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Inferno, A Selena Original Series - Welcome to the Auditions Process!

Much like my friend Alietta, I am also an avid fanfiction writer on my spare time.  I would love it if people auditon characters to my story as well! The show is set in the fictiona Point Dume Academy in Malibu, California. Which unknowingly is home to various supernatural species. To inspire you further, the season 1 slogan is: At night, even the innocent look guilty. I  hope to hear from all of you soon and may the odds be forever in your favor. Just remember... get creative! ;)

Use the following format in your application



Eye and Hair Color:


Marital Status


Appearance/Fashion Sense:




Additional Comments(ie. series regular, supporting cast, speciel guest star, etc):

*Note: Please refrain from using repeat actors, if you see that someone else already choose the actor/or actress you wanted please pick someone else. Otherwise, only the better application will be accepted...not both.

** Posting pictures of the person you want your character to look like is required(otherwise those applications won't be accepted).

Helpful websites

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