her dad goes at Toby, and she runs away, making her dad charge at Toby's truck.

Over My Dead Body


Toby is at Spencer's house. Apparently, his truck wound up at the mechanic after the brakes stopped working, which alarms Spencer, considering he treats it like his baby. He says that the brake line was cut, and that it probably happened at work. Toby then asks Spencer if her dad gave her an answer to why he was there that day. She says that he wouldn't tell her, and that she left it at that. Toby then says that she's not the type of person who would easily leave things alone, which leads her to say that he doesn't know her father as well, and to give it a rest. Later, the two are sitting in Toby's truck, and Spencer admits she lied earlier. He says that he thought they trusted each other. Spencer then says that she can never tell him everything that really happened, which pushes her to tears, as she says that he deserves someone who can be completely honest with him. Before he can say anything, she runs away.

The First Secret


Emily spots Toby unloading a moving van on her way home. Emily approaches him and notes his subdued mood as he fingers a snow globe. He's bummed that his dad has remarried and that the new wife is moving in with her daughter. Emily asks what the daughter is like, and he responds eerily that she gets whatever she wants.

Through Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares


At the Rosewood-Rollins swim meet, Toby tries to get from Emily why Spencer is acting so strangely, but knowing that "A" is probably watching her, Emily tells him that they are still not speaking. Toby tells her that she doesn't want this to ruin their friendship, and Emily tells him it's not a good time for anyone. After the meet, Toby watches the fight between Spencer, Aria, and Hanna and Emily. Later at Spencer's house, Toby tells her that even if they don't get back together, he doesn't want to see Emily and Spencer fight considering he cares about them both. Spencer then tries to walk away, saying, "What do I have to do to get you to leave me alone?" Toby then startles her by saying that she's starting to act like Alison did when she was still alive. Spencer says she can't give him answers now, but things will be different by tomorrow. She makes him promise that he won't follow her when she leaves.

A Hot Piece of A


Spencer comes over Toby's house who still seems sullen, but allows Spencer to talk to him. After Spencer says that shutting him out is killing her, Toby asks, "So you came here to tell me that you can't be here?" They exchange a smile and Toby pulls Spencer in for a kiss. Soon they see Garrett arguing on the phone with Jenna. Toby tells her that their arguing started the night before. When Garrett looks over into Toby's car, Spencer quickly ducks, but Toby remains there, making direct eye contact, showing he is not afraid. Later, Garrett comes over to the Cavanaughs' house, and Toby is standing there watching him. Garrett asks if anyone was with Jenna when she left, but Toby gives him a somewhat ambiguous answer, only shrugging. Toby also shows how he still resents Jenna, saying that "maybe she likes [it better in Rosewood], settling scores." Garrett seems especially annoyed by this, saying that Jenna is a strong person, and Toby responds by saying, "I never questioned her strength. Only how she uses it."

The Blond Leading the Blind


He goes to the Hastings' house to pick up some things that he had left. The scaffolding gives away and Toby falls, breaking his arm. Off-screen, Mrs. Hastings finds him and gets him to the hospital. At the hospital, Wren introduces himself as Toby's doctor. Still unaware that Wren and Spencer had a relationship, Toby suspects that something strange is happening between the two of them. Wren checks up on Toby later, and asks if he can get Toby anything. Toby asks for some answers. Wren, clearly stunned when Toby brings up Spencer, says that when he kissed Spencer, he thought they were over. After Wren says that, Toby says, "I'm just saying, I may have broken my left arm, but my right arm's fine." As Toby is getting ready to go home, he looks back and sees Wren, upset about what happened between him and Spencer. At his house, the girls find that he's gone.

Eye of the Beholder


Toby comes back with a new haircut and a brand new attitude. Spencer sees him in school and they have a very awkward conversation about Jenna. When Spencer says that he is back to guiding her around he defends Jenna and tells her to get used to it. When Spencer brings up their relationship he says that it is too late. Jenna comes out and her and Toby leave. At the hospital, Toby sees Wren. Wren and Toby talk about his broken arm and how he was out of town and saw another doctor. After Wren leaves, Toby still looks angry and Jenna makes a comment about how he is Spencer's personal physician. Hanna tells Toby that he can't let Jenna back into his life again. Toby tells her to shut up and assures her that she doesn't know what he is doing or why. After the fire, Toby is with Jenna when she wakes up and he tells her that Hanna had pulled her out of the fire. Toby then goes and finds Spencer and tell her that Jenna wants to talk to all of them. He then asks her if she is okay which proves that he still cares about her.

If These Dolls Could Talk


Toby checks on Jenna when she is taking off her bandages. He wants her to wait for the doctors but she takes them off anyway. When Jenna begins to cry because she supposedly can't see, Toby says he is sorry. He then takes Jenna to school where she wants to talk to Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Aria. He drops Jenna off while glaring at Spencer. The next night, Toby goes in Jenna's room wanting to know why Garrett is stalking their house. Jenna gives Toby page 5 of Ali's autopsy report and says that Garrett gave it to her. Off-screen, Toby gives the page to the police and Garrett is later arrested for Ali's murder.



Spencer sees Toby doing yard work in Jason's house. When she asks if he'll ever be able to forgive her he says he has work. As Spencer leaves she begins to cry and says he has a right to be mad at her, but also that he doesn't have to be that guy who shuts everyone out. After Spencer gets back in her car, Toby gets a call from Dr. Sullivan. After Spencer and her friends find out who "A" is and they leave the place where Mona is, Dr. Sullivan says that their friend helped her come back to Rosewood and face her fears. After Spencer inquires what friend she's talking about, she sees Toby waiting near his truck. Realizing he is the "friend," they walk up to each other and Toby says that "Pretending not to love you was the hardest thing I've ever had to do." She goes to slap him, but he grabs her and pulls her in for a kiss with the Liars and Dr. Sullivan looking on.

Season 3

It Happened 'That Night'


Over the summer, before Toby moved out of his house and got a loft above a coffee shop. The plumbing is not hooked up yet so he has been showering at Spencer's house. Toby mentions that he was glad that the girls went to her lake house so they wouldn't be suspects in the theft of Ali's body from the graveyard. Later, Toby meets Emily at the Brew. He is renovating the loft upstairs, so he gets to live there for free in the meantime and is happy to be on his own. Emily asks him about Jenna, but he hasn't talked to her since she left for music camp. He asks her if she is doing okay with everything. Emily tells Toby that she spent the whole summer partying and getting drunk. She went to one party and didn't even remember anything the next day. Toby is understanding because he can't imagine losing someone the way Emily lost Maya.

Blood Is The New Black


Toby is at Spencer's house looking over some things as she asks him about Jenna. She asks where she went after her music camp got done with, but Toby doesn't know because he already moved out when she left. He tells Spencer that it was awkward living there because his parents acted weird around Jenna, concerned about her since the eye surgery hadn't worked. Toby notices a tense look on Spencer's face so he gives her a back massage. She seems to relax after a while and then when Toby kisses her back, she turns around and they begin to make out on her couch. Then her mom interrupts them. She asks Toby to stay over for dinner and he says yes. Later, he meets Spencer at a coffee shop where he tells her about Jenna's eye drops that he found. One of the bottles had been purchased recently. Toby thought it was weird that if the surgery didn't work, why would Jenna still be renewing that prescription.

That Girl is Poison

Toby surprises Spencer at her house because he didn't want to go to his place due to Jenna throwing a party downstairs. Toby and Spencer discuss how they were the only ones that knew Jenna was faking being blind. Jenna told her parents that she started seeing shadows a few weeks ago and that she was scared people would pity her even more if she didn't get her sight back.

The Remains of the "A"


Toby is over at Spencer's house telling her about his new job. Toby notices that Spencer is preoccupied, but she tells him just has a lot on her plate with school. He agrees to let her work, but they end up making out, only to be interrupted by Spencer's dad. Later, Toby takes Hanna to a church party. Ashley and Ted greet them and Ted thinks Toby and Hanna are dating. Toby explains that they are just friends. While Toby and Hanna dance, he asks her why she needed him to accompany her tonight. He knows that the story about the boy hassling Hanna. Hanna admits that it has something to do with Caleb. In the end, Toby calls Spencer, leaving an angry voicemail wanting to know why she lied to him.



Toby finds Spencer at school looking at something. He wants to know why she is avoiding him and why she lied to him about the church party. Spencer was with Jason when he found the anklet that exonerated Garrett in Ali's murder. When Spencer insists that Garrett has to be guilty, Toby reminds her there was a time she thought he killed Ali. Being framed for murder has made him slower to pass judgment.


At night, Toby is at Spencer's house waiting for her. When she comes in, she tells him she needs a ride to her car. Before she can explain what happened, Wilden shows up and asks her why her car was at a hit and run. Toby covers for her by saying he picked her up after work. Wilden appears to buy it and leaves, but Toby wants to know what is going on. Spencer tells him about Jason's accident, but she doesn't want him to tell anyone because Jason could lose everything. Toby agrees not to tell anyone, but he is not happy he just lied to the cops to cover up for Jason DiLaurentis' drunk driving.

Stolen Kisses


Toby goes over to Spencer's house to talk to her about Jason. He is clearly angry that Jason left town with the car that he crashed and left them both lying to the cops. Spencer just wanted to protect Jason and Toby wanted to protect Spencer as well. When Spencer is about to take a phone call, Toby grabs her phone and makes her listen to what he has to say. He knows that she won't tell him anything, so he will make it easy on her, he will find out for himself. Toby then leaves her house going to find answers.

