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Never a dull moment...

TrAde Off is the fifth webisode of Pretty Dirty Secrets. It aired on September 25th, 2012.


In this webisode, Shana and Lucas meet and discover that they have similar interests, such as comic books and Comic-Con. Later, Lucas gets a mysterious phone call from someone. A person in a zombie costume, sneaks up behind him. Lucas follows the person into the dressing room and the zombie gives him a piece of paper. In return, Lucas gives the zombie something strange in an envelope. Shana witnesses part of the exchange and says to herself, "never a dull moment."


Shana: Need any help?
Lucas: No no no, just getting some ideas.
[Lucas notices comic book Shana is reading]
Lucas: Best in the series. You know, my opinion.
Shana: You know these?
Lucas: Yeah one of my favorites. Until it got too political. I actually got to meet Medina at Comic-Con last year, it's kind of a highlight.
Shana: That's incredible. Going to Comic-Con would be epic.
Lucas: You've never been?
Shana: My parents think it's a cult. Like if I went, a vampire might lure me away from home to do awful things. I'm staying with my aunt right now and she's a little more lax. I may have a shot next year. Anyways, let me know if I could help you with something.
[Lucas walks away, gets a phone call]
Lucas: Hey. ... Yes, I got my ticket. ... Yeah, I have what I need. ... K, I'll be there.
[Person in zombie baby costume whispers into Lucas' ear, then Lucas follows this person into fitting room]
Lucas: Do you have it?
[Costumed individual nods and hands over piece of paper]
Lucas [handing over different envelope]: Next time, put it in an envelope.
[As Lucas leaves, he briefly makes eye contact with Shana who may have been listening]

Shana [to herself]: Never a dull moment.


  • The person who sneaks up on Lucas is wearing the same burlap zombie costume Lucas and Alison's attacker wore in "The First Secret."





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