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Wesra is the name for siblings Ezra Fitz and Wesley Fitzgerald. They both share a dislike for their mother and have a similar appearance to each other. They have a love/hate relationship.

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The Kahn Game

Ezra and Wesley's fighting is overheard by Aria, Wesley then leaves Ezra's apartment angrily. Later when Aria calls Ezra, Wesley picks up his phone since he left it there, Aria says she was calling for a ride so he says he'll get her from Noel's party. When Wesley picks her up, he tells her about Ezra and Maggie getting accidentally pregnant. He also explains how his mother made the "problem" go away by paying Maggie to leave Ezra and never speak to him again.

Single Fright Female

Wesley stops by Ezra's apartment to drop off his brother's birthday gift when suddenly he finds Aria in the kitchen.  Later that evening when Ezra arrives for his birthday dinner, he confronts Aria and Wesley and tells them that he had called Maggie. He said that she had gotten a master's in education and was now living alone in an apartment. Wesley begins to stay at Ezra's since Ezra said it was okay.

Dead to Me

Aria arrives at Ezra's apartment and finds him picking up his stuff. He reveals that his mother found him and that he needs to leave. Wes says that he is going to stay with a friend in Philly, but Aria drags him along to a photo shoot at CeCe's. While there he accidentally spills wine and they end up putting the rug in the back of his car. Aria says that she knows no one's in Philly and has him stay with at her house. Wes and Aria kiss, but Aria says that it's not right and Wes agrees and quickly and awkwardly leaves and Aria shuts the door behind him. Wesley goes home shortly afterward.


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