The Lady Killer


Toby comes back to Rosewood and sees Spencer in town. They run toward each other and hug and kiss in the middle of the street. Spencer is sorry about everything, especially the lies. Toby says he knows who she is, so she never has to be sorry. Toby and Spencer are making out in Spencer's room. He asks if she is ready, she says yes then they move to the bed. Spencer gives her virginity to Toby. Afterwards, they go back downstairs because Toby has to go back to his job. Spencer thinks he took the job to get away from her, but he promises he didn't and says he is right where he needs to be. They tell each other "I love you," before Toby leaves. Later, Mona is talking to someone about how she was disappointed her plan of framing Paige didn't work but glad that Garrett Reynolds is out of jail. Before Mona goes back into Radley she tells the black hooded figure that they'll see each other soon. When the person turns around, we see that it is Toby, and he is a member of the "A-Team." Toby then runs away, disappearing around the corner.

This Is A Dark Ride


Toby shows up at Spencer's house interrupting Spencer's conversation with Garrett. He wants Garrett to leave and asks Spencer what he wanted. Garrett was going to tell her about what happened the night Ali's body went missing but won't tell her when they are not alone. Toby won't let that happen because he doesn't want Spencer in the same room with Garrett. Spencer hugs him thinking he is just trying to protect her, but during the hug Toby gives an evil look.


Toby and Spencer go to the Brew in their costumes. Toby sees Noel chocking on food so he goes over and tries to help him. Toby and Spencer tell him to calm down and breathe, when Noel pokes a devil up at them. Toby and Spencer go onto the Ghost Train dancing to Cuckoo. After the dance, Toby goes to get a soda when he runs into Jenna who is dressed like a pirate. Toby, covering her other eye, tells her that he liked her better when she was blind.


After Garrett's body got discovered, Toby waits with Spencer and her friends. He tells her that the police wants statements before they can go home. Noel confronts Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Aria telling them to tell the police what happened because they make every mess themselves. Toby gets angry and starts a fight with Noel. Toby pushes Noel into a table making it fall with a body bag coming out of it.

Toby in car chasing Lucas

She's Better Now

Toby continues his A duties as he chases someone, on a skateboard, off the road with his car. That afternoon, Toby has lunch with Spencer outside the high school as she tells him about Mona coming back. They also discuss Jenna transferring schools and if it has something to do with two members of the N.A.T. Club being dead. Toby tells her she should let it go but she can't because the police still haven't found the gun that killed Garrett.

After school, Toby goes on a run with Spencer and when they get done, he heats the hot tub up. Toby and Spencer go in the hot tub, and they kiss for a bit before Toby realizes Spencer has something on her mind. She was worried about Jason because he has no one and he doesn't understand that Mona is dangerous. Just then, Spencer hears something as Toby gives her evil looks

Toby and Spencer in hot tub


At the marathon, Toby goes in the basement where he finds Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Aria getting cornered by Harold. He allows Aria to get past Harold with the paper she needed. When they go outside, Hanna asked how he knew they were there and he saw them go in the back door. Spencer gives him a hug for saving them, but breaks lose when they that someone had started a fire.


Toby helps Spencer study for her quiz off against Mona. Toby tells her that he could go with her to calm her down during breaks, but Spencer doesn't want him to miss his dinner with his boss. Toby realizes that this competition isn't just about college applications anymore and it isn't because Spencer believes Mona is bating her. When Spencer goes to get ready, Toby gets a call from his "boss" where he tells the person that he is leaving Spencer's house.

Emily and Paige after Toby slashed Paige's tires

The phone call turned out to be an A-mission where Toby slashed Paige's tires. He hides behind trees when Emily and Paige come back, but Emily sees the black hoodie and starts chasing him through the woods. Toby hides from Emily as she thinks she lost him.

Misery Loves Company

Toby is with Mona discussing their new plans, but Toby thinks it's too soon to follow through with them. Toby explains that Spencer is still lying to him about A saying that person went away when Mona went to Radley. Mona tells Toby that they need to follow up on their plans because they need to know "she" is in charge.

Emily and Toby at in his apartment

Toby is at his loft working when Emily stops by to give him his drink from The Brew. Toby is going to Spencer's house for a shower while Emily waits for the plumber to fix his shower. Toby sees that Emily is reading Lord of The Flies, which Emily explains that she relates to because Mona being A brought the girls closer together. They then discuss Mona and how if she was still bothering them, they would tell him and Emily would.

Toby gets out of the shower at Spencer's as they discuss how they can't see each other on their anniversary 

Spencer and toby at her house

because Spencer has to go to a dinner with her family. They make plans to celebrate it tomorrow as she gives him back his pants. She realizes that there is a hole in them and tells him she can fix it for him because she made her own Halloween costume a couple of years ago. Just then, Spencer's mom comes in and Toby leaves for work.

Toby stops by Spencer's house during his break at work to give her flowers for their anniversary. They kiss as she thanks him for bringing her something. When she goes over to the sink to put them in a vase, Toby sees a key that has an "A" on it and he questions her about it. Spencer says that they are Melissa's, because she has a storage unit. They kiss again and say "I love you", because he has to go back to work.

Later that night, Spencer calls Toby to make sure he is okay because there was a storm coming in. He tells her that he'll make it home before it really hits. But he isn't going home because thinking that Spencer is not home, Toby sneaks into her house as A to grab the key. To his surprise, Spencer is home with the key in her hand because she figured out he was A due to the Radley card she saw. She slaps him for betraying her, but before either of them can say anything else, her mom comes home and Toby flees.  

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno


Revealed in a note conversation between Ali and CeCe Drake, Toby was visited by Alison in juvie who laughed at the sight of him and his doo-rag. She tells him to stop sending the "A" notes, but he has no idea what she is talking about. They talk about Jenna and he says he would like to help the person who is sending the messages. Ali replies with: "I bet you wish you'd kissed me when you had the chance" before Toby still wearing the wearing the doo-rag, signals for the guards to take her out of his room because she couldn't stop laughing. (This means that Ali probably tried to seduce Toby at some point but was unsuccessful - though why she would be interested is anyone's guess.)

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Emily is hot on Toby's trail. He finally sends her a text and tells her to stop looking and he will meet her. He sends her information as to where they will meet. Emily shows up at the location and waits for two hours, but Toby is nowhere to be found. Later, Spencer finds a dead body and believes it to be Toby.

A DAngerous GAme

Spoby 3x24.jpg

It is revealed that Toby is alive. He goes to a restaurant, and sits down at an occupied booth, not realizing the "A-Team" member he is meeting is actually Spencer. He then takes her back to one of his hotels he stays at, and reveals that he joined the "A-Team" to protect her. They reunite with each other and ending up having sex a second time. They later meet up with Mona at the lodge to prepare for Hanna, Aria, and Emily's arrival. Mona asks Spencer to take a "walk" with her in the forest, but instead, Toby says that he will "take care of Spencer." They go off into the woods, where the two see someone walking through the forest with a flashlight. Spencer wants to go see who it is, but instead Toby says that he will go. He leaves Spencer and goes looking for the person, and when he is about to see their face, someone comes up from behind him and knocks him out. That unknown person drops the lighter—which is believed to have started the fire at the Lodge—next to Toby's hand. He awakens to see the lighter beside him, and picks it up.

Season 4

A is for A-L-I-V-E


Toby is at the lodge and watches as a firefighter holds up a burnt red trench coat. Later, Spencer and Toby go back to the scene of the fire but the trench coat is gone. They poke around the building and realize someone was watching them, but the person leaves.

He goes over to Spencer's house and cooks her breakfast while Spencer focuses on the lodge fire and how they're going to deal with it. Toby tells her to eat, but she continues to focus on it. He tells her to eat the breakfast that her boyfriend just cooked for her, and Spencer smiles and says that she loves how it sounds when he calls himself her boyfriend. They laugh and then Spencer asks him to get her more coffee. He is reluctant to let her drink more coffee, but he agrees and tells her that it's her last cup. He gets a message from A, but doesn't tell Spencer.

Spencer notices that he's glancing at his phone oddly, and asks him what's wrong. He lies and says it's nothing. They then hug and kiss.

Toby driving and looking at the text from -A

Toby is seen driving and has a flashback.


He and Alison are in his room about to kiss when his mother appears, acting strangely. Toby is concerned about her well being, and kicks Ali out when she callously calls her "lazy". 

Back in the present, he is revealed to be driving the RV that Mona had hidden earlier on and leaves it somewhere. Toby then preceded to walk away from the abandoned RV. 

Turn of the Shoe

Pretty-little-liars turn of the shoe.jpg

Toby reveals to Spencer that he took the RV, although A already knew where it was somehow, and drove it to a designated place in exchange for information about his mom. He feels bad about doing this, but he needed answers because he did not believe that his mom committed suicide. The evidence A

2013-06-19 11-24-24.jpg

gives Toby is notes of his mothers psychiatrist at Radley, written the day before she stole keys and jumped off the roof. The notes suggest that she was ready to come home and wanted to be with her family, and seem a little inconsistent with suicide particularly with no note. On a side note; It's actually very unusual for a suicide to leave no note behind.  Toby asks Spencer to promise to tell no one what he did and about his mother, and she agrees.

Cat's Cradle

Toby seems upset, and Spencer goes over to him. He says he wants to know what really happened to his mom. Spencer is worried that the others will find out about Toby returning the lair it to A, and wants to tell them before they find out from someone else, but Toby doesn't want them to know. Spencer plans to go back to Radley and find out the truth about Toby's mom.


Toby and Spencer sneak into Radley. They go to the room where Marion stayed and find a window that his mother supposedly jumped from. He says he gave the RV to A for nothing because it turns out that she really did commit suicide after all. Spencer looks out the window and notices a roof ledge which juts out "all the way around the building" about 10-15 feet, and she says she doesn't know how Toby's mother fell, but she doesn't think his mother jumped.  She says she thinks "A" gave him something genuine [the file].  Toby says they have to talk to Dr. Palmer who was with his mom that day.

