Hi! My name is Audrey and as of March 26, 2016, I am an administrator on this wikia! <3

About Me

I am currently a college student. My nickname on this wiki is Auds, so call me that if you want.

I love to spend any free time I have in front of my TV (haha) or reading a book. No, but really, I spend a lot of time watching TV shows. I get really engrossed in shows and take their events and characters very seriously. They just give me so much inspiration and ideas about the world!

I also love reading books and will do that whenever I have some downtime in a coffee shop or public place. Oh, and travelling, of course, whenever I'm lucky. My favorite place that I've been to is Paris, France, it's so beautiful and I could spend weeks there just shopping and sightseeing...

Humm... what else is there to say? I'm a total daydreamer, I guess. I create kind of unrealistic goals for myself at times and plan as if I'm suddenly capable of doing anything but will also cross bridges made of fire to get what I want. I'm super determined, and I never let anyone... or anything... get in my way of my goals or dreams. I always do exactly what I want.

Anywho... I'm really friendly (or sometimes not)... so don't get on my bad side. ;) I love going out with my friends to parties late at night. Always have. I have a lot of secrets, but you'll probably find them out if you're my friend. Okay, I'm probably boring you, so that's it for now! Buh-bye!

The best way to reach me is by Discord (Princess Diva#3737) or my message wall.

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