How you doing tonight, Pretty Eyes? You want a piece of pie?
Marlene (to 'A')

Waitress "Marlene" is the waitress at the diner where 'A' and Anne Sullivan met in Season 2's episode "Over My Dead Body". She appears at the diner again in the season finale of Season 3, "A DAngerous GAme".


Over My Dead Body

After "A" and Dr. Sullivan met and Dr. Sullivan just left she asked "A" if he wanted some pie saying "How you doing tonight pretty eyes, you want a piece of pie?" According to I. Marlene King, the nickname "Pretty Eyes" is the waitress's go-to phrase, and that the one she calls Pretty Eyes in this episode is Mona Vanderwaal.

A DAngerous GAme

She is seen again in the same diner when Toby meets Spencer. She refers to him as "Pretty Eyes" saying "Seat yourself, pretty eyes."

Appearances (2/160)

Season 2 (1/25)

Season 3 (1/24)


  • She shares the same name as the producer "Marlene King".
  • I. Marlene King on the "pretty eyes" phrase: "So the first question, the waitress in the diner (whose name is Marlene) uses Pretty Eyes as one of her go-to greetings. The Pretty Eyes she referred to the first time we saw her were to Mona's eyes." Source


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