Face Time

Spencer finds out that Dr. Louis Palmer, his mothers doctor from Radley, now resides at a medical clinic outside Saratoga, NY. Toby decides to visit him without calling first in the case that Palmer doesn’t

4x4 Face-Time.jpg

want to talk to him and tells Spencer to stay because she has to deal with Melissa. Toby visits Louis Palmer at the medical clinic outside Saratoga to question him about his mom’s supposed suicide. He tells him that the “air was too heavy” for her and that she just couldn’t take it. He then reveals that he studies the heaviness of air and Toby realizes that Palmer has some form of dementia and is delusional. As Toby leaves, Palmer tells him to tell his mom not to see “that blonde girl” anymore, and says that the air was wrong around her, too.

Under The Gun

Spencer and Toby go to Ravenswood. He apologizes in the car for making her lie to her friends. He also goes around Ravenswood with Spencer. When Spencer spots Shana getting into a car with Jenna, he and Spencer rush into their car, only to lose her due to a dead crow.

Crash and Burn, Girl!

Toby and Caleb team up. They interrogate Nigel Wright, and discover that CeCe Drake was involved with the lodge fire. Toby, Caleb, and Spencer are trying to find where the phone number leads. They think it might be CeCe. Toby asks for a minute with Spencer, and Caleb tells them they can, but they shouldn't start making out or anything.

The Guilty Girl's Handbook

Toby is mentioned multiple times, by Spencer especially. Spencer goes to Radley to get more answers for him, as well as investigate Wilden's murder. It's also revealed from Caleb that Toby went to New York during this episode to find out who the phone number's identity is.

Into the Deep

Toby will most likely still be in New York searching for the caller, due to his absence in this episode.

The Mirror Has Three Faces

Toby receives another clue from A that tells him to go straight to Doctor Palmer. He asks Spencer to keep this a secret and in the mental facility, Dr. Palmer reveals that Jessica DiLaurentis visited him.

Bring Down the Hoe

Now You See Me, Now You Don't

Who's In The Box?

Love ShAck, Baby

Close Encounters

Shadow Play

Free Fall

She's Come Undone

Season 5

Whirly Girlie


Veronica is offering Toby a hot drink when Spencer walks in to find her boyfriend back from London. Spencer asks Toby why he didn’t call her and tells her that he wanted to come by, see her in person. Toby tells Spencer that the story Melissa gave Veronica and Peter was false, he never saw her in her in London, “when I got to her place, Wren answered the door. He said he was staying there and she wasn’t in London anymore”. After Veronica has left, Spencer asks Toby why he went to London, he says that he wanted answers for Spencer. He’s also heard about Alison, and while he’s heard some “pretty weird stuff”, he’d rather hear what Spencer has to say.

Up in Spencer’s bedroom, Toby and Spencer are making out as Spencer de-shirts Toby. Toby walks her backwards until they fall onto the bed and continue to make out. Spencer makes Toby promise that the next time he goes to London, to take her with him, and they’re never coming back.

Toby and Spencer are stroking each other’s face when Spencer’s phone rings. Ignoring the call, Spencer leans over to kiss Toby, but when the phone rings again, Toby stops kissing her, and asks Spencer what is really going on, and if it has anything to do with Alison or Melissa.

Miss Me x 100

Pretty Little Liars S05E05 Spoby.jpg

Toby and Spencer are in Spencer’s kitchen when Toby asks if she wants him to take to her dad, and Spencer wishes him good luck, as Peter is avoiding her like the plague. Toby asks if Alison knows what Peter did to her Jessica and Spencer tells him she cannot tell Alison until she is absolutely certain that her dad killed Alison’s mom. Toby quotes, “if action is character, who is Alison now?” and Spencer comments that he’s reading Fitzgerald, to which Toby tells her he’s re-reading Fitzgerald. He goes on to say that he already knows Alison’s story, but finds it hard to picture her as a victim, Spencer tells him that Alison seems really genuine when she says that what she's been through changed her, and she wants to believe her. When Toby guesses that Spencer doesn’t trust Alison, Spencer asks him how she’s supposed to believe a story that she hasn’t been told, and Toby tells her they wouldn’t be them if they didn’t believe in second chances, but “it’s okay to close the door on someone if they're toxic”. Toby's phone starts ringing and when he says it's Jenna, Spencer comments that she didn’t know the two were talking again, and Toby tells her they’re not, “I haven’t talked to her since she moved to New York”. After ending the call, Toby tells Spencer that Shana is dead and that it was murder.

In Toby's truck, Spencer has finally confessed everything to Toby, and he asks her “what does a world without ‘A’ look?”, and she tells him the Hastings don’t need ‘A’ to make a mess of it. Spencer wonders if he is mad at her for waiting so long to tell him, and giving her a look, Toby asks her to get closer so he can hold her close, “all I want you to know, is that you’re never alone. Not even for a second”. Leaning up, Spencer kisses him, and it turns into a heavy make out session.

A breaking news story breaks in regards to the identity of the Jane Doe who was buried in Alison's grave, so everyone gathers in Emily's living room. The Police Chief explains that they've received confirmation tonight that the girl that was buried alive on the DiLaurentis property was Bethany Young. As the Police Chief is finishing up the press conference, a large boom is heard and windows of Emily's lounge room explode. Recovering from the glass blast, Toby and the others walk out onto the street to find the Cavanaugh house on fire and rubble lying all over the road. Caleb wonders if there is anyone inside, so Toby runs towards the house to check, while Spencer anxiously pleads with him to stay with her.

Scream For Me

Pretty.Little.Liars.S05E08.720p.HDTV 2357.jpg

In the Hastings’ kitchen, Toby is looking through Bethany’s drawings on Spencer’s phone, and Spencer mentions to Toby that if Bethany was the one who pushed his mother off the roof, and Mrs. DiLaurentis covered for it, she doesn’t understand why Bethany would draw pictures of Mrs. DiLaurentis getting skewered by a demon. Apologizing to Toby, Spencer says she knows he wanted to put Radley behind him, but Toby tells her he can’t put it behind him, until it’s over, “and it’s not”. Toby goes on to say that it might be soon, “once I’m asking questions from the inside”. Walking over to the refrigerator, Toby ignores Spencer questions, and questions her if both her parents move out, to which Spencer tells him that her mother isn’t sitting down for meals. Toby tells Spencer that her parents will work through it, they have a lot of history together, but Spencer tells him it's history that is splitting them up. Spencer reposes her question of what he meant by the inside, and Toby tells her, “the police department. I enrolled at the Harrisburg police academy”. Laughing, Spencer comments that he wouldn’t do that, and wonders why he would do that without telling her, and Toby tells her he didn’t because he “probably anticipated this warm and encouraging response”. When Spencer tells him he can’t just become a policeman, Toby asks her why not, before saying that he thought the uniform was a turn on. Spencer tells him it’s not, before asking if that’s why he got a haircut, and Toby mentions, “well since the uniform didn’t work”. Spencer tells Toby that people do not just up and join a police academy, but Toby tells Spencer that “they do when they’re tired of watching people they love feel unprotected”. Toby goes on to say that the cops in Rosewood are either bungling or corrupt, and wouldn’t it be refreshing to have someone inside that building who actually cares, “somebody who will have access to all those police records. And somebody who doesn’t think my house blew up because of a gas leak”, before asking Spencer who is going to cook the dinner he was invited over for.

Knocking on one of the Hastings’ great room doors, Spencer lets Toby in, and Toby tells her that he got her message, before asking if Spencer is okay, “what happened to your eye?” Spencer tells him that something to stuck in it and she’s trying to get it out, and when Toby asks her what he can smell, Spencer tells him manure. When Spencer tells Toby that she and Emily went to the stables Mrs. DiLaurentis took Bethany, Toby asks if they found anything, and Spencer says that Bethany apparently didn’t like to be bribed and her sisters’ riding helmet was there. Toby asks if Melissa has also been up there, and Spencer tells him it’s a possibility, or ‘A’ planted it. Toby again asks what happened to Spencer’s eye, and she tells him that they got locked in a stall and the horse next to them went psychotic and they got really close to being kicked to death. Toby wonders if ‘A’ has taken credit for what happened yet, and when Spencer mentions his name, Toby tells her he’s “so tired of feeling like this”. When Spencer asks him what he is tired of, he tells her, “powerless”. Spencer says that’s what she wanted to call and tell him, and when Toby wonders, “that you were lucky you didn’t get trampled”, Spencer tells him no, she wanted to tell him that she was sorry. Kneeling down in front of her, Toby asks Spencer what she is talking about, and Spencer tells Toby that if he becoming a cop is going to put an end to everything then she says go, study hard and graduate early. Taking the face wash from Spencer, Toby holds it to her eye, and rests his forehead on hers.

No One Here Can Love or Understand Me

Pretty Little Liars S05E11 Toby.jpg

In the Hastings’ great room, Toby and Spencer are making out, before Spencer tells Toby that he’s going to make an excellent authority figure. As Spencer snuggles into Toby chest, Toby asks her where everyone is, and Spencer says that her mom is taking marathon depositions and her dad is staying at his club. When Toby asks about Melissa, Spencer says that she may be back in Europe, or at the Edgewood Motor Court, but that only thing she knows for sure is that Melissa isn’t here. As Toby stretches out, Spencer asks when he last saw Caleb, and thinking, Toby tells her a couple nights after his house blew up, “I checked at the cabin to see if he needed anything”. Spencer asks how Caleb seemed, and Toby questions, “why don’t you tell me?” Sitting up to face Toby, Spencer explains that Hanna stopped drinking, but Caleb hasn’t, and he says that it helps him sleep. Toby says that maybe it does, and when Spencer says that she thinks that there’s more to it than that, Toby questions whether she thinks that or Hanna does. Spencer says that Caleb is different, not in big ways, but little things, and when Toby asks, “such as?”, Spencer says that he looks… After she trails off for a moment, Spencer tells Toby that there’s a word that’s lost all of its meaning, but that’s what she thinks of when she sees Caleb. Toby asks what word she’s thinking of, and Spencer tells him haunted. Seeing something on Toby face, Spencer asks him what, and Toby mentions that it’s not drinking, “it’s something else”. Spencer wonders what makes him say that, and Toby explains that he saw the look she’s talking about, “I saw it when he came back from Ravenswood”.

Toby is lying on the couch reading a book while Spencer is on her phone with Hanna. As there is a knock on one of the doors, Spencer explains that the front doorbell is out and asks Toby if he can please go get that. Telling Spencer sure, Toby gets up and goes to receive the package. Walking back towards Spencer, Toby says that her sister isn’t at the Edgewood Motor Court, and after passing Spencer the package, Toby asks her if she wants some privacy.

Sitting at the Apple Rose Grille, Toby listens as Hanna tells him not to push it, and that when she feels as though Caleb is relaxed enough, she’ll tap him on the foot and that’s the heads up that she’s going to change the subject. Toby tells Hanna not to make such a big deal out of it, to which Hanna says that it is a big deal. After telling Hanna okay, Toby asks if Spencer is alright. As Caleb walks in, Toby gets out of his chair and gives Caleb a bro hug. Toby tells Caleb that Hanna says that he’s having trouble sleeping, “what’s the deal with that?”, and after looking away, Caleb questions what this is. As Toby explains that Hanna is worried about him, “so is Spencer, and to tell you the truth, me to”, Caleb wonders who died and made him Oprah. Toby gathers that there is something wrong, and as Caleb turns to walk out, Toby calls after him and tells him that Hanna is scared and if he walks away, she’s still going to be afraid. As Toby questions if Caleb wants things to stay like that, Caleb looks towards Hanna.

Caleb tells Toby that it’s human nature, and if you go around this town tonight, you’ll find a lot of guys who need to take the edge off to get some sleep. Toby wonders why he’d even gamble, and why not just deal with the thing that’s ruining his sleep, “cure the problem, the symptoms go away”. Caleb tells Toby that with all due respect, he doesn’t know he what his problems are. Toby says that it’s not true, he’s been there, and when Caleb asks where he’s been, Toby tells him Ravenswood. Caleb comments that Toby was a tourist, but he himself lived there, to which Toby says that maybe he bought some of it back with him. When Caleb tells Toby not to push it, Toby asks him what he’s so scared of that he’d rather drink than face it. Going on, Toby asks him what he’s so scared of that he’d push Hanna away, to which Caleb tells him that’s he’s a very serious line right now. Toby asks if Caleb drinks during the day, and when Caleb tells him no, he cut that out, Toby wonders why. Caleb says that he got scared, and when Toby asks what he got scared of, Caleb hesitates. Toby tells Caleb to “say it out loud”, and after taking a moment, Caleb says that he should have kept walking, before he hastily gets up and leaves.

Spencer tells Toby that she promised him dinner, but Toby tells her that he doesn’t feel as though he earned it. When Spencer says that he tried, Toby tells her that all he did was screw it up. Placing some money down on the table, Toby gets up from the table and starts to leave the Grille. Spencer calls out to him, telling him to not run out on her to, to which Toby says that he’s not running out on her. Saying that he’s sorry, Toby explains that he’s just mad at himself. Noticing Spencer starting to tear up, Toby asks if she’s okay, and when Spencer asks compared to what, Toby questions if it has anything to do with what Melissa sent her. Spencer tells him no, and after Toby gives her a look, she tells him yes, maybe. Toby asks what it was, and Spencer says that it was a going away present, a little forget me not. When Toby presses, “what was in the envelope?”, Spencer tells him that she thinks it was the truth, and now that she has it, she doesn’t know what she’s going to do with it.

Taking This One to the Grave

Pretty Little Liars S05E12 Toby.jpg

Quietly entering the Hastings’ great room, Toby tells Spencer to “put your hands behind your head and turn around”. As Spencer turns around, Toby says that he said for her to put her hands behind her head, and smiling, Spencer puts her hands behind her back and says that she’s sorry and that she has a difficult time with authority. As Spencer says that if he wants her to put her hands behind her head, he’s going to come over and make her, Toby walks towards her and taking off his hat, he throws it onto the couch. Toby asks if she’s looking for trouble, and when Spencer says that she’s not, she’s a good girl, but she has a lot of really bad habits, Toby comments that they taught them how to deal with delinquents “like you”. Spencer says that he should show her what he learned, to which Toby leans in and the two share a kiss. Breaking from the kiss, Spencer comments that it was some cop school, and Toby tells her that she’ll see it tonight, “the ceremony starts at 8.00pm, but I think we should leave the Brew by 7.00pm”. Spencer tells him that she’ll be on time, before she reaches back and grabs a gift from the island bench and hands it to Toby. Spencer tells Toby to open it, and after looking at her, Toby pops open the box. Finding a pocket watch, Toby looks towards Spencer, who tells him to go ahead and open it. Opening the watch, Toby finds an engraved message, “You are my once upon a time. –S”. Overwhelmed, Toby merely says, “Spence”, to which Spencer tells him that she loves him and the two embrace in a hug.

Walking down from his apartment into the Brew, Toby leaves a voice mail for Spencer telling her that he can’t wait any longer so he’s going to head out, “call me”.

Driving his truck, Toby is the phone with Spencer, where he asks where she is, “I was worried about you”. As the call starts to break up, Toby picks up his phone. Hearing a car horn, Toby turns to look out the driver’s side window and looks shocked as he braces to be hit by the oncoming vehicle.

In the Brew, Toby, having broken his leg in his car accident, sits in a wheelchair while texting on his cell phone. As Detective Holbrook and two officers come in to arrest Spencer for the murder of Bethany Young, Toby calls out to Spencer.

How the 'A' Stole Christmas

Pretty Little Liars S05E13 Toby.jpg

In Spencer’s bedroom, Toby, still in a wheelchair, listens as Spencer tells him that Ali made hiding things into a game. Looking through the lens of a camera and into Alison’s bedroom, Toby reminds her that she’s out on bail for a murder charge. Spencer says that it’s not a perfect plan, but it’s all she’s got. Spencer adds that she saw the look on her mom’s face after they met her lawyers for the last time, and that they’ve already lost. Toby tells her that it’s “not over yet”, before asking what will happen if Alison leaves the dance early. Spencer comments that Alison won’t, and that Aria and Emily are going to find a reason to keep her there, and Toby will be here to warn them if anything goes wrong. Toby says that he thought everyone was splitting up on Christmas, but Spencer tells him no, and that they’re all going to catch up with their parents before the snow starts. Toby then mentions that it sounds as though Spencer has it all figured out, to which Spencer says that it might be her last Christmas. As Toby says Spencer’s name, Spencer walks into the middle of her bedroom, having dressed in a sexy Santa outfit. Spencer wishes Toby a ‘Merry Ho Ho’, and laughing, Toby comments, “nice gesture”.

Looking through the camera lens, Toby watches Hanna in Alison’s bedroom as she finds a false bottom in a decorative bird cage, “what did you find, Hanna?” As a news report states that if the wind picks up they could be looking at blizzard conditions for the Rosewood area, Toby turns his attention to the TV for a short time, before focusing back on the DiLaurentis house.

Toby questions Hanna where she is when he can’t find her through the camera lens. Answering his ringing cell phone, Toby asks Caleb what’s wrong, before Caleb tells him that they think Ali left the party. When Caleb says that he tried calling Hanna, but she’s now answering, Toby curses, “dammit”, before Caleb adds that they’re all on their way. Finding Hanna in the attic, Toby mutters, “Hanna, you’ve got to get out of there”. Looking down into the DiLaurentis living room, Toby is taken aback when he notices ‘A’ standing by the window.

Focusing up on the attic window, Toby questions where Hanna went. Dropping his camera into his lap, a worried Toby sits back in his wheelchair.

Toby looks through the camera lens down into the DiLaurentis living room, where Spencer stands holding up both her and Hanna’s cell phones. Finding Hanna still in the attic, Toby grabs a flash and starts flashing it at the window, “Hanna”.

Grabbing his camera, Toby looks through the lens before repositioning himself in his wheelchair. Unable to find Hanna or Spencer, Toby tries to lift himself up as high as he can to gain a better look into the DiLaurentis house, “dammit, where are you?”

Toby clicks the flash repeatedly into Alison’s bedroom, “come on”. Clicking the flash up into the attic window, Toby tells Hanna to “come on”.

In the Hastings’ living room, Toby comments that the letter Hanna found is amazing, “this letter proves that Alison knew Bethany; and lured her here on Labor Day. This could create enough reasonable doubt to clear Spencer”. Taking the letter off Toby, Spencer says that she doesn’t want to say the H word, but she is feeling cautiously optimistic tonight. As the clock strikes midnight, Spencer everyone a Merry Christmas, before Toby comments that “her heart grew three sizes that day”. Laughing, Spencer tells him no, and playfully pushes his head away.

Toby, Ezra, Paige and Caleb appear on the Hastings’ staircase wearing nothing but Santa boxers, “Merry Christmas”.

Toby plays around with a decorative Christmas house that Spencer has bought in, as everyone else huddles around the island bench.

Toby is watching a black and white movie, when Spencer walks over and hands him a cup of tea, before kissing the top of his head.

Toby and the others sit at the table, as Ezra serves up Christmas chicken. As Ezra sits down, Aria tells them that they should all say a prayer, and they link hands with one another.

Laughing and enjoying each others company, everyone starts to serve their plates with food.

Toby listens as Emily toasts to their family, may they always stay together, before clinking glasses with everyone. Suddenly everyone hears the sound of bells and something falling down the chimney. Getting up from the table, everyone heads outside where they find a Christmas tree all lit up in Spencer’s backyard. As they’re admiring the tree, snow starts falling and a message over Spencer’s barn lights up, “Merry Christmas, Bitches. –A”.

Through a Glass, Darkly

Pretty Little Liars S05E14 Toby.jpg

Toby walks out of the Rosewood Church following Mona’s funeral service. After standing off to the side with Ezra and Mike, Toby approaches Spencer and the Liars, just as Spencer says that she’s still an alleged murderer. Toby tells her to not lose faith, “that letter Bethany sent Ali could still make a difference”, but Spencer tells him it won’t if Holbrook has anything to do with it. Spencer tells Toby that they should have told Tanner about Holbrook and Alison months ago, however Toby mentions that Tanner won’t believe it coming from Spencer or anyone else, “she’s going to have to figure it out on her own”. Saying that he’s going to go get the car, Toby walks off.

In the Rosewood Police Department, Toby is looking through Spencer’s police file when Tanner walks up to him. Feeling caught, Toby quickly explains that it’s an open file, and he didn’t break any rules looking at it. Tanner tells him that what he’s looking for isn’t in that particular file, and passes him another. Tanner says that it contains the ground for Spencer Hastings arrest warrant, and that it was unsealed today. Tanner explains that what convinced the judge was a statement from a witness, someone who saw Spencer Hastings in the DiLaurentis backyard, with a blonde girl dressed in Alison’s clothes the night Bethany was buried in that yard. Toby questions who the witness was, and Tanner says that it was Jessica DiLaurentis. Toby questions that Mrs DiLaurentis saw Spencer in the backyard, and told the police, and Tanner nods in confirmation. Toby then asks where this statement has been for two years, and Tanner tells him that it’s been deliberately hidden in the files of the officer who took the statement, Darren Wilden. Tanner explains that they found the statement just before Thanksgiving, and that Wilden had suppressed it. Toby says that Wilden may have “buried it when Mrs D was still alive”, before questioning what stopped her from telling someone else. Tanner asks Toby why he thinks she did it, and Toby says that Wilden was crooked, “he told somebody about the statement, someone who wanted it to go away, and they paid him to keep Mrs DiLaurentis quiet”. Tanner questions how Toby thinks Wilden could do that, to which Toby says that Bethany was a patient at Radley, and Mrs DiLaurentis was on the board, and she had an affair with Bethany’s father. When Toby says that is where they probably met, Tanner comments that it always seems to lead back to Radley. As Tanner is walking away, Toby asks Tanner where her partner is, and turning back, Tanner questions if he’s talking about Detective Holbrook, before saying that he’s out on temporary assignment.

In an interrogation room, Toby watches as Tanner shows Jason a video that was recorded of Mona being attacked in her own home in the lead up to her death. Toby listens as Tanner asks Jason if there is anything about the attacker that in any way is familiar to him, and Jason says that it could be his sister, it could be Alison. Jason then admits that Alison wasn’t with him and his father when the incident occurred, it was a lie.

Toby is standing with Tanner and Peter Hastings in the Hastings’ great room when Spencer walks in the door. Toby watches as Tanner tells Spencer that she wanted to say this in person, and that the police now believe Mona Vanderwaal was not Alison’s first victim. After Peter mentions that the DA is dropping the charges against Spencer, Toby walks over to a relieved Spencer and wraps her in a hug, “it’s over Spencer. It’s all over”.

Fresh Meat

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Walking through the Chester County Women’s Correctional Facility, Toby, dressed in his police uniform, approaches the Central desk, “morning”. Handing some files through the glass window, Toby begins to say that he was told…, but the lady behind the desk asks where he’s from. Toby tells her he’s from the “Rosewood PD”, and that Lieutenant Tanner, but getting off again, the lady tells him that she knows. As the lady starts looking through the file, she asks Toby if he’s waiting for something, and when Toby doesn’t say or do anything, the lady tells him that they’re done. Toby thanks her and begins to walk out, but stops when he notices Alison sitting on a bench. Alison tells him that they, as in the girls, need to see her, before adding that they’re not taking her calls. When Alison mentions that the Liars can’t keep avoiding her, Toby looks over his shoulder, before asking Alison why they moved her to this facility. Alison mentions that she doesn’t have to explain that to him, before commenting that he’s been in these places, and that everything but a bell goes off when they smell fresh meat. When Toby notices that Alison’s chained, Alison tells him to tell Spencer to cut the embargo crap before it’s too late. As Toby goes to walk off, Alison questions if he’s forgotten what it feels like to be in a cage for something he didn’t do. Alison asks if he remembers how that felt, and Toby tells her he does, “but I also remember whose words put me in that cage. Do you?” Alison then tells Toby that maybe he’ll get it when his girlfriend and her friends are chained to the bench she is as well, because they will be, they’re next unless ‘A’ kills them first.

In the Rosewood High School courtyard, Toby listens as Hanna mentions that Alison’s in the penalty box, yet she’s still playing offense. Toby says that maybe this is just Alison being iced out, getting desperate, “but if you actually think there’s somebody on the outside helping her…”, and Hanna tells him there totally is because there was a fireworks display. Aria says that it’s Holbrook who is helping but, to which Hanna says that they don’t know that for sure. Hanna then questions Toby that Tanner said Holbrook was assigned to a case in in Pittsburgh, and Toby tells her that Holbrook is off that case, “he had to take personal leave to take care of his sick dad”. When Hanna asks Toby if he can see if Holbrook is visiting Alison in jail, Spencer interjects and says that Toby can’t, and questions why Toby should be thrown head first into the lion’s den. Toby’s police dispatch goes off asking for all units to respond to a 1019, and Toby tells Spencer that he has to go.

Walking through the woods, Toby is on the phone with Spencer. Toby tells her that he can’t talk right now, and when Spencer asks what’s going on, Toby explains that Tanner issued another search behind Mona’s house. Spencer questions that Tanner still thinks Mona’s body is still out there, but instead of giving Spencer an answer, Toby says that he really has to go and ends the call. Kicking some leaves with his feet as he walks by, Toby notices a knife covered in blood amongst them. Crouching down, Toby moves a few leaves to get a better look of the knife, and after he’s called out to by another officer, Toby covers the knife back up, “all clear”.

At Spencer’s house with Spencer and Caleb, Toby listens as asks what Toby means when he said that it was his knife. Toby explains that he recognized it as soon as he saw it, “it’s my family’s. My dad popped the top off a jar with it when I was eight and broke the handle”. Caleb comments that there is a chunk missing right in the centre, and when Toby says that there is, Spencer asks Caleb how he knows what the knife looks like. Caleb mentions that he’s used it, many times, before Toby explains that it’s from his family’s cabin. Toby goes on to say that when he saw it, he froze, and a million things went through his head and for a moment he forgot he was a cop and he didn’t know what to do, so he just left the knife there. Toby says that he knows he has to go back, and Spencer says that of course he does, they have it get rid of it before anyone else finds it. Telling Spencer to wait and slow down, Toby mentions that the knife could be the murder weapon, “it’s what we’ve been looking for. It’s what we need”. Spencer questions Toby’s use of the word ‘we’, and Toby tells her, “the police”. Spencer reminds Toby that Alison said it herself, she wants them behind bars with her. Going on, Spencer says that Alison has already framed her once, and that the knife is a plant, to which Toby tells her that she doesn’t know that. When Spencer and Caleb share a disbelieving look, Toby says that he wants to turn it in, “if Alison stole that knife and used it, that could lock her away for good”. Toby mentions that all they need is one of Alison’s prints, and when Caleb questions what will happened if his prints are on it, or Hanna’s, Spencer adds that Toby’s may also be on it. Toby says it’s a gamble, “but…”, and cutting him off, Caleb comments that he’s risking his neck so Toby can get a medal. Toby mentions to Caleb that this is about doing the right thing, to which Caleb tells him that there is no right thing, there’s only by the book, or save our ass, and he knows which one he’s doing. As Caleb goes to leave and Toby physically stops him, Toby calls on Spencer. Toby listens as Spencer says that she thinks they shouldn’t do anything, before telling Toby and she and Caleb promise not to touch the knife, if he promises to keep quiet. Toby tells Spencer, “fine”, and that’s what they’ll do, “but no one can know we had this conversation”. Spencer tells Toby of course, before coaxing a reluctant Caleb into agreeing.

Toby walks into The Brew’s relaunch party, and when Spencer notices him, he cocks his head towards outside. As Toby quickly walks into the street, Spencer runs after him, telling him to wait. Toby stops and when Spencer catches up to him, he tells her that she looked him in the eye and then she deliberately went behind his back. Cutting him off, Spencer tells him that he did the same, and how else would he have known that the knife was gone. Toby comments that he wanted to do the right thing, and Spencer mentions that if he thought that, he would have picked up the knife the first time. Spencer tells Toby that he keeps on talking about doing the right thing as if they have no idea what it is, but in this case, they needed to protect themselves and that meant getting rid of the knife. Saying Spencer’s name, Toby talks over her, telling her that he can’t…, and as Spencer says that the knife is destroyed, Toby raise his voice and grabs her wrists. Toby tells her that he can’t listen to this, “don’t you understand? You’re making it worse. There are things I can’t know about. Things you can’t say out loud”. After looking at each other, Spencer comments that Toby once told her she can tell him anything, and after another pause, Toby tells her that he has to go.

Over a Barrel

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Sitting on the Hastings’ sofa, Toby looks at the three letters on the coffee table, and questions if Spencer is going to open them. Spencer tells him that she doesn’t need to open them, she already knows what they say. Saying that they’ll be three acceptance letters, Toby notices the look on Spencer’s face and realizes she doesn’t seem excited. Excited for her, Toby exclaimed, “the University of Hawaii”, and after Spencer gives him a look, Toby says that he knows he shouldn’t have stormed off last night, but Spencer says that this isn’t about him storming off, it’s about her needing to put zinc on her nose for the next four years, and people wearing flip flops to class. Toby tells her that a lot of people would love to go to school in Hawaii, to which Spencer says that she loves brick and ivy. As Spencer says that she doesn’t even want to go to those schools, she just applied to them because they’re far away, a confused Toby questions that she applied to schools she doesn’t want to go to, “just to get far away from Rosewood”. Spencer explains that after what happened with Mona, the girls decided it would be smart to get as far away from Alison as possible. Toby listens as Spencer grabs the envelopes and comments that Alison is still deciding where she goes, and what she does. Spencer says that Alison is behind bars and she still can’t get away from her, and as Spencer starts to list off where the envelopes have come from, Toby tells Spencer that Alison will be here, in jail. Spencer reminds him that Alison was able to plant a murder weapon in Mona’s backyard for him to find, before questioning whether Toby thinks Alison can’t book a plane ticket. Toby begins to say that they don’t know, but Spencer cuts him off, saying that he doesn’t know, but they are pretty sure Alison has help. Toby comments that none of them will know for sure, “will we?”, before there’s a knock on one of the French doors. When Spencer opens to door to Jonny, Toby listens as Jonny gives Spencer his deposit, before Toby gets up from the sofa. As Toby is grabbing his bag, Spencer introduces Toby and Jonny to each other and explains to Toby that Jonny is going to be living in the barn. Toby nods, and welcomes Jonny to the neighborhood, before telling Spencer that he better get going to work. Kissing Spencer on the forehead, Toby walks out the door.

Lying on Spencer’s bed playing scrabble, Toby mentions that for a town where some pretty awful things have happened, today almost nothing happened. Spencer says that something must have happened, and Toby tells her he responded to a total of two calls, “an 11-26 and 10-91L. So Rosewood is now safe from an abandoned bicycle and an off leash labradoodle”. As Spencer laughs, Toby comments that they haven’t done “this” in a while, “I’ve missed it”, and Spencer says she has as well. Toby then says that they haven’t talked about college, “the distance”, before suggesting that maybe they should. When Spencer tells him that they’ve been apart before, Toby says that with either a surfboard or bricks and ivy, she’s going to be gone, “I don’t want to hold you back, but… I also can’t get used to the thought of you being an ocean away”. Spencer suggests that he could come with her, learn to surf, and as Toby smiles, Spencer mentions she’s chilly, so she gets up to close the window. Picking up Spencer’s phone as it continues to beep with an incoming text, Toby reads the text aloud, “found something. Call me”, before questioning Spencer what she and Caleb found. When Spencer doesn’t answer, Toby repeats his question, but Spencer says that she can’t tell him. Throwing Spencer’s phone down on the scrabble board, Toby says that this isn’t about telling, this is about doing things that will get them both, “all of us”, in a lot of trouble. Toby tells Spencer that whatever she and Caleb did today, “that’s it”, and that he wants them to stop. When Spencer gives him some attitude, Toby looks at her before getting up, grabbing his jacket and walking out.

The Bin of Sin

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Sitting at his desk, Toby is looking over Alison’s polygraph test when Spencer approaches him. Spencer comments that she needs to speak with him, and after standing up and saying her name, “Spencer”, Toby listens as Spencer asks if they can go somewhere private. Toby asks if she’s okay, to which Spencer says that she’s fine, and that she’s here about Hanna. Looking over his shoulder, Toby lowers his voice and asks Spencer if this has anything to do with what she and Caleb were texting about last night, and when Spencer says that it is, Toby says that he thought they’d agreed she’d stop whatever it was she was doing. As Spencer says that it’s not that simple, and she wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t important and that she’s really afraid Hanna’s going to do something stupid, Lieutenant Tanner walks up to them. Spencer tells Toby to call her soon, and after Spencer has left, Toby gathers up Alison’s file. Tanner questions what the file is, and after Toby tells her, Tanner wonders if he’s brushing up on the facts before the trial starts. Toby comments that he is, but “that facts aren’t so clear”, and when Tanner says they rarely are in murder investigations, Toby tells her that he thinks someone may have manipulated Alison’s polygraph. Tanner questions why someone would do that, to which Toby says it would be done so it looked as though Alison passed. Tanner explains that for someone to change the results they would have had to be there when she took the test and the only people there were Tom Hagens, two Rosewood cops and…, cutting in, Toby adds, “Detective Holbrook”. Tanner tells Toby to be careful and to not make accusations he can’t back out of, and when Toby says that he’s not making accusations, “I’m just saying it’s a possibility”, Tanner questions why Holbrook help Alison. Toby mentions that people saw Holbrook and Alison kissing at the Ice Ball dance, to which Tanner questions Toby use of the word people, before asking if Toby means his high school girlfriend. Toby then tells Tanner that he looked into Holbrook, “he’s not taking care of his father. His father isn’t even sick”, but all Tanner does is remind him that he’s been a cop all of six minutes and he has the nerve to investigate his superior. Tanner goes on to say that if he would like to keep his job, his little research project ends now, and watching as Tanner takes the file and walks away, Toby sinks down into his chair.

At the storage unit facilities, Toby and Tanner walk around a corner and come face-to-face with Hanna and Caleb.

Toby listens as Tanner questions that Caleb and Hanna are here to rent a storage unit. When Caleb says that he’s just moved back to town and the place he’s staying at doesn’t really have enough room for all his things, Tanner asks Toby whether he knew his friend was looking to rent a unit here, to which Toby says no, “I didn’t”. After Hanna and Caleb have moved on, Toby and Tanner share a look, before Tanner walks off and Toby looks over his shoulder back towards Hanna and Caleb. Catching up to Tanner, Toby asks if they need to wait for the manager to show him the search warrant, only for Tanner to mention that the manager is on his way over now. Toby and Tanner reach a security surveillance box and after noticing some cords are cut, Tanner comments that someone’s camera shy.

Approaching unit 1017, Tanner comments to Toby that they’re not going to be needing the bolt cutters Toby is carrying. Placing the cutters on the ground, Toby and Tanner share a look when Tanner opens the unit doors and they find a lone barrel sitting in the middle of the room.

At the barrel, Toby cuts the lock that to holding the lid in place. As Tanner goes to lift the lid, they’re overcome with a smell. Toby questions what the smell is, and saying that she’s not sure, Tanner tells Toby to go call the station and inform them that they need a hazmat team. Getting on his radio, Toby walks out of the storage unit.

Sitting at his desk at the Rosewood Police Department, Toby is filling out some paperwork when his cell phone starts ringing. As he’s reaching for his cell, Toby notices Tanner walk towards him, so he declines Spencer’s call. Tanner tells Toby that they need to talk about what happened tonight, and saying, “okay”, Toby listens as Tanner mentions that they know that one or more people helped Alison kill Mona, and move her body. Going on, Tanner says she doesn’t know if what they found were Mona’s remains, but she does know that if the drops of blood match Mona’s DNA, Toby’s friends are the first she’s going to bring in for questioning. Tanner reminds Toby that he took an oath when he became a police officer, and withholding information is not an option, so if there is anything she should know, now is the time to tell her.

Sitting on the steps outside of the Rosewood Police Department, Toby calls Spencer. When Spencer accepts his call, she asks where he’s been and that she’s been trying to call him for hours. Toby explains that he’s still at work, “I’m buried in paperwork”, and when Spencer asks what he was doing at the storage unit, Toby says that Tanner got an anonymous call that Mona’s body was in there. Spencer questions why he didn’t call and tell her, and that he knew she was worried about Hanna, but Toby tells her that he found out on the drive over, “I couldn’t exactly call you with Tanner sitting next to me”. Spencer then asks what was in the barrel, and when Toby doesn’t answer, Spencer exclaims his name. Toby tells her that he can’t talk about it, and when Spencer questions what he means, Toby gets up from the step and listens as Spencer says that Hanna and Caleb need to know if Mona’s body was in there. Saying that he has to go, “Tanner’s calling me”, Toby listens as Spencer asks him to come over after work. When Toby says he’ll be at work late, Spencer says she doesn’t really care what time he gets off, she just really needs to see him, but Toby says that he can’t, “I’ll call you tomorrow”. Ending the phone call, Toby puts on his jacket, gets in his truck and drives off.

Pretty Isn't the Point

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Walking through Hollis, Toby spots Spencer and approaches her. Asking how it’s going, Toby listens as Spencer tells him it’s good, before she questions whether Toby remembers Jonny. As Toby greets Jonny, Spencer asks what he’s doing at Hollis, to which Toby explains that his dad asked him to pick up some class schedules for Jenna. Asking what Spencer’s doing at Hollis, Toby listens as she mentions that Jonny has an old friend who’s an Oxford connection. Spencer trials off, and after saying that it doesn’t matter, she asks how Toby’s been and if Tanner is still working him 24/7. Nodding, Toby tells Spencer, “pretty much”, and when an awkward silence falls between them, Spencer starts to ask if he’s free tonight.., but cutting in, Toby says that he’s not, “but I’ll call you later”. Saying that it was nice to see Jonny again, Toby starts to leave but if stopped when Jonny says something to him. Asking what he said, Toby listens as Jonny says that it was an expression in Italian, and that it was completely pretentious. After looking from Jonny to Spencer, Toby walks off.

Pulling up beside a van at the gas station, Toby gets out of his police car and is greeted by Spencer who asks him what he’s doing. Clicking his flashlight on, Toby asks Jonny if that’s his van, to which Jonny says that it is, and it’s also his painting in the seat and he’s got the rest in the back. As Spencer says that Jonny was just taking back was his, Toby looks through the van’s windows. Getting to the back of the van, Toby asks Jonny, who is leaning against the van, to step back, “please”. Spencer tells Toby that Jonny didn’t do anything wrong and if he wants to question someone he should questioning the creep who runs the gallery, but Toby isn’t listening. After asking Jonny to open the van doors, Spencer tells Toby to leave it alone, before asking what he’s even doing at the gas station, to which Toby mentions that he’s doing his job, “responding to a call”. When Toby questions what Spencer is doing here, Jonny steps in and says that Spencer had nothing to do with this and he can let her go. Telling Jonny that that’s not his call to make, Toby says that Jonny needs to come down to the station with him, “please turn around and put your hands behind your back”. As Toby is placing Jonny in handcuffs, Spencer tells him to stop it, and when Jonny says that it's okay, Spencer says that it’s not okay and that Toby is only doing it because he’s mad with her. Telling Spencer that he’s doing it because a business was burglarised, “and there are stolen goods in the vehicle”, Toby leads Jonny to the backseat of his cop car. Spencer pleads with Toby to stop being a cop for a minute, and pulling her aside, Toby tells Spencer to walk away. Spencer says that she won’t, and when she asks Toby to talk with her, Toby says that he can’t do this here. Spencer questions when he does, to which Toby explains that she’s on Tanner’s radar, “she wants to take advantage of my relationship to you”. Listening as Spencer says that this is not about Tanner, Toby tells her that it is, “don’t give her ammunition. Just walk away. Walk away”. Watching as Spencer begins to walk from the gas station, Toby gets in his car and drives off.

I'm a Good Girl, I Am

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Walking through the halls of the Rosewood Court, Toby slows when he sees Spencer at the bottom of the stairs on the phone. After they awkwardly greet each other, Toby asks if they’ve taken a recess in Alison’s trial, to which Spencer tells him no, but she did because it’s getting worse. As Toby begins to say that he’s been following the trial, Spencer cuts in, saying she thought she would hear from him the second Hanna was arrested, but Toby tells her that Veronica told him that she was in London. Spencer confirms she was, but she came back as soon as she could. Stuttering, Toby notes that he couldn’t reach out yet, and stopping him, Spencer rehashes that it’s because his boss is trying them to build a case against her. A silence falls between them, and as Spencer starts to head back up the stairs, saying she should get back, Toby tells Spencer to wait, “how did the interview go? For Oxford?” Turning back, Spencer tells him it didn’t go well, as ‘A’ kind of followed her to the UK and packed some vials of blood in her bag without her knowing it and her purse exploded and haemorrhaged all over a 200 year chair. Saying that Spencer should have called him, Toby listens as Spencer says she was told not to, before saying that it’s fine, she had a panic attack, shredded her carry on and she wanted to swim back to Philadelphia but Melissa’s roommate helped her through it. As another silence falls between the couple, their attention turns when Emily bounds down the stairs looking for Spencer. Toby listens as Emily tells Spencer that they need to talk to Hanna, soon, and when Spencer asks what else Lesli said, Emily comments that she can’t, there are barracudas with dollar teeth. Toby then watches as Spencer turns and runs up the stairs back towards the court room.

At Rosewood Police Department, Toby walks passed a conference room and sees Tanner with two other detectives going over some files inside. When Tanner notices Toby, she steps out of the room, saying that she’s so glad he’s here, before asking if he can do a coffee run. Taking some money that Tanner passed him, Toby says he doesn’t get it, “I have been through the academy the same as every other officer in there”, before questioning why he’s being asked to photocopy parking tickets and fetch lattes, while everyone else is working on a case. Questioning if he’s being punished for something, Toby listens as Tanner wonders what he would be punished for, and when Toby says, “the night of the gallery break in”, Tanner asks why Toby would be punished as he made an arrest. Toby listens as Tanner explains that when she asks Toby to go for a coffee run it’s because many of the officers are on back to backs, and she just thought it’d be nice to have fresh coffee. As Tanner opens door and slips back into the conference room, Toby steps forward towards the door, but the door closes on his face.

At the Hastings’ French doors, Toby asks Spencer if he can come in, and before she can answer, he walks inside and throws his police badge onto the kitchen counter. Spencer wonders what is going on, and after a beat, Toby tells her that he’s done a lot to get the badge, “I got my butt kicked in the academy for it. I fought with my dad about it. I even got a buzz cut”, and he did it because he was tired of not being able to protect the one person in this world who matters most to him, “and I’m not going to choose, Spencer, I’m not going to choose between it and you”. When Spencer says she never asked Toby to choose, Toby says that he knows, but Tanner has, “and that’s why I’m going to tell her if she’s not okay with me being with you, and being a cop, then she is going to have to kick me off the force”. As Toby’s words sink in, he pulls Spencer in for a reuniting kiss.

In casual clothing, Toby walks through Rosewood Police Department, and watches as boxes are being brought out of the conference room he wasn’t allowed to enter. Spotting Tanner, Toby says that he needs to speak with her, and when Tanner tells him that he shouldn’t have come into the Department today, Toby says that he wants to talk with her about Spencer. Listening as Tanner tells him that there’s nothing he can do, it is too late, Toby questions what it’s too late for. Tanner tells Toby that it’s too late to help Spencer or her friends, and that they chose to help the wrong person. Toby then listens as Tanner tells another officer to make sure the conference room is closed and locked when she’s gone, and after watching Tanner leave, Toby turns to look in the conference room before the blinds are drawn closed.

Welcome to the Dollhouse

Pretty Little Liars S05E25 Toby.jpg

At the Hastings’, Toby informs Veronica and Peter that the police think the transport drivers driving the van with the Liars inside were neutralized with an injection of flunitrazepam. When Peter questions that it was the date rape drug, Toby nods, before explaining that the deputies regained consciousness this morning with no memory of the incident. Veronica exasperates that the girls were wrongly accused to begin with and now they’re all missing, before saying that should get their facts straight, and that the incident was an abduction. Peter wonders who would take the girls, and Veronica says the question they should be asking is not who would, but rather, who could. Toby listens as Veronica mentions that this feels like what was happening when Mona was alive, but Peter notes that there’s only been one person at the centre of any of the trouble they girls have gotten into. As Veronica questions that Peter thinks Alison is behind it all, Toby steps in, “Alison’s a master manipulator, but she doesn’t have access to what was needed to pull of something this elaborate”. Veronica asks why these girls, and what would make them somebody’s target, to which Toby shrugs and shakes his head. Saying that the good news is that Tanner wants to keep this out of the press, “no one knows about this yet”, Toby listens as Peter questions that the other girl’s parents don’t even know yet. Toby then tells Veronica and Peter that they have to keep this between them, “we don’t want a civilian mob out there being told to shoot first and ask questions later”. Veronica questions that if the other parents think their daughters are fugitives, isn’t that’s what Tanner is telling the police to do, and Peter comments that damn straight it is. As dispatch calls for all units in the vicinity of a domestic violence in progress to respond, Toby asks Peter and Veronica to give him a second, before he walks off to respond to the call.

Walking into his own apartment, Toby tells Ezra that Caleb got into the PD’s command centre. Caleb explains that he cross checked the van’s GPS system with the PD’s system, and as he points to the location of where the signal went dead, Toby comments that it’s on Route 30 near the railroad crossing. Caleb adds that that’s when ‘A’ hacked into the van’s computer system and took remote control of the vehicle. Toby listens as Ezra deduces that ‘A’ would have needed to be in the area to keep the van on the road, and Toby mentions that the overpass would have given ‘A’ a clear view and given cover from the deputies. Ezra then wonders if there are any traffic cameras in the area that Caleb can hack into, and Caleb says that he’s one step ahead. As Caleb says that he backing up the footage now, Toby listens as Ezra notes that all they need is one frame of ‘A’.

Watching Caleb’s computer screen, Toby listens as Caleb notes that the traffic cam footage should be coming up. As the video footage comes up on the screen, Ezra questions that you can’t get to the overpass without passing a camera, but neither Toby nor Caleb answer him. As the traffic cam footage turns into a cartoon, Toby questions what has happened, before Caleb mentions that ‘A’ found a way to overwrite the camera. Ezra seethes that ‘A’ is mocking them with a cartoon, and when he smashes his fist into a wall, Caleb asks if Ezra is okay. Toby tells Ezra he’ll get him some ice for his hand, but Ezra exclaims that he doesn’t need ice, he needs to find Aria and they’ve got nothing. Toby then listens as Caleb says that if he finds the right code he may then be able to write a program that’ll pinpoint the source of the hackers signal, and that’s all they need to prove to Tanner that ‘A’ took control of the van.

At the Rosewood Police Department, Toby tells Tanner that in the file she’s reading is black and white evidence of someone cyber jacking the van and kidnapping the Liars. Tanner notes that Toby put a lot of work into the theory he’s presenting, to which Toby tells her it’s not a theory, “it’s the facts”. Tanner tells him that she knows, their analysts gave her a very similar report this morning, before she passes Toby the file. As Toby is looking through the file, he listens in as Tanner asks dispatch to put out an APB for Caleb Rivers. When Tanner ends the call, Toby questions her, “what?”, before listening as Tanner herself wonders if Toby happens to know where Caleb is. Shaking his head, Toby tells Tanner no, “I haven’t seen him for days”, before wondering what Caleb has to do with all this. Tanner tells Toby that the analyst’s report does prove that someone cyber jacked the van, and she’s betting that it’s Caleb Rivers, and she also thinks that Caleb knows where his girlfriend is.

Back at his apartment, Toby goes to answer the door when there’s a knock. Opening the door to Veronica and Peter Hastings, Toby listens as Peter mentions that they know about 'A'. Stepping aside to show Caleb and Ezra inside, Toby lets Veronica and Peter in.

Toby listens as Veronica tells himself, Ezra and Caleb that they need to tell the other girls parents what they know, and agreeing, Ezra explains that they were hoping to have some more answers before they do that. Peter questions why they can’t take the information they have to the police, to which Toby mentions that everything they give Tanner she twists to fit her own theory. When Veronica suggests that they take their case to the media, Peter says he could call Angela King at the Philadelphia Press, but Caleb steps in, saying that with what they know about ‘A’ that just isn’t the right move. Toby then listens as Veronica questions what the guys do know about ‘A’, and Ezra says that everything they know is in the boxes on the table behind Veronica and Peter and there are about a dozen more in a storage unit. Looking from the boxes to Peter, Veronica wonders how they didn’t see this happening again, to which Toby says that forcing the girls to keep things from them is what ‘A’ does best. Walking over to the boxes, Peter suggests that if they look at all the information together they might find something the guys missed, but Ezra says that before Peter does that he should know that ‘A’ didn’t just pry on the girls, Peter’s secrets are in there as well. Going on, Ezra says that if Peter decides to open the boxes, he should prepare for those secrets to come out. Ezra’s cell phone beeps, and reading the text, he mentions that the police are downstairs and they want to come up. Toby listens as Caleb says that they’re there for him, and Peter points out that Toby is harbouring a fugitive, so he can’t be here when the police find Caleb. Caleb tells Toby and Ezra not to stop looking, and as he’s walking towards the door, Toby tries to go after him but Peter calls him back. Peter notes that Caleb is doing the right thing, and Veronica adds that they need Toby on the right side of this, and his boss.

At the Rosewood Police Department, Toby watches and listens as Caleb, having gained full access to the PD’s computer system, mentions that sometimes a hacker leaves a trail intentionally encoded to cover their tracks. Caleb goes on to say that it’s a smoke and mirrors effect that are put there to distract you while they’re actually…, but he pauses, and on saying wow, Toby asks if Caleb found something. Tanner urges Caleb to explain, and when he doesn’t answer, Toby prods him, “Caleb”. Caleb then tells Toby and Tanner that the thing about coming in the backdoor is that the view is entirely different, before he reads out a set of numbers. Toby listens as Tanner says that they’re coordinates, and when Caleb tells her that that’s where the van is, Tanner asks if Caleb is sure, to which Caleb reiterates that that’s where the van is. Tanner then tells Toby to call it in, and after she gives him the instructions to hold the sirens, but have aerial assistance standing by, Toby radios in, “we got a possible location on the missing van”.

At the scene of the coordinates Caleb uncovered, Toby searches the abandoned van, “clear”. Tanner then tells all the detectives on scene to fan out, search the perimeter, and to remember that this could be a hostage situation so advise protocol.

Opening a wooden barn door to an underground area, Toby has a quick look inside with his flashlight before calling out to Tanner, “Lieutenant, over here”. As Tanner is walking over, she questions what Toby found. When Tanner joins him at the entrance, Toby starts walking down the stairs. Reaching the bottom of the stairs, Toby and Tanner look around the room, and when Tanner wonders what this place is, Toby tells her, “it’s A’s lair”.

Walking back down into the lair, Toby tells Tanner that they’ve searched the entire property, “no one’s here”, to which Tanner asks where the place on the monitors is. Rushing over to the screens, Toby watches as Mona tells Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily that she’s Alison, before a screeching sirens sounds, startling the Liars.

Season 6

Game On, Charles

He works with the cops to try and find the prime suspect for the Liars kidnapping, Andrew Campbell. During this time, he helps Caleb, Ezra and Alison form a plan of their own to find the girls.

Later, he and the rest of the cops show up at the dollhouse and is reunited with Spencer.

Songs of Innocence

Toby finds Andrew at the Tyler State Park. Although Andrew begs him to listen to him, Toby starts to punch him. Lorenzo Calderon shows up and Toby asks him to give him a few minutes, but his partner tells him to do his job and they arrest Andrew.

Later Toby is visiting Spencer and informs her about Andrew being arrested. She asks him if Andrew confessed and Toby tells her that "if he is smart he will, because the town doesn't need any more trials".

Toby is chatting with Lorenzo outside the police department when Alison walks over. They talk about the latest happenings and Toby states that the girls went through a lot, causing Alison to say that they all did and that she's glad it's over. After a moment of awkward silence Alison says bye to Lorenzo and tells Toby that she'll see him later, then she leaves.

Spencer and Toby have a picnic. He starts to get doubts if Andrew is really A, since he can't understand why he would hold onto such overwhelming evidence for the police instead of destroying it. This causes Spencer to get upset. Toby asks what happened to her in the dollhouse, but she doesn't want to tell him.

Songs of Experience

After Toby secretly watched a conversation of Alison and Lorenzo, he visits Spencer. He asks her to tell Alison to stay away from Lorenzo. Spencer states that this is not their business, but Toby reminds her that it is still Alison they are talking about and that she has a history of using cops for her own benefit. Spencer believes that Alison has changed, as she helped to rescue them from the dollhouse. Toby declares that he will drop the matter, if Spencer completely trusts Alison, but Spencer doesn't give an answer.

O Brother, Where Art Thou

Spencer tell him about Charles and their plan to expose Charles. He feels they should stay out of it and let the police handle it. In the end he convinces Lorenzo to go with him to the meeting spot that Charles planned to see Jason. He eats one of Spencer's cookies from Sabrina and becomes high while in a fight with Charles. Lorenzo is injured and Toby is in an office trying sober up.

Last Dance

Toby arrives at the police department and Spencer runs into him. It gets revealed that he will get suspended for being stoned while on the job. Spencer wants to help him, but he denies. Lorenzo shows up and tells them that he got suspended indefinitely. On prom night Toby is at the Hastings' barn. Hanna asks him if he knows about Caleb's plan, but he claims he doesn't. At the school, Spencer and Toby are seen dancing together. They talk about Alison while watching her. She tells him that they are here to protect her, something they have been trying to do for years now. Spencer tells Toby that her speech was about supporting someone unconditionally, even when they haven't been completely honest, and that she wrote it about him. After that they kiss.

Of Late I Think Of Rosewood

Fives years later, he had a degree and is back on the police force. Spencer and him talk and he reveals he is building a house. She knows he is building it for someone. Later, he talks with Emily on her porch about his and Spencer's break up and his listens to her story about dropping out of college.

He and Lorenzo are at the scene of Charlotte DiLaurentis' apparent suicide.

Season 7


The Perfectionists

In Sex, Lies and Alibis, Mona talks to Hanna on the phone and is surprised to learn that Toby and Spencer eloped in secret.

Appearances (91/160)

Season 1 (16/22)

Season 2 (15/25)

Season 3 (13/24)

Season 4 (15/24)

Season 5 (13/25)

Season 6 (9/20)

Season 7 (10/20)


Spencer Hastings: Married. (See "Spoby")


First Relationship:

  • Started: "A Person of Interest"
  • Reason: They develop feelings for each other and kiss.
  • Ended: "Over My Dead Body"
  • Reason: A threatened Toby's life and Spencer figured the only way to keep him safe is by ending the relationship.

Second Relationship:

  • Started: "unmAsked"
  • Reason: Toby had been secretly working to help Spencer take down A and they reunite in the town square.
  • Ended: "Misery Loves Company"
  • Reason: Spencer found out Toby was the second 'A'.

Third Relationship:.

  • Started: "A DAngerous GAme"
  • Reason: Spencer finds out Toby is alive and joined the A-Team to protect her.
  • Ended: During the five year time jump.
  • Reason: Toby and Spencer were living too far from each other.

Fourth Relationship: 


Yvonne Phillips: Married until her death in Hold Your Piece.

  • Started: During the time jump
  • Reason: They both had feelings for each other.
  • Ended: Hold Your Piece
  • Reason: She wakes from her coma but is still very weak. She accepts Toby's idea that they marry that very day despite her being in the hospital bed. As Toby celebrate, they discuss where they want to go for their honeymoon. She tells Toby that she is happy before she breaths her last breath, dropping her flowers in the process and leaving Toby devastated.


  • Toby was the second A member to be revealed. He only joined the A Team to protect Spencer.
  • Toby was forced to have sex with Jenna in the show. This is opposite from the books, where Toby forced Jenna to have sex with him.
  • In the books he only had a crush on Emily; in the show he begins with a crush but then they become best friends.
  • Toby's death has been faked twice on the show.
  • When Toby's motorbike was found in "The Homecoming Hangover", he was supposed to die. Creator Marlene King said in an interview that she changed her mind in regards to Toby dying.
  • Toby was likely the person who met Dr. Sullivan in the diner (the waitress called him "Pretty Eyes" in "A DAngerous GAme," the same nickname she gave the person sitting across from Dr. Sullivan in "Over My Dead Body").
  • Spencer loses her virginity to him in "The Lady Killer," the same episode that the viewers find out he's on the A team.
  • "A" fakes Toby's death to make Spencer go to Radley, and Toby found out about it after Spencer found the body and went to Radley.
  • In "'A' is for A-l-i-v-e," it was hinted that Toby had a crush on Alison and almost kissed her.
  • Toby gives "A" the RV for information on his mother's death.
  • Along with Ian Thomas, Malcolm Cutler, Jason DiLaurentis and Kate Randall, his character has been played by a different actors/actress (James Neate portrayed him in "Pilot," with Keegan Allen portraying him from "To Kill A Mocking Girl" onward).
  • Toby believes that his mom did not commit suicide, as her death report states.
  • Toby seems to be friends with Caleb. Recently, he teamed up with him to find out about Red Coat and Nigel Wright.
  • He and Spencer are the first characters to go to Ravenswood.
  • He was mistakenly credited as Toby Marshall in the pilot episode. 
  • He decided that he wanted to become a police officer in Scream For Me

Book Comparisons 

  • Toby and Emily dated for a while in the books, in the show, they talked a lot as good friends in Season 1, but they never dated.
  • Toby dies in the woods after he ran away, in the show he faked his death twice, but he is very much alive. After being involved in a second car accident in The DArkest Knight, he appears to be dead, but is later revealed to have survived and fully recovered.


Toby [to Wren]: I may have broken my left arm, but my right arm is fine.

Toby [to Spencer]: You know I could come with you, and I could rub your shoulders between rounds and wrap your knuckles and hold your spit bucket.

Toby [to Spencer]: There are things I can't know about. Things that you can't say out loud!